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Visitors Comments made during the month of September 2009:

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Anonymous It is accessible friendly and well appealing to the eye. Your products are all of the finest quality.
Andre Bakkers from Netherlands Great how you tell about the aboriginals and the Didj. Also the history of it.. I like it!
Anssi from Finland Greatest of them all. Lots of information and layout is excellent. Sound clips are great and photos are of good quality. Only site I can honestly recommend to anyone interested in didgeridoos.
Brett Macfarlane from Canada I am very excited to have found this site. I will return often to see what new things I can learn to add both to my musical and spiritual journey with my didgeridoo's
Brian from USA Excellent as new didgeridoo player and owner I found your tutorials helpful
Cynthia from Canada Your website is overflowing with information!! This can seem overwhelming but it is very easy to navigate so that problem is mitigated nicely. It loads quickly which is big plus. I would like to see more photos on the home page but otherwise it is really fun to browse the site. Could you have a wee article on being a girl and playing a didj? (If there's one there already I've missed it!). I'm a girl and I have no aspirations of intruding on any aboriginal ceremonies. However I'm getting kind of tired of reading the 'girls aren't allowed' comments on Youtube. Sigh. Maybe if more people understood what the real antecedents about this are they wouldn't say such dark aged things about women. I'm not aboriginal and I love to play the didj and it hasn't ill affected me in any way.:) I think we explore both polarities of human existence and there is balance in that so being female and playing the didge is not oxymoronic. The quantum field encompasses both polarities....
Anonymous from USA I love it. I'm looking to buy a didj and your website has the best ones for the best price and some of them come with the learners guide. I'm very excited to buy one but I can't for another 2 weeks =[
David from United Kingdom The most comprehensive and ethical site I have looked at. Didn't feel the need to keep looking for others.
Anonymous The variety of offerings is wonderful and the devotion to the craft is obvious and admirable
Eugene from Canada I think this site has the most information of any I have viewed.
Ian from United Kingdom Great site for anyone interested in didjes and Aboriginal culture and news
Anonymous Out of all the didj sites I've visited this one seems to be the "realest" and most educating.
James Miller from USA Best I've seen yet and no flashy ads all over the place!
Jerry from USA Yours is much better than the other one.
Anonymous from Portugal Really enjoyed it. everything about didges stated here.good website not just for learning but a really god place to buy one.
John Heusler from USA Well laid out easy to navigate. Intuitive and informative. Best out there!
Anonymous Excellent presentation. excellent advice. excellent product.
Kyyan from Canada I am very impressed with this website. Somehow recently I have had a strong urge to learn the Didj and the culture and stories behind it. Not only to learn it but to learn how to play (at some point) the traditional songs many tribes may have played. So I found a teacher here and decided to have a look to see how much a high quality didj can cost and ended up here. It's so comprehensive that most of my research can be done here. The fact that you can hear the sound of the didj before you buy one in addition to the endless facts and articles that really educate I see there is no real reason to shop or go anywhere else both on the web or in my own city.
Anonymous from Australia Will pass it onto other for viewing
Mark from USA It is remarkably thorough and does a great job in advocating responsible consumerism. Both the products and the information are fantastic.
Anonymous from Netherlands Love it!
Matthew from USA I have found it very helpful in my research so far. It is fairly well organized and the didgeridoos are categorized nicely. I especially appreciate that information given on each instrument and when there are mp3 samples.
Michael Reid from USA Superbly put together with an enormous wealth of information. brilliant!
Nathaniel from USA I like the site it has a lot more information then most of the other didj sites out there.
Anonymous from Australia This site teaches novices like me more than I knew existed information wise about didgeridoos
Randal Wilson from USA This website takes the cake hands down! This is the most informative website I have come across. it has impressed me so much that I have to decided to devote a portion of my senior musical recital to the didge. bullroarer and clapsticks!
Rene Schippers from Netherlands I love the info you give.. I looked at the changing of the mouthpiece. I'm scared o do that to be honest.. but you gave good instructions
Richard from USA You have the best Didj website period!
Richard Martin from USA Love it its very informative
Riley from USA One of the only ones that looked reliable and didn't have a million ads and junk on it.
Anonymous from USA Excellent. My favorite shop for browsing "authentic" didges.
Siddharth Agrawal from Mauritius Very nice keep up the good work:)
Anonymous I really like your website because it gives accurate information and you have some wonderful didges!
Stayko Staykov from Bulgaria Site aimed to the customer. not only can he buy a didj but can also learn a lot about them and to be satisfied of what he bought.
