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Visitors Comments made during the month of May 2005:

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Adrienne from USA

Thank you for teaching more about this instrument so closely linked to my roots. All that hear me play are thankful as well


I'm steel finding new things in this site... It has a very reliable information database about the selling didgeridoos (looks and sounds). It's very good in my opinion.

Andrea from Italy

It's fantastic!! I like to look at the painted didjes their are amazing...especially if you think that this paints had a story behind it!!!!

Badu Bardthesque from Belgium

Mostly I appreciate the crossing border between an ancient participation with the divine Didgeridoo and the cultural 'update' of global vibe the internet.

Brack from USA

Your site is educational evocative and enlightening. Thank You!

Anonymous from USA

Well organized with no dead links. Easy to navigate and a site I will visit again when ready to purchase a Didgeridoo.

Anonymous from USA

I like it. It provides a large amount of information about didj's how they are played and how to make them. I was wondering though if you make a pvc didj can you enhance the sound by using connectors and larger diameter pipe towards its end? [OUR COMMENT: check out our forum for discussions on that]


Geesh I missed the greeting cards so now I have to go back and look ! Thanks for putting it on the form ! There is obviously a lot to look through !

Colleen Robson from USA

I appreciate your environmentally sustainable approach and your support of Aboriginal artists.

Crystal from USA

This is my first time here but I will definitely be back. I can't wait to send some cool greeting cards out to my friends and to shop around more. I am so happy that you have such a site! Thank you! I am just learning how to play but it is with a bamboo Didj that just split! I am a healer who owns my own clinic and I really deserve a new one! Thank you thank you thank you!

Dale from Australia

Best didj site on the web its informative whilst at the same time being visually stimulating something that is rare to find in many shop web sites today. It feels more like the peoples web site rather than a shop web site has a very warm and comforting feeling when your having a little squizz around. :)

David from USA

Very interesting very good information not available elsewhere.

Anonymous from Canada

That is an absolutely GREAT web site... the more complete that I saw about the didgeridoo... I absolutely love it. and the prices are great too! unfortunately I'll have to wait a little more before I can afford one of those beautiful pieces of art....

Diego from Argentina

I was searching a way to buy a real dig and I just find it here. It makes me feel real safe in my decision of how to buy because I could see it and hear it and I have had a great feedback for my questions. So I have choose you definitely to buy after a quite good search. You have a great way to define the sound. I just receive my new dig a few days ago and it is as an expected!! even better. After a little time of getting in custom I realize that is much much easy to play than my old one. It is and excellent back pressure so I just touch it and it sounds it is great I don't waste a bit of air and I can play much longer. !! Thanks!! ( Excuse my english I didn't wont to be too long)

Evan González from USA

I really enjoyed the article about the didj player who was teaching kids to make and play didjes out of PVC tubing at schools. The PVC was the first way that I learned to play.

Fredrik from Sweden

A nice site with lots of good information and diges.

Garry from Australia

Didj's are excellent quality and the best in the world. The web site is well set out and easy to navigate through the interesting topics and shopping pages.

Geoff from United Kingdom

Newsletter interesting and worth reading

Giulio Luigi from Italy

A great professionality and social engagement.

Graeme White from United Kingdom

Comprehensive; good forum for the didge community

Guy from Belgium

Intuitive well done. It give the link to everyone who want to keep on touch all over the world. [OUR COMMENT: thanks, we rely on word of mouth as our only advertising]

Jaime from USA

Didjshop.com is THE place to buy a didj. I've never run into any company in the states that is more authoritative authentic and informative than didjshop. I am completely satisfied w/my didj from didjshop.

Jan from Australia

An excellent site - I'm very impressed!

Jan Vermeer from Netherlands

Itys for me a very good site. there is a lot of information about the things about australian history. Special the info about the Aboriginals and there vision of live in and with the nature.

Jason Cliff from Singapore

I think it's an excellent authentic didgeridoo web site!

Jean from Australia

Really liked it - found it very helpful easy to use and I learned a lot - will definitely visit again

Jeremy Roussard from USA

Very nice very informative site you guys inspired me to build my pvc didj and have boosted my love for this wonderful instrument!

Joachim Schmid from Austria

Simply wonderful

Joe Shaddalack from United Kingdom

Cool site Guys. Always flitting in for a look. I've been playing Didj now for four years and I'm now teaching my two year old daughter and she's getting there slowly my two month old son is next but Ill keep you posted on that one. "All the best" to you all and "Live in harmony" to everyone. [OUR COMMENT: wow, now that is ambitious :-)]

John Watson from USA

Nice the community is a great idea!

