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Visitors Comments made during the month of February 2008:

Online name


Adam Diiulio from USA

Best didj site I've come across. You not only care about the instrument itself but also the culture behind it. I respect that a lot and wish more people had the same views as you.


As always very complete and -from experience- trustworthy and extremely professional and helpful. Moreover the monthly newsletter is very informative and helpful giving necessary info on Aborigine matters there from a local perspective.

Ales from Czech Republic

Very professional well-arranged didj sound rating.

Álvaro Oliveira from Brazil

The most complete website on Didgeridoo.

Anonymous from Hungary

In my opinion this is the best didgeridoo site ever. I can listen to any didgeridoo's sound sample however there should be more. There is a huge selection of didgeridoos here and I really like this.

Angus from Australia

Probably the best didgeridoo website on the net. HEAPS of didgeridoos all made by the people that should be making them.

Ben from United Kingdom

Excellent more than just a shop

Bent Lonrusten from Norway

I love it

Carlo from Italy

It's the most complete site about didj that I found in internet. compliments!!!

Cassie from USA

I LOVE it! I would never have learned as much and I admire your commitment to the aboriginal culture as well as your updates!

Clement from France

It's a very good website in the shop there are a lot of choice and didgeridoo's details are good. I like your point of view about other didge maker and I respect you to sell aborigines' didgeridoo to let them live by their ancestral instrument

Courtney from USA

Hands down the best didge site out there. Great job.

Craig from Canada

Best and most informative site on the internet.

Ed Huntley from USA

Always a pleasure and a learning experience

Eleanor Hjemmet from USA

I have been well educated by the information on your site. It's the best didge site I've been to. I love getting your newsletters and being reminded to explore more.

Eric from USA

I think you have the best didgeridoo website of them all and the didge I purchased from you is my favorite by far.

Erik Putnam from USA

The Didjshope.com is an amazing resource when buying Didgeridoos and other aboriginal artifacts offering sound clips and detailed descriptions of what the didj sounds like you feel comfortable buying here.


It's great. Informative. The only one I go to now.

Fred Ashplant from USA

You have by far the most interesting informative well organized and complete web site I have visited. I often visit your site just for fun.

Howard Williamson from USA

Your web site is a treasure. I wish I had found it long ago. I will definitely share it with others. I also will be sending some didge sound greeting cards. I'll estimate below when I get to those drop down boxes.

Ivan Matamoros from Spain

Honestly (really honestly)..my favourite one.It's a pleasure to visit.It's easy to see you love it.

Jacob from USA

Its the best I've seen. Very through and detailed.

Jeff Wilson from USA

I think it is easy to navigate and understand. I like the products and its community feeling it has.

Jerome from France

Very well realisation. The only site that gives so much details on aboriginals and all that is connected with aboriginal people. Congrates

John from USA

I truly believe your website is the best. I love that you are fighting for aboriginal rights and recognition. You provide some of the most complete information on the web. I enjoy your newsletters. Keep up the fight and the good work.

John Griffiths from Australia

Always interesting. Some of the issues provide my wife (a geography teacher) with useful insights into aboriginal/environmental issues to use with her classes).

John from USA

Very well organized and extremely organized. Love the newsletter since it gives me a different perspective than you get on mainstream news

John Stuart Kirkpatrick from Bermuda

Love the ease of use. The monthly news letter. Must be a labour of love to produce it each and every month!

Jone from USA

Your site is by far the most informative and worthwhile didj site on the internet. I consider you a full service website because your entire team takes the time to post in-depth information about each instrument origin tones etc. and then continues to expand our education about your culture and country..so thank you for that!

Jonny Monument from United Kingdom

Laaaaaavleeee. Dear oh dear. I spend HOURS on it. It turns into an obsession. You might guess from my response that I like the site!

Kathy from USA

Excellent once I found it I don't go to others

Kenneth from USA

It is well organized easy to use has good writing and has what I'm looking for. The best didge website.


Very informative authoritative and clearly of good quality


It's very clear and well made. Easy to navigate around and I find everything I'm looking for.

Anonymous from USA

Great layout easy navigation very informative and down-to-earth. Your commitment comes through as both genuine and welcoming without being overbearing or preachy.