Steve from USA Full of info. Easy to navigate. Great sound files. The only site I trust to actually give me a REAL sound quality rating. Plus I have called you... and you were very helpful in my decision making process.
Susan from USA Your site is by far THE best and most ethical. The newsletter is extremely informative and I appreciate greatly the section that deals with Aboriginal issues.
Toby from Australia I love this site it has so much on the beautiful culture. This will be my no.1 site from now on. I have just found out I am going to be a father and I would like my child to grow up learning with the aboriginal culture. From being in mums belly with me playing didj to learning as a child the so many wonderful learnings about the culture. Thank you so much Didjshop!!
Anonymous from Canada Still the best
Tsur Herman from Israel I love it
Tyler Bond from USA I personally found your site very informative and helpful overall. I liked the combination of a full inventory of instruments and a lot of general information about didgeridoos in general all coupled with a forum. All-in-all your website provided a very complete online experience for me.
Anonymous from Belgium Looks cool made me feel confident enough to fill in a questionnaire
Anonymous They layout is straight forward..Q&A was great I found what I was looking for quickly
Anonymous This is a great site and very easy to navigate around
Anonymous You have some great and interesting items!
Ariane from Canada Really interesting but I don't have given a look at everything yet... it will take days to see everything!
Anonymous Actually at work can't spend much time on it
Anonymous I haven't fully explored it yet because I'm entering this contest but will do so straightaway!
Brennan from USA The widest selection and very well formatted
Cheryl from USA I'm very impressed with the shop's commitment to supporting the Aboriginal culture and about making the public knowledgeable about didgeridoo quality.
Chris from USA Nice
Christopher from USA LO seems like a good group of people but I like that I can hear the didjes on this website. I want to purchase a better didj and I'm sure this is where I will buy it from.
Collin Jones from USA Very well organized easy to browse and most importantly there is plenty of helpful information!
Anonymous from USA It has a very nice layout a great selection of didgeridoos and other Aboriginal products.
Anonymous Very easy to read
David from Australia Can be a little awkward to navigate at times when going from section to section but a great site with lots of useful information.
Anonymous I like the layout and the wide selection of Didjes.
David from USA Its a very good website with a lot of very good info thank you for having it available.
Anonymous from Italy Useful and interesting!
Anonymous I like it. Really informative.
Doug from USA Well organized and formatted
Drew from USA Love it! sound samples for each didj are great. lots of knowledge and expertise! keep it up
Drew from USA Very nice informative I'm just learning about this after having "Harper" play @ our Blues Festival in Norwich NY.
Anonymous from Australia Its easy to navigate
Eric from USA Your website is very helpful and professional. Your prices reflect that all other didj websites are not selling Aboriginal didjes because they try to offer the merchandise for such a low price compared to yours. I hope to soon buy an Aboriginal didj from Didjshop.com so I continue by journey to learn the ancient art of playing the didgeridoo.
Anonymous It provides a lot of information. It clearly could make anyone interested in this historic instrument!
Anonymous Good
Anonymous from Italy It's ok
Frank from USA I have enjoyed the didj sound in various New Age groups. I am now diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea and have an excuse to try it out; my previous instrument was the French horn.
Fred from USA I like it...but it is a little bland
Anonymous Ok
Anonymous from USA Good
Anonymous Great. easy to navigate
Anonymous from Canada Lots of gorgeous didgeridoos. Makes me wish I had a stable source of income:)
Jon from USA Impressive. I like the muted colors and that it isn't too "Busy".
Anonymous It has a very welcoming air to it and offers a huge amount of information in an easily approachable form.
Anonymous I haven't spent much time here yet but so far it looks organized and easy to navigate. Nice colour too.
Mark from USA I love the sound bites
Michael Blacketer from USA IT is clean and well organized. I love the didj specs including the sounds clips
Michael from USA Very complete fairly easy to navigate and well designed overall.
Michael from USA Its nice very clean and very informative.
Mohammad Choudhery from USA Looks very interesting.
Peter Huber from Germany It is a complete site. I think it is a fair company with human doing
Rodney Romano from USA It is well organised
Anonymous from USA The website is great!
Anonymous from USA It's okay. kinda hard to read with similar colors for majority of site foreground background.
Anonymous Could be updated and made nicer. looks very old fashioned and I would think twice about buying a product from here.
Tim from USA There's a lot of info on here but sometimes it's hard to find what I'm looking for. It could use some re-organization.
Anonymous It is very informative. I hope I win one. ANd I hope I have the quest right.
Anonymous from USA I appreciate that all the didj's are termite hollowed traditional didj's
Tucker from USA So far I am impressed.... I am still looking through it

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