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Visitors Comments made during the month of December 2006:

Online name


Aileen from USA

What a great resource! This was my first visit but won't be my last.:)

Andreas Kreischer from Canada

Loads of info well structured like the (aboriginal)community news)


It's great can't wait to find MY Didj!

Ben from USA

Its a great site with lots of information and access to more information on other sites and its very easy to use

Bryan Blair from USA

I think it is very good. I like the sound clips and all of the information on the artists and didgeridoos. I also like that the healing meditative spiritual aspects are included in the site - you are the real deal!!! We love the beautiful artwork on the instruments and can't wait to have one so beautiful someday soon.

Carlos from Spain

Great. It really feels a service done by heart.


Wonderfully educational

Catherine from Australia

Fantastic site great work thanks


My fiancee's eyes popped out of his head when I found this site so unreal.

Anonymous from USA

It's a great site and it's very informative especially to someone who is from the United States and doesn't know much this instrument. It will be very helpful if I buy one in the future.

Christopher Weber from USA

A very "complete" didgeridoo shop. Outstanding information available on the site. Many excellent links. It's how I learned about the didgeridoo meditation that I participate in. Keep up the great work!!!

Daniel from USA

The only bad thing I can say about it is that you can't try the didjes yourself a common disadvantage to online shopping. That aside I liked your rating system. Knowing the key for every didj is extremely helpful. The sound attributes are definitely helpful for any shopper. And of course I loved the sample sounds especially the low G.

Darren from Canada

Great looking site. Most information I've seen on one site. Easy to navigate and looks professional.

David Payne from USA

Didgeridoos are made with good workmanship I think they are the seventh wonder of the world with the true sound that is made from them

Denis Richard from France

The best virtual shop of Didgeridoo aboriginal and australians news by newsletter sound demos pictures and good felling.

Earl Ross from USA

When I come to this site I am happy It is laid out very well. All the information and topics are up to date. and my favorite place to be is in the forum. It is really cool to chat with people who love the same thing as you do.

Ed In Den Bosch from Netherlands

I experienced the intriguing sound of Didgeridoo during photographing concerts of electronic music in the Netherlands. Especially the use of the Australian instrument by Steve Roach (USA)and Vidna Obmana (Belgium) I won't forget. I think your site is a total and very relevant site to all information needed on Didgeridoos. It is complete as you can see and hear what you buy. You have taught me a lot more then all those guys in well-known musical instruments shops about quality and where to look at. I understand too now the difference between price and quality. The Didjshop seems to be the shop for my native Australian musical needs.

Ed from USA

I was looking for bags for my didges and yours look great but there are no large sized photos to see the detail of the artwork on the bags. Your didges seem reasonable in price and superb in quality. [OUR COMMENT: there is no close-up because the material design changes too often]

Francis from France

Great site! Full of information! Very complete (history of Aborigines & instruments picts+sounds of on-sale instruments) Your site & e-shop look serious. Keep on the good job!

Fred Ashplant from USA

I have never found a more reliable business on the web. The Didjshop has provided me with the best quality instruments imaginable and the service has been friendly alert and efficient. The staff has gone out of their way to be helpful and to make my shopping experience enjoyable. The web site is interesting and informative and serves to raise awareness to the issues confronting Australia and the rest of the world. You run a truly excellent business. Keep up the good work many thanks.

Granville Wallwork from United Kingdom

Not fully explored it yet but I like it very much. There is a really good feeling here and I will visit often.

Grizzly Walkingthunder from United Kingdom

Can't knock it find it very good probably the best in the world.


I am really impressed! I have some more strategies for learning circular breathing and want to return to read some of your forum topics.

Hector Peralta from Argentina


Hervé Vaudan from Switzerland


Hisham Misri from Malaysia

Didjshop is probably the best online website for didgeridoo. I can see that didjshop is spreading aborigine culture to the worldwide. At the same time the beginner didgeridoo can learn step by step by their friendly website. Hopefully if I have enough money I would like to buy the didgeridoo direct from this reliable online shop.


Incredibly helpful and easy to follow. There is so much that is said about each didj and you can find out the sound it makes and everything. Truly brilliant.

James from USA

I like the idea that you have links to other information about didgeridoos not just a sales catalog and order form. It's clear that you are interested in teaching and sharing info about didgeridoos than just $$. Thanks. I'll be back to visit. Have a Happy New Year. jim


Thanks for the piece of mind given through the many pieces of information throughout the site. It made the difference for my decision to purchase my first didj from you. Thanks again.

