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Visitors Comments made during the month of May 2007:

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Ahmed Malik from Sweden

There are lots of things com to know. it helps a lot to learn about didj.

Anatoliy from Ukraine

One can see that you are in this business not only because of money but because you are really interested in this instrument and Aboriginal people.

Brett from Australia

Love your website. Full of lots of information that definitely helped me to make an informed choice about what I wanted in a Didjeridoo. Love your form that I filled in to help with the selection of the Didjeridoo

Anonymous from USA

Love it

Chad from USA

Good site. Great products. Stellar involvement with Aboriginal culture.

Chad from USA

Best website for didjeridoos.

Chris Holmes from Australia

I looked around at a couple of other sites before finding yours. I don't look anywhere else now and have been on the email list for over 2 years. It's great

Dan from USA

Tops! Absolutely first class. I am in total agreement that it is wrong for anyone to make and or advertise and sell instruments "claiming" to be authentic Aboriginal when they are not.

Danesh Faquih from Australia

Good website lot of information. Looking forward to buying a didj from here.


It seems very good


Best selection

Eleanor Hjemmet from USA

This is perhaps the most compelling website I have ever visited. I come for the education and to hear how experts sound playing the didge. I come to be inspired. I come because this website plays a significant part in healing our sick world. Bless you all.

Eoin Donohoe Carson from Ireland

This is an excellent site well laid out and informative. I love the work you do and it is great to see that someone cares! I have a great interest in aboriginal culture and hope to visit australia some day. I'm buying a didje to bring the sound of australia to ireland!

Anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska

I think its great. Loaded with advices and instructions about this incredible instrument as well loaded as your shop full of true master pieces!

Gail Plumbe from Australia

It is some very informative and I have learned a lot I have recently found out that my family is aboriginal decent and I have become so very interested in finding out as much info as possible

Geoff Smith from Australia

It was recommended to me and lives up to that recommended reputation

Jacob from USA

I think its very cool

Jacque from USA

I like the fact that your site is the only one that even ask questions about where and what the state of affairs as it relates to Aboriginal people. Keep up the good work and get the word out to m ore people. Thank you Blessings sent to you and your staff.

Jake from Australia

Heaps good. Authentic and honest

Jared from USA

It is my favorite for didge info.

Jeff Johansen from USA

This is by far the best didj website on the net. I learned all the facts here this is the only place I will consider buying from. I really like the ease of navigation and layout of the site. But most of all I appreciate that this website offers so much more than just the sale of products. You offer cold hard facts forums news and a very detailed guide to all your products. You are the best!

Jeff from USA

It is the best one not kidding

John from Australia

Your website is really quite good. I love all of the details (various grading etc.) that you provide especially the sound bites of individual didges.

Josh from Australia

Its the most respectful and gives the most credit to the aboriginals. it is categorised very well

Anonymous from Australia


Kyle from USA

Very nicely laid out and easy to understand. It lacks the over commercialized feel that other sites use to propagate their crap to ignorant people.

Anonymous from Australia

Very Australian simple and to the point!

Anonymous from Australia

Excellent site

Les from Australia

Fantastic and very informative

Lex from Italy

Good simple design gives a lot of information seems to be really genuine.

Lieber from Brazil

The best didgeridoo website for sure. best information best products You have all my respect for your fight on keeping australian aboriginal culture safe.

Lies Beijerinck from Netherlands

Very very complete!

Marcin from Poland

The website is very clear everything is easy to find thanks to the many categories every didge has a sound sample good picture many information about it (tone size etc)


Its user friendly and I like it especially the online forums

Anonymous from Malta

It s interesting and well organised it also gives the push which one may need to opt to try to play a Didj

Anonymous from United Kingdom

A great site with more than just a shop. Best site around!

Matthew Atienza from USA

You guys have actually manipulated my mind. Because of you guys I am now educated. Very Good Site!

Max from USA

Love the informational e-mails.

Michael Barratt from Australia

I find it easy to navigate well done. Your site is the only one interested in preserving the art form in the domain of Aboriginal people all the others seem to just like to get as much money as possible.

Mickael Forsbreg from Sweden

I think it's the best on the Internet.

Nicole from Germany

I like it very much. I have just added it to my favourites.

Noam from Israel


Patti from USA

I love your website...easy to read easy to manoeuvre and great products and prices.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Great info I especially liked the buying guide eagerly waiting for a reply. Didge meditation sounds like a super idea

Anonymous from Australia

This is great!!

Steve from United Kingdom

An Excellent site with every detail of each didjeridoo and a good insight into most other things connected with didj

Anonymous from USA

VERY cool site!


Not only do you offer quality in the way of products but quality of how you conduct your business. Your site and company and adding value and enrichment to a way of life and an indigenous people. I tell everyone to go here.

Alaina from USA

I really like the website. It has a great deal of information and I have already learned many new facts in just a few minutes. It also seems very culturally compatible (all-inclusive) of many countries. Well done!


