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Visitors Comments made during the month of December 2004:

Online name


Adrian Higgs from Australia

A very comprehensive web site, with great online shopping facilities. So much so, I just purchased my first didge ! Thank you Didjshop :)

André Neyens from Belgium

It is THE best site in the world of didjeridoo,you learn a lot about the didje and the forum is to me very important ,I can find here everything I want to know about the didje

Audrey Herman from USA

I always enjoy you letter, and do not think of it as advertising, as so many emails do, but as an interesting interlude in my day when I can relive some very special memories of a wonderful time in a great country. I love to read the information.

Avery Scott from USA

Interesting may be able to have use in the future I'm 7 yrs old

Beau Parra from USA

The most complete site when it comes to DIDJ's. I'm truly impressed...!


Very neat will come back again and again

Anonymous from Australia

I was very pleased to have found this site. I like that it is Australian, has a good rep, has a good look, has forums. A huge plus for me is the sound files as being able to hear the didge is very important to me. I can't think of anything off the top of my head that should change.

Brendon O'Neill from USA

I like the new look, but I could do without the political portions of the newsletter; I enjoy learning about the didjes, not the author's political leanings. [OUR COMMENT: Maybe just skip them in future :-) - sorry, but we do feel passionate about what we do and Aboriginal issues, even if it means we loose some sales]

Brett Lubahn from USA

It is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous from Australia

Amazing selection and search criteria, obviously a very customer focused business. Keep up the great work!

Byron Tsang from USA

As always, a delight to be here. bought my first a few years ago, and considering another.

Carl Roberti from USA

Cool site, probably use you for my next purchase

Anonymous from USA

I liked it by far the best of all the Didj sites I visited -- which is why I decided to buy a didj for my son from you.

Chelsea Lithgow from New Zealand

I like your web site, it is very well done and provided me with relevant info that I was after. Thank you

Chris Braybrook from New Zealand

Awesome web site and I will be back to look further into it, and pass it on to my friends.

Clifford Almany from USA

UniQue , Awesome , love it , from the bowels of the Earth , to Heaven itself ... there is a connection , a link & just maybe ... it is born in the breath passed through the Didjerido , & Ave a Gooda

Damian Tolson from Australia

Fantastic. First Class in every aspect. Appearance, Presentation, Informative. Most importantly Australian!!!!

Daniiel Sulensky from USA

Thank you for the informative knowledge. I want to represent the people right, and this gives me the wisdom to share with other musicians and people.

Anonymous from USA

What a great web site! It's a nice distraction to sit back, relax and browse through the seemingly endless supply of didjeridus.

David Evans from USA

Very informative. I like the rating system, the mp3s, and sending a postcard. It is getting increasingly hard to judge companies doing business over the Web, but your site has a good "vibe" to it. Still looking for the right cheap concert learner....

Anonymous from USA

Pretty cool site. Most other Didj sites are pretty bland.

David Stringfellow from United Kingdom

It's a great site. The first one I visit and I'm forever handing out your URL. Next thing I'm going to try is the check out.


Great quality stuff -- I was looking for a present for an interested friend, but ended up shopping for myself.

Donald Mcloughlin from USA

Your site is wonderful. I visited it recently and immediately bookmarked it. I like how you rate the didges and how you portray a sense of integrity. I listen to the cool sounds and love the artwork. Maybe I should give up my practice and come work for you!

Anonymous from USA

This is the best didj site I have ever seen. Very educational.

Emily Smith from USA

Oh I love it, I've been looking for a web site like this for a good long while... I was very happy to learn some new animal sounds... LOVED Bonzo's dingo sounds... [in the forum] Plus you described circular breathing much better than some others I've heard... Your FAQ was very helpful as well... This also just has a very friendly atmosphere.. I intend to frequent this web site...

Eric Fuehrer from USA

There is no other source for "high quality" didjes! I know! I own 2 that were given to me that where purchased from the didj-fest in California. The sound quality does NOT even come close to comparison to the 3 didjes that I own from the didjshop!!!! I play my didjes on stage and in recording situations and the didjshop didjes are far more superior to the "other" didjes. Everyone who hears my didjes asks me where I got these "wonderful" sounding instruments. I'm proud to say that they came from the didjshop. Eric Fuehrer Evergreen, CO

Erin Deakin from Canada

It is very easy to use. Love it!