Jason from USA

Awesome resource for didj's. Cultural and environmental awareness as well which continually reminds the general public that these aren't just toys or souvenirs. They come from a people a nation a land that has been shut out and dejected by those in power because of ignorance and greed. Good on ya didjshop for keep the world's eyes open to all that goes on behind the walls of water that surround your country and far away from the mainstream media.

Jason Zakaras from USA

I really enjoy the sound clips you offer and tips to make and start playing the didgeridoo. The forum offered is in my mind one of the greatest aspects of this website... THANK YOU DIDjSHOP.COM

Jeffrey from USA

It seems to be a 'one stop shop' with everything I need to learn to play better.


I've looked at other didgeridoo web sites. If I buy it will very likely be from Didjshop due to emphasis on education about this instrument and on promoting work of the work of Aboriginal artists and artisans.


Very beautiful and informative. Great products.

Joe Kamper from USA

Overall Excellent very user friendly surfed with ease makes me feel that this is a well run store that takes pride in their work.

John from USA

It has the most incredible selections of authentic didjes I have ever seen thru the internet and the profile charts of the instruments are really helpful I've never been able to purchase one yet hope to some day however I really enjoy looking and listening to the various sounds of these awesome works of art. thanks a lot. -- John

Jorge Rodríguez from Chile

It's a very good page because: 1. You have lots of languages. 2. It doesn't mater if you are not an expert on plying the Didj the page is for all people. 3. You are very clear on what you explain for example I learnt how to play the Didj with this page.

Julia from USA

Love the site and will be sure to come back and send some greeting cards!


Really cool website. It is always a pleasure to buy didjes here and for the 2 I bought I am really happy:)

Justin from USA

Your site is by far the most comprehensive and genuine didge site on the net. For my next didge I will surely buy form you

Anonymous from USA

Beautiful didjes with social conscience

Anonymous from Canada

Appears to be clear unbiased information. that engenders confidence and trust.

Marc from USA

Most useful didj site that I've found on the internet. along with advice from other didgeridoo players this site helped teach me how to circular breathe. very good guide on replacing beeswax mouthpieces I'm replacing mine today. also think that the section on didgeridoo meditation is excellent. my mouthpiece has been broken for the last few weeks but once I replace the beeswax on it later on today I'll give it a go!

Anonymous from Australia

I think it's a great site. Some publicity wouldn't hurt but then of course keeping it a hidden secret has it's charms.

Marie from USA

Amazing...so glad someone pointed me in your direction.

Marilyn from New Zealand

I like the forum and will come back.

Anonymous from Germany

It's a pretty fine side and I feel the good and honest vibe in it.Now I'm waiting for my selected first Didje from you! Greetings!

Matthew from Canada

Its one of my favorite sites. I learned how to circle breathe from this website and it helped me understand the physics behind the didje.

Michael Balmain from United Kingdom

I came across you site through the Google search engine as I was looking for more information on didges. I must say that I am extremely impressed with the site. It is well laid and and most informative and best of all you guys truly care. Not only about ensuring the customer gets what they require but most importantly you are preserving the future of aboriginal arts. It seems that you have a good conservation policy regarding the felling of trees which I am most pleased about. Please keep up the amazing work and no doubt I'll be purchasing from you in years to come.

Michele from USA

Thank you for all your work.

Anonymous from Canada

Great site! The best information on didges I could find in the world. Cheers

Murisa from USA

Better than the rest...I trust you guys the most. Very Informative clear and easy to navigate and helpful search options to find exactly what I wanted. Thanks! ~Murisa

Nicole from USA

The website setup was the first thing that attracted me to it and made me thoroughly go through all the parts. It is extremely well throughout and includes the pictures and sounds of each didge for sale which is a real plus when one can't be in the shop in person. I also like aboriginal art and enjoyed those offerings.

Niklas from Finland

A very smooth looking site that seems to work nicely. I especially like the MP3 samples and the way you rate your instruments.

Anonymous from Finland

Excellent site

Paula from USA

I love coming here and dreaming about the day when I can afford one of your lovely Didjes. The one didj I do have was a gift from a musician friend of mine who was amazed I could play it right off and got me a didj of my own to practice on. I got your tape on how to play and have used that as my guide to learning. Playing my didj brings me much peace and joy. One day I will know the beauty of playing an original didj created by one of your Aboriginal artisans I look forward to that day with a smile on my face and in my heart as well.


