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Visitors Comments made during the month of January 2006:

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Andrei Vainik from Finland

A lot of stuff you have here! This site is probably the biggest and the best didge site I've ever seen ;) Although I'd like to see some material about making/building didgeridoos: tips and techniques. That's because it is my personal interest. [OUR COMMENT: check out our forum for many ideas on building your own didj]

Anne Pfauth from USA

Its a very friendly site. I like the emphasis on the artists. Some really beautiful and good quality stuff here. Fun to get the news of the didge world.

Anthony Curmi from Malta

A huge dominant tree many branches full of didj life !!!

Anthony Kubiak from USA

Great site--politically responsible aesthetically enlightened

Bas Piek from Netherlands

Clearly satisfying most informative site about not only didge but over aborigine an australia's politics as well. Always looking forward to you next newsletter. More important not only very good web site but also very GOOD products and nice service after the sale

Beverly from USA

I like that fact that you have a newcomer's page. Makes it easier to navigate your site and know what we are looking for.

Anonymous from USA

It is one of the most trust-worthy web sites out there (my experience with many others' didges from this shop) with an easily navigable site. It is comprehensive in giving detailed gradings for the different aspects of the didgeridoo so you can easily judge what type of didge you are buying.

Brian from United Kingdom

I love the site and all the info on the Aboriginal people and their struggle in gaining their rights have one didge from you which has become a firm favorite

Bryan from United Kingdom

Enjoy the editorial/letter and what is happening in Oz to the aborigine's. The rest of the site is excellent!!

Bryce from Canada

This site is such a comprehensive survey of didjeridoo culture covering all aspects of playing and fabrication--from all parts of the world! Each time I come here I leave amazed at what I've seen.

Carl Hirschfeld from USA

Good site great product. I own two didjes (both from Didjshop) and would only consider buying another from Didjshop!

Cary Deberry from USA

I love it. You have a great concept coupled with a wonderful outlook on life! Except that certain pages can be difficult to navigate at times your site is very informative and the didges you carry are first rate!

Casey Nichols from USA

I've been playing my didge for almost a year now and never stopped to look online or read about the didge. All the information and stories and pictures have re-inspired me to become a didgeridoo creator. It is also really nice to see that so many people have taken a liking to such an amazing instrument.

Cheryl from USA

An excellent site for information about Didjes and aboriginal news and issues. I love your sound clips of the Didjes and sometimes just play them over and over. Although I came first for the Didjes I now stop by to read more about aboriginal issues. I'm so struck by the similarity with discrimination in the U.S. You've made me more aware.

Chris from USA

I have found that it is the best on line shop that I have visited. I spend at least an hour going through all of the articles that you have. I also have purchased a didj from you shop about 2 years ago and was very pleased with the entire transaction and I am greatly satisfied with my didj. It is truly a fine instrument and quite a masterpiece.

Anonymous from Greece

Its a very good place to buy didjeridoos on the net good quality Didjes with very beautiful artwork.all made of aboriginal people.Nice internet site and very helpful people!!

Clare from United Kingdom

Really pleased to have found you - a mine of information!

Cyrus Nazarian from USA

It is a very informative helpful insightful and well laid out web site To me it is one of the very few sites that dedicate such time and energy into providing knowledge and history of the didgeridoo.

Damodara Roe from USA

I can see you re very reliable honest people. I was very impressed reading your 12 reasons to buy from us page. You have tons of didjeridoos! I can really tell how much work you put into this site.

Dave from United Kingdom

The didjshop seem to be the best Oz base site for info and sale of didjeridus. The only other one I found [URL deleted] is based in USA and isn't as good!


Best Didgeridoo site on the net. Keep up the good work.

David from USA

Great web site I especially enjoy the stories about efforts to preserve Aboriginal sacred sites and heritage. I am an anthropologist who works on such issues involving Native American peoples and I'm always interested to see how such efforts are going in other parts of the world.

Dean from United Kingdom


Anonymous from USA

Very helpful and contains many interesting things...once I looked at a couple things I couldn't pull myself away until I looked further!

Dennis from USA

Planning to bookmark & visit later...sounds very interesting

Denny Simpson from USA

Great site ! Keep up the political efforts. I was in Kuranda but never got to visit you. Sorry.

Derek from Ireland

Good didges good forum lots of info. Like the newsletter.

Dorothy from USA

Very professional web site. Was always good but has improved over the years.

Anonymous from USA

Great expansive important in the Didj community to keep pace and a uniting feeling.