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Excellent web site clear and easy to use.

Josh from Australia

It is truly the home of all things didge on the net. The forum is one of the most helpful resources I have ever come across in terms of linking didge players together and allowing us to feed off each other's collective knowledge. Also the range of didges that you have on offer along with the incredible effort you go to in ensuring the top quality of the instruments is wonderful. Thank You.

Anonymous from Canada

Good friendly informative sight. Comfortable and professional.

Anonymous from Australia

Very informative not like other sites or shops that sell any thing that may resemble a didgeridoo - I really like natural ones but am concerned about all the tree stem that must be harvested [OUR COMMENT: that is why we are so adamant to buy only from Aborigines which do not clear-fell - if didjes are harvested sensitively, the same area can be harvested again within five years and you will not notice the difference...]

Keith Gordon from USA

The site is easy to use very friendly and always informative. I was especially impressed today when I started going through your list of sold didjes and couldn't believe the sheer quantity that have been sold. This shows an exceptional commitment and contribution to spreading the art and culture of native Australians. Keep up the good work.


Great site! Surfing through the pages has motivated me to learn to play.

Kheir from Singapore

I really want you guys to distribute or even open a shop here in singapore. I got my didge from a friend of mine who actually having her holiday there. so she didn't actually know what I want. I really really wish you guys could do that.........u can find any other musical instrument shop here in s'pore.... but not didge shop........ so pls....... [OUR COMMENT: sorry we won't - you'll just have to buy in our virtual shop :-)]

Laurie from United Kingdom

Awesome site. Loads of information advice and tempting offers to buy another genuine didj.

Leah from Australia

It's wonderful and passionate about didges

Malcolm Reynolds from USA

Excellent site.

Matt from USA

This is a good reference source for the Didgeridoo as well as for music files. I would only buy an instrument from Didjshop. It is great to see the artists and producers another great reason to buy. Also the forum has interesting comments and tips: a really friendly and good vibe.



Michael from USA

I love the site. I think your artists are terrific. I don't have a lot of money and can't afford a didge right now but one day I going to buy one from you. I think they are the coolest instruments in the world

Michael Rhys from Japan

A detailed and informative site with a huge range of quality didges and all the info one could want.

Anonymous from New Zealand

Amazing web site with everything you could ever want to know about the didj!

Mike Stute from USA

The best didj site you're going to find. The fact that I can see the people that run it show me they have nothing to hide. Nothing to hide means honesty and good will. I know you all are making a living everybody has to but I know it is much more then that to you folks. I can feel your passion about the didj through the web site and it doesn't get any better then that.

Nick Gill from Australia

It's a great site. Easy to use and get around. Well designed heaps of info on all aspects of didgeridoo and other aspects of Aboriginal culture. I have not been every-where in the site yet mostly around the didj I like the ethical intentions of your site; I trust people who defend such ethics. thank you. nick

Nick Warner from Australia

Awesome forum section I've only recently discovered

Nicolas from France

Serious web site a lot of choice reasonable price and good after sale service. Enjoy

Patrycja from USA

I am very grateful that you guys are out there. I come from africa where I left my didj and am currently a student in the USA in a place where hardly no one has even heard of a didj . I really miss the people associated with the didj sound (listening to it or playing it - and finding your site has linked me once again to the people and things I love and that bring me love and life)

Patryk from Poland

Great site a lot of extraordinary didgeridoos (but for me too expensive). great idea with these samples sounds of didge. my note 10 out of t10

Paul from United Kingdom

Brilliant. Good selection of didges. Sound files are a great idea. The forum is useful.

Anonymous from USA

Everything didj you'll ever need to know

Richard Cozens from United Kingdom

The nicest selection iv seen I feel confident getting quality instruments from you guys!

Rob Pelletier from Canada

This web site is awesome because it's filled with information news and events. It's not all about making a sale. The service is friendly and warm and satisfaction and they're main goal. Keep it up!

Scott Stewart from United Kingdom

Great way to bring people into the wider aboriginal culture and modern issues. Easy to navigate. Personal and friendly feel..not overly 'corporate'. Please keep this style.

Scott Turner from USA

Love the site. I really respect the fact that you are educating folks rather than just 'moving units'.