I have found the site useful and the forum is full of loads of tips & ideas to improve my playing method.

Peter from Canada

Very good resource the best I have seen on the web! Very informative and you seem to be very concerned about the nature of how they are used and preserved... Very knowledgeable indeed.

Ralf from Germany

Great site can't be better...


So far it appears to be what I'm looking for based on a quick browse and recommendation!

Rick from USA

Well laid out and informative. Love the forum events calendar and didjnet.

Robert from USA

I am amazed at the site and will definitely be back.

Robin from United Kingdom

It is very good probably the best I would love to own a really good didj with great art work robin

Roger from USA

Very much enjoyed checking out this website. I've looked at them all one time or another. This site is easily among the best. Very clear and informative. The information you provide is very helpful and interesting for beginners as well as seasoned professionals.

Ronald from Netherlands

Very professional an intuitive website.

Ruby Elisabeth Skatvedt from Norway

I think it is very good and interesting. Well done and extremely well presented. I liked very much to be able to see pictures of the different didgeridoos and not least to be able to hear a sound-sample when I was choosing one to buy. I also liked all the information of the instrument and its makers.

Anonymous from USA

So full of wonderful information

Anonymous from USA

Fantastic site!


Nice site. I like how the digs were in sections by style and here was a nice range of styles.

Stefan from Germany

It's a very good site. It gives one the impression to buy the right thing and helps to make the personally best choice. Thanks for that!


Very good I got one of the DVDs and that helped so much I learned how to circular breath.(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:

Stephen from USA

This website is perfect for information about the history and suppliers for didgeridoos. This site was well designed and is well maintained without being to confusing. If you need to buy a didgeridoo just look here.

Anonymous from USA

Thanks you rock!

Anonymous from USA

Didjshop website is by far the most complete sites giving detailed information about didjes as well as Aborigine cultural issues. A person who takes the time to read what is on this site will come away with new understanding about more than just didjes but also about the wonderful Aborigine people who make these fine instruments.

Teresa from USA

I love the site:)

Tiffany Lepard from USA

I sent the didjshop an email to find the best didj for me considering my playing level and price range. I got FANTASTIC feedback the next day. There is no better service than that!


Love the site


I want congratulate you for your web because is a reference in didge world. Very complete with a lot of information available in different languages and beautiful too.

Vitor from Portugal

First time visiting your site. I will add it to my favourites... I have the explore it in order to learn more about didgeridoos

Warren Packer from United Kingdom

Excellent. Very user friendly and accessible. Sound bites important. Contains a wealth of useful information both practical and cultural. Entertaining.


Great site. great products. great chance to win an outstanding didgeridoo and I hope I win!


First time I come but looks really nice!

Alexis Gagnon from Canada

Beautiful website very interesting for anyone who cares about didj..


Cool place. Found you because my son is researching aboriginal music.

Anonymous from USA

It has really cool Didjes for sale - I like the fact that you have sound bites to let the buyer hear the sound first.

Andrea from Australia

I think it's awesome. You were listed first in the Google website for Aboriginal Boomerangs and I think that it's wonderful what you do.

Andres Lemoine from Argentina

I found the site interesting mainly concerning didj information

Andy from United Kingdom

Interesting and useful

Bart from Netherlands

Gives much information good links

Beat from Switzerland

Well-assorted good hints from mp3-file like the pics interesting information all around the didges artwork etc.

Beverly from USA

I think it is beautifully done and if you left anything out I do not know what it could possibly be.


Great site

Brendan Reynolds from Canada

A great start for a beginning didj player - more info and pics on how to play and music samples to listen to would help.

Brian Rooke from Canada

Its clean and very easy to get around in and I might add very interesting

Brian Weller from USA

I love it......also it is good to be able to here them..

Bruce Cunningham from USA

I have been looking for a didjeridu for a while this is a good site.

Anonymous from USA

I really like this website because their not just selling didges their telling you about their culture and how they were made


Well done and interesting information! I'll try to made a didj by myself!

Carmen from USA

It's been fun will for sure be back to shop.. thanks

Cees from Netherlands

Is a good one

Chris Ruffner from USA

I really liked the site. I liked being able to see the didj's. I did however have a hard time being able to hear the didj's


Very good site


Well done

Claudia from Germany

Very good structured it allows to compare the different instruments the sound files are also very helpful.

