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Visitors Comments made during the month of October 2011:

Online name Feedback
Aaron from USA 1. The detailed scientific exploration of the Didge and bull roarer. 2. The community for artist 3. Nice playing section 4. Shop layout is good like that I can hear the instrument and lock in its purchase!
Anonymous It is very informative.
Anonymous I'm glad I found it!
Anonymous Nice
Anonymous I am very glad that I found it and am excited to keep exploring it.
Anonymous from Netherlands Lots of info and background info very useful
Ben from Australia Very functional and easy to follow.. clear with all info need at hand.. no extra click this click that
Bennett from USA I like the layout should have more shops open up though
Anonymous I am interested to explore it more
Blake from Australia This website is my favourite didgeridoo site online. It has everything I need to make a smart choice on what instrument to pick.
Brady from USA I just stumbled upon your website and was initially very impressed on your stand on using solar then your concern for the Aboriginal peoples. It is an awesome informative website. I have never played a Didj but always enjoyed the music made by them. I want to learn to play one and am leaning towards a healing one. Will definitely be getting one from you folks.
Brian from USA I find it fascinating I'm going to have to save up for a while because I'm disabled & live on a fixed income.
Carl from United Kingdom Absolutely fantastic!
Anonymous Love!
Anonymous SImple and easy to coupe with.
Anonymous from USA Interesting
Anonymous from USA After surfing the net for information on Didgeridoo I found yours the most informative and easy to understand.
Anonymous from USA I like the selection and grading parts.
Daniel from USA Interesting site with many links to looks at an learn
Daniel from USA I haven't really gave it look yet
Darrick from USA I like how descriptive the site is.
Deborah Switzer from USA Nicely done you have addressed a lot of things besides just the instruments the people the issue are the instrument as well
Dylan from USA Best didj site I've ever seen!
Edward from USA I found your site to be the most unique I ever visited. It was not simply a site to purchase an instrument but a site to learn about the history of the didj and the Aboriginal people that created the instrument. It really gave me something to think about.
Anonymous from USA Cool giveaway
Gary from USA It is set up very nicely I like it.
Giovanni from Italy Very well done clear and very useful
Jackie from USA I love your website and have found it very useful in trying to accomplish ye goal of learning to play the Didj. I tried when I was in grade school my band teacher had one as a personal instrument. Now that I am 21 and have my own family I would love to learn to play it and teach my husband and daughter then she is old enough.
Jake from Australia Its pretty good. its harder then some sites to navigate around
Jeremy O'Brien from USA Love the style very navigable.
Anonymous It is very helpful for learning.
Anonymous from USA Very cool and interesting
Anonymous Well laid out easy access to information
Anonymous from USA Interesting & informative.
Ken from Canada Excellent very honest
Kerry from USA Your website is very informative and helps one learn more about didj's.
Lee from United Kingdom Well thought out and information rich
L It is very resourceful and filled with interesting and useful information.
Mark from Australia Helpful
Mark Kern from Canada Very well done and easy to navigate.
Mark from Switzerland Really great!
Anonymous It has provided me with the proper background to this wonderful culture I wish to partake in and share the experience and show the beauty of it with others.
Anonymous I think your website is interesting in that it helps us to become more acquainted with the specificities of the didjeridoo. I only came here because I have superficial knowledge of the instrument and thought it would be nice to win one. But now I know a little more about it. That's nice too. Thank you.
Marvin from USA Well-done
Anonymous Great resource for learning about the Didj - And more! Learned more than I came here for.:) Haven't told friends about this site yet but certainly will.
Mike from USA All and all a very great site and informative. I also plan on buying my first Didge of my own from here
Nick from Australia It is very comprehensive and offers an impressive inventory of didgeridoo related information. Very easy to navigate around with an overall pleasant yet interesting layout.
Nicole from Germany I like to go through the pages. I am very tempted to buy a didge but I'd prefer to get a sales talk in a shop where I can compare touch and feel the didges.
Nona from USA I love this sit and am thankful I found it. I look forward to learning more from it.
Peter from Netherlands Good
Rich from USA Lots of great info thanks!
Rob Jenkins from USA Great site!!! Keep up the forum!!! I love it!!
Robert Johnson from USA At first I was just wanting to read up on the mouth piece after that I have looked through a few other sections and have already book marked it.
Rodney from USA I like your site when I have saved the money I will not order my didj from anyone but didgshop.com
Scott from Canada I love how informative and open it is.
Shai Vered from Israel Nice and informative good system for evaluating didgeridoos.
Shane Cormier from USA Very interesting
Sharon from USA Interesting I've learned something
Anonymous Great info
Skylar from Canada Haven't looked yet
Anonymous No Comment
Susan from USA This is my first visit. I like it so far and look forward to checking out more of it.
Thomas from USA Very informative
Trevor from USA I have just found your website and plan on learning the Didj and American Indian flute next year so it has been added to my bookmarks for when I am ready to purchase.
Troy Hoyt from USA I highly respect the makers and runners of this website. Would love to work for you!

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