Anonymous from USA

I think your web site is excellent. I like very much being able to hear the didges played by good players. I also like your position regarding instruments made by the Aboriginal people. I like your rating system and the fact that they are adjusted for true pitch. I intend to buy one or more at the end of January when I will have a couple of cosings in my real estate business.

Gary Love from Australia

Quite clearly the best site to buy didgeridoos. The aspects on which they are rated clearly shows to any experienced player that you can get exactly what you are looking for from Didjshop. You can hear them as well which gives you piece of mind with a purchase. Just saving up for a concert quality didge myself.


Very original, great to share with overseas family & friends

Giulio Iacoli from Italy

Not only a didj vendor, or simply a didj site... but also the whole culture behind it. If you want to swim in the sea of didj swim deep in this site.

Hugh De Pentheny O'Kelly from USA

It is, in my experience, the most awesome site I've ever shopped at. The staff are very helpful and answer questions very promptly. Delivery is exceptional, I recommend it all the time. Their newsletter is great and all in all they just make you feel like family. Nothing makes me more excited than ordering a didj from didjshop.com, it is just amazing.


I love how conveniently everything is laid out, you don't have to go searching blindly for what you're looking for because it's all organized and laid out right there in front of you. I was over the moon when I saw some of the great prices on such good beginner didgeridoos the first time I visited the site because I give private lessons and am always in need of more didges. Also, the currency converter is extremely helpful, I hate having to guess at what the American dollar price is on a didge from a store in Europe or where ever.

Anonymous from USA

I am a Native American that is curious about other Native Cultures. I have a very good friend I have met through a chat room (6 years ago) that is an Australian Indigenous, and he has me interested in trying out a didjeridu

Jason Greenwell from Australia

It's impressively comprehensive. I came to the site to look for playing tips, but ended up reading through the whole site. I learned a lot about about the aboriginal ethics and harvesting of didge's, not to mention how to mould a new mouthpiece. When reading through site it becomes obvious that the people who have created it are passionate about the instrument and it's significance in aboriginal culture- I would but a didge from you guys as I'm confident I would get a top quality instrument. Actually I probably will, when I feel I'm good enough to deserve a good one.

Anonymous from USA

I like your site because of the quality pics o the didges. And the sound clips. A lot of sites have you call in to get that but here I can sit and listen to any or all of them if I wanted. [OUR COMMENT: the other sites want you to call so they can do their sales talk - feedback from customers which have called us is that the sound files are more true to the sound of a didj than hearing it over the phone]

Jeff Karsenti from France

Very good. Thanks because I've found a didj player in my neighbourhood.

Jennifer Isley from USA

I love the didj web site! I find it very informative and helpful in my learning experience. I recommend it to all of my friends that are fellow Didj lovers. I'm saving money to purchase my first REAL didj. I can't wait!!!!!

Joel Whittaker from USA

A bey informative site has answered every question I have ever had about the Didgeridu

John Mason from Canada

Awesome site, I've bought one didgeridoo (so far) and you guys were super great in helping me pick out the right didge for me. Your site is the most informative and complete site on the web. I visit it at least twice a week just to listen to the sound files for the different didges in all the different keys. It's very easy to navigate"very" colourful. Thank you for creating and maintaining such a great site.

Anonymous from USA

I love receiving this newsletter

Jose Langone from USA

I think that you have a great site,great service,and great products!!!!

Jurek Fiedoruk from Poland

It's a very nice virtual place but I can't afford to buy here anything because my salary is about 150USD a month... that's why I'm a "termite" myself and I hollow polish branches!

Karel Schrey from Belgium

Excellent web site, detailed easy to follow. A fine gesture towards the Aboriginals.

