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Visitors Comments made during the month of January 2005:

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Adam from USA

Very informative and a good place to buy didgeridoos.


I love your site. I have to visit it at least once a day. can't get enough of it.

Ayal from Israel

2 thumps up!

Bernice from South Africa

It's the best didj site I have found on the web! If looked far and wide and this is by far the best!

Anonymous from Canada

This one looks very genuine... I like the fact that the video has an aboriginal teacher and that you promote aboriginal made didgeridoos.

Bruce Rich from USA

Gets better every year.

Carlos from USA

Great site!! I have spent many an hour exploring and have found something new each time.

Chris Lilley from United Kingdom

It's far and away the best didg-related Internet resource I've seen. Great information on what to look for in choosing a didge. Excellent to be able to hear didges before choosing. Good to see the ethics being upheld. I could go on and on... Didjshop rocks.

Anonymous from USA

I think if you are looking for quality and truly authentic didges the Didjshop is the place you can here what each didj sounds like has all price ranges to suit a budget I recommend the didjshop to any one

Christian Swann from USA

Excellent site I am starting lessons this month very excited.

Christos from Greece

I never see a web site for didgeridoos like didjshop you can see a lot of didges you can communicate with other people.it's a trusted site with nice design and a lot of beautiful things!

Clive Wilson from United Kingdom

One of the best on the net

Cynthia Tierra from USA

This site offers information about the didjeridu and quality products. They are respectful of native peoples and practices. People from all over with all levels of playing experience can gain information and participate in worldwide didjeridu playing for planetary peace and harmony.

Daniel from USA

Still the best I've seen. I got my didj from didjshop.com as well as a set of clapsticks a T-shirt and a boomerang. I will keep coming back.

Anonymous from Australia

Mind blowing. I love being kept up to date with indigenous issues. I love that the didjshop keeps it real by communicating and highlighting issues concerning the land and Aboriginal people. Issues are presented in a manner that voice an opinion whilst being clear on the source of information that was impetus for the opinions. This allows readers to make up their own minds. Freedom of thought and an ethical voice. Rare refreshing and rich food for the spirit. Thanks Didj.

Darren from United Kingdom

Fantastic with a wealth of knowledge on everything Aboriginal excellent prices and excellent didjes

Dave from USA

The site is very educational. I was able to decide which didj will be right for me. Very easy to navigate around.

David Gibson from United Kingdom

The Didjshop web site is the ONLY site in the World to cover the complete range of didj related information and artefacts. It is a great sounding board for all matters Aboriginal and helps to keep the injustices imposed on the Aboriginal peoples in the public eye. The Western world in particular the UK has a lot to answer for in the treatment of indigenous peoples when it tried to "civilise"! other cultures.

Denny from USA

You were very helpful in selecting my first didj. After reading your site I have become very interested in the history of the Native people and have felt very strongly in their political endeavours. I have now studied Aboriginal art religion and politics. I have come to feel somehow connected to these unique earth centered people. My daughter is coming over next month to study native culture for five months as a collage class. My wife and I are coming in MAy and hope to get a chance to meet with you.

Dexter from USA

I love this and am so happy to be here with you

Anonymous from Australia

I didn't know you were out there until a friend told me it's good to see a company advertising what was a predominately unknown field.


Totally unique.

Dustin from USA

This place seems too good to be true. Is it? So much effort has been put into this site it's quite uplifting. I'm from Des Moines IA in the US which is sadly a nice but rather culturally dry city. There's just none around who sells this kind of stuff let alone authentic pieces and shopping online you're never really sure what you're going to get. This site is an oasis. You can expect to receive business from me very soon I think.


Interesting informative nice e-cards great didj-links and a complicate shopping site!

Eric Berman from USA

Looks great! My brother visited and send me a didjshop greeting. I remember the haunting sound from the many documentaries about Australia I have seen over the years.


Great site. I've been searching for an online store to buy a didgeridoo and have been amazed at all the fraud out there. It's good to see that there are still some ethical people in business.

Erman Seles from Turkey

Thanks for this web site perfect!

George Haddad from Lebanon

Amazing. Probably the only site I've seen that does more than just sell Didjeridoos. Most instruments have a culture behind them Didjshop helps us learn about the culture behind the didje allowing us to really understand the didjeridoo and what it really is.. Not just another musical instrument.

Gregg Nardozza from USA

Great web site and I am very pleased with my purchase. I would like your search engine to be able to search for ratings (1 to 5) in each of the didj quality categories.

Hector Adrian Peralta from Argentina



I LOVE this site! I have friends who live in Oz that tell me this is one of the best sites too!