Colleen from USA

Very interesting. I will re-visit.



Anonymous from France

Very complete and informative site I'm really pleased.


Keep giving

Dan from Canada

Very nice -- I love the sound samples

Dan Penfold from United Kingdom

Very interesting and informative

Anonymous from Australia

I like the setout of the site and the earth colour tones used.


It is a very good site


There's not enough not painted didj. Otherwise it's quite a good shop.

Dave Bruinsma from Canada

Hi I am really impressed with the organization and extensive content of your website - especially the background information provided on didje-related things (not just the didjes for sale). I should mention that I am a total beginner - I made my first (and only) didge out of PVC just a few weeks ago. But I am getting the hang of it really quickly and falling in love with it even faster. I hope to get a "real" (termite hollowed preferably made by an Aborigine) didje as soon as I can afford one. Thanks for the site!


Very detailed layout

David Benninger from USA

Well designed website. Easily accessible with many details about each didjeridu.

David Johnston from USA

Nice website. I really like the sound clips and the rating system of what is a "good" dig vs a "bad" one. I do plan on buying one but as with any musical instrument that one can not have "hands on experience" it is a tough decision. I think if you had a store in San Francisco or New York City your sales would increase greatly.

David from United Kingdom

Very informative


Excellent site easy to user great work

Deborah from USA

First time visitor but looks very interesting


Very nice

Detlef from Germany

Very good Site

Anonymous from Canada

Considering buying here...

Eddie from Australia

Great content that satisfies all those didge players out there lots of info for those who are more spiritual players and lots of great deals for all to see...well done guys

Enoc from USA

I really love your site and look forward to purchasing a didgeridoo soon


I like your web site. it has a lot of interesting information about the Didgeridoo. this was the first time visiting your site and I was impressed.

Anonymous from USA

I think it's great you have a forum

Anonymous from Argentina

The site is formidable. Pretty colours that send me to the pure sound of the instrument.


Love the site - will definitely buy an authentic didge once I have mastered playing the one I have - to do it justice

Anonymous from USA

Great site with good content

Anonymous from Italy

It's a very good site!

Garry from Australia

Enjoy browsing every time. Always something of interest and good place to find information.


Its ok!

Gina Ferrell from USA

I think your website is great and gives you all the information on Didjshop.

Graham from United Kingdom

Very informative great photos and layout good to hear the audio and sounds like a very good business.

Greg from USA

Very friendly. Easy to understand instructions


Very well-rounded from shopping to didj forum. Good layout nice colours food forms. Good job!

Anonymous from USA

Beautify and informative

Anonymous from USA

I don't know yet. I hope you're a reliable company. I'll let you know.

Isaac from USA

I like it

Ivey from USA

Amazing products I look forward to buying from you soon!

J. R. from USA

I really like how you can browse the selection by what you're looking for. I.e. price painted rare healing etc.

Jason from USA

I think that it is great... I wish I had known about it earlier.


Great site!


Very interesting site


Cool site.. glad I found you.. have a small grove of bamboo and was researching making a bamboo didge to get started and came across one of your articles.


Very fascinating and interesting




Very informative

Jose Galli from Brazil

That's my first time at this site... But I feel really good in this 'warm' interaction!

Julien Guillon from France

Very good site authentic

Justin Arnold from USA

You have a very nice and streamlined website Its very easy to navigate and is very informative.


Its a great easy to use site. Well done!


Thank you

Kathryn from USA

This would be a great addition to my child's class.



Khabir Shareef from USA

I think it is the premier didj website; I have you linked to my website www.StorytellersDrum.com for over a year.

Kyle from USA

I found it extremely useful and helpful to look at and use when it comes to buying or looking at didgeridoos.


Cool website! Warm colours


Great site.....didjeridoos are new to me!!

Anonymous from USA

The website is very interesting. I learned a lot


Great shop look forward to checking out again

Anonymous from Portugal

Great site love the yirtakkis exposed in yo site great descriptions on the instruments and it's great the fact that we can hear the sound examples*never thought that there where so many different types of didgeridoo with different souls*

Anonymous from Canada

It's very well done! Organized and gives you a lot of information making it easier to work with.

Lucas Sayer from Australia

I found it very helpful when it came to finding out information on purchasing my first didgeridoo which I bought about 18 months ago.

Luke White from Australia

-excellent range of Didgeridoos. -being able to hear before u buy is great. -comprehensive information especially for beginners.

