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Visitors Comments made during the month of October 2002:

Name and Country  Visitors Comments about
A.K. Blake from USA excellent level of site organization. it's really easy to find the type of didge you're looking for here. Also the prices are quite reasonable
Adam Sharman from Australia seems pretty deadly to me.
Alessandro Del Gaudio from Italy I think this is one of the most beautiful didge sites
Alexander Kronsteiner from Germany nice to listen to dfferent digies
Name withheld by request Great Store Guys;Makes My Sorry for not Beeing In Australia; Althought I saw many great Didjes in Amsterdam and Rome.
amanda smith from Australia You have a great website; now that I've found it I'll keep coming back; and will recommend it to my overseas friends!
Name withheld by request good site. like the mp3 downloads. very visual and helpfull
Name withheld by request really great; original and organized site. very nice selection.
Axel Grossmann from Germany I just ordered 10 didjs for my exhibiton; see how it goes!
Belinda Turvey from Australia I think it is an exceptional site. The information provided goes on and on (does it ever end?) and I'm sure that web surfers; novice players and professional players alike; will learn a lot from this site. I am impressed to say the least.
Bernhard Lumassegger from Tirol cool site :-)
Bernhard Sattler from Germany I'd like to know something more about the meanings/stories/dreaming of the Artwork on the didges.I'd like to know weather a didge is better for traditional or modern playing or an allrounder.I'd like to know the key of the first and second overblow. And weather it is easy to overblow or not.
Bradford Goodwin from USA Excellent; well planned; professional website.
Name withheld by request EXCELLANT!! Don't need to go any where else to look or shop or learn.
brian evans from USA good website; easy to navigate; great selection and information.
Name withheld by request ok
Name withheld by request it's fantastic
Name withheld by request Great. I found you by just browsing - a really interseting site; clear and easy to navigate.
Name withheld by request excellent operation!we participated in the september 23rd didj meditation in Charleston S.C. thank you for helping it happen
Name withheld by request I realy like this site.
Chris Kahley from USA Very informative and a bit overwhelming.Will use as a reference time and time again. Thank you.
Chris MOander from USA It is a great idea. I like what thestore stands for; as well as the quality they strive for. Although I have not purchased a didj from didjshop.com; I inted to do so soon.
Name withheld by request DIDJSHOP.COM is a very good site where one finds many objects typically Australian; factories by true aborigenes. It has also the advantage of being translated into many languages.
Name withheld by request I like your website very much. My only complaint would be putting the costs in american dollars as well as australian.
Dave Hunter from Ireland It is very good and gives a lot of information;that didn't come with the didj I bought.
Dave Kessler from USA very nice and very informative
Dave Reynolds from Australia Great Site with great didges
David Cibulka from USA Good site; with good info. I was hoping to find info on the creator of my didjbut could not find anything on john dewar. The individual I was told made my didj.anyone got any info let me know. If I keep looking I may just have to have another didj.
david hubble from USA great place to get a instument and facts
Name withheld by request pretty neat... wish you had sound bits of ALL the didjs..
Dennie Mildfeldt from USA In one word....FANTASTIC. Better than most any other site I have visited; either music or otherwise.
Di Lyall from New Zealand Beautiful visuals. Lovely use of font and colour.
Doug Murray from USA One of the very best didj sites I've visited.
Name withheld by request its a great website
eric guy from Canada amazing; lots of info that helps first time didj buyers or the veteran didj buyer make the correct choice.
Ernest Tutt from USA The first place I turn to when I want to daydream about making a purchase. My money has been funny lately; but when it gets right you can bet the didjshop will be my first choice. I'm not saying this to win a damn thing. I really appreciate the hard work and dedication you put into your site. Keep up the EXCELLENT work!
Ernesto Ruiz from Costa Rica I think its pretty complete and well done. honestly I don't have any complaints.
Name withheld by request Great information! I haven't had a chance to browse through the whole site yet; but I plan on doing that on my next break!
Fokko Ebbens from Netherlands It needs more Dutch! Not all pages are translated yet (:-)
Name withheld by request good
Name withheld by request very interresting...In french : il donne le goût d'apprendre à jouer de cet instrument et de maîtriser la respiration circulaire. Une relation nouvelle à la musique et au rythme.
George Grenke from USA Extremely well thought out; and not overloaded with large file graphics. Good job!
Gerrit Lacroix from Ireland maybe it would be nice to place a list with shipping costs on your website.
Helder Saleiro from Portugal It's a good online shop. I've never seen such a veriety of items on sale; such as bullroarers; or I haven't seen so many different types os didges.
