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Visitors Comments made during the month of April 2004:

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Aaron Palmer from USA

I believe this is a wonderful site, I think more sites should be dedicated to this kind of a "sacred" instrument, it really is amazing!!!


As a drummer I find the 'Dig" attractive because of the instruments ability to produce melodic note and rhythm simultaneously. The output of the instrument relies on the input and abilities of the performer.

Alan Gebhart from USA

The web site is excellent and very, very complete. The detailed views, and the sound tracks for the individual instruments (even though I cannot play a didj) are informative and helpful.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

This is a great web site, I just wish I could afford to spend more here, will probably come back again to purchase traditional instruments. I think artwork is important on a didj, its nice to have something personal of the craftsmen going into the final product in this way.

Anita Kate Caruso from Australia

I impulsively decided that I wanted to learn to play the didge so I looked up purchasing a didgeridoo and your web page came up, I didn't realise that when I would leave the site I would want to learn so much about them. your web page is really informative and easy to understand for novices like me!

Anthony Kyle from South Africa

Cool site. This page http://www.didjshop.com/shop1/soundscapescart.html showed some sql at the top of the page. Looks like its getting my personal code from the db. I'm a bit bummed about my South African currency value, the didges are quite pricey for me :(

Arjan Wagenmakers from Netherlands

Great Site, Great looking Didgeridoo's and lots of interesting info!

Ayal March from Israel

Great site! I've just ordered from you a "great players" Didj I'm very excited for its arrival!

Barry Wiltshire from United Kingdom

A real inspiration - awesome didj's, a wealth of information, easy to use, honestly one of the best web sites I have visited for any purpose.

Bas Piek from Netherlands

Very nice site with a lot of info and sounds just the way a site should be... good work

Benjamin Malvoisin from France

It is a very good site and I think that it is the ideal site in order to buy a didjeridoo. I am too keen of the boomerangs and I have found a lot of nice boomerang in your site. What an ideal site !

Brent Dickerson from Australia

I think the didjshop is fantastic for beginners to pros. By what I've learnt I can buy with confidence and not feel ripped off.

Brent Smith from USA

I find the web site to be extremely informative and easy to use. I love the fact that I discovered the site, because I am trying to rekindle my fascination with didges and the Aboriginal culture. I would love to have some one teach me circular breathing so that I might enjoy my current didj and future instruments more.

Brian Mckay from Canada

First time here. I like the fact that you are making sure the people who make these instruments get the credit and value for them.

Carlos Sandoval from USA

Easy to use site, very pleasing to the eye. I especially like the search feature.

Cheryl Sailor from USA

I love the detailed descriptions of each one, complete with sound! Given great photos and sound like this, the buyer would be much more likely to be satisfied! He would be acquainted with his didj before it arrived!

Chris Hammond from USA

Looks rather nice, a great deal better ordered than the [deleted] web site Anyway great bit of stuff you guys have collected here. Keep up the good work.


I think it is a very good site, and I just love the didgeridoos, so many to pick from.

Chuck Winchell from USA

Just ordered ae575 so I'm going out on a limb and counting that as a didj that I own. My compliments to your web master. Your site is well laid out and easy to navigate. Simply one of the best sites I've used, period. I received prompt responses to my inquires, thanks Cathy, even though it is already tomorrow there. Would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking to purchase aa authentic termite hallowed didj. Hope to stop by and see you in person one of these days. Be well. - Chuck

Clifford Woodworth from United Kingdom

It's the best didj site I have looked on as yet. Keep up the good work.

Danielle Molnar from Australia

LOVE this sight.... every time I visit, I get more and more interested in didjs..... DETERMINED to learn one day!!

Darlene Diamante-parisotti from USA

I love the site! It is the best Didje site ever!It has been very informative and I plan on purchasing a didje from the site as soon as I decide on which one. You have excellent customer service, and all my questions have been more than answered in a timely manner. Thank you!


Excellent web site for researching Aboriginal culture.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I don't usually return to a site more than a couple of times once I have bought goods!...this site is amazing I keep getting drawn back to look for future didj's and other goods for my sons room who has a room with an Australian theme to add to the beauty of his didj.

