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Visitors Comments made during the month of May 2004:

Online name


Adam Hammons from USA

It's great!

Anonymous from USA

Look forward to newsletter, and enjoy dreaming about getting one of the didj, I enjoy the one I have and have my kids play with it, never fails the youngest is the best player and best teacher!

Alex Moore from United Kingdom

Great genuine site. Concerned with all aspects of the didj and the culture it comes from -Not just the product. I bought a didj for Xmas, from the point of purchase to the day it arrived on my doorstep it took 4 days! and that's to the UK! I spoke to Cathy at the shop to arrange e-mailing my payment details rather submit over the internet - due to pc problems. She called me twice to arrange this. The whole experience was as it should be, quick, easy and with the personal touch. Full marks on all fronts

Alexis Moon from USA

It was very informative and detailed. I'm actually researching this wonderful earthly instrument for my husband. he was recently introduced to the Didgeridoo and shown how to play it and was playing along w/ this gentleman for 3 hours. your site is, by far, the best one I've explored.

Anonymous from Iceland

This looks like a very professional site, I know that in the future this will be the place I will come to for my didgeridoo needs (I'm even considering buying a carry bag for my didge soon). Since no music shops in Iceland carry didges or accessories for them.

Ben Saunders from Australia

I love your site I think it is brilliant. Its always wonderful to see people who care so much about what they do. You have help and inspired me.

Bill Brazeau from USA

I love the site and plan to purchase my first one in Sept from you

Anonymous from USA

It was this site that got me to circular breathing. I can circular breathe a but now, but it was your links and information that got me to where I am today and where I will be tomorrow. The site is well organized and I enjoy that you provide background information about didjs rather than just sell them and forget about your customers. This creates an atmosphere that makes people want to come back to learn and collect more.

Carlos Camelo from Portugal

I think it's very nice that you show to the world the aborigine culture. It's very important to help and give to know the minorities to the world. I'm sorry for my bad english.


It's great , I have mailed a link to all my didj playing mates , one of them is looking into a market stall to sell some of your didj's from

Chris Hanning from United Kingdom

Great web site. Good tips on what to look for when buying a didj. Will certainly be coming back, hopefully to buy a didj at some point!

Damen Todd from USA

I love it; its the best

Daniel Savouyaud from France

Very good site, from the service to the colors =) easy to use, and really full of information.

David Dunley from USA

Excellent site- best on the net!

Eddy Pierard from Belgium

Very nice site, it's always a pleasure to visit it. Probably the best didge site on the Internet.


Such an excellent web site. for reference.

Eleanor Hjemmet from USA

This is one of my all time favorite web sites. I have it bookmarked, and send the URL to any friend I think might be interested. One day I will order a REAL didge from you. A point of interest... my 19 year old son just bought me a nice sounding bamboo didge for my MOTHER'S DAY GIFT! I'm impressed with his great taste. He also bought one for himself. My first didge is also bamboo, but doesn't have the diameter these two have, nor as good a sound. Both of us hope to master circular breathing and participate in your solstice healing meditations, and ONE day as I say, we'll have one of your fine instruments. I am a 60 year old folk musician, spinner and weaver living in the Appalachian mountains of Tennessee.

Florian Guillet from USA

I find this site very appealing and informative. It makes one who does not know this instrument want to discover its exceptional concept. And for those who are experienced players, it makes you want to possess myriads of Didgeridoos that all play in a different key!

Garry Mabey from New Zealand

Excellent easy to follow web site. and I have since ordered a Video on learning how to play Didj and hope to purchase a didj soon I Have found the staff so far with whom I have dealt with to be very Friendly and helpful and a pleasure to Deal with.

Germain Laberge from Canada

Fantastic site! The Best so far!

Guillermo Vallone from Argentina

It was the first didjes site I visited and I always come back to it.

Harry Schuit from USA

I love the web site. , of all the shops I have been to and all the crap I've seen on ebay the didjshop is soooooo good , I love it, variety , explanations , sound variations , anything - even boomerangs wow!!



Ian Hopper from USA

It's nice to have a site with original, authentic didje's for purchasing. That is wonderful!

Anonymous from Netherlands

I found a lot of information on the site! I became a regular visitor.

Janusz Guttmeyer from Poland

This site is so professional. I've never seen such site before. I can trust you.


The site provides fantastic information about each of the various didj's providing a better understanding of their individual qualities. Its really easy to search for the information required and the MP3 music allows a greater insight into the unique sounds of the didj. It has inspired me to continue search for the inner spiritual enlightenment that the didj brings through its natural harmony.

