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Visitors Comments made during the month of July 2003:

Online name



I love it. It is fantastically informative about all desired aspects of aboriginal art and music.

Anonymous from Belgium

I haven't seen all of it yet but till now it's great and very easy to search on.

Andre Legowo from Ino

didjshop web site is very complete site for didj site. I suggest didjshop can make a workshop in my country. thank you.

Anonymous from Germany

I come from Germany and there it is hard to get a good working didj. So I'm pretty happy of the Possibility to order on your site.


very interested in world wide meditation info and will follow through that link now.

Anthony Ragni from USA

I love your web site and I have at least been on it about 100 times to look at the amazing didji's and hear the beautiful sounds

Anonymous from USA

Looks good my friend bought a didj from this site and he really likes it

Ben Guenoun from France

The didjshop is the most complete didgeridoo shop on the net.

Brian Ingelbrecht from Belgium

It's a nice and large web site and it's also very good because I am dutch and you can read it in dutch to. very nice site. !!!

Bruce Cartwright from USA

I visited many Didj sites and this was the best organized with the best selection. I enjoyed the visit and will return frequently I'm sure. I'm also looking forward to learning to play my new Didj.

Anonymous from USA

I find it to be one of the better of the sites. You take the time to explain all aspects of the instrument with sound clips and the cost conversions. You site has many interesting items that I enjoy browsing through even if I do it several times over.

Anonymous from Germany

I think its a quite interesting site with much background information. the prices are pretty cheap.


The web site is very great. I want to buy a didj on dijshop.com


This is the first site of it's kind that I have seen. I think it's fantastic that it's more about the actual instrument than the selling of it like so many sites etc. Keep up the good work :>

Daniel Jones from England

Very good my number one resource for didj advise.


It is really great because we can hear sounds before buying. I think that didgeridoos on your site are good quality didg for correct prices(many people who ordered said that...)

Debra Russell from USA

It is the most unique site I have ever seen. I don't think I would change a thing.

Derek Clarke from Australia

The most well set out and informative site I have seen an excellent way to buy top quality didjes after seeing the poor quality standards of some of the so called top didges out there it is so refreshing to see there are honest people to deal with. the standard of the art on the didges is breathtaking after seeing so much poor quality stuff on the market.be proud. Thanks. Derek bedfordale west australia


Very good site I have purchased a didj from you guy's in the past and it is awesome actually it is too nice for me because I can't play it very well.

Duarte Verissimo from Portugal

It's excellent. I'm from Azores and I'm fascinated about Didj...its fantastic I love this sound.

Florian Steib from Germany

Didjshop is probably the most exhaustive source on didgeridoos on the internet. It's always worth to be visited! Greetings from Germany Florian

Gonzo Gregori from Spain

Nice place to buy a didj via internet with full warranty of it being what you expected of it.

Graham Hill from Uruguay

Wow what a great site lots of interesting info and also lots of great gear to buy also !! Very nice to see a business that is forward planning and can see that future purchase may well come from providing information etc that will keep people re-visiting your site. Very impressed !!

Guy Kennedy from USA

It is a great web site This is the only site I actually enjoy and spend time listening to all the sounds from new didges I just can't buy them all but would love too!I keep a didj in about every room and pick one up about every other do day for no reason then I get on your site to hear what I should sound like.



Henning Helmroos from Finland

Best I have ever found on the Web... Most 'nd best knowledge. well working with sound samples 'nd great pictures. Those small Abo.historics are very welcomed Great. Great Great.. Best of all very wonderful products


Amazing place to get didges tons of helpful info great layout.

Anonymous from Netherlands

It's a good site. Easy to use. Many pictures and yet not slow.


it was interesting & I was just interested because of what I had learned at my school about aborigines and didgeridoos

Anonymous from Australia

Very informative. Particularly appreciate the "non-agressive" sales approach and sound samples.

Javier Fernandez from Mexico

Its very complete it shows anything you would want to know about didjeridoos it can be consulted by very experienced players as well as people who've never seen a didjeridoo.

Jeffrey Levine from USA

I think it is definitively the best source of material and informational support about didges on the web.

Jeremy Rossman from USA

I think is a great site if you need to know any thing or find anything on the didj and it would be a great place to purchase a nice didj.

Jerry Rivas from USA

Wow didn't know you existed until now but I'll be back.

Jessica Pavia from USA

I was very impressed with the informative nature of the web site I truly feel like I learned something after visiting it. Thanks!