Marty from Australia

Great site keeping the didj community worldwide informed on issues relating to our indigenous brothers and sisters. this and your huge selection of instruments can only help in spreading the word about our favorite instrument and the amazing unique culture that brought it to us.

Melanie from USA

From the colors of the web page to the layout and logo...I really like it all. You have beautiful merchandise and it's easy to choose the one you like because the photos and sound samples are so nice.

Michael from USA

Nice site. I like that you have a worldwide meditation which I join usually. You seem straight about your thing.

Mike from Netherlands

Lot of information. Also a valuable forum from which I learned some interesting things.

Mitchell from Australia


Norm from USA

Super great.....the best

Peggylynn from USA

Your website is the best out there the info on Didjes the political updates on native peoples is the best; your website shows how much you care for all peoples and the state of the world it is a great place to visit to learn to get along with everyone

Rafael Adorno from Brazil

Very nice learn a lot found names of other didj players3

Raffaele from Australia

Its Great. Thanks for it I feel connected and belonging.

Anonymous from Canada

It's a great one stop information website so many ideas and experiences. Makes you want to play and play better.

Robert from USA

Super! Vast! The best!


This is a great site with lots of good information and recourses. The didgeridoos for sale on this site are excellent and have good clear descriptions and most with sound images.

Rodrigo Del Castillo Negrete from Mexico

Very nice website indeed I am already inscribed to the newsletters and they have good information. One can see from the subjects and titles in the Menu Bars you are a serious company that take didgeridoos seriously and at the same time enjoy a good jam. The forums provide lots of help and know I am one step closer for playing the Toot or Hoot sound. Here in México there is not a quite active didgeridoo community I know vaguely that there is one where I bought my first didgeridoo and didgeridoo playing friends; I only have one or two it is really an autonomous playing and learning. A great help had been Discs and didgeridoo videos.

Anonymous from USA

Definitely the place to come if you are looking for a rare key or unusual didge.

Rolf Hebenstreit from USA

My connection to the didj world the best out there!

Anonymous from Canada

One of the very best ever for so many reasons. Easy to navigate and massive amounts of useful information. For the shopping experience there is NO other that even comes close. I know what I'm buying as intimately as is possible next to holding and playing her. Accurate pictures sound files and especially sound quality parameters. They are always what you say, there will be never a disappointment.

Anonymous from Portugal

Absolutely fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samuele from USA

I really like this site. It is well organized and I love the fact that you can listen to the didges before you buy them. I also like this site because it supports the yolgnu community and that its participation in the worldwide didj meditation.

Savannah Clark from United Kingdom

I think it looks snazzy and very easy to navigate. The colour scheme suits didgeridoos and the logo is just brilliant:)

Scott Dickens from USA

I think it is great and I've added it to my favourites

Sean from USA

It's great! I have no need to go elsewhere.

Sean Macconnell from Canada

Absolutely phenomenal!


This is the best web site that I have found. I was planning on letting my daughter buy a didj when she was in Australia but since I've learned about the didj and what is happening to the Aborigine people I changed my mind. That's why I decided to buy the didj from this web site first so that we could see what good craftsmanship looks like. I'm not sure if I'll let her buy one when she gets to Australia. It depends if she can find a shop which sells authentic instruments.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Excellent. Well laid out. Very good support info on selecting an instrument. Sound files are spot on. Cannot fault it.

Soraya Benstead from Australia

Its excellent and has helped me understand didgeridoos that little bit more. Not all sites care about their customers as much as you.

Stephen from USA

Its the best. I love looking at the didges for sale even though I can't afford to get another.

Tanya from Canada

It's great and informative and interactive I sent an e-card to a friend


I love it

Tienne from USA

I love your website it is very easy to navigate very well designed informative and fun. I especially like that you include artist information and rate backpressure vocals etc. and that you can listen to most of them

Tim from USA

Awesome! I can't come up with any other word that can describe my experience here. I feel like I found a friend for life!

