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Visitors Comments made during the month of July 2009:

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Alan Thornsberry from USA Way cooler that all the others very friendly. Make you think of the origins and traditions of the Aboriginal.
Andrew from USA This site is great! I just recently stumbled upon it and I truly admire how much this site is beneficial to the aborigines. I have yet to find another site that strictly sells aboriginal harvested and painted didgeridoos. I plan on ordering a didge from here soon if I could only decide which to buy.
Angus Liedtke from Canada This website is great it makes you feel at place and I like that.
Aydan from United Kingdom Its a really nice website and easy to negotiate! I love the map idea too!
Brad Bevis from Australia The site had many interesting sections and I found easy to navigate unlike some sites I have been visited.
Anonymous Probably the best I have come across as it offers descriptions on quality and sound samples
Anonymous Excellent
Anonymous Very well designed. Excellent information. Extensive stock. Good information about what makes your business practices special.
Danny from USA I like the fact that your products are original and from the aboriginal people. I want to purchase one and I know this is the place for it.
Danny from Belgium The website is the most detailed and heart-loving didgeridoo site made from pure i-love-didjeridu-and-i-want-to-give-the-whole-world-a-chance-to-be-able-to-own-a-genuine-didjeridu feeling. Keep up the good work you guys.. The great didgeridoo-spirit praises y'all
Darin from USA This is by far the best I have been to
Anonymous I haven't explored it yet. I found it via a link about the World Didgeridoo Meditation.
Donat from Belgium Still as good as ever
Eldor Karow from Germany Its great. Many information. And trust...
Eva from Germany It's great because of the historical information about Didgeridoo
Anonymous from Canada I really like the easy access to everything on the site its great and the support for customers is awesome to.
Jackie Mcdonald from USA Dr. Didge replied to an email that I sent him a few years ago (I was thrilled!) and along with some sage advice he turned me on to your site.
Jakub Brezina from Czech Republic Looks good
Jason Kitching from Canada The best one I've found. very informative. Well laid out.
Anonymous The best one I have found for information and guidance
Anonymous Great site. Very informative and passionate.
Anonymous from Australia As a teacher it provides excellent resources to use in the classroom and the website is engaging for students when set up on the Smartboard.
Jim Davis from Canada Excellent and very informative
Jim Sziklas from USA Looks like the kind of website I need to put in my Favorites. Just wish I could afford any of the beautiful Concert Didj's that you have on your site. I have been playing the same Didj for 16 years but would not give it up for any amount.
John from USA It's great to see a site that is not only focused on the instrument but the people behind it as well. I think it is because of that that I will end up buying from you.
John Wilbur from Canada Seems the best of all I have surveyed. Congratulations!
Anonymous LOVE it!
Anonymous The Best
Kurt Hardesty from USA I like it a lot.
Laurent from USA My favorite didj site. I really like being able to hear the sound clips of the Didges that I'm interested in buying. I bought I high-G didge from you guys a few years ago and it sounds like it did on the site.
Lucas Rodriguez from Spain The biggest web about didgeridoo I've ever visited beautiful didges I wish I could live in Australia!
Matt Dunne from Australia It is very informative. well put together site
Michael Sare from USA You have the largest selection
Nathan from USA Its a very good site. I really like the tutorials that are available and they work they are not in some weird format that doesn't play. Its also very informative and in depth as how what a didgeridoo is and why it should be appreciated. Its not just about didgeridoo but it also houses some cultural aspects. I like the community feel it makes newcomers feel welcome and gets people into the world of playing one of the wonderful world of native culture.
Anonymous from USA A fine site with quality products
Anonymous This is an incredible website for any instrument. If I wanted to buy a guitar or a ukulele online there's no chance that I could see or hear it played beforehand; but you guys have really taken care of that concern. Excellent site.
Noreen from USA Terrific -- I bought a didj from you so it must have worked for me!
Oliver Mullins from USA Great quality! very informative and seems personal as if trying to giving more information instead of taking a buck is the priority.
Anonymous from South Africa Very in-depth. Fascinating and educational. Thank you
Paulo Almeida from Portugal Very good
Peter Britney from USA I have found your website to be the most passionate and honest about didgeridoos and the seemingly only site I have found that promotes education and protection of the Aboriginal people and their art. Yes you SELL didjes but you do so with the history honor and pride of those who's wares you sell in mind. That is hard to find. You also focus on the quality of art sound and overall craftsmanship. Have sound samples and one of a kind pieces.(as it should be)...and that's why when I can afford one of the pieces I want to buy I will by from Didjshop...
Pieter Pieter from Netherlands Really nice and clean Although the shopping part could be a little enhanced.
Ricardo Mella Vivanco from Chile Its very useful to inform about the origins background and actuality of an instrument that its not limited to the music its self but has wide spectrum of uses and meanings... I'm glad that you reflect that aspect of the didj in your web
Richard Appleton from USA Love it
Robin Dewan from Finland Your website is very well done with a lot of integrity and commitment to didgeridoo culture.
Anonymous I am kinda new but very passionate about Didgeridoos and this web site has been very informative and efficient for me. I KNOW where I am getting my next didge. THX:)
Stane Andolšek from Slovenia You have the most organized website and the greatest selection of Didjes. And I can see specification and sound and evaluation of quality - six characteristics of didj: loudness resonance overtone clarity backpressure vocals... and musical key also...
Anonymous Seems really cool.
Alexander Keane from USA I really enjoy how you put free information about playing the didj out there along with providing your videos. So many sites I've seen try to miser away the info on how to play the instrument you've purchased.