Anonymous from England

Very interesting I am researching didj's for a project at work. the kids will find it fascinating

Anonymous from Portugal

It's my first visit and I liked it very much. I was just searching for some tips with the circular breathe but in your site I can learn much more about didjes. I'm exploring it for more than an hour and I just can't stop... there's always something new to discover... Even though you have a lot of information your site is very well organized and easy to understand. Congratulations!!!


Very informative for a beginner as myself I've been learning the didjeridoo for a couple of years now and I'm just starting to get the hang of circular breathing so for me the help pages are good such as beeswax mouthpieces so I can get the best from my didjeridoos.


it look's very nice...a lot of information. I'll come back

John Simpson from Australia

love it

Anonymous from England

Great to see and very clear it is my husband who plays and I want to buy him a new one but found the range so broad decided to get a gift voucher instead!!

Kelly Meeds from USA

Didjshop is fantastic! I really had no idea about repairing the old wax on my didj and the step-by-step guide really was great. I may purchase another didj someday and it's great to be able to see and hear from your vast selection. Thank you!

Anonymous from USA

Your site is easy to navigate great visuals easy to understand wonderful selection of didjis and related items I plan to buy my next didj from your shop.


I was just introduced to this in school and found it great.

Laurel Luckett from Canada

awesome site--I love it more and more every time I return

Anonymous from USA

This site is extremely informative. The layout is great and easy to navigate.

Anonymous from USA

I think the web site is well presented. I am fascinated by the sound of the didj and interested in learning about it's use in healing.


well done guys!!! I like!!! :-)

Anonymous from USA

I think it is a vary good site and I was pleased when my friend gave the site to me


I have found your site to have the most comprehensive range of didges as well as other products.

Lynne Hughes from USA



This is amazing.

Mareike Nickel from Germany

It's a very informative and interesting site. You can learn a great deal of things about Aboriginal culture and artwork which is highly useful as a background to understand the meaning and history of the didjeridoo. The site is very helpful for people beginning to play the didj as it offers a lot of advise how to circular breathe or how to find a good didj to learn on. I really love your site and that is not just because of the fantastic service:I am sure that I can trust all of you and I feel that you really care about what you do. Thanks for it all!!!! :-)

Matt Grossman from USA

What a wonderful site! I've just recently become interested in didjes and I have this site to thank for putting me on the right track!

Matthew Bergstrom from Canada

I am happy to see the responsibility in your company. I am trying to source as much as I can in my life responsibly (especially clothes freakin' parasites) and to see that there is a company that empowers and doesn't steal from a culture is great. God bless everyone involved and I hope to be able to buy from you soon.


Best on the web..great audio files!!

Merv Frye from USA

Well organized easy to place an order very informative.

Michael Thiesen from Germany

A really pretty good site ! I like the style and all the (background) information and so on.... I will visit the site again from my home (currently I am at work) there I also have a sound system to finally hear the sounds of a kookaburra again :-) go on like that !

Mike LeGresley from Canada

Love it...keep up the awesome work! I'll be referring it to friends!

Anonymous from Canada

The site is great I love the selection and the passion you put into your instruments


Easy to use


I've given my comments b4 and pleasure to read it again but my concern. even in years there still no winner from my country for your amazing didgeridoos win competitions and it'd be best if id this month And I am always happy to be part of your GREAT didj Circle! all greetings from Turkey Euroasiaminor..

Anonymous from USA



It is very good. it educated me on didgeridoos and other things. I also learnt some new things about didges that I didn't know.

Anonymous from USA

Didjshop.com is the best didge web site online. ~No contest~

Renaud Feyereisen from Belgium

Didjshop.com looks great and is appealing. I can feel the passion you have for didgeridoos and didg players all in a professional way.

Robyn Wright from USA

Very informative tons of great information!

Roger Gilbert from USA

I love the site its totally awesome and will be sure to come back to it again.


I love this site you guys do a great job of keeping it updated and keeping peoples' interest also present issues dealing with aboriginal Australians we'd probably not hear much about otherwise.


Great information on what to look for in your didgeridoo.


Using it for TAFE assignment


Wonderful site!


Good site I check back here often for news.

Shanzi Haggerty from USA

It is the best resource I have found on the web so far . I also have learned a lot about the instrument from your web site. I think that it is really cool that you are give credit and funds to Aboriginal people. I and I do plan to buy a didjeridoo from you And recommend you to all of my friends and Family.

Shon Helton from USA

Very resourceful and nice a lot of neat facts good five star web site!!