James Nayler from United Kingdom

Didjshop.com is the best web-site out there.

Jean Paul from USA

Great web site spectacular didjes. I have yet to find a web site that even compares.

Jeff from USA

I think you have THE best collection of GOOD didjes on the web and most of them at extremely low prices considering the quality of merchandise you offer. the site is very easy to navigate and I especially like that you are not just a store but that you try to offer some information and perspective about the world of the didjeridu. keep up the good work!

Anonymous from Canada

This is a fantastic web site As a future elementary school teacher there is a great deal of information here that I will be able to utilize (not to mention the cool t-shirts you sell!).

Jeff from USA

I think this is a great web site I have made a couple of pvc didgeridoos from your instructions and studied and used a lot of information about buying didgeridoos. Luckily from the knowledge your web site gives I have saved money from not buying a bamboo didgeridoo or pvc didgeridoo from my local music store. In the event when I decide to buy a didgeridoo it will most likely be from this web site although I am still in the learning process of how to play.

Jeff Nelson from USA

I very much enjoy the web site as I can look here as I save to get my first didge. you carry top notch didges. what I run across at stores and festivals in the US most times I think are garbage. I would like to be able to get my hands on the real deal made from the people who have done this for thousands of years :). keep up the good work!

Jeffrey from USA

I think it is literally awesome I just love the selection of didgeridoos of this site and I really like that fantastic art on the didjs. I can really appreciate the instrument for its esthetically pleasing art but also the sound and the hard work put in to these instruments.

Jennifer from USA

I love this great site!

Jim from USA

I think its great. the didj s are Magnificent


Thank you for a wonderful site. I will be back and have forwarded your site onto many friends

Joachim from Germany

Most comprehensive didj site on the web. I'm a regular visitor also for the reports on aboriginal issues. I haven't bought a better class didj yet but if I do it's definitely going to be from Didjshop.com

John from USA

Trufully one of the best Didge sites on the net. Provides a lot of knowledge about all facets of Didge playing and history. Thanks and keep up the good work!

John Heusler from USA

Very well done. Somewhat easy to navigate...anyone with experience in surfing will not have any trouble. The didges are nicely photographed and your honesty in describing them is the key to my going back. I have sent MANY people to your site.

Johnny from Ireland

Excellent!definitely the most comprehensive site I've visited there seems to be a feel of genuinity with your site that others lack also as a new comer to the world of didgeridoo this was by far the most helpful and informative sight!

Juan Pablo from Spain

Is the best :)

Katherine Parnell from Australia

I am impressed by the quality of the site. It is top class.


Innovative and the most complete didj web site I have seen. I will be back many more times.

Kenneth from Azerbaijan

The site is fantastic its easy to use well set out and the pictures are awesome after visiting it I really wanted to learn the Didjeridoo

Kenneth Shapley from United Kingdom

Your web site is the most eclectic and easiest to navigate that I have come across. It is obvious from your content and style of presentation that you are heart orientated people doing good work in the world power to you. love ken

Kev Bates from United Kingdom

Brilliant informative and interactive site with plenty of inspiration and news particularly highlighting the plight of the Aborigines. Please keep up the good work. kev and kerryanne bates.

Kirk Jaskoviak from USA

I bought an inexpensive didje at a "gift shop" while on vacation in Maine I figured out (?) how to get a sound out of it but I want to learn how to play it properly. I put in a search and your web site came up with your video - which I have ordered. I think you have a great site. It is very informative and has a very respectful tone. I very much appreciate you explaining the history of the didge as well as the science behind the sound. You should be very proud of the work that you are doing. I lost my arm in a motorcycle accident many years ago so my musical "outlets" are limited. I used to play guitar but now I mostly play the harmonica. However I have been fascinated by the sound of the didjeridoo for many years. I have finally decided that I want to learn how to play one. I can't wait to get your video. Thank you for a great web site.

Lars Ley from Luxembourg

Awesome site great info and very good didjes. I will surely buy another one when I have the money!

Marc Boubault from France

I find that this site is very complete and I say cheer to the webmaster(s) even while seeking well I think that I would not manage to find a dead link! It is very well because you must be one of the only site to sell as many didges on Internet with the possibility of listening to extracts! Thank you very much !

Matthew from Australia

You guys sent me an awesome didj its worth every dollar. Thanks to your site I am a keen didjeridooist.very professional in the way you present yourself and your items.

Maurice from USA

Love the news about Aboriginal politics and culture -- keep it up!

Mauricio d'Orey from Portugal

It's the best didj related web site I visited..Cause it not only concerns the didj itself but all the thing around it..all the australian culture etc. And gives us the opportunity to share our own experiences with others..Simply Great!