Seamus Durham from USA

I like it. I want do do some more exploring around on it but so far the attitude and ideals expressed by this page are right up my alley. You have my commitment as a person in this healing community of music and energy that I will visit your site often and spread the word about Didgshop.com Seamus Durham

Stefan from New Zealand

It is by far the best didjeridu site to offer on the internet... you guys have done an amazing job... very thorough covering all aspects of the Aboriginal Culture.... Thank you

Stuart Kirkpatrick from Bermuda

I visit the web site on a regular basis just to see all the didges...I'd have them all if I could! (I have bought 2 from you)Most of the time I just drool. Its sad but that's how good your site is!!!!!!!

Sue from Australia

I love the ease of the format. I can fully understand why some people have been here for up to 10 hours I have been here for 1 hour and still enthralled I think I will be here for a couple more hours at least.

Tabitha from USA

This site has everything. I sometimes think of it as didj porn because I come here and drool over all the fantastic pictures. I also love that you give so much info. on the history.

Tamas Feher from Hungary

Very useful site good to hear the sound of the didjes and see those nice pictures. This is the best instrument web shop I ever seen.

Tautvydas Strazdas from Lithuania

Your web site is well arranged with lots of information. When I've entered here for the first time I have put a bookmark in my 'World Culture' category! Keep on going with that cool site for didj fans!

Tom from United Kingdom

I have seen a few sites and I would say this is the home of the didgeridoo! It is a real excellent site and I would recommend this site to anyone who wishes to learn about the didgeridoo! Great site folks!

Tony from USA

This is a great site. I visit fairly often just to browse or go window shopping. There's lots of info and plenty to see. There's a great selection of didjes and the sound bites are quite helpful. I don't have much of an income but someday I will be able to order a didj from the site.


Just started to visit and I have already used it several times for references to didj and boomerang related information. Easy to navigate and I like the open quality of the site for us new visitors.

Urs Bischof from Switzerland

Is a very nice site with very good information about didj's is it for me the best didj site. but my english is bad

Yoav from Israel

I feel its honest about the environment friendly origins of the didjes you sell and that's the most important and is elemental in gaining trust for the quality of the didj's as far as I'm concerned.




Great simple but rich. small problems zith my azerty keyboard.


This site is very entire. a little colourless but entire.


Great web site

Andrea from Italy

Very good

Andreas Kreischer from Canada

Very interesting lots of information some inspiring stuff in there

Andrew Morrison from Australia

Great info but could be more user friendly

Arlindo from Portugal

Very good site.good web designing


Very cool.

Atsushi from Japan

No idea


Haven't seen much of it yet but will search it in a few.

Benoit from France

Good site with a lot of information maybe to many ...

Anonymous from Spain

The site itś OK but a little old fashioned. Some background images will help.

Blind Boy from Australia

Sweet. I have to get me a traveller's didge.

Brandon from USA

Lovely and informative it's nice to find a shop devoted to a single instrument in it's finest quality. World music is overly ignored there's too much music to make to ignore something as unique and powerful as a Didjeridu.

Brandon from South Africa

I do feel that the colours could change and maybe the theme as well. It doesn't feel Aboriginal/tribal enough.

Brenda from USA

Packed full of all sorts of information. Great reading! Lots to learn.

Bruno Carreto from Australia

I'm looking for beginner links and sound clips to highlight various techniques


I find the whole site interesting especially your articles about the Aboriginal people of Australia.

Casey Kresnak from USA

Its very useful bunch of cool things interesting facts!

Anonymous from USA

I would like to hear more sound files to better my playing

Corey Kresnak from USA

Very interesting and knowledgeable good setup.

Courtney from USA

I like your environmental leanings and that you support aboriginal people

Craig Dupriest from USA

Great web site that I should visit more often. Full of information and easy to navigate.

Anonymous from USA

Its cool

Daal from Australia

Heaps of info. Great.

Dan from USA

Very nice. Good information.

Daniel from USA

Very easy to navigate and find what I want.

Danielle Unger from USA

I love your site it is informative and shows a wide range of variety

Darcy Simondson from Australia

Good information because I want to play better

Darlow from USA

I like your web site. I would like to learn to play one

Anonymous from Australia

Easy to get around. Easy to look for didges with pricing and types.

David from Virgin Islands (british)

Very good

Anonymous from Australia

Its a great web site with lots of pictures and you can see what you are buying. I think that helps a lot of people decide if they want to purchase it or not. keel up the good work.

