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Visitors Comments made during the month of July 2013:

Online name Feedback
Akos from Hungary I am happy that I found it. Great to browse and read it I learned a lot here.
Andrew from USA Looks very comprehensive I look forward to reading and learning all I can.
Anonymous Easy to use
Anonymous from Australia Ok.
Brian Smith from USA I find it informative.
Anonymous from Canada I love the articles. It really expands my comprehension of the wonderful world of didgeridoos.
Curt from Canada Very encouraging helpful and informative
Darryl from Canada Very nice layout easy to navigate
Denis Bodrov from Russia So friendly
Douglas from Canada It is well organized and informative. There are tons of resources to inspect--it greatly encourages learning about the physical and acoustic qualities of the didgeridoo. I find the ethics of the company refreshing; it is one of the many reasons I bought from Didjshop.com.
Dyon from USA I liked it very much informativeness
Enrique from Australia Great gives a good understanding of the diversity of Didgeridoos so much in the physical appearance and sound.
Fabian from Germany I found everything what I search and the hole site has a good style. Keep going;-)
Florian from Belgium I think it's one of the better website for people outside of Australia that want a real good-quality Australian didgeridoo.
Geir Ove Strand from Norway The website is very good...easy to navigate...have a lot of information that I as a first time didj-buyer find interesting..
Gregory from USA Website is awesome found everything I needed to in order to find the right didj and begin to play.
Henry Raab from Canada Website is retro-super cool love it very informative!
Anonymous The website is really great. Easy to navigate yet packed FULL of information for people who have no experience with didjes. Also the way each didj has it's own page with details and sound samples etc is really fantastic. It's easy to tell a lot of planning and effort went into this site. And I get the vibe that you guys are really in this to get only the best quality didges out there to people worldwide.
Anonymous A wealth of info. everything one needs to know about the didgeridoo can be found there
Jimmy from USA Good layout a little confusing but good!
Anonymous Love the website. Lots of great information.
Jonas from USA Very easy to use and informative.
Anonymous Great website easy to navigate and plenty to see.
Karen from Canada Love the fact that it is easy to use and navigate
Anonymous Very helpful and Informative. Great to have a site like this that even if I do not purchase from gives me great ideas about aboriginal gifts for relatives back in the UK.
Anonymous from Canada It was a little hard to navigate at first but I got the hang of it.
Anonymous A lot of information maybe too much for a beginner but willing to learn
Kim from USA It is a lovely website rich and informative. Very educational and I will re-visit it often.
Kim from United Kingdom Looks good to me!
Krystyna from USA Cultural and informative
Leon Strydom from South Africa Very comprehensive and informative
Lloyd from South Africa East to access very useful information well laid out and very informative
Marcus from United Kingdom Full of fantastic information a little tricky to navigate but then you have so much information I don't think that will be an easy nut to crack.
Mario from Mexico Practical and useful tips the beginners and the experts are thankful about it I think. and has a cultural meaning texts.
Anonymous Have really appreciated the information you have provided!
Meredith from USA I found the website very informative.
Nama Ste from Italy Molto interessante
Peter from USA I like your website
Rick from USA First time on the website but has a lot of info.
Shaneena Bitanga from USA I have seen it before and I was so impressed that there is a form to assist me to purchase the correct Didge for me based on questions asked! Perfect!
Anonymous Great really interesting and Helpful
Sven Fardel from Switzerland Les couleurs sont belles mais il manque une touche plus naturelle et moins scolaire.
Anonymous from USA Informative
Walter from USA I like the layout and the ease with which I was able to navigate the links.

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