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Visitors Comments made during the month of December 2008:

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Anonymous from France A good advice from a friend. it is pure and clear to the point
Alejandro Nan from Belgium Cool!
Alessandro Ardovini from Canada I know that I have a very fast internet connection. I think that your website is the best one about didgeridoos no doubt about it. I think there is all the information anyone can need about this wonderful musical instrument about its history and so on. I think that the fact that you can actually hear how the different didgeridoos sound is really incredible! And it's really amazing the fact that you help to choose a didgeridoo with a lot of different options to choose.
Ana Ilijanic from Croatia/Hrvatska It's great!! Every thing is very good explained and it so difficult give a comment on english!
Anthony Kubiak from USA I like your site a great deal--hearing about indigenous struggles is a big part of why I enjoy the site
Anonymous from USA This seems to be the best site about didgeridoos. Very informative and I like the ability to listen the different sounds of each instrument.
Brantley from USA Very Easy to use and super fast response for my questions.
Caelin from Australia I drool over all those awesome yidaki's
Charles from USA Excellent site.
Cody from USA Your website is the best and easiest website to learn about the culture of Didgeridoo.
Daniel Allison from United Kingdom The best I've come across
David Cross from USA Really excellent resource. I think you could strengthen your offering by creating a few free "How To" reports people can download. this will increase your newsletter subscriber base. [OUR COMMENT: you can find them in the 'Information' section]
David from USA The Best....I always return to your site. You are a reliable source of information and education is the best way to demonstrate the superiority of an authentic didgeridoo. I plan on getting at least a couple in the future.
Donat from Belgium It is nice to be able to look and listen at all those didgeridoos. but it has a frightful tendency of making one want to buy some.
Anonymous from Australia Love the website.
Enoch from USA No doubt the best. Good graphics commentary on the plight of the native peoples and bringing the political and cultural struggles to front. Otherwise would not know much. Function of the site seems to be easy and consistent.
Erik from USA Your website is awesome. I'm going to order a shield for sure. I'm thinking of ordering a didge from you also as I like your emphasis on quality and ethics. Are rare combination these days.
Felicia from Sweden It looks good lots of great info on the didjes and great info on your work and ethics. I like the simplicity of the side panel its never hard to find anything. The whole site makes you look very professional and trustworthy!
Fred from United Kingdom Always considered this site to be the one which all others should be compared to. Still to find a better one!
Anonymous from Hungary Its very informal one of the best sites on web
Gary from USA One of the most informative site visited.
Hervé Vaudan from Switzerland Top of the top..
Jason Wither from New Zealand There are many interesting things to find on the site. I like the forum most.
Jody from USA There's a lot of information here about the culture and origins of the instruments. I like all the pictures and the sound clips. I sent the link on to one of my mailing lists and they seemed impressed by it too.
John Fisher from USA Have always enjoyed the website easy to follow but lot's of content to keep me busy.
Ka Hermet from USA Wonderful site! I keep returning as the plethora of information and resources seems to be inexhaustible.
Anonymous Thee most informative on Didgeridoos around
Marcelo Sarra Nicolino from Brazil Is the only website that I read the newsletter on my e-mail and the only one that I visit often.
Mario from Italy I think it's the best Didgeridoo website on the web.
Matteo B from Italy Extraordinary fully informative both regarding instruments and other aspects related to aboriginal art and culture. About the didjes it's very important for me to see how you rate each instrument and to hear their sound through mp3. Also before buying one I checked the sold didj list: when I saw so many Italians bought something from you I realized didjshop was very reliable and the shipping was safe.
Maurice from Australia Easy to navigate. prompts point me to the section I am interested in are clear
Michael Pechous from USA This is still one of the finest outlets for Aboriginal Crafted Instruments and a channel for Cultural Awareness.
Michele from USA I consider you the apex of all things didge.
Mike from USA I've been coming to the site for over 4 years now and one of these day I'm going to get a didj:)
Neil Wakeling from United Kingdom I like the personal style of it! Friendly and informative.
Nick Buckley from USA Very informative both historically and modern outlooks on the didj and the culture around it. I love how I can hear the didj I am interested in and the detail of your descriptions and photos are excellent.
Peter from United Kingdom Fantastic website I've always said it is one of the most informative traditional instrument websites on the internet.
Peter Seidenberg from USA Very well organized easy to browse through the didges by various parameters. I look forward to buying my first real didge from Didjshop
Peter from United Kingdom Very good- very informative. I like the forums
Reg from Australia I was sent to your site by a Canadian mate. I was talking about my home made didj and he was getting excited to. he said you site was the best he had seen with lots of information. I have only seen a small portion. I did sign up for your forum. I replied twice to give help from my limited knowledge.
Richard Bird from USA A wonderful site - a brilliant effort to connect a unique product with a long and storied cultural history. Great stuff!
Anonymous from USA Very well organized and informative. I especially like the information on grading and the sustainability focus.
Roel from Belgium Nicely build great pics great sounds. Also great that it's more than a shop. You also tackle political issues give information about the aboriginals.. All stuff that otherwise doesn't make it all the way to belgium. Thanks a lot.
