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Visitors Comments made during the month of June 2005:

Online name


Alex from USA

It is actually very difficult to find online retailers of didjeridu's especially when you have no reference at all for didj's. This site is by far surpasses any that I have found in the quality that it seems incredibly trustworthy and truly devoted to its craft. I also have found it's guides immensely useful for learning to play the didj as I haven't ever been able to find anyone that plays the didjeridu and has the will or time to teach me.

Alexis Vivas Mu

It's a really good site about didj. I love it. Very good structured and whit so many interesting information especially the sounds of each instrument to compare. Congratulations.

Amy from USA

This site is an endless source of information. I had seen/heard the instrument on television before but when I encountered someone playing it live in the NYC subway I fell completely in love with the Didgeridoo! I am planning on purchasing my first Didgeridoo right away!! Thank you for providing so much information for those of us who are just beginning our Didgeridoo journey!!!

Anders Nilsson from Sweden

It seems to be a really good site. I searched the web for tips on fixing a crack in my didj and your site was the first hit. Haven't really browsed through the whole site yet but I like the idea that you can hear sound clips and see pictures of all the didjes you sell.


It is well organised. I prefer to visit this web site to buy a didgeridoo than went the most music stores that I know.All the information that you need to buy a didgeridoo his here. Congratulations!!But most of all for all the help that you provide to the aboriginal culture. Thank You.

Anonymous from Iceland

It is a very professional site navigation feels natural and the pictures are great. It's also very informative I love being able to see AND hear the different didjes. This is definitely a site by musicians for musicians. I also love the buying guide it feels like I'm in the store with a personal salesman.

Axel from Belgium

You "saved" my life... I tried to find a didj in brussels but it was always imitation cheap didgeridoos about 25

Barbara from USA

I enjoy the newsletter very much and look forward to it. It is informative and I learn things I would not hear about otherwise. Thanks!

Bill Keane from USA

Seems cool and informative. You love didgeridoos!

Bob Robinson from Australia

Easy to move around with a lot of information I also love to 'drool' over the didges for sale. The didge community on this site is 'deadly'.

Anonymous from Australia

Cool site I came to find out what was wrong with my didge but there is a lot more to this shop than meets the eye il be going to this site a lot

Brendan from Australia

So far it's brilliant you guys must have put a lot of time into it. Thanks heaps

Brett from Australia

By far the best site after just buying what I think is a second class didj (thanks to your site) I have been hungry for more and more information also I will be buying from you guys in the near future as soon as I can...LONG LIVE THE DIDJ!!!!

Brian from USA

With so many companies selling dig's and making authentic claims it is nice to find a company who fills the void with solid info and products of a wide price range from collectible to newbie.............nice site.

Cameron from United Kingdom

Very comprehensive web site unusual in the fact of its entirety I haven't previously encountered a web site with regard to the didj that has everything I was looking for Thus your web site is a first! Your products are excellent> I am very tempted to treat myself!

Cedric from France

Your web site is easy to read clearly and well presented.

Cheryl Ludwig from USA

I feel you have the most informative didj web site to date. I can assure you that I visited MANY before KNOWING that you are the one. And when I buy one I will buy from you. I plan on getting excellent playing it using it for healing.

Chris Kangas from USA

Easy to navigate and very informational. Best Didj site I have been to.

Daniel from USA

The faq part was really helpful I haven't really looked around any other part of the web site yet I was going to do that after I entered this contest


Its a great web site wonderful newsletter just wished I had the money to buy a healing and or concert didj of you (one day in the future hopefully)

David from Australia

Interesting informative universal well structured and easy to follow. I like the complexity of this site. impressive and extensive range of didges from keys size weight timber and art. beautiful stuff!


Good web site! I found all what I was looking for! you have really good didj to sale

Dorian Moriarty from USA

Very well set-up and easy to navigate especially the system for searching for didjeridoos by price sound painted/not painted etc.

Duane from USA

So far it looks very thorough and well- organized. I have Native American heritage and am impressed by the "reverence" you show to "Native Australian" heritage and art...

Elizabeth Churchill from USA

Very user-friendly

Anonymous from USA

This site makes me wish I had a MUCH better job!

Evan Broad from Australia

Brilliant site I loved the way you can listen to the different sounds performed by Trevor and Dennis. And such a wide selection of instruments and unique Aboriginal pieces. Extremely informative right down to the dotted I's and T's. Well Done Regards Evan Broad

Fabien from France

Very very nice site and fantastic team


Thanks for all the information.My wife works with children and they want to try to make a didgeridoo from pvc.And look at the site see the foto's and hear the music.So they also wants to thanks for the information. Greetings.

Gary from Australia

Great! I always like to check out the new didgeridoos.

Anonymous from USA

I found your web site informative and easy to navigate. There is so much info that I could easily see myself spending hours here!

