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Visitors Comments made during the month of November 2008:

Online name


Aaron from USA

I think you have a lot of great didgeridoos

Andreu from Spain

Hola adeu chau

Andris from United Kingdom

Very good description of your didjes that's what makes your store different from other online shops I've seen + lots of other useful information with links. Everything you need to know about didjes is here. Keep up the good work!

Benjamin from USA

Looks very good. Seems to stock didgeridoos of very high quality

Blake Roberts from USA

Easy to use lots of info "one of the best on the web"


Very informative especially the information about purchasing a genuine product. I would recommend anyone buying a didgeridoo to visit the site.

Cezar Cayom from Brazil

It's the greatest didj website in the world.


Best site ever

Daniel from USA

I really appreciate someone providing others with the chance to learn about the aboriginal culture. The didgeridoo's that you sell are beautiful in both sound and appearance. Please keep up the good work!

Ed from USA


Garrett from USA

It is very well put together. I have not found a mistake yet(I'm looking though for that extra entry)

Anonymous from USA

Wow.... added another home page to my homepage list

Jake from Australia




Jessica Buchanan from USA


Jon-eric from USA

Vast amount of information thanks! I really like the physics sections quite unexpected

Keith from Australia

Love it - always interested in seeing what is available and hearing different Didjes and find the linked sites very interesting and helpful also.

Kieff from USA

I love the information laying everywhere. not to be picky but I would make the tabs at the top the same as the left column [OUR COMMENT: the top links lead to different section and each of those has different side links; there are simply too many pages to link to from a single menu]

Linda West from USA

You have a very interesting website and it is very well maintained. I like to read the newsletters to get the latest 'other' side of the news events concerning the Aboriginal people and I link to your website from the newsletter to see what is new.

Marcin from Poland

That's great that it isn't just a shop but a centre for a community.

Martin from South Africa

I stumbled upon your site by chance what more can I say picture yourself as a little child standing in a shop full of toys and sweets everything your heart desires smack in front of you well that's the effect your site has for me.

Massimo from Italy

The most complete site about Didgeridoo on the net. It has everything: information a community and a simple professional shop. If someone wishes to know this instrument he'll have to see this website.


Oh I definitely like it. I'm interested in buying a didj as well as some jewellery.

Anonymous from Portugal

Didj shop is much more than a web is a home a place to share and to learn study that allow you to be on permanent discovery. thanks didge lovers

Nathan from Australia

Excellent site.... much more than just an online shop... great to see you promoting the important issues and supporting the community in so many ways.


I thing your is incredible ...I like it very much!!!simple and easy to use with a great role of didges!!

Richard from USA

The best didj site out there. I really appreciate the values of this company.

Robert from Netherlands

No comments superb website! From the design up to how well it works! Only question is the sound quality table in the explanation you find 5 levels next to the didges in the shop a few more. [OUR COMMENT: In the shop we provide you also with in between qualities]


Very professional looking. I would very much like to be one of your affiliates so if anyone visits my site and wants more info or to buy a didj I would be happy to recommend them to you. [OUR COMMENT: you are welcome, please simply register in our community section, thanks]

Stefani Fox from USA

It is a grand website.. and I love the didj up for the Competition

Stephen Jones from USA

Very easy to navigate. Found so much information about the history of traditional Aboriginal arts. I love it!

Tom from USA

You have a great website. I started out only interested in the didge but you have also made me aware of some of the social issues with indigenous populations. Unfortunately we have some experience along those lines in this country as well. I saw a movie recently called Rabbit Proof Fence which provided some shocking insights into the history of white/ aboriginal relations..

Tony from United Kingdom

It's a great site with lots of information and a real community spirit.

Zachary Heidemann &/or Ryan &/or Arrildt from USA

AWESOME JOB! THE BEST RESOURCE FOR DIDGERIDOOS! Not only that but the best source for TRUE QUALITY FAIR TRADE didj's... Can't beat this Karma baby... Teach me oh great master...;-)

Alejandro Dominguez from Mexico

It is really great. Plenty of information and images. really nice website.


Lots of information


What a great informative site

Betsy Sauther from USA

I love being able to hear the sounds.

Brian from USA

Love your site. Great didj photos and I like how I can listen to each didj play.


Great tips and tremendous info but it needs a better overall design.

Cyrille Thoumazet from France

Very instructive

Anonymous from USA

Has the most information on it I've ever seen

Emmanuelle from France

A good website but just 1 page with french translation... Arff

Erwin Persoon from Netherlands

Very clear only some parts are not in dutch and some parts are but that's not very a problem it only reads slower. all by all ill find it a very good site.

Grant from Australia

Great range and excellent amount of info

Heath from USA

It worked out great for me.

James from USA

Very informative and interesting

Anonymous from Czech Republic

It is great site. nice design but you may change the colours the great thing is the changing of currency nice photos of didges and the best thing are recordings of didge sound


Just well done

Joel Purvis from USA

The picture of the man sitting down got me I'm also an artiest and was looking for a picture to paint of an Aboriginal with a Didj the colors are great the orange/brown the font is very readable. the site is easy to nav.

John Spierings from Australia

It has never ending information whether it is regarding our culture or anything to do with didgeridoo history making or playing.

Joshua from Canada

I love it. it inspires me to keep going and practice circular breathing

Kate from USA

Very interesting. Seems like you really really enjoy all aspects of a didj.

Anonymous from Hungary

Great site although it should be more easily navigable


I have just found it and will now go back and explore.

Lr from USA

Very clear and useful. Some links are missing from the home sidebar but aside from that it's great.

Massimo Beccarelli from Mexico

You offer a good service for the people like me that love play the didj. I'm so glad with that.

Michael from USA

Your website has been helpful so far and I am about to take a look at your products.

Oliver Aoun from France

Waiting to know more about it!

Peter from USA

Nice stuff... helping me to learn a new world

Rhea from USA

Very interesting and informative

Robert from USA

Interesting and constantly improving keep up the good work.

Rochelle from USA

I think it's really cool. I'm hoping to win this didj but if I don't I'm sure I'll be back to buy one of my own (although I really really really hope it doesn't come to that since I always have to have the best and not sure I have the money!! lol).

Scott from USA

This is a pretty good site

Scott from USA

Like the layout so far!

Sylvain Loustaunau from Japan

Reference in didj shopping aboriginal culture and his promotion

Tom from United Kingdom

Well put together and easy to follow


Is invitational

Anonymous from USA

Looks interesting. Would like to spend more time here

Warren from USA

Erm its very salmon colored (I have nothing useful to say here:-)).

Zack from USA

Great site using it for a class if that's ok!

Anonymous from USA

Good job keep up the good work!

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