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Visitors Comments made during the month of July 2004:

Online name


Anonymous from USA

Wow! So many beautiful pieces! I can see how someone would spend hours on your site!


Coooool site

Anonymous from Canada

Colour scheme and general aesthetics of the site do well in capturing a feel very close to the instrument itself. The plethora of information reflects very well on the level of professionalism the organisation possesses. This is, by far, the most useful and informative didj site I've come across. (all that to say, when I get more cash this is where I'll be doing my shopping)

Andy Schuster from USA

I think this web site kicks ass, the sound clips and pictures are great. Plus your commitment to having 100% authenticity and only aboriginal didjes I think is fantastic.

Avery Minor from USA

I really like your site.As a web site builder it has the clarity and ease of use I try to convince my clients to accept. I wish I could afford one of the Didjes you sell. Better yet, I would like to go to Australia to buy one.

Bart Devroey from Belgium

Fantastic site, perfect for buying a didge, good information, well organised

Anonymous from Philippines

Informative and interesting. I will be coming back again for sure.

Anonymous from South Africa

I think the Didjshop is the best site out there,you can view and listen to all the didj's in stock. Along with didj's you sell an assortment or related goods. Definitely tops... Great work.

Brendon Garrett from USA

I love this site. I can't wait until I can afford one of your beautiful didjeridoos. You are very informative about culture and quality.

Anonymous from Australia

Fantastic site, I've sent it to friends and family in the USA and they use it to buy unique gifts for friends and to learn about didge stuff

Carla Kelly from USA

Awesome site, remarkable instruments!! Can't afford them, but take inspiration from them and hope someday to own a good bell didj.


Wow! What an incredibly detailed and complex and fascinating site. You really do have something for everyone here and I can't believe the rich variety of information and sound bites you have. I was recommended you by a friend, who recently bought an extraordinarily beautiful didge from you guys, but I really wasn't prepared for how dedicated your site was going to be. Rock on!

Daniel Taylor from USA

This is the best web site. The information that is provided is almost overwhelming. I like that. Everything is covered from the weight of the didj bag to the healing power of the didgeridoo.

David Gibson from United Kingdom

Your web site is the most comprehensive didj site on the internet. I have been on quite a few sites so good and some not so good, yours is without doubt the best there is. Many thanks for being there.

Anonymous from USA


Diane Taylor from USA

I love the newsletter and the layout of the web site. Fantastic information and selection of didgeridoos. Keep up the wonderful work. Diane

Eric Lipstein from USA

This is one of my favorite sites of any kind. It offers a very diverse amount of info and product selection but communicates it in a very friendly, open way. I feel like I'm dealing with experts who are both comfortable and happy doing what they're doing and that I can trust the products and info here. Although financially squeezed right now with two daughters in private schools and a wife in law school, I still like to come here and see the beautiful things you have and listen to the MP3s. Thanks for everything, Eric

Anonymous from France

I bought my beloved didj here and I recommend this web site. to everyone who is interested in buying didjes (really) :)

Gabriel Lopez from USA

Great site. There is SO much useful information not to mention a great selection of Didjeridoos. I've found no other site that has as much information on each Didjeridoo or the quality of Didjeridoos you have.


Very impressive


Easy, fast and complete

Anonymous from USA

I really enjoy the site. It is awesome.

Howard Harawitz from Canada

Very interesting and informative. In fact, the most informative didj site that I have found. I am seriously considering the purchase of a "real" didj from the Didjshop.

Ian Kerr from United Kingdom

I thinks its really comprehensive, I have many friends interested but your name has not come up in conversation - I will sing your praises, good site all round.

Ian Townend from United Kingdom

The site is informative, easy to navigate and has all the information that I need

Anonymous from USA

Didshop.com is an excellent web site. It is full of interesting and informative information for the enthusiast and casual listener. It has helped re-awaken my interest in an ethereal instrument.