Kerry Butler from New Zealand

This is the best site I've seen with awesome genuine didgeridoos,I'll be telling friends about this beautiful web site

Lance Moss from USA

It"s fantastic that you can actually hear a representation of the various sounds of the dijeridoos.All guesswork about personal needs are taken out of the equation

Larry Pike from Canada

Didjshop.com is the ultimate didj resource. More than just a web storefront, it's a complete art, history, help and shopping location for anyone with any interest in the didj. There is no other.

Lisa Schauer from USA

Amazing...in addition to the amazing quality and selection of didgeridoos, I appreciate the site's support for the Aborigine community and willingness to take a stand on its issues.

Lynn Harold from USA

I love your site! It's one of the most honest shopping sites I've ever been on. It is very clear you are all dedicated to the art and music. Thanks.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Love the site Love the people Love the concept Love the newsletter Love what you are doing Would Love to be able to play a Didj

Anonymous from Australia

This is the finest didjeridu web site that I've been to. Two thumbs up!

Melanie Miller from USA

I discovered the didj a few years ago and found it is very healing and soothing for the soul

Anonymous from Australia

I did not know your site existed. I have studied Indigenous Culture at university and thoroughly enjoyed learning the history of the culture.

Michael Henderson from Canada

I really like how you network global didj circles for solstice and equinoxes. Listen for me next week! ; )

Michael Pfau from USA

This is a great shop and I'm glad to finally be a customer.

Michael Reid from USA

Great site! Love the sound samples. Love the forum and the global meditations (I have been participating since early 2003).

Mike Clayton from United Kingdom

An excellent web site, contains a lot of helpful advice, terrific selection of didjes and cultural info. Very easy to navigate. Also great to know there are so many other didj players around the world. I like the idea of the world wide didj meditations.

Nathan Barnard from Australia

Very informative site. You guys helped me to circular breathe. Great to see it is growing all the time, with didj info you wont find elsewhere


Is, in my opinion, is the best site :-)

Pat Moore from USA

Truly fantastic!!

Paul Sarazin from Canada

Its awesome provides information which is usually hard to find and gave me some insight and new learnings that I did not have before

Prakash Arigela from France

A very complete site with a great forum

Anonymous from USA

This is an excellent web-site. I would have to say the best on the NET. Very informative and user-friendly, the dedication of the team for this web site is clearly genuine.

Randall Hinchey from USA

Very nice site, I like that you can hear the different didjes and the forum is nice.

Richard Grossman from USA

It's simply the best site I've visited about didges

Anonymous from Canada

Great site. I've bought one didj from you. Like your tremendous selection, and descriptions. Also appreciate you covering aboriginal issues.

Ry Erickson from USA

Love it.

Saundra Mckenzie from USA

I am so glad I found this site. I can't wait to show my husband.

Sean Moores from USA

I love your web site and you have great didjes. And I like the news you report.

Anonymous from Australia

Never heard of didj mediation sound interesting

Shane Stevens from Australia

Great site, no complaints!

Shawn Nelson from USA

UNREAL! A close friend who bought a Didj from you guys recommended your site. I bought an Indonesian Didj and was swindled. It cracked in several places and was full of filler and painted to hide it. Now I know the real story and look forward to earnestly supporting our Aboriginal relatives by purchasing their crafts and learning their culture as a way of respect through playing my Didj. Their is "good medicine" from these brothers and sisters of ours and their instrument, the Didj. I believe honoring this music and respecting this cultures spiritual wealth can be a vehicle to reconnect us all and heal the travesty that is so rampant on our planet in our time.

Anonymous from USA

Your site is awesome. You have some of the best and coolest Didj's

Susan Vizzoni from USA

No other web site comes close to caring or serving the dreamtime like didjshop.com does. As far as I'm concerned there is no other site to go to anymore for my didj needs.

Susan White from USA

I love the site. It is one of my favorite web site's on the Internet.

Taylor Jenkins from USA

This is a great site. I'm very excited to know you only sell original, Australian crafted didgeridoos. When I decide I can purchase my first one, I am with no doubt, going to order from this web site.

Terry Wedding from Australia

The didjshop was a terrific experience and helped me learn so much about me heritage

Tim Smith from USA

Other than the fine instruments that Didjshop.com offers, I particularly like the sound rating system you use, and the features of searching for didjes based on sound quality, price, and category.