Simon Mills from England

Really very good indeed myself and a friend have bought 3 didj's from [URL deleted] and there site is good too. but yours take all the prizes hence me coming to your site to purchase rather than stick to [URL deleted] your site is fantastic. thanks again


I like your web site very much particularly grooving on your special logo the links such as the one in your newsletter to the newly found rock art. Also was glad to see your classification scheme of qualities of didges as many folk players and non-players do not seem to appreciate the individuality of the instruments

Anonymous from France

Has everything you need to know about didges


Hello merci pour votre superbe site tres bien fait et pratique pour la selection de mon prochain didgeridoo. bye


It's a good site ....you can see that there's a lot of people interested in that instrument

Stephanie Frenock from USA

Love it! The newsletters are great. Hope I win a Didj someday. Stephanie

Stephen Troutman from USA

I think this site is awesome. I am new to the didji world but I am very interested.

Steve Hamlyn from England

Excellent site. Very comprehensive and full of information. Always something new to find Bit difficult to navigate and find all the pages easily but does mean that you often stumble on a new gem.

Todd Baker from USA

love this site

Anonymous from USA

Great site beautiful instruments. Wish I had found it before I went. I will visit often and probably buy another didge

Tyler Dunham from Canada

It's all very interesting. I came to learn how to make my own but now I'm interested in an authentic didjeridoo instead. I had no idea the process was so complex.

Vicki Lynne Allen from USA

As far as I have seen you all offer the most selection and also to be able to hear so many different didj's is such a wonderful thing

Anonymous from USA

I have enjoyed my time on the web site it is well kept and doesn't seem to have any noticeable problems.

Aaron Ponniah from Australia

It's very informative. I like it!

Abdul Razak Nasrudin from Malaysia

It would be nicer if you put lot of didge art types and more samples of sounds

Anonymous from USA

I have enjoyed the sounds of the digeridoo for years and now hope to experience playing one myself!

Anonymous from USA

Very interesting site. Give visitors a look at a different culture. Enjoyed my visit and will visit again.


most interesting love the sound clip


Mooie overzichtelijke site met veel informatie waar ik wat aan heb.

Antonio Mola from Italy

Good. I will definitely visit again.

Aric Mayer from USA

I really appreciate the info the sound bites and the shopping options on your site. I look forward to obtaining another didj one day - my woolybutt eucalyptus piece is really nice but of course I long for a different key/length/design! Thanks for offering so much thorough info.

Barry Long from USA

This is a really great site. I was looking for information and ideas on how to make a Didj. I've cut a tree that was hollowed out partially by termites. I'm hoping that it will play well but it could never look as great as the didjs that I've seen on this site.

Bent Lønrusten from Norway

It's great


I like your web site and I am interested in buying another didge but I prefer in testing it by myself because every didge is different to play...


Yea baby yea

Brandon Bennett from USA

I like the site a lot. I am extremely excited to lean more about didgeridoos and I am eager to get better.

Catherine Mitchell from USA

Great site...I am looking forward to trying a didje


Very complete all I need to know about didgeridoo is in this site. Excellent ;-)

Cheryl Doyle from USA

I liked the boomerangs and the didjs that were available. I was interested because mt son just returned from a trip to Australia.


Really use source of information


It's an excellent web site where we can find a lot of traditional things

Anonymous from USA

Very nice easy to find information


Awesome esp the didj sample MP3s

Daniel Luscomb from United States

This is really a unique site. Never heard of it before and will be back.

Danny Zacks from USA

I love the site and I really love playing the didgeridoo. I someday hope to order one of your higher end didgeridoos. I have only been playing about a year. Thank You

Anonymous from United States

Great site

Dirk Smeets from Belgium

Very cool site

Donat Callens from Belgium

Best way to see and hear didjes without having to go to the other side of the earth.

Donat Callens from Belgium

Every time I get on this web site I get the urge to buy all I see! I have no real termite-hollowed didgeridoo... yet. I can live with the ones I made for some more time but I will have to buy the real thing soon enough.

Donna Niles from United States

I'm really impressed with the beauty of the didjeridu!


Looks Interesting

Ed Steever from USA

Complete and easy to navigate. Lots of fun to browse.


It is so cool and I would love to try the DIDJ

Eric Fehr from USA

Great site lots of info love the mp3's and ratings for individual instruments.


It has very convenient information for didje players of various interests.

Anonymous from Brazil

The web site is very good.....the Didj shop is a portuguese store???