Jesse Rodriguez from USA

This site is absolutely amazing. That you support Australian Aboriginal artists and only buy from them is quite remarkable. I love all the information you give here on the site. It is truly wonderful and keep up the good work.

Anonymous from Portugal

It's a very good site with a lot of information, not only a shop, but yes a very good source of culture. Thank you all [] peace

Anonymous from USA

The best site seen by me. Shipping time 3days (wow)

Anonymous from USA

Your site is incredible!! I will soon be buying several didjes, bullroarers, boomerangs, etc. from you. I have really been intrigued by the Aboriginal culture, and most of what I have learned thus far has been from your site. I do plan on doing much more investigating!! Hopefully I can eventually help others to become intrigued through my Didj playing!

Anonymous from South Africa

I'm still new to the sight but I shall let give my feedback as I go along, so far it has been the most in depth sight. Thank you


I told about Your web page others, naming it as one of best sites in all categories.

Joshua Stitzinger from USA

I think the site is terrific. There are many options, it is easy to use and I spoke to someone from the site for an order confirmation, and she was extremely nice and helpful.

Anonymous from USA

Great site, I really enjoy looking at all the unique Didjes. I also enjoy the email updates.

Ken Brown from USA

I plan to buy my next Didj from you. Just returned from 3 weeks in central Australia and Tasmania. I'm saving to return and partake of serious didj mania.

Kev Bates from United Kingdom

Wonderful site, very clear and easy to navigate around, brilliant mp3 quality sounds. A good site keeping it real.


Being an Australian having lived in NZ for many years and wanting to come home, I have always had a love of the sound of The didj. Hearing it on TV over the years has been like a call home to me. I love that this web site allows other Australians to share the magic of this most spiritual aspect of Aborigine culture, particularly the sound track.

Lorrie Hamblin from USA

It's super!

Maxime Chartrand from Canada

Well made, very friendly and committed to providing the best didjes. But ethical and environmentally-aware are the two qualities that are the most important to me.

Maxime Roos from France

It's a very great site, and the only one in which I've trusted to buy my first didj...

Mike Brown from United Kingdom

I really dig your ethos here guys, not just another money grabbing web site. You 're really educating people, and I really enjoyed the amount of detail you go into, especially the recordings, nice touch. Peace guys


Cool and peaceful

Anonymous from USA

Thank you for being there

Pascal Durand from France

Very complete site in the spirit of aboriginals

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Excellent. Big site, but easy to navigate around. Great selection.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Looks nice - I like the overall look and feel of it

Paul Southey from New Zealand

I am very impressed with the method of sound quality ratings you use. A very informative site, easy to find your way around

Pete Lemasa from USA

My only regret is that I didn't discover your web site. prior to purchasing my other two didgeridoos. In the future, however, the didjshop is the only source I need.

Anonymous from USA

Its better than most web sites out there

Reg Papps from Australia

I found your site to be most helpful in helping purchase a didj from you guys. It had a lot of info that helped in my decision, and steered me away from purchasing from possibly less reputable sites, Thanks didj shop.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

One of the best web sites I have visited in respect of the level of helpful quality information on a wide range of didj related topics. Well done, all my questions are now answered... time to practice a bit more circular breathing!

Richard Saunders from United Kingdom

Absolutely brilliant site, from being an absolute beginner I have learnt loads from your site from the history of the didje to how to play! Cheers and keep up the good work, there's no else like you!

Robert Lorenzini from USA

I think overall it is an outstanding web site. No other web site. that sells Didjes has quite the features and flexibility that didjshop has. I am a software developer and I do web site. development, overall didjshop is very well laid out and user friendly.

Robert Stewart from USA

I love the feeling when I circular breath for awhile hard to explain


I think its a really cultural sound site and gives a good example into the background of didj's

Scott Mackenzie Mackenzie from Australia

Excellent info.very professional, definitely the biggest and best didj site I've seen.