Todd from Australia

Fantastic! Easy to navigate great pictures and sound files

Tommy Dyett from New Zealand

Love it as u cover every aspect of didgeridoo/yidaki and send out this great newsletter.one day when I decide to up grade my didge I will definitely be buying one through you guys for sure.as I believe you guys are truly genuine about quality and authenticity.

William Powell from USA

It's a wonderful website full of educational information. As an educator your website is one of my sources for for the information in programs.

Adam from USA

Looks cool.

Adam from USA

Impressively informative

Alex from USA

I think that your website is a great way to introduce people to both the art of playing the didgeridoo and the cultural significance of the healing instrument.

Allan from USA

Pretty good over all. Some problems with the forum. Like ALWAYS having to login every time (only after the outage was fixed in 2007). Also do not like the policy that does not allow posting to include a respectful mention of didge artists and crafters that you do not carry. [OUR COMMENT: as the best visited didj site on the net our forum was used by our competition to promote their websites and sales. So we had to introduce a policy that no links to other commercial didj sites are allowed and later we had to add a rule that other didj makers can be mentioned only as eg Jose G. rather than Jose Gonzales]

Andre from Brazil

Great site. Lots of info. Nice design too.

Andreas from Sweden

Good organisation and packed with good info


I've found your website to be extremely informative and very helpful. Someday I hope to own another didj and through emails I've been able to receive a lot of assistance in trying to find the right one.


Always the best website with events facts links and information.


Excellent - loads to look at/learn from etc


Good website can find everything that I want.


I love this website although I've never bought any of the products. It's nice to know that there are ethical practices out there. Plus I love the newsletter.


Very clear structure very well illustrated


I really appreciate this website. It has inspired me to learn more about Australia and the Aboriginal peoples.


A great tool for learning about the didgeridoo and a great teacher resource.


Great! very informative


Nicely laid out very easy shopping


Very good great competence and very original


I like the organization of your site- easy to read and navigate. The pictures of the didges help out and the functionality of the sounds helpful. I love the T-shirt designs! One of these days....;-)


Very informative. I want all your didjes. I hope I win the lottery.


I find it very informative


Very Good! easy to navigate


Very informative and easy to navigate


I get newsletter by email...I pass them on to my partner cause he always likes to learn more about culture...


For what I know about it's the real one website for a conscious didj player because apart the techniques and instruments it's the culture the real background




I do enjoy checking it out from time to time.


I think it is very informative. You display all of your instruments in a very nice manner.


My preferred site for Didge information


Very interesting. Important not to disconnect object from its original culture


Beautiful first visit and I spent almost an hour


It seems to me a very full and with a great deal about Didjes originals.


Thank you for focusing on the importance of this instrument to the aboriginal culture. so much selection beautiful didjes.


Very thorough and well put together. I would like to hear sound files on the less expensive ones. Also maybe a place to call with help on buying my first one.


I think your website is laid out very well which makes it easy to use and search. I really like that you can listen to some of the didj it really helps me get a feel for what they perform like.


Good site till now. I will visit u more


Easy to navigate good sound recordings very good forum




Very nice! one of the most informative about the didj and very friendly! can't say I can complain about it!

Anonymous from Australia

Its pretty well laid out and informative and is good enough to continue visiting.

Anonymous from Brazil

Sorry may ingles

Anonymous from Canada

I love it! You are doing a great job especially at educating us ignorant players

Anonymous from France

I like your website because you just not sale didgeridoos but you inform us about what happen in a real time in australia for aboriginal people.

Anonymous from Germany

It is very good and informative I can find all that I look for and as well as some comments on background and politics. I like it very much.

Anonymous from Italy

Great with many links and pictures

Anonymous from Sweden

Good nice and informative and looks serious

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Very very good and lots of useful topics and information.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Very good website with loads of info about didges especially sounds of them maker and etc. Cool news later full of information.

Anonymous from USA

Nicely laid out sometimes a bit odd but you can figure it out.

Anonymous from USA

Wonderful source for information background events didges for sale.

Anonymous from USA

Cool website

Anonymous from USA

The site is easy to nav. I am particularly interested in the Aboriginal News.

Anonymous from USA

Very useful. The sound quality ratings are very helpful and the many recordings of the actual instrument are cool.