Anonymous from Canada

Informative professional

Mark from USA

Very interesting makes me want to get a didgeridoo

Mary-elise from USA

Interesting articles


If I get my new Didj before Christmas - You guys are alright!

Anonymous from Italy

I think this website is really good because in my country (italy) the didgeridoo isn't very know so this site can give very good information about this wonderful instrument.


This is a fabulous website and very informative. Glad to have found it!!!

Anonymous from USA

I think it is a great site. I really enjoy being able to listen to each didj to choose the one with the sound that works best for me.

Michael Sleiman from Canada

Good website informative really has all the basics


I haven't looked at the website but have bookmarked for later when I have more time.

Mike from USA

Great info for the neophyte.

Mirjam from Netherlands

Very informative good-looking website.

Mischa from USA

I like hearing different players play the same didj. I don't like seeing some Didjes with incomplete data.

Mitch Loch from Canada

User friendly Layout Competitions are always gonna get me to come back

Anonymous from Germany

I come from Germany but the speak of many sites of the shop is not german.


Really interesting easy to follow

Pamela from USA

Love the site easy to navigate fun to listen to


Unfamiliar to me right now


Excellent information for a potential buyer. I have learnt quite a bit from browsing through here.

Anonymous from USA

A bit busy but I was able to find my way around. Good to show it is a native and native built product and a well built product. PQS

Pierre from France

Great site a bit difficult to find your way around but Great anyway.

Raffaele from Italy

Very complete. Missing information: packaging for shipping


I like greatly

Risa from USA

I like it. I think it works well.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Nicely designed all round useful site.

Robert from Germany

A very good website with useful tools like "Didgeridoo Buying Advise"! You could improve design by using more images!


I love the sound clips especially the bullroarers.

Russ from Australia

Can't fault it as have not checked all links yet. Would be nice to see more free stuff or host some space where people can post mp3 of themselves playing and others can vote on which goes in the top ten. I know I would like to post some of my sounds for everyone to hear but I would also like to hear some sounds of other people playing... [OUR COMMENT: you can do both in our forum]

Scott from USA

Very informative glad I found you!

Scott Burgard from USA

Easy to navigate. Keep up the good work.

Sébastien from France

Fantastic site with pics sounds every thing you need when you live so far from Australia.

Sky Pedersen from USA

Great website lots of info. am looking forward to doing some reading. thanx for putting the effort to share your information/products.

Stefan from Netherlands

I think it would be a good improvement that there are sound files on every didge you sell because people want to hear what they're going to buy! I would also like to see sound files on the lower prices ones: especially beginning players don't have a clue what they buy without sound files. Besides that the shop is very nice pics of all products sound files on many too.

Stephanie from USA

Easy to get around site. Lots of good information.

Stephen Bosley from USA

To be honest I haven't searched to much on your site but I will leave comment in the visitors comments section after checking out the rest of your site.

Steve from United Kingdom

Very informative and helpful I'm new to this and found it very reassuring reading through the didjshop website


Easy to navigate good graphics everything well explained. Could use more sound samples when considering the purchase of individual piece though.

Susan from USA



I love it. It's great. There are links to so many interesting thing's and forums that are wonderful.

Susie Stewart from USA

This is a very comprehensive website and very interesting to learn about the native aboriginals and their talents as well as about Australia.

Sven from Germany

My first visit....great.... Have a nice day

Anonymous from USA



It is so interesting!


You provide good info on Didjeridoos.


Simple and concise layout


A pretty cool website will be back to visit in the future

Todd from USA

The site is easy to navigate and seems well thought out. I find the color combinations a bit hard to read at times but suspect that is more a cultural difference than anything else.

Traci from USA

Unique and beautiful

Anonymous from Australia

Fantastic.. the advice to buying is great and I will come back again.

Vanessa from Chile

Es un sitio bueno que enseña de un instrumento mágico espero que les vaya muy bien en la página. Saludos a todos desde chile Espero que continuen con esta buena causa Y que gane el mejor!!

Vicki from Australia

I think it is very well set out and easy to navigate

Vickie from USA

Very nice

Victor from Netherlands

Nice work sound samples are very good for comparison of the didges. Would be nice to have a high-res picture of the complete didge (have a nice and wide 1920x1200 screen!)

Anonymous from Australia

The content is great. =)


Great site

Anonymous from Canada

I'm a french canadian very happy for your french section. Your site is very complete. I like a large information contain. Congratulation for your work.

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