Ken Pinyerd from USA

Love the site. Haven't been here in awhile, since I can't really afford a new didj right now, but I was doing a vanity search (searching the internet for my own name) and found a link to this site from way back, when I won a gift certificate to your shop which I never used (boy that was stupid of me... is it still valid? <grin>). Now I'm checking out you're site again and seeing all kinds of new stuff. I decided to re-enter the contest in hopes of picking up a new termite tube (no disrespect intended... its just that all the didj's I make are either plastic <bleah! but the newbies buy em> or yucca <beautiful and good sounding, but not authentic>. Thanks for giving me the chance at winning. When I actually have a steady income I'm sure I'll be by here to spend. ^_^

@l Hcun from Taiwan

I like your web site because in Taiwan no didj shop and not much people play it I always practiced along, I am happy I can play didj and I have many info of didjis from your web site thanks

Anonymous from USA

It is way cool site - lots of background info. and history on the didjeridu...Cool didj's too, for sale and reference, the best quality I've seen on the web!

Liz Switzer from USA

I haven't searched the whole site yet, but what I've seen looks impressive.


Extremely interesting, and my interest is peaked. thanks so much!

Marco Menozzi from Italy

Fantastic site, thank to your useful information and mp

Marlon E Fuller from USA

You guys and gals are great people to deal with. I highly recommend you to others.


The web site. is well-organized and informative. I think it is the best site I have been on.

Micah Hagan from USA

I enjoy your newsletter, I like to browse and listen to the audio clips.

Anonymous from USA

Excellent- very complete and the most informative I've seen.

Michael Rowland from Australia

I have found the Didjshop web site. to be very interesting and useful regarding sounds,keys and maintenance and breathing etc. Three months ago a friend of mine arrived in Sydney from Ireland after traveling around Aus, He had purchased a really nice Didj in Cairns and was really excited about learning. I haven't put it down since he got here, and am now able to Circular breath and make really cool tunes . I want to buy a didj but it is very hard to find a decent shop in Sydney ! The market seems to be aimed at tourists

Michael Stoltz from USA

I love your web site - I find it fascinating I have gotten your newsletter sent to my old email address. I also have my art students go to your site when I teach about aboriginal art and culture

Anonymous from USA

I think it's great

Anonymous from France

Great site with a lot of choice, I have bought one didg according the lots of advice from the site


Its great! All the information you need is right here.


It's a really good web site!!!!

Anonymous from France

The best web site dedicated to didjeridoo. Such a wonderful thing to be able to listen to the sound of the didjeridoo online. Such a good idea..... And probably the most amazing instrument I've 11ever seen and heard...... BRAVO !!!!

Raul Perez from USA

This site is GREAT! I've recommended it to my fellow didge playing friends as well as my physics teacher. I have learned so much from this site from the history of the didge to didgeridoo healing. Sometimes when I have nothing to do I come to your site just to see the beautiful artwork and design of the didgeridoos displayed on the site. I really enjoy everything about didjshop. Keep up the good work! WeeeeeeeeeerrRRRRRRWWWeeeeeeeeeeeeRRRRWeWeWeeER

Ray Branson from USA

After visiting other Didj sites the Didjshop is the most informative and genuine, dealing with this Aboriginal art.

Robert Wells from United Kingdom

I came to Australia in 2001 when my father fell seriously ill. During my stay I was sat trying to get my head around my fathers illness. The sun was going down at my parents near Brisbane and I could hear this haunting sound. It turned out to be a guy two houses down. I listened for ages, it was a really relaxing moment at a time of real stress. The first chance I had I went out and brought my first Didj and have been trying to play it ever since .My dad recovered a lot quicker than I have mastered my breathing!! Cool site. Thanks.


For a non player I was looking for a site with some information about the didj and I was very impressed with what I found on your site. I have also started looking at your didjeridoo's for sale, and I'm very impressed with your prices and quality!!!

Robyn Schuler from USA

Beautiful keep up the beauty and hard work that goes into it.

Sean Bester from New Zealand

The Didjshop web site. is the only site I will go to for any information or authentic aboriginal products as you have the interests of the aboriginal culture at heart as opposed to the others who want to make a quick buck, so keep up the brilliant web site. thanks!!!!

Sean Riley from USA

I would like to comment not only on the profound web site. but on the didj that I bought from Didjshop.com a few years ago. It is one of the best investments that I have made. I have played a number of didjs while visiting music shops while travelling, etc. And nothing compares to the sound quality, durability, and T.L.C. that these didjs receive from Didjshop. I thank you people so much and especially for considering sustainable practices and Native issues. Sean Riley


It's a good web, and I like too much because I'm spanish and this web it's translated so good.

Anonymous from USA

Very impressive, and informational. keep up the good work.

Anonymous from USA

Great web site. Very inter-active and helpful.

Stuart Kirkpatrick from Bermuda

Easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Need info on didges? Just go to Didjshop.com !!!!!!!