Scott from USA Your hard work has paid off handsomely! great site!
Anonymous It is nice to have honest information about the quality of didgeridoos. I'm afraid I bought a didge that is not very good quality and wonder if I will even been able to get a good sound out of it. [OUR COMMENT: try learning on a PVC pipe instead - see our information section for instructions]
Stephen from USA Excellent!!!
Anonymous Fine Didjes
Tonia from USA In my opinion your website is the go-to source for information about the origins of the Didgeridoo and the people who created them. I love that you educate us keep it real and encourage us to share the truth and reveal deceptions.
Anonymous from USA Inspirational. I'd love to own an authentic didj and dream over them often.
Anonymous from USA I'm very impressed you guys seem to be the real deal. I found the extensive info didge pics and descriptions very helpful. I'm definitely buying my first didge from you!
Anonymous I couldn't think of a better site
Andrea Ballin from Italy Molto fruibile e ben organizzato inoltre permette una buona navigazione anche ha chi possiede una connettività non molto veloce
Anonymous Very informative
Anssi from Finland Great site with lots of interesting information. Didjes are well presented it's fun to browse through the catalog even if not buying. Sound clips are awesome!
Anonymous Very original and interesting - I have learned a lot from it
Anonymous Thank you.
Brent from USA I am impressed
Anonymous from USA Wonderful site. It took me a minuet to figure out the currency differences but Great site.
Brittany Stresing from USA It is very informative
Capi from USA I like it immensely and was actually getting ready to order another didj from either [name of competitor deleted] or from the other California site.
Chad from USA Very well constructed easy to navigate.
Cj from USA Great love the sound files
Anonymous Very nicely put together an appreciate that you use only original aboriginal items
Drew from USA Great site great information and navigation
Eero Enqvist from Finland Colourful clear.
Elisa from USA It's very informative and covers a lot a question that one may wonder about the Didgeridoo.
Fabian Kuiper from Netherlands Great site great info really inspiring to get me going
Anonymous The website is great! Such wonderful information and vast selection of didgeridoos and Forum too! a great place for people interested in this beautiful instrument or the aboriginal culture
Anonymous from Australia It is a pretty good website because they have a lot to offer and a lot to show.
Jason from USA Easily accessible informative educational and not too flashy! I appreciate what you guys are doing.
Joel from USA I like it its hard to find the place where you learn to make your own...
Joel from USA A lot of information. Not always that easy to navigate. The filter for selecting various Didgeridoos is quite good.
John from USA I love listening to the samples
Jon from USA Very thorough lots of info. I really like the forum which is what drew me to the website in the first place. My only critique would be when I when to browse the didges for sale it took me a minute to find them. I click on the shopping button on the top of the page and expected a list of links or didges to appear on the screen. The side menu just has to much on it to make it easy to use.
Jonathan Turton from USA Its an amazing site with amazing instruments.
Joseph Burke from USA It's very professional looking and informative.
Katarina from Serbia Very interesting
Kevin from USA Well designed and informative
Kyle from USA Neat page but a lil tough to navigate. Very informative though.
Anonymous from USA I really love the artforms shown on the site.
Maciek from Ireland I like your website.is ok for me fool professional
Martyn from United Kingdom Good lots of info
Anonymous from USA It is very helpful
Matthew from Australia I like all the information you have available and that you maintain the traditional values of the instrument. Didge's are about quality and authenticity
Anonymous from Finland Nice sites which work fast and clear and the pictures of Didjes are great!
Anonymous from Australia Easy to use friendly and useful
Orlend from USA It's the most informative not only about didj but also true aboriginal issues... how about the tent city on the capitol building steps??
Ossi from Finland A great site with lots of useful information; I only complain that it's a bit "messy" and hard to navigate.
Anonymous Nice!
Peter Steyvers from Belgium It's a beautiful site
Rik Van Luijn from Netherlands I like the ease and simplicity of finding what you're looking for but I also think it could use an update perhaps make it a bit more modern use some Photoshop light effects mostly I think it could look more like the didj sounds (hope that makes sense)
Anonymous Very interesting
Rolando Rojas from Chile I like your website the photographs of Didgeridoos I like the best they are great. Perhaps you could have some kind of didj lessons or videos.
Ros from Australia Love the colours and it is full of information. Still to discover and read it more fully when I have the time.
Scott from Australia I like it. Thanx
Anonymous Well done!
Shane Dye from USA I love it so many didj
Anonymous from USA Its awesome great design
Anonymous from New Zealand Good website love the samples of the didges
Anonymous First time user. Seems friendly and easy
Tal from Israel I think your site is ok speed wise its great but I think it could pick up on some newer style design and coding it does feel a bit oldish and could maybe put some people off
Taylor Ballou from USA I love the way it is set up and also how easy it is to navigate. Any one coming to this website will feel right at home and not flustered as many do when visiting a website for the first time.
Thom from USA So far very interesting and informative.
Todd from USA I like your website and think its very interesting.
Tom from USA Very informative
Anonymous I enjoyed visiting this site it was very interesting
Willy Brandt from Belgium Very good

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