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Visitors Comments made during the month of July 2008:

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Adam Ditheridge from United Kingdom

Its easy to use concise and very informative. I love that you can see and hear every didj you have for sale. Its a great site. Well done.:)

Al Lovett from USA

Interesting site. bookmarked it to my didge subfolder.

Arnaud Dejean from France

It's a reference one of the few betters: choice is huge infos are clear and prices are ok! Really good job! the one I prefer is didj didjshop is the second.

Anonymous from USA

The best site I've seen concerning didgeridoos!! Seriously!!

Brandon from USA

I found the website visually attractive informative and easy to use. I can tell this is a company made of people who truly respect the wonder of this beautiful instrument.

Brittany from USA

It's very user friendly an easy to navigate. I like how everything is very clear and straightforward. People know what they are buying. You can see pictures and hear sound samples and you know that the didgeridoos are genuinely crafted by the Aborigines.

Chace Bedford from USA

I feel that didgshop.com is a great resource on all things didgeridoo not to mention an unbeatable selection of quality authentic didgeridoos made with love and care of the sacred instrument's people.

Chris Smith from USA

It is great I learned a lot and picked out a didj I am really happy with and am excited to see when it arrives in the mail. The sound clips were very helpful. The only suggestion I have is for some didjes to have more than one picture so that more of the artwork can be seen.

Christopher Weber from USA

The Best! Especially getting the newsletters.


Very good happy to see there's a lovely network of people all in love with the magical healing power of the oldest instrument known to mankind.

Dean Archer from United Kingdom

Very nice informative. I recommend it to people.


I love your site. It is so informative. It has explained to me and proven to me that the instruments I currently own are not true didges. My dream is to own one from your store.

Dima Shebalev from Israel

Its great! not only I love to visit the shop and the forum but I also discovered didge heals! keep on doing your thing people. thank you

Don from USA

It is great. I love the fact that you have history and information. You sponsor worldwide meditations and promote aboriginal causes. You are about the music first and foremost selling these wonderful instruments appears to be second.

Edd Horrocks from United Kingdom

The ONLY place 2 buy a PROPPER didj!!!!!!!!....!!!!!

Anonymous from Singapore

Thanx to all the people working with this website. You guys are great. Received lots of info news and all.. Selling great stuff as well! Keep it up! Best wishes.

Jere from Finland

Absolutely has helped me with the first steps of playing and vital information! Really great job thank you!

Jolyon from United Kingdom

Very informative very helpful honest and genuine. easy to navigate


A beautiful site also unique because I didn't found any other didgeridoo sites with that much information and such good structured pages.

Kara from USA

Its very helpful and interesting. One of the best didge sites to go to. I always recommend this one to my friends that are interested.


A fantastic website - I really like the way you've explained Aboriginal dreamtime stories!!!

Anonymous from USA

Love it!

Martin Sørensen from Denmark

Very good website the information about the didges are really good and the sound clips help me select the didges I want.Its easy to find your way around the site

Marty from USA

I think your website is great and I will tell more friends about DIGISHOP.

Massimo from Italy

The site I find very interesting I like to read it and I am writing to mail monthly but what pleased me most is that you are a serious and responsible! I just bought a digital but I've seen that I can stay quiet with you. it's nice to know that there are still people reliable

Anonymous from France

The part on healing and meditation is really interesting

Nancy from USA

Nice. I will share URL with our Meditation group sangha

Patrick from Australia

I have didjshop on my favourites so it is there to get to straight away

Peter Russell from Australia

Brilliant I love the set up of it and the fact you can listen to didges. I like the fact that you guys tell us where the didges come from and how they are made.

Raffael from Germany

This website give me joy friends and the volition to play a didj.

Robin from USA

I love the straight forward honest way you approach the issues of your people. I've learned so much about aboriginal culture and it's preservation.

Robson Castilho from Brazil

Very good

Sergey from Russia

Very good site. Good design and wonderful content. It can be seen that it was created by people who love what they do. Maybe more info about aboriginal culture will be good. And an option in shopping browsing to watch all didjes without filters.