Doug from USA

Very broad and helpful.



Duncan Nuttall from United Kingdom

Very easy to find your way around and soooo much info and choice

Erin Yorke from Canada

It's very interesting and I like the photos and sound files.

Evan Davis from USA

This site is one of the best didj sites I've found. It's set up good and is extremely easy to navigate.

Francois from Canada

Great site very well organized very easy to navigate. Great sounds. Great didjes.

Frank from Australia

It has a wealth of information some great information sharing and great articles on aboriginal people and their culture good recognition


You have the best web site that I have come across. [business name deleted] is also a good site but not as comprehensive as yours.


So cool friendly and so much information can get ..good

Gareth from United Kingdom

The sound clips are a brilliant to narrow the choice.

Geo from USA

Would like some (with their permission) corroboree ceremonial and ancient dress wallpapers of the participants. This being for the culturally starved here in the USA. Secondly links to aboriginal teachers and advanced teachings that we may share and preserve your heritage. Information is very scarce from your end of the world and for those of us who would like to take a more serious and in depth involvement this information would be greatly welcomed. just to let you know that there are those of us who take who you are your ancestors culture and your belief very seriously.

Greg from USA

Great job!!

Heather Star from USA

Nice flow to your site.

Heather from USA

A very informative site with beautiful didges to offer!

Hugo from Portugal

An excellent site that gives the necessary information about the making and keeping healthy didjes.

Ian from USA

Easily navigated interesting info about culture surrounding didj production and development.

Anonymous from USA

This is a very interesting site.

Jacob from USA

Great shop with nice selection


So informative! Great sounds -- thanks so much. Some very helpful hints.

Jarret Myers from USA

Good job. The site is very easy to use and the selection is great.

Jason from USA

Very nice

Jason from Australia

Good but hard to navigate around


It is a nice touch to let us hear the didges instead of simply showing the photos.


It's nice.

Jennifer from Canada

I love the site. I truly appreciate the freely given information. Perhaps some didge artwork could be incorporated on the pages.

Jerome from Poland

Your site is really great and easy to understand

Jerry from USA

I've been offline for over a year due to a major illness. I had to check out your site again to see what is new. Keep up the good work.

Jessica Raduc from USA

Great didj site. :)

Joanne from USA

I was most impressed by the wide variety of information you offer your visitors about the music and musical instruments how they are made played etc. This is a helpful site.

Joe from USA

It is a most complete and informative web site to learn facts about the didgeridoo and useful information in selecting one.

John from Canada

I think your site is excellent! Very informative about a variety of subjects relating to the didj and the aboriginal culture


Very nice lots of info

Jon Mckee from USA

I like this site it is very interesting and ever since I stumbled across it I keep coming back for more.

Jon from USA

I've only been here once but the information you have helped a lot. I hope to be able to afford a better didj later on down the line though.

Anonymous from Chile

Esta pagina esta muy buena y en realidad vale la pena bicitarla

Josh from USA

Doing good Keep up the good work!

Julie Ann from USA

I love your site! Every time I come here I find something new! I have loved didgeridoos since I first heard them in the 1970s but I've never bought one because I've heard they are difficult to learn and I don't know anyone who plays who could help me. I've taught MYSELF to play many indigenous instruments over the years but I've always thought of the didgeridoo with such respect that I just could never try to learn to play it without training to ensure that I can play it with proper reverence. But if there was any place that could teach me enough about the instrument to feel I could begin to learn to play it it's Didjshop! Thank you for your all of the wonderful information and help! [OUR COMMENT: learn on a PVC didj! - http://www.didjshop.com/shop1/make_your_own_didgeridoo.html]

Anonymous from Australia

I seems useful and easy to navigate

Ken McGregor from Canada

I really enjoy clicking through your site especially the picture and sounds parts. I am going to buy a Didjeridu one of these days to see if I can duplicate some of the sounds I have heard. That is unless I happen to win one during your contest.

Kevin Patry from Canada

The search feature is great but you need to have multiple pictures of the didgeridoos from different angles. And some information on the construction of each Didgeridoo.

Kevin Werre from Canada

I like it a lot. Good links. I still haven't explored it all. Love the didge sections.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

It's amazing! Very informative and friendly!

Kinsey from USA

I love the information and your products. Someday I hope to be able to afford one of your didj's.

Kristan from USA

Well done!

