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Visitors Comments made during the month of May 2010:

Online name


Alexander Kaye from USA It is simple practical and pleasant.
Andrew from Australia Great site with so many serious followers.
Antti Kässi from Finland It's nice and easy to use except sometimes I have to check if this website really still is active because I seldom get the feeling from the outlook of this website that this is outdated.
Brent Groover from USA Excellent website incredible amount of information and didjes great people on the forums~
Anonymous from USA Very comprehensive.
Anonymous It's great everything is easy to find.
Cindy from USA Very informative
Claudiu Oros from Romania Brilliant site with lots and lots of didges to choose from and even more compelling information for new and more experienced players. From my point of view totally brilliant!!!!
Edward Maldonado from USA Beautiful layout much more professional than others I have been to.
Gerry from South Africa Great website. Not only can one purchase genuine Didjes here but also sample the sound and quality of them. Besides that I also think it is great that you provide a historical and technical background to the didge.
Anonymous from Brazil Much very good! I like!
Hugh from Canada It is proving to be quite helpful for learning to play and take care of my didj.
James from USA I love it! I'm bookmarking it. Will visit often!!
Jaroslav from Czech Republic Nice environment I like to go through and learn something new and also check new didges
Jefferson Svengsouk from USA Very thorough and complete. Still exploring. Looking for a guide to buying a didgeridoo.
Joel from USA It seems very informative so far. Looking forward to exploring more.
Joellen from USA This is my first visit to your website and was born of curiosity about the instrument. I wish I could hear the different sounds of each instrument as I sit here.
John from USA Highly informative website. Awesome selection of didj's. Would like to buy a didj here once I have the money to do so.
Anonymous Full of didj knowledge
John from USA Well done organized and informative
Jon Baldovin from USA The site looks awesome. I love the large variety Didjes that are up for sale. P.S: I have loved the Didgeridoo since I first heard one but I live in an area where most people have never heard of this instrument. I would love to show people in my community this instrument.
Justin Ivey from USA I found the set up very helpful and informative all the information made my search fun and exciting.
Katerina from Czech Republic It is pretty informative many useful links available
Kathleen from USA I like it! I like the amount of information. The site is deep with lots of useful content
Larry Choate from USA Honestly this is my first time here..so far so good. ill definitely be back and spread the word.
Anonymous None
Leah from USA I liked the website. Best of all was the fact that I could listen to the exact didgeridoo offered for sale. I had a problem with my back button on my explorer browser. I couldn't just hit "back" and review the list I was looking at. I wanted to compare some of the didgeridoos against the others and without the back button it wasn't easy to scroll down the list and listen and then return to the list. I had to keep re-entering information over and over to get back to the search criteria I had selected. By the way this is a report on your website (please enter me in the drawing again): Some of the buttons behaved inconsistently. For instance when I put a product code in the search box SOMETIMES it took me to the didgeridoo but other times it took me to a list rather than the didgeridoo I was looking for. Sometimes it worked but sometimes not.
Anonymous I have enjoyed your web site. Is is laid out very well and very educational.
Matt Dix from Australia So far so good first time here.
Michael from USA This is my first visit to your site but so far I am very impressed with the very professional way it is put together and there seems to be plenty of info to keep me busy for many hours to come.
Paula from USA Very informative and easy to use.
Roger from USA Well informed
Romano from Italy Rispetto ad altri I didgeridoo sono descritti alla perfezione e quello comprato da voi (AM095) è meraviglioso sono rimasto molto soddisfatto
Scott from USA Very nice but you should have a section on how playing didgeridoo has been shown to improve sleep disorders. It may create another revenue stream for you while providing a huge service to others.
Sharon from USA I like it- it is very thorough.
Stephen Martin from USA Solid down to the point site..
Steve from Australia Looks good
Anonymous It is difficult for me to answer yes or no questions and I don't know about the future. Three aboriginals left my dreams years ago might be time for re-union.
Venita Bentley from USA I haven't really seen it yet.

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