Hemanto from Switzerland

Cool I just ordered my first Didge spend twice the money I should but I have much confidence in your ratings so I took a Concert class Didge instead of buying here a cheaper one

Hillel from Australia

Exciting! I'm looking forward to further exploration.

James from USA

I enjoy the newsletters immensely

Anonymous from Belgium

This is certainly the best and most complete (pictures/sound/shop/general info) didge web site

Anonymous from France

I find it quite complete with lots of very high quality didjes. it's a pleasure for eyes and ears !


The best didge site on the net!

Jon Rault from United Kingdom

Great to see many links to other people in the didge world and the free downloads are awesome.

Jonathan Benham from USA

Definitely the very best didj related web site out there. I especially appreciate the fact that there is such an obvious relation between Didjshop and the aboriginal people who are involved with the items for purchase. It's good to know that money spent is not just lining the pockets of some greedy corporation who is furthering the degradation of a first people. The fact that Didjshop stands for the rights of native culture is what makes them stand out among all the others out there (and they have the VERY BEST sounding didgeridoos !)

Joseph Compton from USA

I keep coming back don't I?

Anonymous from Canada

Very nice very informative. I'm ordering one!!

Juha from Finland

I think ..this web site is very good... and if I got money enough I can buy two didges in future from you..both didges are made by peckhams family..one for healing and one for meditation..love to mother earth...that's my work in near future

Kathy from Australia

What a great web site. Never been here before but will definitely be back.


I located your page on the physics of the didgeridoo and look forward to reading it! COOL STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kerry from USA

The best I have been able to view on the internet plain and simple. Since I am still in the infancy stage of my experiences with Didj's this site has been a godsend.

Laini from USA

I think its just right especially with the forum.

Luke Macrae from Australia

This is only my second time here but it looks like you guys have done a really good job and it's great to see that you are pushing for the purchase of authentic aboriginal art rather than false aboriginal art created by white people. I myself am white however I feel a deep sadness that aboriginal people's culture is being cheaply replicated by those who are not aboriginal and also at a great cost to the environment through mass logging to produce cheaper instruments on a larger scale.

Marcus Comet from Sweden

I have searched the web for didge related web-sites a few where good and a few where very thin on information. This site seems very resourceful I especially appreciate the buying guide and tips.

Mark from Australia

Excellent. This really is the place to go. I also love that you are dedicated to all things aboriginal. Keep up the good work. One thing would be good if you sold Didj stands so I can play guitar at the same time. I can't find them anywhere. [OUR COMMENT: just tie or tape a forked branch, cut to size, to the base of a normal mike stand, make two of them and lay your didj on top :-)]

Marthinus Botes from South Africa

It's very cool and I like the fact that you keep it as indigenous as you can. And offer such a wide range of diggery do's. keep it up

Martin from United Kingdom

Although I have never played a Didj it is something I would like to learn and having discovered the DidjShop I keep returning because I find it really motivational and it also helps to keep my wish alive The only thing as good as the web-site is your Newsletter and I have been receiving that for almost four years.


Happy to find a good information about the healing I find that I used the same method in healing and in shamaning session in peru we find that is very powerful help reiki mantra can be used and all good intention with visualisation don

Michel from France

Excellent site. Very informative and clear.

Mike from Canada

Wonderful site and Such a great looking product one day I will own a real didge not this pvc pipe I play with now

Moshik Bachar from Israel

It's a great site..

Nicolle from Australia

WOW First class. Love being able to listen. All the information. Easy to find way around. Thank you I will be back and will refer you to others.

Nigel from Australia

The site is second to none the news letters are great and the didj I bought from the didj shop is the best!

Ola Kielbinska from Poland

Very informative user-friendly nicely designed and has beautiful didgeridooooooooooooooooz.

Anonymous from Spain

Tremendous offer ... and tremendous persons :-)

Peggy from USA

Your web site has encouraged my perseverance and guided my development in didj artistry. I appreciate your calling and wish you the very best!

Phil from United Kingdom

Looks really good and will be using the web site to show the children what they look like and sound like for our topic this week. (Whole school Art week about Australia !)When I get a pay rise I'll be looking to buy !


Great site with lots of great ideas for gifts and for myself.



Rod Frost from USA

Your site has been the most helpful with my circular breathing I just have to keep practising

Rolan from Netherlands

I like the site; I am especially satisfied about your policy concerning didges. Only aboriginal-honest didges and artware are sold. I like that. Greetings

Ron Crose from USA

I like the Aboriginal news tidbits and your general concern and well being with Aboriginal culture and the people. and I always enjoy daydreaming about another didj preferably a yolngu style.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Really amazing site with lots of useful information. I have always loved the didge sound but really appreciated finding out more about the making traditions and art associated with didgeridoos. The sound files are fantastic- both useful for trying to choose a didge and inspirational for new players.

