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Visitors Comments made during the month of February 2003:

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Al Huebner from United States


Alex Martínez from Spain

I liked very much this site: lots of didjes and a lot of information about this great instrument

Alexia Courtois from USA

Beautiful didj

Allen Douglas from USA

Looks cool to me...Now I need to make some moola to get one...:D I found an mp3 of Inlakesh and had to figure out what instrument was used :-)

Amanda Plageman from USA

I love it but more MP3s please.

Amon Barth from Germany

I like it very much it look like you are no cheaters. True and truthful. When I come to Australia I will visit you.

Andrea Gilstad from USA

I've never picked up a didj but after looking at this web site I really want to buy one and start learning.


Pretty good site

Andrew Blakeston from England

I thought it was good and to have the ability to hear the didj before you bought was great. got my didj from the didjshop.

Andrew Cohen from Australia

Very interesting site. I loved the possibility of listening to the didj I will purchase.


Good info.

Arpad Toth from Hungary

The best ever I can assure U


This is the first web I find about didjeridoo. I'm very interested to lear about that instrument and really want to learn to play it. please excuse my english I'm so sorry

Ashley Ward from England

Great. I whish I had more time to spend on it.


Average OK. a bit slow.


I love native music and this is something I'd like to get into


Excellent to know the didji is more than just a music provider

Brenda Brown from USA

I am from a very small town in South Carolina and I love to go to your web site at it is possibly the closest I will ever get to the harmonious sounds of the Didg and the fascinating people of the Outback. I hope in my life time I will get to visit your Country and see all the beauty and mystery contained in this beautiful way of life.



Brenden Ramsay from Canada

I really like the web site. I've just started playing the didj and I was pleased to find a site like this. It's interesting hearing the different sounds from different didj's.

Brian O'Keefe from New Zealand

Great info & loved the Digi sound file!

Caroline Wise from USA

Your site is awesome! I don't have much more time tonight but am looking forward to spending more time on your site very soon. I love all the information and that it isn't all $$$ especially for me as a novice.

Cédric Blanc from France

Very well one finds full of information there but damage which there are not pages in French sorry for my english not very good


Just entering sweepstakes. Instrument sounds like a challenge.

Chris Murphy from Australia

In one word "great" don't change it

Christian Peyer from Aui

The new Design is very user-friendly and the new site looks a little like "Down Under". I like it!


I got excited when I came onto it I was looking up the Rosemont estates winery actually but I went straight to the aboriginal didgeridoo & clicked on it instead the web site is entirely beautiful! thank you

Claudio Ricciardi from Italy

I like very much your site but the description of your didgeridoo sometimes is insufficient about the presence or absence of wax in the mouth peace.

Anonymous from France

Very nice online shop! Lots of didjes to choose from and pretty good information about sound quality and decorations. I really enjoy the audio part looking at a didj is one thing listening to the way it sounds is far better. congratulations !!

Anonymous from USA

It looks very professional. I like it a lot.

Craig Carter from Korea

Excellent site with pics and mp3 files!

Cynthia Tierra from USA

This web site is informative

Dan Morin from USA

I like the fact that you can see and hear each didj so that you know exactly what you are buying

Danie Lombard from Zimbabwe

This is a great site. I don't currently own a didji but will definitely get one in the near future.

Daniel Hoenecke from USA

Great place

Anonymous from USA

Well designed. easy to navigate. I really like the sound samples you offer.

David Puyo from Barcelona

I like yours web for applications and very shop for buy didjs

David Wormser from France

This web site's very interesting and you've got lot of choice but I'd like more photos about aborigines in forest...

Davide Cherubini from Italy

It's a very very good site!!


Very interesting and somewhat informative.


Definitely interesting

Des Holmes from England

Very good site with lots of info. Not just a selling site. I'd buy loads of didges if I could afford it!! I love them as objects and lose myself in the sound when playing.


I like it. New to the didge experience and like all of the information you have here. Will visit back several times to get a feel for everything

Eddie Saurenman from USA

I'm just checking out your web site...I am new to playing...but have listened to the didg often...I have some native american friends and have been playing the cedar flutes for about three years now...


Nice site really. Like it. I'm wanna learning with Didgeridoo :) but I can't because in Poland it's hard to buy it. Maybe I win maybe not. If not maybe in a future I buy dome didgo from didjshop.com and strat new level of my life. Nice Site. My friends coming to watch all stuff :)/




Nice site


It's very easy to navigate

Fabrice Bertrand from France

It's quite hard for a beginner like me to know the actual size of the diji's into the shop despite of the picture.


The best thing is you can hear the sound of the didj you're gonna buy...well done!!

Franck Hollinger from Spain

Always great to visit the didjshop dot com ! Always a pleasure and dreaming moment to see all those wonderful pieces ! thanks for your site

Frank Eisenblätter from Belgium

Pretty amazing!


It's fine

Fred Appeldorn from Netherlands

Why changing while good so keep on going with the digital walkabout an experience everything on your way and it doesn't matter were we end because al is good.

Anonymous from USA

It's a great web site! Very user friendly and easy to use.

George Mc Natt from USA

Intriguing didji specimens Esp the termite hollowed offerings.

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