Have you answered the questions on this questionnaire? If you feel that only Aboriginal people should play a didj then you should not sell them. Should you? [OUR COMMENT: do you expect us to say yes to every question?]


Very good.

Anthony from Australia

Colour scheme reflects indigenous Australia well.

Brad from Australia

Very nice thanks


Simple to navigate I would like to see resolution photographs and wallpapers for download.


Very Nice!

Anonymous from USA

It's very easy to use and very helpful

Chrystina from USA

I greatly enjoyed your website and all the information I have found about the history. Thank you chrystina

Colleen from USA

I've come to this site many times to listen to sound clips and admire the artistic visuals on the didgeridoos you carry. They are SO beautiful.

Dan from USA

Excellent look easy to navigate and very informative

Darlene from Canada

Lovely very easy to navigate and lots of useful information.

David from USA

So far so good. I wanna look at some didges...I'm looking for a C

Daz from United Kingdom

Excellent layout clear descriptions good information and the sound samples was a nice touch

Anonymous from Canada

I quite like your website and the items and information available here.

Don from USA

Nice flow of content and lots of info navigation is easy cool color scheme.

Edward from USA

Very nice website although I haven't explored much so yet.

Eric from Australia

It gets the job done:)

Fabrice from France

Maybe a french version... but good anyway. I have found answers to my questions.

Fernando from Spain

As far as I've seen It looks very good and clear not just about the did as an instrument but to all the stuff behind it...

Frank from USA

I like the interface.

Fred from USA

As an American your website has been an education in Aboriginal culture and the struggles it is going through in the 21st century.

Georgina Moynihan from USA

Since I have retired from Civ/eng I am now working for a special Educational Publications Company and I do their website I appreciate your website I think Its is ral cool and explicit wih many personal research so you can hone in to what people ought to have especially since you really'dow under' and can't just run back for an exchange. Yes KUDO for your web.

Gianluca from Italy

Cool idea but improve graphic design... It would be more "impressive";-)

Hajo Hoffmann from Netherlands

It is very helpful I like the site


Very informative individual sound samples great idea. a bit sloppy in some parts though

Isabelle from France

A lot of content very interesting but the management of the information is not enough clear. I think you can manage better your website to put it more attractive by creating a particular atmosphere (website design sounds and videos...)

James from USA

Nice web-site

James Pierson from USA

I love it. It's easy to navigate and very informative. Even if I can't afford another didj it is great eye candy and ear candy. I love the sound clips. When I can afford it that will play a large role in my purchasing of a didj. I might suggest having a couple different people play each didj since everyone has there own styles. It might give the listener a better idea of the sounds you can get.


Didjshop is very informative about the aboriginal people who make didgeridoos

John Smith from USA

Very informative on the Aboriginal culture and the issues that they face. A huge amount of information.

Joseph Mitchell from USA

I like it. very easy to navigate


Very Nice Layout.


Your site is laid out the best.

Maureen from USA

I have learned much today


Easy to navigate

Anonymous from Malaysia

Quite complete. but I think the didje are quite expensive because of my country's currency. and I think this website should put some sample of music or sound of didge.

Nicolas Lombardot from France

Site très complet motivant vraiment a la pratique du didj vivement la traduction française

Anonymous from Netherlands

I like it. Liking the lay-out pictures and info. You have a lot of info on the site most of the sites I've visited only tell about something specific.

Anonymous from USA

Very Nice


Great lay out and really liked the didj sounds

Ralph from USA

I enjoy the pictures the most. In a perfect world I would be able to afford and pick out a didge by using the criteria used for selling didges on your site. I am informed and have an idea as to which didge I need or want for different occasions.

Richard from USA

Very informative and good to see...help to support the Real players(aboriginal) and give credit where credit is due. Kudos to you...

Richard Hague from United Kingdom

Layout is good. Very informative. Buying guide could be in a more obvious position. Maybe have a link explaining the grading and key schemes on the didgeridoo browsing pages. Maybe condense the didgeridoo information into one link that takes you to a list of separate categories (ie Information Regarding Didgeridoos) with the didgeridoo sound grading coming under the buying guide

Rob from United Kingdom

Fantastic - I am saving for one of your didges at the moment - the choice is just awesome - I could buy 5 or 6 in one go if I had a spare $4000 that is!!

Robert from USA

A lot of good information is given

Roi Redondo from Spain

It's cool. Maybe better if you have a physical place

Ron from USA

Nice job

Rual from USA

It seems to me that most are about the same except for the passion the Didjshop has for the instrument.

Anonymous from Canada

It's a great site! It is easy to see and use it has great information and is well laid out I will seriously consider ordering a didge from you.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

A good informative site and I have learnt a lot about the culture and important information about didj before buying one and how I should buy from.

Anonymous from France

Very complete very sincere u take us aware of the trade not really equal sympathetic


Very interesting I learned a lot

Ursula from USA

Very nice lots of true info


Interesting- nice-attractive

William from USA

I enjoy reading about the didj and aboriginal culture.

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