Anonymous from USA

Very clear

Anonymous from USA

It's a great website and I'm saving up to by one of y'alls didj!!

Arpad Toth from Hungary

Good good good..You like to hear it yes?;) I told you you many times..Its perfect..

Art Ibell from USA


Barry Williams from USA

Very interesting and informative

Bert from Netherlands

Very good intuitive lay out very informative

Borja from Spain

I like lots of didj sound example lots of answers for any kind of question even in spanish full of useful information

Brad Lackey from USA

Really enjoy it. I particularly enjoy the news on the Natives' struggles and victories.

Bruce from United Kingdom

Great website I often have a shifty when I have a spare minute in the office!

Chad Champoux from USA

Very thorough and always something interesting and eye-catching and a great wish list.

Chris Ruffner from USA

I like that I can hear what each didj sounds like

Christine from Canada

Your site is the most informative site I have found. We found everything Jessie needed for his project and so much more. Keep up the good work.

Connie from USA

I really find the links helpful.

Dale Duvall from USA

Very nice

Damien from Ireland

Very good covers just about everything

Dan from USA

Extensive site. More content and lessons regarding specific styles of playing would always be helpful.

Dantez from Brazil

Its great.the part on portuguese is very important for us.

Dave from United Kingdom


David from USA

Actually I am just getting started - the first thing I saw was Win A Didge and here I am

David Snyder from USA

Excellent format photos sound bytes general information. The dedication to authenticity and the Aboriginal people is great!

Dean from United Kingdom

I think your website is one of the best on the internet and I love the fact that all didges are made by aboriginal and they are getting a fair price for them.

Dennis Haslam from Denmark

Very good always happy to receive your newsletter too

Derek from Spain

Very good.

Deric from Canada

Love the website. It's great how you can listen to different didgeridoos and tones on the website.

Don from USA

Lots of great info delivered in a clear and navigable manner

Doug Bischoff from USA

Just got here but so far it appears quite informative and reasonably well laid out.

Edward from USA

Informative thanks

Edward from USA

Love it!

Eric from USA

Love reading all the information.

Et from USA

Very clean and professional. Love the look. Great work.

Gareth Lynch from USA


Grady Karp from USA

It could benefit from some "sexing up" but it does what it needs to do.

Graham from United Kingdom

Its got everything!

Gregg Nardozza from USA

I love your website and visit it often. I always send in comments when I find something that does not look or work properly.

Guy François from Belgium

Gosh I have to work now. I refer it principally with the aboriginal situation and the didj meditation 4 times /year.

Gyan from USA

It's OK nothing special.

Hamish from New Zealand

Great info but took a bit of fluffing to find a list of didjes to purchase.

Harmony from USA

Thank you. It is apparent you care about educating people about aboriginal people the instruments they use and why as well as how the instruments are made. It also appears you care about genuine didgeridoos from those that are not. It's a sacred instrument and should remain so. Eclectic as I am I also believe that as we shift into a new level of consciousness as we become more interconnected learning about our ancestors and their way of life is vital. I want to know and learn all I can about the aboriginals. They have much to teach and I have much to learn. Again thank you for educating the public.

Héctor Raúl from Argentina

Lo he visitado muy a menudo y escucho el sonido de los que tienen en venta y leo sobre los otros instrumentos como el bullroar

Herb Cohen from USA

Very helpful and I hope to one day be a customer of a didge.

Iain from United Kingdom

Great website - not only packed with good didges but loads of great information as well particularly that regarding traditional aboriginal culture and news

Ian from United Kingdom

Love it it is nice to read about something I am interested in

Ian Hopper from USA

It is awesome and easy to navigate and use

Ivan from USA

Like this web site because the information. Sometime I use in class when I talk about Australia

James Davis from Canada

Very informative I recommend it to others

Jan Vink from Netherlands

I like your website

Jeffrey Longeddy from USA

I have been introduced to the didj and the originals behind the instrument. I've learned that the original talent is still not accepted fully by non aboriginals. It is a well done informative site.

Jenna Luksetich from USA

Very easy to navigate.