Doug from USA

First of all I love the discussion board! The community of players there is incredible! I am on the board reading and posting almost daily. Thank you thank you. The didjshop didge store web site is so-so It is not obvious how do immediately go to "didgeridoos" which I find baffling. The navigation is too redundant and unnecessarily complex (top nav and huuuge side nav AND links on bottom). I like the Social message and the aspect of advocating and raising awareness of Aboriginal issues. Your treatment of displaying didges for sale is good I wouldn't buy without the level of information you provide. The only criticism I have is that the pictures are too few and small.

Eddy from Australia

Very interesting reading seams to get to the point and honest in its descriptions of goods and recommendations.

Ellen Lopes from USA

Great vibes great graphics and a great product.

Emilia from Spain

I think that the site has lots of information and is very easy to find what you want. Besides I have sent an e-mail and the answer has arrived surprisingly quick. I have ordered a didgeridoo as a present for my brother-in-law had hope that he will like and enjoy it.

Eric from USA

Amazing site; very informational and will pass on to others I think would be both impressed and intrigued.

Anonymous from USA

I enjoy this web site and the monthly newsletters. I learned how to make a didgeridoo out of pvc on this web site which I gave as a present. Its also a great web site to learn about the happenings in the aborigine world.

Gary Coates from United Kingdom

Excellent shop the only didge shop worth shopping in I always recommend the DIDJSHOP .

Greg McCleary from Canada

This is only my second visit to your site. It looks like you an abundance of info here and I plan on spending some time here. I have never heard of world-wide didgeridoo meditations and I plan on finding out more about them.

Gregg Nardozza from USA

The Didjshop is the only source that I trust for high quality didjeridus. I often recommend this site to others.

Henri from France

I basically quite like it - the "general technical pages" as well as the online catalogue. I like the new clearer menus - there are many interesting pages I don't want to miss any.


Excellently designed and easy to navigate. By far the best didj site around


This is a very informative site that I will be frequenting on a daily basis

Anonymous from Australia

Very helpful staff... Great web site also love the sound files makes it very easy.

Jacquelynn from USA

I LOVE your web site!

Anonymous from USA

Helped me on finding the note of my didge... thanks

Jeff from USA

I like all the reference material that comes with the site

John from USA

Truthfully your site is one of the best and most informative on the internet. Your work to improve the plight of the aborigines is crucial and important. Keep up the good work.

John from USA

I always enjoy my time on Didjshop and the email letters give me gentle reminder to come back for more. I have extended family in Australia and the email letters give more info than I hear directly on the culture.

John Griffiths from Australia

Like the interesting topics especially those about the physics of the didj.

Josef from New Zealand

One of the best web site I came across.

Judy Echols from USA

I look forward to every month's newsletter. I will usually spend hours listening and looking at the new didjes. I have gotten cds from you as well. I love this site.

Julie from USA

Found it to be very helpful as I knew nothing about the Didgeridoo. The web site helped me select the one which would give a good sound quality and product for the price I could afford. I was very pleased with the ability to read about and hear the instrument prior to my purchase

Julien from France

Didjshop is the best web site to buy a didgeridoo

Ken Ralph from United Kingdom

Without a doubt its THE best didj site out there

Kenneth Hicks from Canada

I save a bit from each paycheck I get in order to get a Didj from http://www.didgshop.com... NOT because they have the BEST Selection on the Net... and NOT because they have some of be BEST Sounding Didjes on the Net... and DEFINATELY NOT because they have the BEST Price on the net... because they have ALL 3 of them and SO MUCH MORE... I can see quite a Musical Future for my in 2006... HIT THE BASE DRONE !!!

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Good layout easy to navigate very good choice of contents. I like the way you keep us in touch with the plight of the aborigine and the choice of didges is fantastic I have nothing bad to say about it. Thank you for a brill site.


Great site. I appreciate the value you put on supporting the Aboriginal artists and culture after all it is because of them that we even have this instrument.

Lionel from France

A great site full of interesting news and links. Good online shop It's didj spirit on the web !

M Rick from USA

Found the site last year - AFTER I had returned from a visit to Australia. I had purchased my second Didj at an art shop with genuine aboriginal Didges and artwork and was pleased but when I leaned of your shop I was sorry that I had not been able to visit. No Worries ! After reading the site info and newsletter and looking and listening to hundreds of Didges in your on line search - I picked out the one I wanted and right before Christmas I bought it for myself! I was astounded at how fast it arrived and how exactly perfect it is. Just as I imagined it from looking and listening online. I have recommended the site to all of my Didge friends and many others as well. I will buy my next Didge from Didjshop - probably in person next time!

Marco from Portugal

I think it's quite simple and the information that you've published here is very educational nice work really. my opinion is that and I can say this your site tells about everything about this culture... so keep up with the good work.. Peace [[]]*

Mark De Roode from Netherlands

Great site I get the impression that you do not only find didge-selling important but also fair-trade and to carry out the word of peace and all that yidaki playing stands for

Mark from USA

Hey how many web site's have a newcomer's page? Very smart.