Anonymous from Australia

Excellent site

Anonymous from Australia

It's just opened my mind to a wealth of information. This questionnaire itself has made me want to look further into the sound healing and meditation. Great site!

Meri from USA

The web site is very informative and well organized. I ordered a diji bag from you guys a couple years ago and I was very happy with the service I received and the product it's self. I learn a lot due to the articles on the web site and thru the people I have met thru the site. Thanks all! Meri

Michael Weinbrecht from USA

The best.

Michael from USA

LOVE this site! I'm always amazed at the huge selection of authentic didges.

Miguel from Spain

I'm learning much more about didges because of this web site Congratulations.

Mike Clayton from United Kingdom

A really great site not only with a very wide range of didjs and other items but providing cultural and social information. I visit every couple of weeks and feel very welcome simply by accessing the site. I have passed on info to an old friend in SA who is a liberal MP and active in aboriginal land issues. Keep up the great work.



Nigel Mason from United Kingdom

As time has gone on the site has evolved in a very positive way. the mix of didge aboriginal and political info I feels rirgt

Nigel from Australia

The Best Site I Have Seen Ever

P.j. Belic from USA

Excellent easy to navigate very informative nice graphics and beautiful products.Soon I hope to own a concert class didj purchased from the Didjshop.

Pedro Ramos from Portugal

It's one of the best sites about the didjeridu! It's not so easy to find good sites about it and in didjshop I could find and learn many new things about the didjeridoo and the aboriginal culture. After all where them to create this amazing music instrument and now you are helping to show the world this unique instrument... Thank you for this opportunity!


Its a lovely and easy to use site! And I adore the picture of the Kangaroo in front of Australia playing the Didgeridoo!!!

Reuben Horsley from United Kingdom

I really find the web site easy to use and simple to understand. as my friend says it is the best site on the web!

Ricardo Dacosta from USA

I love the newsletter that you sent. I like to go into the web and look at all the different didgeridoos and resources.

Rick Roberti from USA

This is a very well organized site. also extremely informative. Newsletter is interesting and covers many topics. Products are top notch. I'm saving my money to buy a concert class didj which will come from The Didjshop.

Robert from USA

This is a wonderful site for a wonderful instrument. The love shows. It is obvious that you are not just dedicated to selling a product but also to providing education and a forum and support for an indigenous culture. Well done!

Rodrigo Viterbo from Portugal

I like it very much specially now it is renewed. I like the didjshop didges a lot they seem to be great I have already tried two and liked them a lot.

Roxy from USA

I was looking for an honest book that would explain the true history of Australian Aboriginal Peoples. I was given some ideas by someone there @ Didjshop and was eventually able to find an excellent book. I also purchased a "How to play a Didgeridoo" video & a "Keep on didging" T-shirt. I Love getting your newsletters and read them from beginning to end!!!

Ryan from USA

Most comprehensive selection and best quality didjes available at prices normal humans can afford.

Anonymous from USA

It's awesome!

Sean Bester from New Zealand

Just keeps getting better..... thanks lets keep the faith


I Love It!!! I wish most web sites were this easy to navigate!

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Best and most honest description of products I have seen keep it up

Shawn Nelson from USA

Spectacular "5 stars" the source for anything Didj or Aborigine culture related. I am still checking this site and finding new "stuff" every time I am on it. I commend you Svargo and all the folks associated with this. A sacred thanks is offered to the people who brought this gift of the Didj into the world through their culture. Thank you David Trevor and Brad. Aho Maitakuye Oyasin (In all my relations) Shawn Nelson


I really like this site it's help me to stay in touch with the prices and the new stuff coming up I think it's one of the best I ever visited


Very helpful and inspiring site.


Love your site

Thorsten Strunk from Germany

Its perfect

Tim McClune from United Kingdom

Excellent web site Don't be afraid of championing the cause of the Aboriginal people - there is still an imbalance worldwide regarding indigenous people. Your web site is the field leader as far as I am concerned.

Tony Kiser from USA

I really like the fact that the didjshop give back to the people who shared this amazing instrument with the rest of the world I also enjoy being able to sample sounds made by the didjes that are available on your store

Tony from Canada

Great bought my first and only Didj so far from you and it is superb in both tone and finish

Travis from USA

Thanks for the great attention to detail. Your informative and well organized site is significant contribution to the didj player community.

Adon from Australia

Good stuff. Gave me some tips and info I was looking for about didjes as I'm learning how to play. It's great to hear the didges as that's what's it's all about. The sound.