Jeremy from USA

You guys are awesome! I am sorry to say though I have yet to buy one of your higher quality didgeridoos I do make my own and would love some day to have a nice high quality didge in the future. Nevertheless you folks do a great job at promoting a beautiful instrument and the culture surrounded and imbedded into each didge. Thank you so very much I love you all. Nameste

John from USA

Very informative I learned a great deal would like to use the information in y power point presentations

John Mangold from Canada

Love the pictures

Jon Griffin from Canada

Well laid out and a pleasant selection of colours.

Jonathan from USA

Its laid out very nice the warm colors are somewhat neutral and give a sense of relaxation.

Jonathan Zamora Ríos from Costa Rica

Excelente sitio calidad en la información y en sus productos.

Jussi from Finland

It's very interesting and gives a lot of information about didgeridoos

Kat from USA

Very interesting. I now know where to get some support for the didj's I own such as beeswax and a case.

Keith from USA

Wonderful. The classifications are a big help enjoy the sound bites. Weak US dollar make new purchases a bit tougher;

Laura Jackson from USA

Excellent. When I buy a didge it will most likely be through your website. But it sure would be nice to win one.;)

Le Perkins from USA

Very nice site I enjoy that you have sound files for the didj for sale.

Lisa from USA

I like the web site and visit it for information about the didj culture and types of Didjes available.

Margaret from USA

Couldn't find the one on making a Didj from PVC and lost my old one in a house fire.

Mark from USA

It's good but I have trouble navigating the forum; it's a bit cluttered. Other than that I think the site is tops.

Mark from USA

It is good but it has a lot of option and when I am looking to buy a didgeridoo I am lost.

Marvin from USA

Excellent quality didgeridoos and information.

Matt from Canada

Awesome. Well informative.

Matthew from USA

I really enjoy your website. It is well laid out and I appreciate all of the stories and cultural information you provide.

Megan Golden from USA

I like didjshop because all the Didjes are authentic with beautiful artwork.

Melissa from USA

Great information!

Michael from Canada

Lots of info good site

Mikolaj from USA

Nice site. Like to visit it. Check new Didjes.

Neil from USA

Diggable lots of options easy to use enjoyable.

Pau Kirst from USA

Very complete. Good graphics. The ability to hear a didj before buying is very important that is a good feature.

Paul Bishop from USA

I like the website - it is very informative. Unfortunately there are some bugs in the forum that the webmaster tells me are in the software and cannot be corrected.

Paul from United Kingdom

Great.... It's very informative and makes me drool! I didn't realise that there were so many different Didj's available.

Paul Woodcraft from United Kingdom

I find it a very informative site a lot of fun and very well put together and thought out something for everyone.

Peter from Australia

It's a good looking easy to navigate site that is getting better.

Peter from Sweden

Very good.

Peter-paul from USA

Very interesting and informative. it is a great RESOURCE FOR INFORMATION RE Didjes as well as the aboriginal issues in Australia. I had only partial awareness of the bias and abuse native people had been and are subjected to

Prakash Arigela from Dominican Republic

A very interesting web site that gives you much more than information just on Didjes.

Rich from USA

The website is great lots of useful information which made it easy for me to select the right didj to purchase. The hints and tips also have been very helpful.

Richard from USA

Great site

Rob from Australia

Good. Easy to navigate and a nice casual style. I got the feeling you want people to like the didj and you provide good advice.

Robbin from USA

Very nice! well thought out! seems sincere and genuine! informative! the newsletter is something that I look forward to reading each month! thanx!

Robert from United Kingdom

An easy website to get around with a friendly feel to it. It doesn't force adverts on the user and seems easy to unsubscribe if ever needed.

Robert from USA

A number of things struck me. Your interest in the welfare of aboriginal artists the different categories that the instruments were in (very helpful) the price ranges the classifying of the instruments in terms of their playing abilities sound etc. the many detailed help pages (making the mouthpieces care of the instrument about the artists who made them the history legends.

Robert Ruby Ii from USA

I'm pretty impressed.