Dinè (navajo) Van Wyk from South Africa

A very good site! You have a wide variety of info! Will definitely visit again soon!


I came to your web site after searching how to make a didg; you have a lot of information on your site and I haven't read all of it yet; I'm also amazed at how many didg's you have for sale and the variety; still haven't seen all of them!

Anonymous from Switzerland

It's very complete: the technical infos and sound samples are absolutely well developed. I just wonder if it is possible to add song samples for the CDs. Congratulazioni...molto bello!

Fábio Jose Da Costa from Brazil

I like it very, very much and is the first and unique web site about didjeridoo that I visit. I stayed impressionate for your interesting to preserve the aboriginal culture and protect them, that's great and I feel trust for your work about

Gil Schluter from USA

I purchased my first didj from your site.. since then I have been playing around with making them form oak limbs gathered on my property ( mainly because I like making things but also because I cannot afford to buy your whole shop). I check your site out often as I really love the pictures, the sounds, and the information .

Gonzo Gregori from Spain

I've never bought yet any didg from the didjshop.com but it's just because I didn't knew about it when I bought my other two didges. What about the next one? Sure I'll come where the experts are, where I can buy the right one at the right price being sure what it will sound, look and perform like. And it will be soon.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Packed with information. A bit difficult to navigate sometimes - that's just a product of the shear volume of information on the site. The buying advice is great as is the online store. The site has a very professional and trustworthy feel (that's why I ordered a didj from you!)

Isabelle Boussion from France

I find the Didjshop.com is a very good idea for all lovers of Didjeridoos!

James Walsh from USA

Phenomenal site - absolutely perfect.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I haven't been on many sites that sell didj's but Didjshop is what shopping sites should be like, I also like the font at the top of the screen, the letters look like didj's


I was looking for advice about circular breathing and found everything I needed in your site.

Anonymous from Australia

I am actually doing a uni project on the acoustics of the didj at the moment. Searching for info led me to your site, and thus far it has been very helpful. Not only has it contained useful information but it has provided some very good links to technical pages that have turned out to be just what I was after. The site itself is well presented and easy to navigate. Cheers


I think this web is one of the best that I've been

John Hopper from USA

I have marked it as a favorite. It shall be a valuable resource for me and my learning process. I have already shared it with others. I will be on the site often and intend to shop here..

John Nemes from USA

Just ordered my first "real" didge, can't wait to get it. I have played around with PVC didges for years but never got circular breath until I got a wooden didge in 2003. It was termite hollowed but I doubt its authenticity. In any case, the difference between PVC and wood is clear. PVC and other materials can sound great, but in my opinion, the wood has the true spirit, the life. In my experience the wood didge is mystical and will teach the player many things. Someone stole that wooden cheapie from me, and now I am glad I can replace it with an authentic aboriginal didge.

José Nunes from Portugal

I was surprised when seeing that your site supports my language, Portuguese, it is very grateful knowing that you know my country... =)


Keep up the good work, very informative for a didjeridoo enthusiast or a beginner. It is a very tempting must have, site.

Kristoffer Jahren from Norway

Still going strong. the site just keeps getting my attention. always looking for new didgeridoo's... this instrument is truly the most beautiful of all times. and it's better to collect them than stamps.....

Larraine Gabey from Australia

This is my first visit to your web site. I am an indigenous woman so you would probably know that for me to play the didj is not culturally appropriate BUT the instrument has and always fascinated me and I stand in awe of the sound when I use it in my liturgies for Reconciliation week, Sorry day and NAIDOC Week celebrations. Your site is most enjoyable and it is so great to see a lot of overseas winners - a way of promoting our Aboriginal culture. Have a great day and thank you for a great web site.


Unique web site passionately devoted to a great instrument

Anonymous from Australia

A very informative site. It is good to see that this is a real didj sight, and not a sight that sells foreign fakes!!

