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Visitors Comments made during the month of July 2012:

Online name Feedback
Anonymous I love didgeridooing!
Anonymous from USA Very simple and easy to navigate could add more pictures and perhaps a more comprehensive history of the didj
Anonymous Very professional and well put together.
Anonymous Good information!
Anonymous from United Kingdom Great source of info for a newbie! Thank You!
Anonymous Very informative
Brady Black from USA Easy to browse site informative and authentic. This site will get your anxiety rioting for a vacation to the outback. Or at the least have you searching for the perfect piece of Australia's outback to add to your life.!
Brandon Barnard from USA I purchased a eucalyptus didj about 3 years ago it is the nicest one I own... I travel a light when I play and it is very light weight
Anonymous Seems useful and practical.
Anonymous This is my first time on the website and it is very intriguing!
Daniel Espejo from USA I've only checked out the surface so far looks like some very informative people on here concerning didjes. Want to eventually buy a higher quality one.
Anonymous This is an interesting sight.
David from USA Don't know yet just found the site
Anonymous It is very lovely.
Anonymous Awesome
Anonymous from USA Seems more of a site for the love of didges and not just about the money
Gary from USA Great site!!
Geoff from Australia Outstanding! I can't believe how much great information it contains - the most comprehensive didge website I have seen.
George from Cyprus Cool Website
George from USA I'll check it out later.
Harlan Eagan from USA It provides a broad range of information that is extremely helpful in learning about everything didge related. I consider it to be a prominent authority on didge material. I also find it easy to navigate and access.
Anonymous It was easy to navigate!
Anonymous from USA Great info!
Anonymous from USA Pretty cool asp coding!
John Butler from United Kingdom Most informative I've seen learnt more in 40 mins than I have in ten years.
Anonymous from USA Have not visited
Anonymous Very detailed.
Anonymous I think this site is Wonderful!!!
Anonymous from USA Very informational
Anonymous from USA Very interesting site and one that I will bookmark.
Ken from Canada Very useful ad informative
Ken from USA I will check it out.
Kevin Barber from USA Glad I found it
Kurt Groepler from USA Glad I found a site dedicated to authentic Aboriginal didj's! Sure are a lot of sites selling what I feel are knock-off didj's.
Anonymous ???
Louis from USA Much love to you for spreading awareness of the Australian Aborigine people and creating wonderful didgeridoos.
Luke Gibbs from Australia Awesome!
Anonymous Very informative
Mark from USA Very Good
Martin Moore from USA Found it by accident - very interesting!
Anonymous NEVER SAW IT
Matthew Neenan from USA Love the layout love the grading scale and you guys have some of the most beautiful and unique didgeridoos on the internet!!
Anonymous Amazing website! It is laid out so well:)
Michelle from USA Na
Anonymous Just came in looking for a new didgeridoo
Anonymous Like it
Anonymous Its pink
Misty from USA Thanks for the offer!
Anonymous Nice website layout and very helpful forum
Nate Shank from USA There is a lot of information however I think it could be organized using better information architecture. Also with the extreme beauty of custom-crafted artwork I want to see more raw aboriginal art on the site. Food for thought.
Patrick Freeman from USA Well laid out and easy to understand. Love the photo's and sound samples. Excellent background information. It's an excellent learning center.
Paul Strosnider from USA Your website is excellent ease of use and everything else about it
Paula from USA I find your website very interesting.
Anonymous from Canada No comment
Anonymous This is my first visit.
Raihan from USA I love looking at your didges so I can call the right one to me.
Anonymous Very cool website! I need a new Didj!
Anonymous The website is very well laid out very pleasing to the eye.
Ryan from Australia Awesome
Anonymous So far it seems user-friendly.:)
Sharon from USA Very nice website and very thorough! I like the fact that you are promoting and keeping a very special form or music alive and well for people around the world to experience enjoy and share.
Steve from USA Going to check it out
Ted Guglielmo from USA Very informative
Terina from USA Great contest. Never knew where to find a didj
Anonymous Interesting and informative website. Excellent didgeridoos!
Anonymous Informative and lots of info but was not easy to find the list of didjes for sale
Anonymous from Australia Well presented and loads of useful information
Anonymous Very helpful great setup.

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