Russ Angelo from USA

This is a very informative web site I did not know that there were so many different types of didjeridoos. I'm sure the quality of your instruments would be what dr. didge would use for there music.

Sandrine from France

I have friends who have buy their Didgeridoo from didjshop and they have very good sound.

Anonymous from Belgium

Honestly it is a great web site Great didjes at cheap price with all information we need.

Sheldon Aubut from USA

Awesome site and really has me stoked to learn to play then buy my first authentic aboriginal made didj.

Simen from Norway

Super... sat down today. ended up with didjshop.com still sitting here after a 2 hours.. still hungry:)

Steven from USA

This web site was EXTREMELY helpful with tips about purchasing maintaining and playing didjes.

Tiffany from Australia

Very impressive site thank you.

Tim from USA

I really like this site. it is put together really well.

Travis Wernet from USA

I found this to be a very cool site. I am recording a CD at the moment and usually have purchased didjeridoos at [deleted] in San Francisco they are fantastic people and their stock is dwindling down so was great to be able to purchase and listen to different instruments and compare ratings with how it felt to listen to various didj's.


The most complete site I have seen yet

Walter from Italy

This is the best site for didge.

Wil from Canada

Its a really nice site. I definitely plan to buy a didjeridoo from you as soon as I can save up some money (which is not easy as a student).

Willem from Netherlands

Great site very clear

William from United Kingdom

It is definitely a good web site I like it there seems to be a lot of information about didjeridoos and aboriginal products. I like the feeling of authenticity it has. If I get enough money I think I would try and buy a didj from you.


Didj on!



Aaron from USA

Your site is easy to navigate.


Very complete

Ami from USA

Very helpful and informative with a refreshing personal touch

Andrew from USA

Extremely well organized and put together. I especially like ow I can hear different didjs.


Great site ... I'll buy a didj or two once I have some more $.

Anthony Molloy from Sweden

Have never bought anything here so I can't comment on the service. However the content here is very informative and there is plenty to see.

Beauden from Australia

Great work


I really like that you can both see and hear the didjes you have for sale. Very easy to make comparisons.

Brad from USA

Love ya thanks!


Je ne c pa

Chris from USA

Nice web site easy to maneuver . Nicely designed with great pages to look at.

Anonymous from USA

Very nice

Claudia from Australia

It looks good. I will visit you again especially before I visit my overseas relatives next time.

Cliff Garnier from USA

I love the site and go there a lot to get ideas on how to paint my next didge. I make my didges out of agave plants My next didge will be painted and I will try to use some of the ides I see on the site

Clint from USA

Pretty good

Dan from USA

Wish me luck

Anonymous from Spain

El didgeridoo a cambiado mi percepcion de la musica y los ritmos es increible que este instrumento aborigen no hay palabras para describirlo.Gracias a todos los aborigenes por querer compartir su cultura y su musica.

Anonymous from USA

This is a very good web site

Dave from United Kingdom

Love the sound file option

Dave from USA

Very cool like the sound samples good if you're looking for a didj like I am

Dave from New Zealand

Looks great so far although I haven't found the didgeridoo pictures yet!

Anonymous from Australia

I haven't spent much time on the site as I just found it but it looks much more comprehensive than the other sites I've seen. I really like the FAQ and make your own didge so far. I'll be spending more time here for sure!

Dean from Australia

Good web site I enjoyed the visit

Den from Belgium

Cool to hear the didgeridoos you can buy

Denis Richard from France

Great some times it's a bet difficult to aces to the didj net but I think that you have one of the best web site about didgeridoo

Eduardo V Vidal from United Kingdom

I think the layout is very clear and easy to navigate. However it would be great if there were some graphics explaining how to do certain sounds. I know this is complicated but possible. Like some lessons online. And also as you mention meditation in the web site some information about different techniques that you know about. The rest is in very good detail and approach. [OUR COMMENT: wish there were more hours in the day :-) - we'll get there...]


I love the audio clips and the photos of the beautiful didjes. Someday I hope to be able to purchase one.

Elizabeth from USA

I can't find anything wrong with it darn good site.


This page can be very good

Frank from Netherlands

Great site with a lot of information

Gary from USA

Very good site a lot of information for people interested in the didgeridoo and other items.


Very nice site with a lot of good information

Grady Karp from USA

The shop is great no doubt. However I believe Didgshop.com needs some graphic design skills (I am sure you could do a trade with someone for some new layout work).

Guillaume from France

A very complete web site with many information on Australian greatest sound

Anonymous from Australia

Good site clear good info.

Harry from USA

I will be very happy to give you feedback on the site once I have perused it!

Henk Stange from Netherlands

A very nice site it's a pleasure to visit him (or her)

Anonymous from USA

Great easy to follow site.