I like the Forum!

Meg Masterman from USA

I have thoroughly enjoyed perusing this site. It has been very helpful and fun. It is easy to navigate it has answered my questions and lead me into further questions. Excellent. I have bookmarked this site!

Melissa from USA

I am ready to purchase some very good quality instruments for my brother and myself. We both have cheap bark version I purchased from "A Greater Gift" for a good cause. My bro is a musician I want to buy a learning concert quality didgeridoo for him. I have learned so much from your site I love it and will recommend it.

Merv from USA

Well constructed easy to navigate great information articles of interest and importance great selection of products great prices secure

Michael from Australia

I like reading the forum the didj buying advice section is great the menu on the left is very useful and could be made more simple for easier navigation.

Michael from USA

I like it gives me contact with others in the growing movement.

Michelle from United Kingdom

Good web site best I've found for Didjes. well written seems sound advice and interesting info I don't come across elsewhere

Mike from USA

Great shop with fast response to emails great didge variety.

Nicolas from France

I appreciate the sound option! and the philosophy but not sure about buying without trying! but the chart test seems to be a good solution to make a choice surely.

Pam from USA

I like all the links to further explore info like being able to listen to sounds like the help offered for selection like the world wide news of how others are using their didj

Patrick from USA

Excellent source of information. Info not available any where else.

Paul from Australia

Fine - probably tech best didj online shop I've come across - great work

Paul from USA

Beautiful instruments Love the Mystery

Pauline from USA

Excellent - keep doing what you're doing!

Peggylynn from USA

The site is great the info on aboriginal plight and history is very informative you have a very exciting mix of info and the items for sale that you offer are of the best quality

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I really enjoy visiting this web site and find it very useful to introduce the children to the didgeredoo and the art work that can be found on them.

Philip from United Kingdom

I love this web site Very informative as well as having a fantastic selection of didj's.


So cool

Rafael Janczak from Poland

Great site with plenty of solid info. Easy to navigate and fun (user friendly). Regularly updated to keep me coming back whenever possible for more aboriginal magic. Great on-line didge shop with awesome gallery good product description and info etc.


Didjshop.com is the most informative and well constructed web site for Didgeridoo's on the Internet. Excellent web site

Randy from USA

The Didjshop has always been a top notch outfit in my mind!First class all the way.

Ray Higgins from Australia

I find the didjshop very informative and like to read the forum and see where I am at with my didj playing. having 4 true didjes before I found didjshop I have not purchased any from you but I would urge any new player to consider purchasing their first didj from you as I spent a lot of time and money on duds.

Remi from France

One of the think I like is your ability to both talk about didjes and important events (aborigine culture nature) I think it is important to feel your didj as part of a world . When it laugh and when it cry.

Rich from USA

I love the web site and I love how everyone at didjshop.com is spreading the positive sound current of the didjeridoo.

Richard Curtis from USA

Hey I'm not a didj heavy. I love the sound and by that have created an appreciation for Australian Aborigine culture and concern for its life. I really value your site and the news and perspective that you deliver beyond the mindful commerce. Honestly there's loads of e-mail out there and your newsletters are like a letters from friends I haven't made yet. I don't normally read newsletters! Thanks to you all and much respect to the Grandparent of all Human Cultures. Cheers from New Hampshire USA Richard

Rick Delcambre from USA

Excellent site. Easy to search. Very informative & Emails. Great service & response to orders & Emails

Rick from USA

Awesome web site!! The MP3 Players make all the difference for a person looking to buy. It's great to be able to hear all the different Didjes. Best web site I have found! Great Job.. Rick Herriman Utah

Rick Thompson from Australia

This site is very informative for myself as a beginner and I am sure for all levels of players. It goes beyond the sale and gives a great understanding of the didgeridoo it's sounds and the people who play it best.

Robbie from USA

Its pretty cool it is much easier to navigate than others I have been to and the didges you make/sell are very well crafted and have beautiful artwork.

Anonymous from USA

I enjoy seeing and hearing all the incredible didjeridus. The one I bought from Didjshop is the best my favorite and the one everyone asks me about. The web site is not just an online store - it is a great source of information and communication. Thank you!


It's the best web to buy a didgeridoo very descriptions and information.

Robert from USA

I look forward to receiving the newsletters keeping up with the latest didge happenings and aboriginal issues as well as looking at and listening to quality didges played by great players.

Robin Jones from Australia

Will need to spend more time here

Rodrigo from Portugal

The Didjshop.com as show me a all new Australia quality traditional art and beautiful species that I had never seen. I learn a lot about didj because of you. Great work.