Helen Bleakley from Australia great site lots of info
Humberto Parada from Chile!!! es el mejor sito relacionado con el tema que conosco.
ian motson from England it is a very usefull tool in buying.
ignacio barquin from Spain I DON;T UNDERSTAND
Name withheld by request VERY helpful. Easily the most informative site for a beginner looking to buy.
James Spencer from Ireland I love it. I visit regularly to keep up to date with new products and news. A website to connect me with my homeland when abroad.
Jason Dean from USA very nice site guys; hope to buy a didj from you very soon
Name withheld by request I think it is interesting and will visit again soon
Name withheld by request OK; though you ask too many questions
Name withheld by request The one thing I could think of was the bright background; darken it just a little bit.
Jeremy Turner from England Brilliant site; I love it! It's a pity some of the sound files have disappeared though. Having said that; I do like the new way of describing the sound quality etc. I do think that you perhaps ought to update some of the pages a little quicker though. For instance I was looking at 'great players' the other day and most of them were 'sold'; not much good if you're looking to buy one!
Name withheld by request Its a good idea.
Name withheld by request it is nice that somone realy do somthing for the didj and its culture so all the people can read obout it.
Name withheld by request very comprehensive and the sound recordings are wonderful
Joel Seipel from USA I like your site very much. Not only do you have a very good selection of fine didjeridus; you provide all the information that I need as I look at them. Great site!
Name withheld by request Nicely put together; aesthetically pleasing; easy to manoever.
John Kromhout from Netherlands looks good; different langueges is a pleasure; beautiful didges with good pictures and sound examples
Name withheld by request A nice site with alot of interesting didj's and good information about them.
john woodside from USA site is good; although I would like to see more downloadable music.
jonathan benham from USA Your site is very easy to navigate and has a huge selection of instruments. The portion that explains how you harvest was of particular interest to me. At one time I owned a genuine Austrailian Didg; but had to sell it because I needed the money. Someday I plan to buy one; hopefully from you; my current ones are homemade and very crude.
Name withheld by request Great job guys! Top quality stuff going on here.
Joseph Patton from USA It's a wonderful didgeridoo site and an awesome website overall. It's full of information concerning the didgeridoo's origin and different shapes and sizes. Also; the sound clips are some of the best I've heard and provide pure and rich tones unlike many other recordings.
Name withheld by request it's very comprehensive
Name withheld by request It is very well; I like it
Kelly Slate from USA awesome. my cousin introduced me to the didg; taught me to play; and we now live together so we can play whenever we want. this is his favorite site; and we both agree that it is the best place to buy an authentic didg short of going to Australia.
Kevin Costante from Venezuela Very Complete; Very Nice
Name withheld by request it's wicked
Koldo Concha from Spain It is the best site on didj I've visited. It is very complete; pleasant and didactic. It provides a good way to begin learning about didjs.
Krzysztof Bidzinski from Poland Yes; I like it; mayby smething more; but I don't understend English very well...
Name withheld by request good
Name withheld by request Great; love the backgrounds
Name withheld by request It's very well organized.
Lesley Fisher from Australia It's colourful;informative and interesting.
Lionel LE MOAL from France I think didjshop is the best way to buy a didjeridu; when you don't leave in Australia; like me.
Name withheld by request Easy to read; good colours
Lucien Lulu from France This web site looks realy good!I apreciate most of all pictures;mp3 and aboriginal art.It's great to see these!!!Thanks!
Malcolm Smith from USA No problems with the site very clear and simple to navigate and understand even for a novice!!!
Name withheld by request Very easy to browse through
Name withheld by request its very interesting
Name withheld by request Very interesting site
Name withheld by request Good; easy to use and access. Not over complicated / slow
Name withheld by request good sound sample and easy to browse; maybe a little basic
Martin Darlan from Denmark Beautiful arangement making it a pleasant journey on the Internet.
Mattheus Casaretti from Italy Very nice site...I love your products; and love the fact that this site supports the aborigin people
Name withheld by request I will be your next customer ! =)
Michael Reid from USA The best didge site; bar none!!! The sound samples are consistent and allow the buyer to evaluate each didge; played by the same person; with the same "sample" music. Fantastic!!! The rest of the site is excellent as well; and I love the newsletter. Well done!
Michael Walker from USA Best I've seen by an unmeasurable ammount.
mick mulqueen from England first visit but it looks geat
Miguel Beltran de Heredia Miyares from Spain I think its avery nice and interesting site. It's a great idea to show the aboriginal artwork and music abroad.