Trijnie Ebbens from Netherlands

I like it very much. Specially the Forum

Val Wiesner from USA

I love this site!

Anonymous from Malta

Its my first time to visit,but looks very full. in my language ,we say.....its full like an egg. keep it up and thanks for your effort. malta man

Walter Rau from Canada

Your site is awesome. I visit here as regularly as possible I drool over the didjes you have advertise and am hoping to buy one thru your site soon. I also am planning to buy your teaching video so I can learn how to circular breath properly. I am having a difficult time trying to learn it on my own. I am hoping that the video will help immensely.

Yoann Verzi from France

The best site I found



Adam Al-Anzi from USA

Shop looks great and the site is well laid out.

Anonymous from USA

This web site has helped me considerably in learning all aspects of the didjeridu. How to play, the history, etc. I have repeatedly visited this site to learn more about this instrument and I have also been browsing the store because I plan on buying a genuine didjeridu sometime soon.

Al Huebner from USA


Al Reis from USA

Very good site.


Great site great instrument

Anonymous from Italy

I think is a good one,I'd like some more Arnhemland yidaki listed

Anonymous from Germany

Very detailed - FAQs very interesting


Loved visiting the web site. Would love to learn to play the didj

Alyce Dupont from USA

Cool site


Nice layout

Amanda Dawe from Canada

This is a well-organized and interesting web site I can find anything here that's related to didjeridu's! It's the first one that popped up on my search engine which means that it's the most prominent! I'm looking for a really nice didgeridu for myself and my boyfriend for recording purposes. I've priced a few at about $1500 AUD - thanks for the information. Fantastic job!


This is really interesting!

Anonymous from USA

I love the layout. Clear and clean and easy to navigate


Great site and easy to get around

Anonymous from Canada

Great site - very interesting

Andrew Draper from Australia

A fantastic web site!. It's great to see a web site totally dedicated to the didjeridoo!

Andrew Ellis from USA

Nice layout. Colors are a bit bland in my opinion.

Andrew Medhurst from United Kingdom



Very useful site, but the look and feel could be improved.

Anonymous from USA

I wish I had visited earlier. I love it! I graduated with a degree in business. Since then I've discovered the benefits of alternate methods for health and fitness and am now certified to teach Bikram Yoga, as well as having gained Massage Therapy Certification. This would tie right in!

Andy Seddon from United Kingdom

Excellent site, very helpful, informative. Great grading system. Nice that you can hear a didj if want to. Hopefully in the very near future I will be testing out your service too! I'm holding back on buying my next didge until I have mastered the circular breathing. Hopefully then I will have a much clearer view about what I am looking for in a didge, although good sound comes at the top of the list. One reason I like the idea of the 'listen to this didj'!

Anonymous from USA

Very cool

Anne Bienvenu from France

The site is very well built. the didgeridoos are classified by category, by price and especially it is possible to listen to them. The descriptions are well made, complete and precise.


Great didj shop and my first experience. My husband bought me a didj from a foreign market visiting UK. I f I learn to play it I'm hoping he might buy me one from Didjshop.

Anne Langley from United Kingdom

Really interested. Want to try out more didj sounds - looking to buy didj as present. Still don't feel confident about trying. learning to play. Do many women play? [OUR COMMENT: according to this and earlier questionnaire, more and more women get into didjing and now about 30% of respondents are female]

Anonymous from USA

Great starting point to learn more about the didj.

April Wackerman from USA

Very helpful...thank you


Different colors!

Anonymous from USA

I love the site and keep coming back to learn more. I am hoping to place a new order soon and get to learn more about this incredible instrument.

Assen Vassilev from Bulgaria

It's my first visit, it's good and quick!

Anonymous from France

Good web site full of information with beautiful didges to buy...



Anonymous from USA

Very nice and now I'm interested in knowing more about didjes.

Anonymous from USA

I am enjoying spending time looking through your site. But each time I come back I find something else cool to do or read. Thanks!