Ron from USA

I really enjoy learning to play the PVC Didj I 've made. The Beeswax mouthpiece was a challenge but successful. Looking forward to owning an authentic Aboriginal Didgeridoo someday until then at least I'm practicing on the PVC. Thanks for the information on building one. Ron

Anonymous from Australia

I like is - its clean sensibly laid out and I think the sound files are WONDERFUL (though the housewife/limited budget thing gets annoying when I listen to some of your concert quality ones). The best part is that it comes through as honest - 'have a go on PVC' isn't glamorous but the 'you need to spend $600 on a learners didge to begin' assumption by some other sellers is well untrue to put it politely


Love it!

Sam from USA

Since I first visited this site it is the only didgeridoo web site I go to now and the only one I would purchase didjeridoos from. I've learned about didge maintenance how to circular breathe what to look for in a didgeridoo and much more because of this site. I have also purchased my two favorite and best didgeridoos from this site.

Sasa Zezelic from Croatia/Hrvatska

It's very good..lots of different kinds of information but very easy to get around. I especially like the newsletter particularly the last part about current aboriginal issues. keeps things in perspective!

Stanley from USA

You are doing a terrific job of keeping the tempo of interest up throughout the world and I might say with a lot of class.



Steve from USA

I feel that your site is the best for all things Didj. And when I buy my first authentic didj I will buy it from you.

Steven from USA

So far this has been the most helpful web site and the most fun.

Stuart from United Kingdom

I like the honesty and the chance to hear the didjes.

Suzanne from USA

Very informative best site I've been to you yet feels very authentic and I love that it supports the Aboriginal community

Taza Salamut from United Kingdom

Very informative and am glad I have found it will visit regularly


I love it I can find everything here all the things I always wanted to know it'll like a doorway to secret world where all kind of magic happen


Interesting I will enjoy my time here again and again

Tim Newman from Australia

I love it. Being new to aborigines and their culture/music I have learnt a lot and plan to buy your tutorial on didge playing. Thanks

Tony Kiser from USA

You guys give the most detailed info I have seen on the web. Very nice selection to choose from.

Tracey from Australia

A great site I've added to my favourites.

Trina from USA

My son absolutely is intrigued by history and artifacts. The items found here represent that craftsmanship far outweighs manufactured replicas.

Anonymous from USA

Love the site makes me really want to get one


Keep this site forever

Wesley Thomas from USA

I think it is a great web site and of all the didj web sites I have found that it is the easiest to use and understand. I trust the store based on its pride in its product and its vast knowledge and tradition.

Wolf from USA

I like the Didjshop philosophy

Anonymous from Australia

Just got my first didj today! love the site.

Agnieszka (aga) Milogrodzka from Poland

Looks interesting so far - going to explore it more now.

Alan from USA

Very informative and well organized.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Its a freat site. I'm very interested in this didj healing...I will look into that now...

Alex from USA

It's very logically organized and including sound samples is the ONLY way I would ever consider purchasing an instrument I have never seen. My only suggestion is to include more photos as many of them are quite a sizeable investment.

Anonymous from France

Nice one..to be better..maybe a french translation ;)

Anonymous from USA

I really like your dedication to the aboriginal community. Keep up the good work!


Great site

Amy from USA

Very nice site.


Don't create forms with mandatory fields. It's potentially helpful to you perhaps but it's rude to your visitor. Invite don't coerce.

Andrew from USA

I find it very fun to surf. If I wasn't poor I would be because of your great selection.

Andy Aitken from New Zealand

I love it. it is clearly very professional thorough efficient and most importantly is involved with quality sounding musical instruments

Andy Carr from United Kingdom

It's cool


This is a really cool site


I enjoy the site and learning new information


Don't understand sorry

Aurélien from Belgium

I didn't visit all your site. But the part I looked enjoy myself. I think your the most interesting site of the web on this subject. I'm french. Are you interested to translate more of your pages in my language. I'm not interested by money but I'm looking for "my" didj since 2 years (a medium concert class). Perhaps we could do troc ! I prepare a journey to Australia for 3 months (December to February). Maybe I'll go to meet you ! See you Aurélien

Ava Giglio from USA

Excellent Web site easy to navigate style and form-exceptional

Aviad from Israel

I like the web site I think its great. I enjoy looking on the didgeridoos and sometimes hear the sound of some of them.


I felt good that pure aboriginal didgeridoos.

Barnaby Parsons from United Kingdom

Its highly detailed and extremely informative. I look at it in wonder. I only wish I lived a little closer to Australia so I could visit the shop first hand

Bart Vrancken from Netherlands

You're forum could use a retouch A phpbb board would increase the value of your forum and therefore the value of your site. You can download the script to set up one of these forums [URL deleted] IT'S FREE :D.