Rodney Webb from Australia

Excellent website; I just hope that there are Aborigines associated with it. I see so many palefaces selling didges and even painting them that I find it hard to control my tongue. It's quite sore from continuously biting it. [OUR COMMENT: we can assure you that we buy all of our didjes and other Aboriginal arts and crafts only from Aboriginal people]

Roi Redondo García from Spain

I would like to know about if really is true about aboriginal respect maybe is true but reality is that you sell didges allover the world. Maybe this is really the respect I'm not sure. Reality is that didges seems great and other day I play one similar and sound is great

Roy Páramo from Spain

I find it really complete and useful. It has a huge variety of stuff and information about all that spins around didgeridoos (aboriginal culture etc.). The newsletter is really good!

Sam Chan from United Kingdom

Just super one of the best so far

Scott from Canada

Interesting resource.

Scott from USA

Very informative. I really like a shop that believes in their product and their product is an important part of their life. It makes me feel able trust the information and product from the shop.

Shane from Malaysia

I like it I don't agree with everything on it however. I'm concerned about ideas like non-aboriginals who make didjes should pay some kind of royalties to aboriginal people. Should a non-African who makes Djembe's pay royalties to people from Ghana? What about guitars who first invented the guitar? Should we have to pay royalties to the people who first used them? I agree a lot of the problems faced by aboriginal people have been caused by external influences that they had no control over but to try and create some sort of system based on what ethnicity people are I see as being wrong and will serve to make a lot of the problems in aboriginal communities worse. I agree the opportunities that aborigines have are extremely limited compared to that of most other people here in Malaysia the aborigines are given very little opportunity when it comes to education they have no land rights their culture is seen as worthless and demonic so the problems these communities face are obviously massive. I spent years trying to work on community projects to lift an aboriginal tribe out of poverty to resurrect their culture and obtain land rights but in the end I had to walk away the opportunities were there but they were unable to see anything outside of their own definitions of reality in order to be able to adapt to the ever encroaching world there is no way around that they must adapt they must be willing to adapt I'm not saying to throw away their culture but they must learn to see beyond it to no longer see themselves as victims. I'll share a story with you I was teaching some young boys ABC in the village they were one the main things that was keeping me in the village. One day one of the boys who was about 8 yrs old came to me with an infection on his leg it looked quite bad I put some turmeric on it and got him to eat some raw garlic I told him if it wasn't better in the morning we would have to go to the hospital and get some antibiotics the next day it was worse. This particular boy came from a family of 13 children the parents couldn't afford to feed them all so they chased a lot of the kids out very young so they would have to fend for themselves this particular boy ate with me three times a day and slept at his grandmothers house the grandmother was the medicine woman of the tribe and she also said he needed to go to the hospital. I took him down he got admitted was given a shot of antibiotics his wound immediately started getting better. I went back to the village and told his sister he had been admitted she then told the father who then came over to my house and wanted to fight with me he was going crazy saying how dare I take him to the hospital and they have their own medicine and he's not my son. I refused to go and take him out of the hospital so he got someone else to bring him back. Bayul (the boy) was okay for a while after he came back the antibiotics had brought the infection down quite a bit but he needed to finish the course after about a week the infection started to come back but only a very little bit then just after that Bayul disappeared the tribe hid him from me because they knew I would insist on taking him back to the hospital I had no idea how bad the infection got about a week later Bayul died the state of his body was horrific it was terrible. Please tell me how giving handouts to these people is going to help them? If it were decided that every time someone here in Malaysia sold lemang (a malaysian aboriginal dish) they should pay royalties to the indigenous people it would not help them it would make things worse they would see handouts as their right instead of learning how to refine their own skills at making these things so they can compete with the rest of humanity. What is needed is a mind set change from the aborigines themselves and I do not believe copywriting their culture will do anything to move them in that direction.

Shawn from USA

EXCELLENT! Gets better every time I look at it or when I get the newsletter! Keep it up

Shawn Payment from USA

Very insightful and well rounded comparing to the others I visited

Simon Barnett from United Kingdom

It works well is well designed highly informative and easy to use. I think it is Brilliant.

William from France

I find it really well done with lots of info and a nice look I believe it covers a lot of aspects of Didgeridoo culture. It is far better than the other "generic" sites.

Zachary from USA

It's amazing!!! I love how its colored the background is amazingly Australian

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