Kyle from USA

Seems pretty well put together plenty of info good job

Larry from USA

Awesome thus far

Logan Keech from USA

You have a very nice assortment of genuine didgeridoos and provide a plentiful source information concerning the instrument.

Anonymous from Australia

Great site and especially giving someone the chance to win one is great.



Anonymous from Israel

Life is music - and I only can say -thank you for all the information

Manuel Diaz Lopez from Spain

Buena e interesante página debería de tener más historias de aborigenes y enseñar sonidos para el didgeridoo seria perfecta de esta forma. gracias


This site's still a brilliant site. My home computer has been stolen which prevents me from checking out the site more often. keep up the good work


Great site! Nice clear design. Front page of store should have some links to the products in the main frame not just in the menu frame.

Mark Stanford Jnr from United Kingdom

Very good site!tells you everything you need to know!however I could not find any price lists?!

Mark from Australia

Like the site. I'll spend some time exploring over the next few days


I like the site but I'm having trouble finding my way around.

Mauro from Italy

Is the most complete site on the web you can search whatever you want about didjes

Michael Andronis from Australia

I think the site is well put together and quite informative it is important for me to know from a moral point of view that your products are authentic and even though they are made by aboriginal people I'm unsure if these people are part of a tribe which in turn are the traditional land owners of the resources used.

Michael Del Quadro from USA

Very good and informative site keep up the good work


Although I know nothing of this instrument it's artistic appeal is wonderful.

Miguel from Spain

It's great to find something so fine and complete about this.

Mikko from Finland

Would you like to hire me? I could translate this site in finnish!

Mrs Bernard from USA


Nancy from USA

Easy to use imformational-motivational

Nathan Robson from USA

I love the fact that there are pictures for every Didgeridoo. It is easy to travel around and has so many choices that it is hard to make up my mind on a Didgeridoo to buy. If I could I would buy every last one of them. Thank you for putting this site onto the net it rocks.

Nick Galiotto from USA

Great site great didjes great information and other items keep up the good work

Patricia from Portugal

Is a web site very complete with all information that is need to start into the world didj.


I am happy to have located this site I plan to visit later to really spend time and study this site

Peter Cash from USA

Like it

Phillip Seaton from USA

I came here looking for information on how to make a bullroarer. I stop back from time to time to read more information. This is a very informative web site. Thanks so much for putting in out there.


This is my first but by no means last time at this site. I'm marking it a favorite.

Riccardo from Italy

Nice site :p

Richard from Australia

I am writing a web site for some friends who run [business name deleted] near Cairns. It is a simple web site I was blown away by the size and complexity of your site. For something like the didge I was expecting natural indigenous warm spiritual etc but your site is high tech

Anonymous from USA

I enjoy this contact very much. Love to keep up to date on all the goings on down under. Many thanks


I think is a good site about didges and Didjshop give me confidence it s a serious site to buy didges.

Anonymous from USA

I showed it to my class (social studies) to teach them about Aboriginal culture and music.

Rui from Portugal

It has good information and layout

Russell from United Kingdom

A great web site There is a great variety of didges and they look and sound great. On my travels through Oz later in the year I shall certainly be visiting.

Sandra from USA

Pretty sharp

Saundra from USA

I am so glad you did this site. It is unique and makes me wish I were in Australia.

Scott from USA

It seems very user friendly and I like the link to sound bytes.


Great site

Anonymous from United Kingdom

It's the place I come to dream about all the didges I want to try out and maybe found the one I'm going to tell a new story with.

Sharri from Canada

Very informative. Learning to play a didj is high on my list of priorities. Have gained a good deal of information from your site.

Stefano Fusillo from Italy

I agree with your ideas and why not? with your marketing philosophy

Steve Weber from USA

I think your site is great the pictures of the didges and especially the sound bytes are excellent.

Thaddius Davis from USA

I believe that this is a very good web site that has all the information that I need to research or buy a Didgeridoo when I want to. I look forward to the outcome of the drawing in January.

Theresa from USA

This is a great site. I will be visiting Australia in July and had planned on buying a didj. Now I know to be careful that I choose wisely considering the source of my instrument.


This is very complete web-site. Interesting to find all of sort of didgeridoo.


I never knew didgeridoos were such complex things

Anonymous from Australia

Great site well presented

Tuomo from Finland

Beautiful shop

Tyler Thompson from USA

I like how there was a chart on the different keys- that's what I was looking for. I want a didj that I know what key its in before I buy. I am looking for one in C D or B flat

William from USA

First time kool

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