Belinda from Australia

Beautiful good quality products love the competition a great web site that I will come back and visit regularly. My daughter is learning about Aboriginal culture at school and this will be of quite some interest to her as well.

Benjamin Prindle from USA

It seems like a good site for all didgeridoo needs and wants.

Benji from Canada

It's nice to see this precious sound and precious instrument getting the respect it deserves and that there is a site that helps open folks up to it's beauty

Bill from South Africa

Very Informative quality

Bonnie Barker from USA

Nothing to add


Love it

Brenda from USA

Looks good so far. It has been informative for me.

Brenda from USA

Thanks for the personal messages and beautiful pictures.

Brendan from Spain

Well it has helped me a lot with finding out information and getting me started in the world of Didgeridoo. Its great that I get these reminder emails as well. Its really cool the way you these competitions to be able to win a top class Didgeridoo (Hopefully this year it will be mine :-)

Brett from USA

Its great I want to add a link to my web site [URL deleted]

Bryce from USA

This is a great site it has everything you need to know about Didjes and their uses

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Easy to use well organised informative

Carmelo from Spain

An essential site with clear and complete information.


I like it.

Carolyn from USA

You have an interesting site.

Cary from USA

A great site! I really want to play the didjeridoo and hope to purchase one for myself this year.

Chad from USA

Very informative and seems to be genuine about Didj's Aboriginal culture and customers.


Very nice site.

Charles from USA

Very informative.

Charley from USA

I appreciate the opinions and insights beyond simply the didj itself.


Great site. Informative

Chris from South Africa

Its good: informative & quick


I like your web site. It is easy to navigate and the photos are good. I had a little difficulty finding the key to your didge rating system.

Christian from Chile

Lo encuentro muy interesante he leido bastante y escuchado como suenans sus didgeridoos seria impresionante tener un didge australiano per0o aun lo veo dificil pero sin duda ahora estoy constuyendome uno con Agave que me lo traje de la playa a mi cassa en santiago asi que estoy esperando a que seque para poder comenzar a soplar!!

Christine from USA

This is my first visit but a very interesting one. Thank you.

Anonymous from USA

Very informative site do you also sell instructional material?

Claire Dupuis from USA

I love reading and visiting the sites

Clayton Wollner from USA

The web site is very organized and easy to navigate.


Good stuff

Colby Grillone from USA

It has the whole didj feel

Colin Jenkins from USA

I think its a pretty well organized and helpful site.

Craig Barker from USA

Nothing to add at this time

Dale Threlkel from USA

This is my first visit but am enjoying the site.

Anonymous from France

C'est un site sympa qui gagne à etre découvert je pense que je vais en parler autour de moi et sur les blogs bonne continuation

Anonymous from USA

Love it!!!

Dan Loizos from United Kingdom

How do I know your didjes are concert quality? What is concert quality anyway? :) [OUR COMMENT: please see 'Our Didgeridoo Sound Grading' page for more info]

Dan White from USA

Very interesting and informative. The only thing keeping me from purchasing a new termite hollowed didge is my current financial situation.

Dana from Czech Republic

It's really a great page full of very handful information and beautiful aboriginal staff.

Daniel Cohen from USA

It is not only creatively interesting to browse your site it is also informative. It is well organized and the all products sold are able to me seen in detail.

Anonymous from USA

Great site. I will return often as I search for information.

Daniel from Canada

Very user friendly and informative

Daniel from USA

I found a huge selection of Didjes to browse through

Danny from Australia

Easy to navigate and very informative


Very interesting setup nicely

Dave Clark from USA

A Righteous web site!

Anonymous from United Kingdom

A all together well presented shop. provides invaluable info for first timers to seasoned players. one of the best shops for didjes

David from Belgium

I could never do it myself its very ok easy Large you can find everything I like it very much.

David from New Zealand

Its great - well done!

Dean from Australia

Excellent easy to get around

Denis from Belgium

I like you web site sorry for high cost shipping to europe



Dennis from Germany

The Didge Forum is very good and the you have a lot of good Didge sounds.


Very easy to navigate...extremely informative...fun

Don Schraier from USA


Don Simonetti from USA

It has everything any one could want if there are interested in didgeridoos.

Donald Martin from USA

Cool site

Donat from Belgium

Very nice web site lots of didges and even more information about all that surrounds it.

Donna from USA

This is a great site


Looks very professional GOOD advices and tips. But it was not easy to download some video clips .


It is informative and very interesting.

Anonymous from USA

Great pictures


It's a pretty good site - I'd like to see more variety in the offerings and more of an eye to helping people experience the art of the didge rather than so much emphasis on the aboriginal beginnings. While the history is valuable there is much more to it and I see no reason that non-aboriginal didge-makers should be looked down upon. [OUR COMMENT: we do believe that commercial non-Aboriginal didj makers should share at least some of their profits with Australian Aborigines, after all without this ancient culture they would not make their money from didjes - but we do not "look down" on non-Aboriginal didj makers in any way, in fact we encourage people to make their own didjes (eg PVC didjes or see our forum)]

Duncan from United Kingdom

The site is excellent I believe it is one of the best.