Anonymous from USA

The website has been incredibly instructive and beneficial. I probably would not have made my didj if it had not been for the detailed instructions on here. Thank you for this site. It is really cool to learn techniques and the history of didjes. Maybe someday when I am independently wealthy I will be able to afford a real one.

Steav Bates-congdon from USA

What a splendid website! The information is well organized there is a great deal of detailed and un-hyped information on each instrument; the MP3 files are excellent and the other general information is wonderful to read and a great help in understanding what the Didj is really all about.

Anonymous from USA

It has so much info! It's wonderful!

Telmo from Portugal

Relaxing and enjoyable colour and layout with interesting cultural and technical content displaying a genuine motivation behind the business.

Tony from USA

Fantastic very cool

Vitaliy from Russia

Most informative of all. Like a window in AbOriginal didj world

Wayne from Australia



Nice but would be better if a little bit more story philosophy of the didj and instruction on how to play it

Alan from United Kingdom

Very informative as I didn't know much about the didge just love the sound of it...:)

Alex Surdu from USA

It's professional and helpful. I enjoyed my time searching the site.

Allen Smith from USA

Seems ok.

Andrew Castle from USA

Very well laid out and informative.

Anne from Canada

Very nice so far but I just started my browsing

Anu Van Leeuwen from Netherlands

A very good and informative site

Anonymous from France

It is the best shop for Didgeridoo but if I ever buy a Didj I need to see it and try it first.


Enjoyable and informative.

Chris from USA

I enjoy the fact that there is so much information that anyone could learn from

Chuck from USA

Easy to use and very informative.


I like the diverse information. Every time I visit I end up with some new info...

Anonymous from Austria

Very well done informative awesome Didgeridoos

Drew from Australia


Frank from USA

I really like that you pay attention to authenticity and honoring the native artisans.

Frederick from USA

Very easy to get around... very informative

Gonzalo from Chile

Es gran sitio!! No solo venden didjes sino que también enseñan las técnicas y ejercicios a seguir para aprender a tocar además me respondieron muchas preguntas que tenia en su sección de faq's gracias =)

Hans Giesholt from USA

It is wonderful

Anonymous from USA

Just started reviewing it. So far very informative.

Henrique Bezerra from Portugal

I liked the web site very much it has many information about Didjes and not just Didjes but also about aboriginals and their other arts. I think it could have a more appealing look and could be more easy to navigate but I saw worst sites

Hugo Ferreira from Portugal

It's a very good one. it shows the culture and he became an help to those who aren't sure about playing the didge

Jacopo from Italy

It's very good easy to visit and I like a lot your philosophy.

Jared from USA

It is very cool love it nice didges and sound samples very interesting

Jesse Henceroth from USA

Very professional and informative


Very good and informative

Josh from Canada

Quite nice. I like it.



Lion from USA

No comment yet.

Marco Vinicio from Italy

Excellent site very interesting

Matthew from USA

You have a great website very informative.


Well organized with much helpful information.

Michael from USA

Very nice. I found it by looking for making didges


Very informative & I have always liked the people & a couple years ago an aboriginal healer visited Alaska & played for me 7 did a healing on my spine with various methods. Also a crystal healing. His name was jerry & he came fro m a small village....I miss him now.

Michelle from USA

A very interesting site dedicated to music and spiritual experiences.

Mike Hoover from USA

You have a very nice looking website and it is very easy to navigate.

Mike Nichols from Canada

Very good love all the info on the didges for sale and that I can hear them

Mitch from USA

It is very well organized and easy to navigate I enjoy it very much and it has lots of info.

Paul from USA

I like the site good information I like the design

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Excellent information and easy navigation.


Nice site very informative

Ricardo from Mexico

I like it.

Anonymous from USA

It has a lot of info


It's really nice.

Steve Jones from USA

It's a great site but I'm still learning my way around!

Taylor from USA

Your website is FULL of information and so very easy to navigate through


Looks very good a bit much mucking around to get to the actual didges


Nice set up lots of great information about didjing.

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