Tibor Pongrácz from Hungary

Your page is great... :) I'm a big didge fun, so some pictures and great sounds always give me good feelings, but your page is... friendly. That-1s the best description, I think.


It sells quality didgeridoos for all round players and shares a sustainable amount of information with each

Valerie Longwith from USA

This is a wonderful site, will be back again.

Anonymous from USA

Well Done, Smart and a fun site. I wish others we're as good. Walt

Yannis Rousseau from France

Simply the best

Aaron Blake from USA

I think it's the best site out there. You guys incorporate so much into this site it's truly impressive. You've got pretty much every bit of information concerned with the didgeridoo right here. One thing I haven't been able to find though, is didge care tips, maybe I just haven't found that link yet though! I particularly enjoy coming here every few days and listening to various sound clips of didges and fantasizing about playing them. Keep up the great work.

Adriana Okuma from Brazil

I really loved the site, but I think the prices is too high.

Adrien Bélisme from France

It is a very good site but you translate in Italian dutch...but not in French ! My english is not very good and sometimes I can't understand what it written. I agree with the lot of quality didj choice. Classification by price, sound and more is a good idea. Thank for every things.

Alessio Morresi from Italy

I think that it's a very good web site

Anonymous from Australia

It is great and very helpful for what I was looking for

Andre Cuba from Portugal

Good stuff

Andrea Massani from Italy

Cool job guys, an incredible instrument such as didjeridoo deserves the love you put in developing a site like this.keep it up. Andrea


It is very easy web site to use because it is easily to find what your looking for.

Anonymous from Canada

Interesting site beautiful instruments

Anonymous from Belgium

It looks nice & a great bunch of information. I'm pretty certain it will please me when I look further, but I still have to do so, as my attention was drawn by the fact that I could win this great didg here:)

Barbara Burgess from USA

You have some absolutely fantastic items. Gorgeous, to say the least. I am very impressed. It took me 4 years to find the didj I wanted and it was not from lack of looking. I just got back from Australia (4-30-2004) and found a didgeridoo from the Wiradjuri Tribe by Sandy Kirby-King. It is beautiful. I plan to acquire more items in the future and look forward to visiting your web site. I also plan to move to Australia some day. I love the culture and everything about it.


Your site was very interesting and easy to use.

Brad Geiger from USA

Looks sharp

Brian Howell from USA

Very nice web site.; easy to navigate through and lovely content.


Nice looking site. I hope to win so I can learn to play. I do a little Sax, so that's how I know circular breathing.

Bryan Thorson from USA

Cool site but to many comments from visitors on the home page.

Anonymous from USA

Very Nice

Chris Doyle from USA

I like this site Its a little hard to get around though


I enjoy the Didjshop web site. very much. I appreciate uncomplicated web sites. which are easy to navigate and yours fits the bill.


Good site with a lot of information,and great didges.

Curtis Barber from Canada

The web site has a great layout, props to the site designer. I still have a lot more of the site to check out but what I've seen so far is great, the Didges look awesome and I would love to get my hands on a few.



Dane Simpson from Australia

It is a good web site. and I like to see you full at having a go and trying new things. The web site. has it's own uniqueness. My community group have our own web site. but it is not quite complete have a look and if you have any suggestions let me know though email. www.freewebs.com/theblacksuns

Daniel Andrade from Portugal

I'm not sure about what you are asking here! You want me to say what I think about the site? I have no accurate adjective! It was a great idea! I give all the staff my congratulations! This is not simply a shop, this is a great tool to spread the didj to a wider public but above all this is a very good instrument helping in the conservation of one of the most ancient and most beautiful culture in the world.You make people aware of the culture, mythology, art, cosmovision, history! My Congratulations!

Daniel Waters from USA

So far you look very well organized and complete.

Anonymous from USA

Nice to see, so far. very informative. Looking forward to checking out your prices.

David Naftalin from USA

I think it is a nice sight. I wish that there were more specs about each individual didj...Since buying a didj online can be stressful the more info about it the better...


It's very nice


It's awfully interesting - and the pictures are great.

Erik Olsson from Sweden

A really good site with lots of good quality info about didgeridoos. I always seem to end up here when I search for the instrument on the web. I will buy a didgeridoo as soon as I can afford it, as I'm a poor student, but when I do buy it I know where I should turn to.

Erika Bodnar from USA

There is always to look forward to new on the site !!


It's nice and interesting to find all things about DG. Everybody can learn many things about DG.

Anonymous from USA

Very good! Easy to navigate and find what I'm looking for.


Nice site, very complete, keep on going

Frank Weigel from USA

This site is one of the more professional sites I have visited. All aspects of dijes are thoroughly explained from the talented individuals who make them, to the in depth look at the instrument.