Anonymous from USA

I love your information about Australian native culture in addition to didj!

Anonymous from USA

It's a nice web site and should have music.

Elias from Sweden

Well done! It's a great web site and one day when I'm not as poor I will purchase one of your finer didgeridoos!

Anonymous from USA

I love the recorded didj sound

Anonymous from USA

An excellent comprehensive web site with excellent resources. Well maintained and generally helpful

Emily from USA

Easily navigable has a good selection of merchandise. I love that I can hear a clip of the didges being played.

Eric German Schweikart from Argentina

The site is very good. It gives a lot of information for those that we shape the world of the didgeridoo. Thanks Didjshop !!! Peace in the world.

Erin from Canada

I LOVE the site. I am wondering if you ship to stores in Canada? Could you send me information? [URL deleted]


I like what I have seen so far. I hope to use you soon. my goal is to learn to play and teach my four grandchildren to play.

Fernando from Argentina

It's a really good space that offers something different and very interesting indeed.

Frances L Wheeler from USA

Very easy to navigate and informative.

Frank from USA

Very interesting site


Easy to use


Great site. Lots of info. Good selection of euc. didges.


Love your site and wish you would carry more spears.

Gene from USA

Its my first time and things look great

George from Yugoslavia

Maybe a little to fetishist. I am not very satisfied with your completely pro-like classification of the didjes. The are supposed to be natural. Some angles of the site suggest that the people will buy the didjes that if nicely on the wall and have a certificate to brag with to their near and dear. It is a little to commercial - westernised :) Otherwise it is neatly made and a great source of information. The Didjes are beautiful. [OUR COMMENT: it is a fact that people do buy didjes as artifacts, at least we do not pretend that each one of our didjes is a great player...]


I think its important

Glen Elliott from USA

I really appreciate that your business is owned and operated by Aboriginal Australians.


The layout is great. I enjoy reading about the history of the instrument.

Greg from USA

I greatly appreciate the in depth information on this site. The sound clips are important to me as a buyer. The forum is a very cool idea to see what's going on with the thoughts of other Didge players.

Greg from USA

Excellent; happy to know its available; will visit regularly

Gregory from USA

Nice stuff

Anonymous from South Africa

Too many questions but a very help full site as far as learning the basics of a didgeridoo is concerned


Very nice site. Thanks for the contest.


Easy to move around important interesting and timely information about aborigine community

Hiro from Australia

Bloody cool web site

Hubert from USA

It's the best site I have found dealing with Didjes


Very pleasant web site easy to get around not only do you have great pics and sounds bits but you guy a really friendly. all the best


I do not know what to tell you you are ok.

Jaana from Finland

Really nice page I like the color scheme and all the didjes.

Jackie from USA

Really lovely-and soooo interesting


Very impressive well made easy to find things into it


It is a very good and interesting site. It helps me to learn more about the aboriginal s and there culture. Also about the nature of Australia .

Janet from USA

First visit. Need to spend more time but interested in. Was not aware of earlier

Jason from Australia

Provides a broad spectrum of both product and information.


It is interesting

Jeanette from Australia

Very informative and great products.


It's great

Jeff Bailey from USA

Hey love the sight. It is very helpful and easy to navigate. One of the best.... Jeff

Jeff Bottjer from USA

This is by far the best didj site I've looked at-- very easy to navigate and I love that you have mp3 files of the didjes

Jeff from USA

I like the fact that you can listen too the didge your interested in


I like it.

Jennifer White from Canada

I love the fact that it is easy to see the didges and hear them . Lots of good info and photos. Keep up the good work!

Jeremy from USA

The most in depth and informative site I've found yet.

Jill from USA

I love your site

Jim from USA

Well put together fast loading and informative....really am enjoying!

Jim Fletcher from USA

Nothing to add at this time


Like to hear a didgeridoo

Joe Dickie from Canada

Great site talk to ya when I win this amazing piece!!!!!

Anonymous from USA

Nice page easy to use great pictures of didges

John from USA

Nice Like the setup!

John from United Kingdom

Great site with great ethical responsibility. I haven't purchased from you yet (I have so many didges it may be some time before I need another) but intend to buy my next didge from Didjshop.com!


Good site.

Anonymous from USA

Seem like a nice enough site.


Site seems informative and easy to use. Wish more sound for more didjes.


Thank you very much for the chance to win!


Really impressive.


Beautiful instruments. The nicest that I have seen available.