Gale Kaffka from USA

The first time I heard a didj was at the Aboriginal Cultural Festival in Vancouver British Columbia Canada. I heard this almost haunting sound that filled my inner being and was drawing me like I was connected to it. I couldn't stop looking until I found out where it was coming from. When I met Malcolm Dorje and listed to him play I was hooked. I bought one of his CD's and a few months later on a trip to California I purchased three Didj's - one for my son grandson and myself. I'm hooked! I was pleased to find your web site because it offers information and answers to any and all questions I might have about didj's as well as purchase another one if I ever learn to circular breath. I figure determination will win in the end.

Gerrit Lacroix from Netherlands

The site is very well built.

Ginnifer Sowers from United States

I found it very interesting I only wish I could play one.

Graham Lau from USA

I've only seen your site briefly. Looks like lots of cool stuff maybe you can help me to become a good didge player. I'd really like to get into it.

Helder Neves from Pombal

Cool but need more images!

henk dam from Netherlands

nice to see and hear all the different kind of didgeridoos. Good and clear layout of the site

Ian White from USA

A bit Jumbled...


Interesting for a horn collector. Didgeridu's are real art objects.

Anonymous from Netherlands

Very complete site with a lot of really useful information. Like it a lot. Saw a few typos in the Dutch pages.

Jason Plawecki from United States

Great for a niche market. Would love to learn more..

Anonymous from Australia

Looks pretty funky so far from what I've seen there's so much to explore!

Anonymous from France

It's: very friendly site a lot information many items it's really a god web site !!!

Jim Glovka from USA

Lots of fun.


Interesting new info for me

Anonymous from South Africa

I think it is a great web site and that you should keep the good work up


Great web site good pictures

Joe Wilson from USA

I had no idea there was such a variety and each being such beautiful works of art. Selection of just one would be difficult.

John Capurso from USA

Loved the online dij synthesizer

John Emrick from Venezuela

Great Site! its is full of very interesting information and other materials.

John Rollins from USA

Great shop everything you could ever need.


Great site...


I really enjoy this site and am very interested in didjeridoos and bull roarers. I came across them on Christian worship CD's by Hillsongs out of Australia. I think that they are beautiful instruments.


Great... I tried played didj last saturday and now I'm planning to one myself.

Kai vernon from England

Fantastic site lots of information help etc. superb range of instruments with cater very well for all levels I really like the mp3's and descriptions. recommending the site as I meet and talk to people.

Kari Rosenthal from USA

The web site is well done. You guys got a great web designer! Mazel Tov!


Very informative and comprehensive

Anonymous from Australia

Very informative

Anonymous from USA

These instruments are really cool! I would love to have one if only for a conversation piece.

Kiley Kurz from USA

Helpful and very interested. I really would like to own a termite-hollowed didj and I'm excited to see that you can order them especially since I don't live near Australia and won't be visiting there until a few more years.

Lance Moss from USA

I was excited about the display of instruments and to be able to listen to the various sound qualities was educational.I'll definitely order from you guys when my budget allows.

Linda Bartoli from USA

Very different


Very informative


Good job

Malte Bronisz from Germany

Real good one nice and easy and informative


It's a great site with lots of information

Mark W from USA

Keep up the good stuff


It is a great site with some very interesting artifacts. I'm considering spending a lot of money on didges and boomerangs and such.


I like the site but had some problems navigating to find the pricing for a didjeridoo.

Mick Ainsworth from Australia

A wonderful site I loved the demo's from Trevor and Dennis those guys are really talented - I'd love to be able to play as well as them.

Anonymous from USA

Great site. Wish I were there...

Pat Cohen from USA

Very different- and yet Strangely interesting! I always wondered what a didjeridoo was. -Heard a song once that mentioned the word. If I got one- I'd be dang sure to learn how to play it; no one in rural Georgia would probably have ever seen one either. That is why it would be too cool- mate.


Please make largest sample sound files and make this files to all didjes ...

Ramon Puig from Spain

I'm new in the didjeridoo world but I'm very interested about that... & all your information can be very important for me. Thanks


Good so far

Robert Adams from Australia

Love it very interesting and informative


It's interesting

Salvador Martinez from Spain

Very good didjeridoos but the web site itself can be improved from the user perspective.

Anonymous from Germany

Nice page. I'm still looking. (:


Interesting site

Anonymous from Hungary

Quite good. I have problem with ordering. Wanna pay directly in cash to your account.


It is alright but could be a little clearer


Very nice

Tom Darling from USA

great site lots of info and more too explore.


Interesting site but a little difficult for a French..


Neat site I would really like to win that didj I want to play something with a different sound.

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