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Visitors Comments made during the month of March 2013:

Online name Feedback
Amber Freeman from USA I have not yet visited but I am very intrigued and will head over there now
Amy from USA Very informative!
Anna from USA Nice website easy to navigate
Anonymous Found it via way of what I call the "Macademia Route" in this case East of Hawaii on Jonathan Harnum's Trumpet site http://www.allabouttrumpet.com/author.html I and my 12 year old son are amateur trumpeters. Actually that has holes in it too. Love the concept of WWDM and appreciate and understand the hard work involved in what you are doing. Oh and the patience.
Anthony from USA It is quite interesting and informative.
Anonymous from USA It's ok
Anonymous from USA Haven't seen it yet
Beverly Payton from USA I haven't seen it yet but will check it out...
Bobbi from USA Very interesting
Anonymous Good
Anonymous Very informative and professional.
Anonymous from USA Needs updating
Carolyn from USA Learned some new things
Anonymous Interesting
Anonymous Fun to explore
Christopher from USA Very informative - thanks for the work
Clark from USA You have a wide verity of didges for sell witch most sites only have around 5 or so for sale. There is always a high quality picture of the product and a sound recording of that didge with no one else seems to have to my knowledge. It is not the easiest to navigate but it is still very good.
Darryl from Canada I commute an hour to work each way the mornings I sleep but on my way home I read and read articles and whatever else I find on this site. Very informative and fun.
Anonymous from USA Very nice and simple look.
Anonymous from USA Looks great. Loads of information.
Anonymous Nice
Anonymous from USA To be determined over time
Anonymous Interesting but difficult to find where to buy a didgeridoo
Dennis from USA Very informative.
Anonymous I've favourite your website as it seems to hold lots of information and stories I'm looking forward to read. I really like what I've seen so far and will most likely enjoy my visits to it.
Anonymous from USA Always liked it.
Anonymous I have not checked it out but I strongly recommend beginners to go online
Anonymous from France Well sound extract too short to really select an instrument
Anonymous Nice
Anonymous Great and informative
Jacob from USA Very useful in gathering information of the aboriginal people and inform the viewer about deeper cultural and historical information. Reliable source. Very informative.
James from USA Love it and all the valuable information you share.
Anonymous from USA Easy to navigate.
Anonymous Na
Anonymous Haven't looked around yet.
Anonymous Very nice and welcome.
Anonymous from USA Easy to navigate
John from USA Interesting
Anonymous Nice site but too many questions
Julie from USA Nice site - nice products
Anonymous from USA Very informative
Kate from USA I had no idea there was that much to know about didjes
Katharine from USA Well-crafted contest page.
Kathryn from USA Love it
Kenny Diveley from USA I like it
Kevin from USA I have really enjoyed coming to this web sight. It help me understand the didj better and now that I am done. I am going to go play my didj right now.
Anonymous from USA I've only been on a few pages but the color scheme is pleasant an it seems navigable.
Anonymous It seems quite comprehensive and useful!
Kristi Bonus from USA As a multi-instrumentalist myself I love learning new things about instruments! this is a great place to learn the history and pick up some techniques as well
Kristina from USA Cool
Leisa Wooten from USA Very nice!
Anonymous Very informative.
Mary Jane from USA Very inquisitive.
Anonymous Easy and straight forward
Anonymous from USA Very nice
Mattiesha from USA Interesting
Anonymous from USA Great site
Michelle from USA It's pretty great and all your products are really good quality.
Mike from USA The website is great. I love that each didj has a picture and most can actually be heard.
Mike from Canada Informative easy to navigate pleasant to view.
Miky from USA I have enjoyed what I have seen and read.
Anonymous Nice
Anonymous Very informative. I like it.
Nerine from USA First time I saw it was today.
Anonymous Neat site.
Ouida from USA Interesting
Anonymous from USA Interesting
Anonymous A lot of questions to get a no answer
Penny from USA Very interesting
Anonymous Awesome! good questions and information
Rich from USA First look. I'm interested in returning and spending some time surfing here.
Anonymous First found it thru this give-away Can't wait to find time for a thorough check of the site
Anonymous Interesting and informative
Ryan from USA It's fun to look around and think about what I may purchase when I have spending income
Anonymous Really cool
Anonymous Interesting
Sandy from USA Divine
Sara from USA Seems good
Anonymous Very very good
Stacey from USA Very interesting
Stephen from USA I like the give-away.
Terri from USA It's very interesting
Anonymous Never saw site
Anonymous Seems Interesting
Anonymous from USA None
Anonymous Complicated
Anonymous Interesting
Walter from USA So far so it is alright.
Anonymous It's set up very nicely and it's helpful and the people are very accommodating.

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