Judy Fletcher from USA

There is nothing I can add at this time

Julie from Guadeloupe

It's a very interesting site because very complete and it give a lot of information even if it's difficult for me because of my english is not very good!!!




This is the greatest didjshop site that I have visited

Julio from Puerto Rico

Beautiful Place with excellent Information Best shop I had visit because you have Sound of what we are going to buy

Kanser from United Kingdom

Love the selection and variety s and the mp3 samples are definitely very helpful peace and love kanser

Anonymous from Australia

This is the best site that I have visited so far it is great and loving it thank you

Karen Mermel from USA


Kathy from USA

This is very interesting I will be back. I would like to try this.

Katie from United Kingdom

An informative and interesting web site keep it up!



Anonymous from USA

Good layout easy to navigate good information.

Kermit Crissey from USA

This is a very interesting site and truly would like to hear a didgeridoo played.


I love this site. I sometimes just browse and enjoy the art work on the Didjes that are for sale and listen to their different sounds in hopes of someday buying one for myself

Kristoffer Stensbo-Smidt from Denmark

A really really good site. I've been looking for at long time for a place like this to learn more about how to play a didj. Especially I like your forum where people can give each other support. However I think you should use another forum-script. It seems rather old and it's not very helpful to see all the reply lines at the "front page". You could take a look at [URL removed] for ideas - it has nothing to do with didgeridoos but I like the way it is build. But thanks for a very very good and helpful site!

Anonymous from USA

I like the fact that I can hear how the ones offered for sale sound.


Very informative

Laurel from USA


Lawrence from USA

Its a great site. I don't know how it could be any better.

Anonymous from USA

Lots of information

Liz from USA

Nice info


Wonderful selection great prices.

Lori from USA

Interesting site

Luciano Giambastiani from Argentina

Would be great have the site in spanish and other languages for the non english speakers..

Luke from Germany

Great site easy to follow layout and nice colours. Great info regarding didj's and great didj selection.


It is a great web site informative


Great info wonderful and simple navigation fine design

Marcelo from Australia

I'm only new to this site but from what I see its a very good informative and easily navigable site.I'm seriously looking to buying a good quality didgeridoo in the near future and this is one of the best sites I have come across thus far. Good job I'm impressed!



Marilyn from USA

Never knew you existed this is quite impressive

Martin from United Kingdom

Well run easily navigated professional


Neat site


Thanks for the awesome survey and information. The competitions are great too!

Mathew Badger from Australia

It is a functional informative easy to use site.


Very fascinating


It is a very useful site

Maya from Croatia/Hrvatska

Well.. I don't know much cause I'm here for the first time.. but all didge sites who work on encouraging people to feel free and play if only for their own pleasure cannot be bad!! just keep it simple but interesting and you'll be just fine as you are now... and it's amazing you give people chance to get the didge?!! I hope it will go to the right hands.. or better say mouth and lungs :)


Love the site found it hard to see your selection

Anonymous from USA

It was great

Anonymous from Australia

Interesting yet vastly unexplored as of yet.

Michal from Poland

Well done!

Michel from France

Excellent work ! really and very pleasant place to hear didj sound !


Very good

Miguel Morcillo from Spain

Esta genial buen trabajo

Mike from USA

I love the site. I especially like and appreciate the forum section. It's great to find people who are interested in sharing their knowledge to help others improve.

Mitch Mccandlish from USA

Love it

Nicholas from United Kingdom

I do love your site it is very interesting all round. I just wish I had a didj shop near me that could teach me the rights and wrongs of how to play.

Nicole from USA

I think that this site provides me with a lot of information that I was looking for and I am able to find one of a kind Didgeridoos.

Nigel from United Kingdom

Your site is more than a didge site but one that gives insight into aboriginal life and world events. its wonderful to look through and the didges are so varied. prices for all

Ohad Bibas from Israel

I visited more the forums and haven't tour all of site yet it's hard for me to read too much english at a time slowly slowly. anyway I impressed that the people of the sight and the shop are positive and that means reliable too.

Oliver from Germany

Quite a lot of things to do here. Good informative content. Competition is a great idea!

Patrick from USA

I think you're doing yourself an injustice by calling some of your didgeridoos "CHEAP Learners" ...makes them sound like they are poor quality which it sure doesn't look like.


Very informative great pictures


Really neat products like the page layout.

Paul Bishop from USA

I like it very much but the cookie area and remembering of member information seems "clunky"

Paula from USA

It's a very interesting and informative site.

Penelope from USA

Very thorough and well designed.