Jade Linda from Canada

Makes me wanna visit Australia!

Janko Sikosek from Yugoslavia

As far as I see it is a very good site. It has plenty of information for the new players.


I like the site and plan to tell friends about it.


I haven't thoroughly checked it out yet.

Jeff from United Kingdom

Great but a bit far away for buying regularly. Great tips for playing.

Jerome from France

Clear and easy to use u might just add some lessons for beginners^^ [OUR COMMENT: see http://www.didjshop.com/shop1/circular_breathing.html]


Looks nice lots of interesting information

John from USA

I think its a great site I have learned much about didjeridus different types and styles and how to play them.


Up and running and too cool - thank you

Anonymous from Australia

Informative site for beginners and those interested in learning to play and as an ongoing resource and inspiration in my didj adventures - have bookmarked it to return. Many thanks and best wishes for success.

Keith from Australia



This is a really user friendly site. I also like that the didj doesn't automatically start playing when the site launches.

Kelly from Canada

Seems very thorough it would be cool if there was more instruction and sound bites (I've found a few maybe just haven't found it all)

Anonymous from USA

Wide range of info products.

Kyle Kunesh from USA

Although I've only tried playing the didjeridoo a few times if I had one of my own I'd practice continually but as is I'm saving up for turntables and a $200 djembe for my band but a didjeridoo would be an extremely nice instrument to add to my resume and bands overall sound


Is a cool web page


Nice informative site

Lidia from France

Well organized

Lionel Cotel from Belgium

Tres beau site que je me suis empresse de mettre dans mes favoris juste dommage qu il ne soit pas entierement en francais (a moins que je n ai pas trouve..) bonne continuation merci

Mark from USA

I've just visited the page. So far it's nice.


Haven't seen much yet. Looks promising...


This is a very informative web site I am a beginner and use this site for learning experience.

Max from Switzerland

It is nicely done I would however like to have a more detailed information about why a didge is a good one or how we can improve our own didge playing

Melissa Berry from Australia

Great site easy to navigate.


Very good


A very informative site both for musical and cultural reference.

Michael McCormick from USA

Not much feedback yet.

Mike from USA

Very slick site - will check back frequently to see "what's new"


La verdad que esta muy buena muy completa. y te permite conocer muchas cosas acerca de este instrumento tan maravilloso

Nicole from USA

I wish the sound of the didjeridoo was playing constantly in the background - It's so powerful and peaceful!!

Nik from United Kingdom

Its great maybe you could get more pics or sound bites

Norbert Pfefferkorn from Canada

Cool. I came to look for techniques on how to circule breath. Now I just have to practice

Ondřej from Czech Republic

It's great-this site is one of the biggest and best. I'll give an advantage to my friends soon


I think is the biggest web full of didges and more...

Patrick from France

Well done


It would be very nice if you were to provide a page where you tell people how to make different animal sounds such as an owl or dingo. [OUR COMMENT: its planned...]


Great site.

Peter from USA

I'd like an MP3 file for each didj for sale.

Pierre from Switzerland

Good infos and great too hear there sound

Rafa from Spain

Me parece la mejor pagina de didj que conozco ya la conocia antes que tenia otro nombre me gustaba la especie de juego que habia en el que pulsando los botones escuchabas posibles sonidos del didj estaba bien porque para gente como yo que no controla mucho era util para aprender a sacarle sonidos

Rebecca McChesney from USA

This seems like a really nice site I like the sound clips and the clarification on the instrument rating never realized that there were actual pitches and types of didjes.

Roberto Fioravanti from Canada

I just miss an overall list to pick from beside this it is hard to compare it with the rest out there.

Robin Kalberg from Germany

Well designed page great didges. Nice to hear sounds.

Rodrigo Figueira from Portugal

I think it

Roger H

Professional page and very good with the sound files.

Sam from Belgium

Je trouve que ce site est tr

Sam from Australia

Well set up site. Its really good to be able to hear didges played and I get the feeling you know what you're on about.


I love your web site its a lot of what I thought it would be

Sasa from Croatia/hrvatska

Very nice lots of material extensive. Don't like the background-text combination tho - too little contrast. I like the DidjNet idea very much.

Terri-ann from Australia

Very easy to understand and look around...very appealing

Terry Balde from Canada

I have not been there yet but I plan to visit this site a lot

Tim Kelley from USA

A lot of good info I like it a lot but is kind of hard to navigate

Todd from Australia

Yours is a very comprehensive site. I'm only learning but learning very fast and your site gives me some fantastic information buying advice etc. Thank you!!

Victor from France

Seems good

Vincent from Canada

It's awesome to have such information at the same place and a shop at the same time!


Informative and extensive. Now I know exactly what I'm looking for in my next didgeridoo!

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