Frans Koolen from Netherlands

Is a nice looking site, with a lot of information

Frederik Van Slycken from Belgium

Looks like a great site! good faq, good explanations. Maybe it's a little too big, sometimes a little hard to navigate, but that's the technical side, the contents are very good

Gábor Zsarnai from Hungary

Very good informational page about the spirit and the culture of didjeridoo and the aboriginals. the only one thing I would like to see: infos about more didj events around the world (especially Europe...)

Anonymous from USA

Very informative and complete site.

Anonymous from USA

The didjshop is a great place to look for didjeridoos, and to listen to them. The fact that you can sample many of the didjeridoos before actually buying them is a definite plus.

Hamza Music from Bosnia And Herzegovina

It looks great, it doesn't take a lot of time to find something you need which is a great advantage.


So far, so good... The effort to advertise such a wonderful but overlooked traditional tool is very commendable.


This is my first visit. However I like the look of the site very much, particularly the orange, brown, ochre colours of the Australian interior.

Irmgard Luycks from Netherlands

You are selling everything I would like to buy.

Jeremy Case from USA

I think it is an awesome site. I especially like the fact that you can hear the sound of the didj before you buy it.

Anonymous from Poland

It's ok


Very informative

Anonymous from Australia

Great for it to be on the internet, please let me have one of your beautiful didgeridus.

John Roberts from USA

Very cool, keep it up


It's a good site

Lars Henriksen from Denmark

Very clear information. Easy to navigate and find the info searched. Easy overview.

Anonymous from USA

I really like that you have the sound files for the instruments


I plan to visit the site, as soon as I sign off on this

Luis Luis from Spain

Humm... a little bit hard to navigate. Un poco dificil de navegar en ella. Los enlaces, links, no aparecen con la suficiente claridad.


Maremma cignala!!! let me win stò cazzo d'un diggeridù!!!! azz!!!!

Marloes Koudijs from Netherlands

I like the whole web site a lot, especially mp3

Matthew Hamilton from USA

A great site

Matthew Seckel from USA

I love that you can hear the wonderful sound of the Didjis for sale


It's a great web site but not in french

Anonymous from Canada

Very New and Interesting site, it really help me understand the nature of the instrument.


Its A Fine Site... really...



Neil Cowan from Ireland

Nice web site. very interesting and helpful

Nick Evans from USA

I think you should have links to didj's by category, price, design, etc.

Nicolas Bertrand from France

I would like the total translation of didjshop.com in french.

Omar Bellprat from Switzerland

High interactive page about didges, very differentiated view of its philosophy... there could be written more about history, native art design, handcrafting ( general background info )

Per Hultquist from USA

Very comprehensive, but too big to spend a lot of time on.

Peter Van Der Lende from Netherlands

A nice , clear site


I estimate the possibility to hear the sounds of didjes. It is very good for checking the didjeridoo. And for checking the sound with the didjeridoo style (form). It is good, if is possible to hear all the didjes and select the best according the sound and characteristics.


NICE, sorry but I couldn't say something other

Rick Whelan from Australia

Fantastic.. thanks for all the sound samples... I think I am really interested in didges in the key of B...



Robin Oberg from Sweden

I like the colours and everything loads fast, but it's a little inconvenient to have the links at the bottom of the page, I have to scroll all the way down each time I want to go to another page.

Ross Allan from Canada

Great site, I'll be back.


Great site,but should have more simplified site,and when one looks for didges,they are generally sold,should put them out weekly

Sean Tolle from USA

Enjoyed your site


English web site. perfect for learning english too, and learning didge

Anonymous from Canada

It's pretty good, but I couldn't find what I was looking for; I had been hoping to find a list of places or groups that teach how to play for a low cost. I did find one person that did... but I was hoping for a little more. Otherwise, though, the site is good.


Easy to get around

Stefano Giovannelli from Italy

I think that your site is useful and simply to surf. Fantastic opportunity to listen to the sound Didjes

Tom Darcy from Australia

I never realised there was so much to be learned about the Didgeridoo, nore there was so much interest.Wow!


I find it very interesting how you have the great visual photos and how you can hear how the instrument actually sounds when being played. I just enjoy looking at all the different didj's and enjoy reading what information you have available on these wonderful instruments. I have always enjoyed the music and now I can finally get my very own. I have played another person's didj but I don't own my own.

Walter Rodriguez from Argentina

El sitio me parecio bastante completo y muy bien armado, y realmente aprendi unas cuantas cositas nuevas acerca de este instrumento, desde ya muchas gracias por todo.


Very good. It reminds me of my time in oz, a great time in my life

William Hall from USA

I wouldn't change a thing.

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