User friendly

Peter Cash from USA

Like the content very much

Peter Smith from Australia

Love the site love the look of the didges... but.... a didj is a musical instrument and each one is an individual. They need to be played to ensure it suits the musician - it is difficult to commit big dollars when you haven't played the instrument

Phil from United Kingdom

Damn good site...with unique promotional ideas

Phil from USA

The inventory is impressive and the instruments appear to be good quality. The site is very navigable and easy to use. The only thing I would suggest is more information on the social and cultural history of the didjeridu specifically its roots in the cultures of Arnhemland.

Phil from France

Cool keep it up!

Anonymous from USA

Great site!

Philip Wall from USA

Attractive and not overcluttered.

Phyllis from USA

It's a beautiful web site wonderful information. Great experience.

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There is everything and more of that that one can desire around the Didj and Australia Aboriginal

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It's very professional and they make the opportunity to listen them

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Un excelente sitio. No sólo para comprar sino tambión para informarse de lo que estamos comprando. La información que nos preoporcionan es grandiosa. Felicidades.

Ralf from Switzerland

This is the most serious shop in the net. And when I will buy a didge. I will buy it here

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My complete reference and information source. Plus it is such an inspiration.

Rémy from France

I love tour site about Didjeridus and info!!!

Rhonda from Canada

Great articles The site is easy to read informative and easy to get around. I really enjoy visiting.

Anonymous from Portugal

Good complete and easy to use.


You're doing fine

Anonymous from USA

Beautifully laid out and unusual artwork

Robert Curtis from USA

Nice variety of products and info. A very useful site

Robin Palmer from USA

Very nice site!

Ron from USA

In a word? It's great!

Ruben from Italy

You must improve translations of foreign languages.

Rudi from Austria

One of the best didgeridoo seller with a good internet page very good didgeridoo descriptions with a good assortment and user friendly face

Sam Boys from USA

Your web site is well-constucted...easy to navigate...I especially appreciate the mp3 sound samples for each of the didgeridoos.

Samuele Respizzi from Italy


Sarah from USA


Sascha from Luxembourg

Really interesting with many useful information on it. Easy for searching very good help

Anonymous from USA

I love the colors very easy on the eyes!

Sean from United Kingdom

Excellent and easy to use


It is very informative and stimulates the viewer. I wish I had one so that I can start learning!!!

Shaun Wallner from USA

Awesome site


Easy to navigate

Stephanie from USA

Great Sweepstakes

Steve from United Kingdom

Excellent for all information on didges plus cultural info. site easy to navigate

Steve Dadolf from USA

Lots of very good info here thanks

Steve from USA

Looks like a winner


It's good.


Great site I like the sounds clips


Its a good site I've never Bought anything from it but it is an excellent site. for information and current events relating to the didj and goo diversity I like it.

Sue Niven from Australia

I love this site there is so much to listen too and learn from. One day when my fortune changes I hope to own one for myself.

Susan from United Kingdom

It is informative


It's cool and very Ozzie!

Tabitha from USA

I believe this is the most informative web site I have ever been on. Not just for didjes but for anything!


Very easy to access and very informative

Anonymous from Canada


Anonymous from Australia

Very interesting with helpful info.


I like the site the color scheme works well. Don't change it!

Anonymous from Sweden

Great way to determine if one like the sound of each individual didj by attaching a mp3-file. I like the organized way to get around at this web-shop.

Thomas Semesky from USA

Enjoyed reading about the history of the didgeridoos.

Tim from Belgium

Great site give me some feedback

Toby Vermeend from Australia

Great selection and great art works

Tom Gorham from Canada

It is very well organized informative and concise.

Tom from USA

It's such a thorough and interesting site! I wish I knew more about how to play.

Tony from United Kingdom

Great site love being able to hear the didges. Can't find what the sound quality grades mean

Trey Sansom from USA

I love the format of your web site. It makes it easy to shop for a didge due to the mp3's and grading scale. Happy Didgin'!

Tyler from USA

Site is attractive informative and easy to navigate

Tymoteusz Majewski from Poland

I'm learning and tips on this page were very helpful.


Thank you for the contest

Anonymous from Netherlands

I think it's nice and you can get access to the things you want to pretty quickly. It would be great if there were some more sound samples of didjes in lower sound levels. For the shop itself it would be great if there were some more didjes of a key below low G.

Van from USA

Looks like a good site could sound be added for we that have never heard the sound

Vicky from USA

I love it. It's a wonderful full site of didjeridu information!


Very nice feels legitimate and authentic

Wayne Enyart from USA

Neat site


Love it

William Bode from USA

I have already entered for this drawing once I haven't gotten any mail lately and I knew the drawing was around New Years so I thought I would check up on the site. I am guessing this is a different Didj. I don't know if I am still on your mailing but I would like to be. Beautiful looking Didgeridoos!!! thank you

Anonymous from Canada

Sound files and aboriginal content were big selling points.


First time I've seen it. Very well done.

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