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Visitors Comments made during the month of November 2010:

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Anonymous Seems nice..I haven't had a chance to check it out yet.
Anonymous from USA It is amazing that there is a website dedicated to the Aborigines.
Amanda from USA Professional and easy to search in many ways but more pictures of the didgeridoos are needed - from different angles. Video of all of them being played would be very helpful in deciding which to spend so much money on if any.
Anna Lisa from USA I love it. so many options and it's thoroughly detailed so you can know enough before you purchase what your getting. Like the key vocal grade res backpressure grade. No website tells you these things. Good to be an informed shopper. Makes you feel better about What your buying.
Anonymous from USA Great knowledge of Didgeridoos for beginners and advanced players alike. I will definitely refer others to this site.
Betsy from USA I love this website I think it is really educational for all sorts of people and spreading a good word.
Brian Gant from USA Nice site. Lots of useful and interesting info for the newcomer. Would be nice to have the ability to search didj inventory by entering a number of specific criteria which return custom results.
Carl from USA Your website has a great deal of information. I find your website an excellent source of didj information.
Carol Dodd from USA Very informative
Chelsea Axelsson from USA Very explanatory and informative interesting and interactive.
Anonymous Nice
Anonymous from USA Great way to spread culture.
Dan Schmidt from Canada It is a great resource and full of wisdom. It is not a sales site but a real resource for those who want to learn.
Daniel from Us Minor Outlying Islands I think your website is very good. It would be nice to see a little more activity on the Didjshop forum but it is nice to read from the collective knowledge that is contained in it's pages.
Daniel from USA Great site- so much great information. whish I'd found you years ago
Anonymous from USA Interesting
David Carter from USA Very informative about the didgeridoo. I wish that it was easier to get in and look at actual instruments and better idea about pricing up front.
Doug from Australia I really like what I have seen so far. I imagine that I will spend much more time here in the future
Eric Proulx from USA It is a great resource for myself and many beginners I know! Lots a great information and lots of great products. I only wish I could afford a didj on my current income!
Anonymous from Mexico Good website
Anonymous This website is pretty amazing.
Kelley from USA Fascinating and informative
Anonymous Great and informative site
Kok Koh Ho from Singapore Very good.
Liam from Australia This is the first time I have visited your website and I am very impressed. I really appreciate the honesty in letting people listen to the didj before they buy.
Anonymous I like what you make and sell I didn't by yet because of financial condition that's why I hope to win one
Anonymous Very helpful and informative
Anonymous I am not through all of the content but I will visit again and I am curious what I will find out the next time
Matt Stanford from Australia Deadly and I want to get better playing a quality piece...I'm saving my money to get a piece that I can give to my boy one day and he can give to his boy
Nicole from Germany I love your website! it is full of information offers a great variety of products and the explanations about the different didges are so easy to understand!
Owen Mccall from Canada Excellent. Although I have not purchased anything so far I can tell there is a good brain(s) behind it. It is very informative and very trust conducing.
Anonymous Nice site
Ron from USA Well done and concise. Seems genuine and honest
Russell Menezes from India Great info
Anonymous Somehow we can feel the seriousness of your work in the entire website. The only thing I would change is the menu on the side which is a bit long and the news outdated (if I'm not wrong)
Sean from USA Pretty good so far. It gives you the sense that you are dealing with a knowledgable group of people.
Anonymous from Israel It is very professional and easy to use. The didj's sound samples could be in a better quality and more rich in rhythm in my opinion.
Stephen from USA Very interesting and reflects a great enthusiasm and passion for the subject.
Troy from USA GREAT website. Much info.
Wil Rikken from Belgium Very professional with lot's of interactive functions. I like the "mp3"-integration for the various didges-sounds the best.
Wilhelm from USA Amazing! You have so much thought put into it. It makes it so easy to not only find a Didj or Native items but gives so much information!

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