I think it's amazing, where you get to see true works of art and here the incredible sounds of these instruments


Great site

Anonymous from Austria

Good side; nice greeting cards; but why are sold didgeridoos on your side? proud of them?


I don't have any feedback, I just like of the didj and I would like to win one and learn how to play it.


Beautiful photography


Its different

Bob Barton from USA

Interesting web site


The Didjshop.com is one of my favourite didgeridoo web-sites to visit. The MP3's are an invaluable tool in deciding which didj to choose. The web-site is very navigable and helpful to beginners who don't know much about aboriginal music. overall your site is my favourite, and I haven't visited another since I found it.

Boyd Cardwell from USA

Very interesting and will look forward to now playing my new didjeridu.

Brad Patterson from Australia

It has some terrific information on it


Very appealing and informative

Brent Cooper from USA

Haven't browsed the site yet.

Brett Terry from Australia

Very professional




Fantastic web site with heaps of interesting information. One of the best things with this site is the possibility to see and hear individual didgeridoos! Due to the great amount of information on this site, it is sometimes hard to find what you're actually looking for.

Cameron Wallace from USA

Nice site, I'm adding it to my favourites.




This is my first time here


I like it

Carl White from USA


Anonymous from USA

I found it interesting

Anonymous from USA

Very interesting and would love to learn more


This is so cool I never knew there was a place to shop for these


First time here. beautiful!

Anonymous from Australia

Although I have been given a couple of didjes I don't play because I am a girl - maybe you could put something about the traditional rules of use. Maybe you could also add it as an option in the answers to the questions...

Charlene Kuser from USA

I think it is neat. I really enjoyed your web site


Very well set-up Easy to navigate Forum is a great idea


Very cool!

Chris Drefs from USA

Nice site

Chris Fuccione from USA

Looks good

Chris Fumagalli from USA

I know an Australian couple that would love a didjeridu (Husband - Aus., Wife - Aboriginal)


I like it!


I like your site but I have not been able to find the key to how you rate your didgeridoo sound quality. I haven't been able to find the difference between a sound quality of 2-1 and m-h. [OUR COMMENT: go to 'Our Didgeridoo Sound Rating' page in shopping section]


Great quality!


Very informative

Anonymous from USA

Lots of info and nice stuff

Cindy Myers from Australia

Great web site, I'll be back!

Clayton Rigden from Australia


Colm Ardiff from USA

Its very helpful for the first timer


I found it to be very interesting and informative.

Anonymous from USA

Great site

Damon Benson from USA

Thanks a bunch for letting me enter your contest! I look forward to learning more.

Dan Anderson from USA

Looking Good!

Dana Doliber from USA

Learned circular breathing playing chanter


Amazing site


Pienso que es la mejor pàgina web relacionada con didgeridoos que he visto, I eso que he buscado mucho, te permite escuchar fragmentos de la música del instrumento y ademàs hacerte con uno, cosa que no es fácil de encontrar




Great Site....beautiful didjis.

Danny Morrison from Australia

Very informative site. One of the easiest to navigate through.

Anonymous from USA

Very interesting, would love to try and play one.

Darren Vernon from United Kingdom

Very easy to use and has lots of very good information and the selection of instruments is excellent. The site itself is very easy to use

Daryl Richardson from Australia

It's great !!!

Anonymous from Australia

Always enjoy browsing; don't get enough time to devote to Didge, but hopefully that will change in the not too distant future.

Dave Stolarz from USA

It's great. There's so much more information than other web sites supply. I really enjoy the history and stories about aboriginal culture.


Its great really well laid out really clear to purchase an item, the information about the culture is really interesting.

David Bruce from USA

Cool web site.

Anonymous from USA

Looks fun!

David Clyburn from Australia

Unreal, I am looking forward to learn the didj (new years resolution) and I think that the web site will help me get there.

Anonymous from Poland

This site is okay. Didjeridu is not known in Poland but I have heard about it and I like it :)


Nice work

Anonymous from USA

You folks do good work! I also appreciate Aboriginal news in the email. Thanks for all your hard work. * I would like a an option to allow publishing my comments with first name only. [OUR COMMENT: from now on you do]

David Hopper from USA

Nicely done

David Mostoller from USA

Awesome site with great sound clips....infinatly useful in trying to decide which didge to buy!