Its good to know there's a place for reference on the physics of my instrument. I'm interested in instrument physics and specially for aboriginal instruments. my didj is mexican made id really like to try an original australian one

Aiden from USA

This is amazing. I've been reading up on how to play; an excellent source.

Anonymous from USA

Your web site is absolutely wonderful very comprehensive and informative. Exactly the way a shopping web site should be especially for instruments.

Anonymous from Italy

I consider Didjshop.com web site very good web site


Still checking it out but so far is pretty cool


Complete incredibly interesting learned a lot from it

Ali Rifat Aykan from Turkey

Amazing and very user friendly

Alison James from USA

I love looking at all the different Didjes and dream of the day we can proudly share ours with others.

Anonymous from Australia

Very interesting


Very good layout. Easy and with information.


Very informative and helpful.

Andrea from USA

Thank you for the sweepstakes.

Andrew Locky from Canada

The site has a nice layout which is intuitive. You can find information regarding different aspects of didgeridoo qualities easily.



Angela from USA

My husband adores all things Australian and I wandered onto your site looking for things to interest him. I am quite pleased and looking forward to spoiling him on his next birthday.


Thanks for the detailed photos and sound bits.

Anne Lauterbach from USA

A great source for anyone interested in the didj and Aboriginal culture.


Very good shop sorry. my english is not so best

Anthony Curmi from Malta

I am finding it very interesting. The sound comparison idea is great and the information provided gives me a secure feeling. I will continue exploring it.

Arnaud Berger from Australia

Great to learn more about digj. and how to use it to get better.

Arthur from USA

This is a unique and interesting product.

Anonymous from Australia

This is a very Australian web site good for our country.


Very cool stuff!!

Anonymous from USA

Love the site!

Bianka from Germany

I think your site is great


I love your site Hope some day to own one but just can't afford one right now but love to look and dream


What a unique site. I love hearing the sounds of the instruments.

Brett from Australia

I find it a very informative site it's great to be able to look at all the different didj's available it has a good layout and I find it easy to navigate. I would love to get another didj although I cannot afford to purchase another one just yet. I hope one day to have a collection of different didj's. I really like the deep sounding didj.

Brian from USA

As far a shopping sites go it is one of the best I have been on. Very easy to navigate all the info is easy to find. It seems to have everything you need.

Brian from USA

I browsed around and found this one to be the best so far. I like many things about it... the formatted selection ( I enjoyed looking around) the information: how to make one for less than ten bucks and the personal care you seem to put into the instruments (unlike one site I saw that was like "LA didgeridoo's"). it is obvious that you guys keep up with the didgeridoo public.

Brian from United Kingdom

Think that this is a first class site very informative keeps me up to date with the Aboriginal situation as well as other topics

Brian from USA

I love it!!!! The shop is great the sound samples are very thorough and the navigation is a breeze.

Brian from USA

Very informative.

Brian from Canada

Cool site easy to navigate

Bruce from USA

Nice web site

Bruno Miranda from Portugal

I think the site is very god and complete. I can find all the answers to my questions about the didj. Thanks Didjshop.com


It is a great web-site !!!


Colourful convincing with so much feedback and comments

Anonymous from USA

I like it. It's cool.

Anonymous from Australia

Most helpful for my Kindergarten projects.


Very interesting and informative.

Cary from USA

This is a great site! I have always been interested in the didjeridu and even had thoughts of purchasing one and learning to play.

Anonymous from USA

Great site-s

Anonymous from USA

I absolutely love these instruments and hope to someday add one to what I have on my mantle for my kids and family to enjoy.


Good variety and quality of information

Anonymous from Canada

It was very helpful for someone who is interested in buying a didjeridoo for the first time. I am especially pleased that Aboriginal Australians are given the recognition they deserve for this instrument.

Charlotte from Canada

Lots of good information but didn't like much the forum not easy to use

Cheryl Free from USA

Thanks for sponsoring giveaways on the Web!


Looks good

Chris from USA

Very comprehensive. Good work.


I have found it very interesting and easy to get around.

Christine from USA

This is a very cool site!

Christopher from United Kingdom

Pleasing to the eye simple to get around. By far the best I have visited.

Anonymous from Australia

I like all of the information and the products its wonderful.

Anonymous from Malaysia

I honestly think that Didjshop.com is a very great site coz here one can find any types of didges..from the lowest price to the highest price...and the most important one all the didges from didjshop.com are termite-hollowed...


Very interesting

Clay from USA

Nice site user friendly

Clinton from USA

Good stuff

Clinton from United Kingdom

I've no complaints at all. Cheers


Very cool stuff really enjoy looking around.


I like the idea you can see pictures of the didjes and everything is very straight forward.

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