Anonymous from Spain That's great
Amanda from USA Nice!
Andri from Switzerland I haven 't seen all yet - but what have read was a very good help to me
Anonymous from Germany It's very interesting and there is a lot of information. It's great!
Anonymous from USA Beautiful instruments
Benoit from France I guess the biggest and most complete source of traditional aboriginal didj. I regularly visit sites like ididjUK serioussticks francedidgeridoo but I say it again none are so complete and have a wide choice (well you bet you're there! so you have more Didjes than european importers of trad aboriginal but I thank all those sites.
Blake Simpson from USA Friendly well done good product like the sound clips
Anonymous I would like to eventually purchase an "authentic" didgeridoo but wanted to be sure that my son would enjoy it and your advice of the PVC to try was awesome.
Anonymous Very good information love to see the grading of didges and to be able to hear the didge.
Anonymous from Australia I like you have a lot of useful information and plenty of great Didjes to look at.
Anonymous Great sound effects!
Carole Stedronsky from USA I really like your position about real Aboriginal didgeridoos. I appreciate the educational information you provide. The questions in your survey made me think about how much I want to learn about traditional didgeridoos. I will read on your website further hoping to gain enough insight to help me choose an instrument for myself and learn how to play. I am hoping there are books and DVDs out there. Thanks for all the information on your website.
Anonymous It has a lot of information and I like it because I can learn more
Anonymous Nice
Cathy from Canada Well done.Easy to navigate.
Charles from USA I have appreciated the insight that your site gives.
Anonymous Great photos!
Craig from USA I love the mp3 samples of each didj and the fact that you are educating people on the history and current issues of Aboriginal art. Those two things keep me coming back to look. I would love to see more pictures of the actual selection and crafting process.
Curtis Hegwood Sr from USA Great
Daniel from Australia Love it. Very informative. I would love it if you were able to put on a teachers directory purely for people that are keen to advance their skills. Didjnet is good but something so teachers can put down whether they have group classes where classes are held private tuition even descriptions of what their style is like (if that's even describable). But overall an unreal site.
David from USA I really enjoy it there is so mush useful information about didgeridoos. I came here just to browse what was for sale but I found much more about the history and playing techniques of the didgeridoo. It was very useful!
Anonymous Interesting
Anonymous Very informative and well organized
Diane from USA Great educational resource and instrument resource. The instruments are beautiful and honor the aboriginal culture as well as financially supporting them.
Eddy from Australia Probably the best site on the net I also like [competitors name deleted].
Anonymous It is very easy to navigate & full of information. I'm thinking of getting a didj and learning to play one. I wonder if it is very difficult to learn? Also the artwork is really nice. When I search on Brad's Didgeridoo then go into a given selection then hit the back button I have to "refresh" the screen (it shows up as Warning page expired).
Anonymous It is nice
Ian from USA It is very nice. The ability to hear the Exact didgeridoo you are looking at is great. there is great advice and information too.
Ian Wright from USA It's much more filling than the others and hints spirituality
Jeff from USA I like it. Big selection and you can search for what you want by criteria (price musical key etc )
Jeff from USA It is very well organized with a nice variety of products.
John from Australia Enjoyable and interesting
Anonymous Very nice setup and easily navigated
Kat Fox from USA Very informative. I have learned a lot about the rich history and significance of this beautiful instrument. I also lea23rned the cultural value of the traditional Didge to the Aboriginal people.
Anonymous from USA It is a tad confusing but does offer a great selection of true didgeridoos for more advanced players. I myself am not very advanced and would like to see lesser expensive alternatives to your pricier models
Anonymous I like it. It's easy to navigate and you have a lot of information.
Anonymous I like the website it is very informative my next purchase will be from you guys I own one didj witch my brother got in australia for me
Anonymous Awesome
Anonymous Well laid out and helpful. Easy to use and navigate.
Lisa from USA Very informative and easy to manouever
Anonymous I'm new just learning about Didj's
Anonymous Nice contest
Anonymous Very nice well done. Clean website which makes it easier to look through.
Anonymous from USA Gr8
Miguel from Portugal Pretty good. Good graphics and presentation. nice information about the material.
Anonymous I intend on buying a didj from your site very soon.
Padraic from USA Overall its pretty good but I think there are a few issues with the ease of use of your site. It always seems like I have a problem finding the instrument listings. But aside from that very good source of info I think. I had no idea until I had visited your site the issues surrounding Didgeridoos.
Paula Hanson from USA Very nice
Anonymous Very informative
Peyton from Canada You have a comprehensive website and forum for the Didgeridoo community.
Anonymous from USA Very thorough history of didges.
Anonymous from USA It is nice and informing.
Anonymous from USA It is a bit confusing at first but as you get acquainted with the format the site becomes easier to use.
Anonymous Great how you can type in information to match you to a Didgeridoo.
Simon from Australia I thought it was great and wish I could remember more of what I read. Its been very hard not to go back and cheat with some of these questions. I come from the UK and been living here for 3.5 years. This is my sons 21st birthday present. He just fell in love with the place when we went to North Queensland. Wants a memory as he lives in the UK
Anonymous Very useful for the beginner.
Anonymous Weird.
Anonymous from United Kingdom I found it informative and interesting
Trevor William Church from USA Very nice.
Anonymous Thanks for this contest!
Vincent from USA Very interesting. I want to know more.
William Coon from USA I have found it very interesting and informative
William Wilkie from USA Great eye opening and reassuring of thoughts I have had for a long time.
Anonymous Very well done

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