Anonymous from USA


Matthieu Leroux from France

I love this web site,it can open your mind on the art or didjeridoo. Thanks a lot for your web site

Michael D. from USA

This is a outstanding web site that makes others like a ant. I like how you can hear each individual didj. and how they have the fact list on that particular didj. The site gives great range and I can't imagine going anywhere else to get my didj!

Michael Wielart from Australia

Great to see a fantastic didjs site in Aus

Anonymous from USA

I love it

Monique Terry from Australia

You have opened my eyes to a number of things I will now pursue. 1. that didgeridoo CD's exist, 2. I could listen to them for meditation (plan to use it whilst practicing my yoga) and 3. as an object of art - I love Australian Aboriginal paintings and have a large painting hanging in the entrance to my home which is always commented on by visitors as they are confronted with it as they walk in the front door. Thanks for a great site - I'll be a regular visitor now!

Pedro Vazquez from Venezuela

Great site... so completely!!! this one, is the main source used by me to get info about didjis

Peter Flecken from Netherlands


Anonymous from USA

It's impressive! There is a lot of information and links to much more information. Thank you for your efforts and for sharing your passion for the didjeridu in this way.

Renato Oliveira from Portugal

It's amazing the dynamic that I found each time that I visit your web site. And for me is important to receive the news letters.

Ronan Kieran from Germany

The amount of information is more than a little bit impressive, and an excellent resource for people like myself who are just starting to play.

Ryan Bishop from USA

Nice Design, I enjoy your straightforward appeal and ease of use. the content is diverse, and informative

Ryan Margheim from USA

Your store is informative and has really awesome didjs.

Sean Sheffield from United Kingdom

Fantastic web site guys, have bought all my didj's from you and every single time your customer service has been absolutely brilliant. I would certainly not buy from anywhere else and give out your url whenever I can to my friends. Thanks for everything... Sean

Anonymous from USA

Beautiful site. very helpful for me as I am new to the whole didj experience. a lot of wonderful information. personally, I am looking for an authentic didj, not one made from pvc pipes. so I need to order from the specialists...

Timothy Dietrich from USA

I love and feel very strongly that you at the didgeridoo shop know what you are doing and would like to do further business with you thank you for being who you are timothy dietrich

Anonymous from Australia

Best didgeridoo web site I've been to. Its different because it tells you how didjeridoos are naturally made and their background within the aboriginal community. The other web sites just try and sell didjeridoos that probably aren't hollowed out by termites.

Wendell Garnett from USA

I love going to Didjshop.com and drool over the marvelous didjes on this site. they are the best that I have seen. I am wishing that someday I will be able to afford one of your concert class didj. I love this site and the variety of information and support to aubergines. You rock my world.

Wendy Darcy from Australia

Very interesting site, I love it.


Great SIte, but I wish you had MP3's on every single didj.....


Well done


It's a quick site to use.

Anonymous from Australia

It looks great, a lot of information for the whole family.

Arnaud Chamoret from France

It's good


Very interesting


Very good

Anonymous from USA

Though it is traditionally a man's instrument...I think women should be encouraged.

Brett Young from Australia

Interesting site. Inspired to learn more

Carlos Bricio from Spain

The site is nice, pleasing to read and easy to navigate. It's great that you give advice to buyers, and actually listen to what you'd be buying at the shop. The buttons in the shop listing need some work, though, those white squares kill the looks.

Charles Barlerin from France

My english is not very good... but I will try... this web site is one of those I will enjoy to see several times, all is clear, there are many things very interesting, but I will stop there until my english writing will be better because I do not have words to say what I want to say... it is not very clear I think...sorry ;-)

Christopher Steele from USA

Should be a different color scheme, more earthy- Greens?

Anonymous from Australia

I love your site I'll definitely be coming here again and again :D

Anonymous from Switzerland

One of the best site about didj I have seen.

Daniela Cerati from Italy



It really is a very nice place to be! Very informative and inspiring!


Didn't know this existed I will definitely be back.



Anonymous from USA

Very nicely laid out, fast, and easy to navigate from one section to the other. Love it !