Name withheld by request I find it a great website.
Mike Albers from Netherlands Nice to see/read.
Name withheld by request great sight
MIQUEL FERRANDO from Spain Fantastic website. Thanks a lot.
Nate Van Bibber from USA This site is really great. It has really made me some much more aware of the didj and all about it. Also all the new things you keep adding are so awesome keep up the great work. This site really encourages me to get on my didj and wail!
Nicholas Berger from USA It's great.
Noel Balint from USA It is helpful and thoroughly organised
Paul Johnson from USA The MP3s are really nice to listen to
Paul Vriesacker from Belgium Altough it is the first time I visit this website; it immediately gave me a clear look. It is easy navigatable despite the huge amount of information which is on this site.
Name withheld by request very informative
Pedro Pereira from Portugal The best
Pei Chen from Taiwan I think this website is cool. I can find those beautiful didjs at one time. And I also learned many things; like how to make didjs; and didjs' designes. This website inspires me a lot.
Name withheld by request Exellent easy to understand and follow great range of info on the didj.
Name withheld by request exelent
Name withheld by request Easy to navigate
Name withheld by request what to say ? it's simply great!
Reagan Lodge from USA Excellent; EXCELLENT site. As a resident of the Californian deserts in the US; it's pretty hard to get my hands on a decent didj or didj-seller; but thanks to this particular site; I've learned a whole lot more than I could've hoped to find out elsewhere. I'm currently practicing on a home-made PVC didj; and planning to purchase my first wooden one in the near future from didjshop.com.
Robby Barrier from USA It looks Great; but your front page is a little long.
Robert Caluette from USA This is by far the best didj site I've seen. Your system of rating the didjeridoos and providing photos and sound files is the next best thing to holding one in my hands. I would not consider buying a didj without a hands-on tryout EXCEPT for your site. This site makes buying a didj easy and worry-free. Your love of this most ancient and spiritual of instruments is obvious. Bravo!
Robert Kelly from USA Excellent website; it presents the Didjshop in a straight; honest fashion. I bought didj AD270 from the website and I love it. The people have been great; and assisted me in the details of funds transfers; shipping and such. The website has very good navigation; and the ability to listen to MP3 is great. The color on the pictures is a little off; and I would photograph the didj from a side angle; rather than from the bell end which tends to distort it.
Name withheld by request It is the most complete didge site on the internet!
Name withheld by request I'm fascinated with everything about the Aboriginal art!
Ron Crose from USA needs better quality images
Ron Takahashi from USA It's like being in didj heaven. The facts filled so many of the voids and misconceptions I had about the didj. I know so much more now.
Ross Courville from USA organized
Name withheld by request looks good
Name withheld by request goodgood layout and format
Anonymous from Australia Great website. It's terrific to see Aussies getting online to promote their products. Take it to the world!!
shay rozenberg from Israel/Palestine haven;t seen it yet
Name withheld by request quality site :) Thank you for this all.
Name withheld by request I don't know this page much. I've visited this page only because of World Didj Sound Healing Meditation.
Simon Postma from Netherlands very good and informative website; I'll be coming here more often !!!
Steve Hardman from USA most comprehensive I've seen
Steven Sachs from USA I really have enjoyed visiting your website. The grading system; I think is the most important attribute. Too many other sites; the grading system; (if they have any) is too vague. It then becomes a real "shot in the dark" as to whether to seriously consider buying one.
Name withheld by request pretty good; I like best the sound recordings
Name withheld by request It seems pretty good.
Name withheld by request very original and informing
Theresa Vietmeier from USA Excellent information and materials for both the novice and expert. Great for classroom music teachers into world music!
Thierry ROPERO from France complete and not over load (complet et sans superflu)
Thorsteinn Bjarnason from ICELAND I whis there where a place like your shope here in Iceland it whould be a paradox from the hot to the cold land of Iceland.
Name withheld by request great
Victor Po from New Zealand I've been looking for a good site to learn and shop for a whlie.Can stop searching now.
Name withheld by request your didjeridus seem to be some of the best quality I've encountered on the web
Ville Poranen from Finland great site!
Name withheld by request great.
Name withheld by request I didn't know your site existed until I saw a link showing "Win a didg". Yours is a great site & I will visit again soon.
Name withheld by request very nice
Wendell Rye from USA Your site is extremely informative. Of a rating scale of five stars; I would give it five stars. *****
Wes Crosswhite from USA Its GREAT!
yossi hajbeko from Israel/Palestine exelent site ; you have to add the shipment price to each country

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