Interesting place

David Payne from USA

Top web site


I came for the Digi's!

David Turner from USA

Very informative and well made.

David Weiss from USA

This site is great. One of the highlights for me is how you categorize the didjes and offer sound bites of many of the individual instruments. More info is always good when you can't be there in person to try things out. Great job.


Very interesting

Anonymous from USA


Debbie Gilchrist from Australia

Keep up the good work


Brilliant web site!

Anonymous from USA

I love it!


It's very good performed



Dennis Johnson from USA

Very Kewl Site

Dennis McClish from USA

This site has a lot to offer the beginning didje player as well as veterans,I have learned some good info from your site.


Looks exciting!

Anonymous from Canada

Sounds interesting

Diane Hernandez from USA

Looks good, I'll return.

Dierdre Wilkinson from Australia

I found it interesting and easy to navigate.



Donald Martin from USA

Very interesting web site,cool and unique items!

Donna Clark from USA

Awfully orange.

Donna Loper from USA

Loved it


Great web site


Nice web site....interesting

Dorothy Butler from USA

Very interesting web site


It is OK


It's made the warm winds blow

Douglas Newsom from USA

It is a really cool site

Anonymous from USA

It is a well formatted web site with high quality products, and it is easy to navigate through the different links.

Drew Reid from USA

I love your site! It is always in inspiration to create amazing didges for myself after seeing what you have to offer.

Duncan Thompson from United Kingdom


Anonymous from USA

Excellent! I'm going to tell my son (who owns 2 digis) and get him to enter the contest too!

Elaine Blonder from USA

Informative--I want to learn more

Elena Pignatelli from USA

I think that your web site has a lot of very interesting information, which I enjoy reading about very often. I also really like all of the pictures you include of the didjeridu's, and the information about its history, and environment where its used.

Elizabeth Horry Mullins from USA

Very informative

Emile Dumont from Singapore

Its is a great place for finding information. but the soundtracks on learning only has one kind of


Wonderful informative site

Eric Pfeifer from USA

Like the MP3s

Erik Wiedenmann from Switzerland

It's a really cool site which tells a lot about didgeridoo and aborigines I've didn't known.


It is a nice site with good information, keep it up.


Good. Would have liked to have seen my final bill in USD instead of A's before finalizing.

Fábio Barraca from Portugal

It's great. I'm thinking about order a didj for christmas.

Anonymous from USA



Interesting and informative

Anonymous from USA



I like it the way it is. Good work

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Comprehensive and very informative and am inspired by your products. I hope to order from you in 2005. One problem, though, I couldn't use the currency converter and having found an instrument that appealed had to go to an currency conversion site

Fredric Cowart from USA

VERY Enlightening!


It is the best


Very well structured and informative

Gabor Rapali from Hungary

That is really good,can get information about didgeridoos,people,how to use it,and get together in hand in hand.That is a really big thing.

Anonymous from USA

I think it's well laid out and easy to follow. A bit too colorful for my taste but I'm conservative.


It very interesting, colorful

Anonymous from Australia

I'm fascinated by Aboriginal art and culture and I'm sure this site will satisfy that a little




Peaked my interest.

Gene Gerber from USA

It's great to be able to listen to the Didji

Geo Hsu from USA

Cool site, keep up the good work. I will be coming back often.

George Splendore from Brazil

Amazing !!

Anonymous from Australia

Good site. Easy to navigate and find information. Great to have a web site dedicated to all things didgeridu!


Need bigger print

Gerrit Lacroix from Netherlands

For me personally : I think your site is great. Very well documented on the didges that are for sale. It is what I would expect as potential buyer.

Gert Minuth from Germany

Is something new here? Haven't been here for some time. A lot of info in your site, so I need some time to see all and visit all links, but it is great!


More "etic handmade" didje.....good

Anonymous from USA

Cool site, great instruments

Gillian Sawaged from Canada

I think it is very interesting. Brings back memories. :)

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