David Stringfellow from United Kingdom

What whoops other sites are your sound files, God then the photos. I wish I was really, really rich!!!!! Oh the other thing that's makes the site great is the ease of navigation.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Detailed and informative, as well as helpful for first time didjeridoo users.

Flemming Schuldt from Denmark

Excellent site, with a wide selection of didjes and related stuff.

Garry Horsnell from United Kingdom

Trying to find out where I can try other didges out.

Gordon Holoiday from Canada

Good informable site

Anonymous from Germany

Really like a lot of didges on the page. The front page is a little busy/crowded. perhaps it would be better if there was one big button browse our didges. then to a page with long didges, bells, painted ... with a picture of an example didge underneath each one


I found it vary easy to search and quite helpful

Jackie Newlove from United Kingdom

I think your site is very good,informative,good quality. sound!


Most unusual

Anonymous from USA

I enjoy visiting your web sight, its done well.

James Macleod from Australia

Looks informative and instructive.

Jamie Vallance from Canada

One of the best didgeridoo sites out there. However prices are expensive compared to other sites. [OUR COMMENT: hundreds of our repeat customers who bought elsewhere before beg to differ]

Jan Petersen from USA

This is my first time, so I don't feel that I can comment just yet.

Jen Creasman from USA

I like it. It's easy to navigate. I just want to learn more.

Jim Brennan from USA

One of the nicest web sites and most complete as well. Frequently do not get through it all because of it's size.

Johan Thaens from Belgium

Best source of info


I just happened on to this site.


Great web site

Jordi Parés from Spain

It's a nice web, but maybe you need a new and more artistic design. Some more photos, faces, ethnic details, etc.

Josep Ma Rafart Ciuro from Spain

About digeridoo it's incredible!!! This web site is very very good!!!!

Anonymous from Australia

Looks good - nice and bright, easy to navigate

Anonymous from USA

I like it


The Didjshop has actually already taught me a lot about the Doo. I enjoy it very much

Kristian Pete from Yugoslavia

I am here first time,I like it ,many information about didge world.

Laura Lowe from USA

Great site


Very interesting and informative. I didn't know much about didgeridoos before.

Lynn Mutschler from USA

It is great fun, I am glad I came upon it. I had been searching for a didjeridu for my nine-year-old boy who has requested one to learn how to play.


I think is a very good site.

Martin Gibbons from United Kingdom

I find this web site fascinating and informative and any time my friends want to learn anything about playing I always send them here,

Anonymous from USA

Very valuable site, especially for a beginner like me. Thanks.

Mike Hill from USA

I love it its great, I would really like to start a collection, very informative

Miroslav Hrenek from Croatia/hrvatska

Its a good site...like the didgee people


I like it, very informative.

Anonymous from Australia

Great site very interactive and informative and importantly contemporary and friendly


It's a very good web site with very much information on didj world, but : "A french translation please ! ! !"

Otto Kapitany from Hungary

It's very good. Keep on...


Easy to use

Peyton Leung from Canada

I enjoy returning to the Didjshop web site because it has so much information on didgeridoos and I can also listen to almost all of them!

Pierre Romang from Switzerland

Very nice especially when you cane listen there sound.


Very exciting make you want to buy a didjeridoo and get learning.


I find this web site very helpful and easy to use, with a wide range of didgeridoo’s, being able to listen to the instruments is very good.

Ron Clutterbuck from Australia

It would be great to see some interactive links and interactive pictures to liven up the site a bit. It keeps the interest in the sites more consistent.

Sam Field from Australia

Cool stuff




I think that's a really good site for didge player and people that going interesting for it and there's gonna much fun to look at the all didge the are going to find on your site

Shannen Johnston from Australia

Very informative!

Anonymous from USA

Great info re: the didj's, makers, sound qualities. Well organized.

Anonymous from Australia

I have found it very interesting.

Thierry Ropero from France

I'm french, and my english is not extraordinary so I'm happy when I read some pages in french but there is not enough.....But thank you to translate the principal's pages ;-)

Tim Peak from USA

Very user friendly and informative, thanx

Anonymous from Argentina

I think the information you give its very interesting.

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