Anonymous from Australia

Love it. The ultimate try before you buy for instruments.

Stephane Swinnen from Belgium

Gives good information about didj related subjects such as healing, bells, harmony with didges, world wide didg meditation, etc...

Steven Sells from USA

I find your site to be the best for me. I always enjoy your news letter and the selection of didges!

Sven Hutse from Belgium

Nice, couldn't be any better and you have the feeling that there is no profit gaining toward the aboriginal people, this is for me very important and that I believe in the quality of the stuff presented, keep up the good work and if you want me to create a web shop in belgium please let me know...

Tim McClune from United Kingdom

Very good overall coverage of the subject and easy to follow info on the sticks. Best Yidaki web site. I have seen yet. It will take me months to explore as there is so much of interest here.

Tracy Grayson from Australia

I've learnt a heap about didjeridoos by coming to your site, even how to spell it.


Very nice... wonderful!

Anonymous from USA

Excellent selection and information.

Yury Martinen from Latvia



Beautiful (design and your actual work), though didn't go through all of it. I mainly seen the artwork and checked out tips (I want to try to make my own soon from Agave wood)

Anonymous from USA

It is a very interesting wed site and it is very knowledgeable for a new-comer to this wonderful instrument.

Alberto Ruiz Fernández from Spain

Me gusta mumcho tu pagina

Andreas Weber from Germany

Very good site, keep on going as well as you are

Andrew Hinton from United Kingdom

I wish I could have saved some of the sounds. My visit has given me a new direction for a music project I am planning for the Spring Term in a school for kids with special needs.


Definitely a good resource on didjes, one of the best I have found so far.

Ben Davis from USA

Its cool to hear the didge before I buy and I like the fact that they are real and help the natives out.

Brent Timmons from Canada

Its great, and I do enjoy reading the monthly emails and checking out the new stock. I only wish I could afford one!!! being a uni student doesn't pay much.

Anonymous from Australia

Quite interesting, good to see some of the history and stuff.


Very informative (to say the least)!

Brooke Mcaullay from Austria

Very good great to see indigenous in business! [OUR COMMENT: most of us at Didjshop are not Aborigines, but we buy our didjes only from Aborigines]

Anonymous from USA

Lots of good info. I plan to try making one out of a PVC pipe next week with your instructions:). Question: Is there a danger of the gathering of wood for didges harming the desert environment?

Bruno Martínez Pérez from Spain

Me parece muy interesante, aunque opino que deberían estar todas las secciones en español, por ejemplo este cuestionario.

Caroline Carlin from Venezuela

This site is very interesting, especially because it features many models and kinds of didgeridoos and explains about sound qualities and shows samples of the different sounds.

Celia Blackwood from USA

Keep it growin'

Chad Baloy from USA

I really like your web site. The only thing to possibly add would be some photos of the artists at work and the people at didjshop. They matter and since their work is so personal, it would be neat to put a face with an art piece. Maybe even put em' up for auction for a benefit?


Great site especially liked the wav files of the didgeridoos

Anonymous from Germany

U got some awesome didges in ur shop, too expensive for me, but anyway, I like the web site.

Christina Stevenson from USA

I need to check it out. It looks quite spiffy, though.

Dan Loizos from United Kingdom

Hahahahahaha Warwick! Google this!! :)


Has all the info you need and has some interesting stuff on the history of didjes


Nice, simple to use site. Straightforward and nicely laid out. No particular advice.

Derek Scheeler from USA

I think you guys here are really great and I am very eager to play a didgeridoo. It would be great to win one because of my lack of money.

Doug Mizzi from Australia

Excellent, Great to come back late at night and listen quietly to the sound of the didge

Anonymous from USA

You have a very advanced site. I have not seen one like yours before. A visitor can see and hear every didj before they buy. Sure would like to hear the bullroarers. Think I'll go and check out your affiliates page.


Looks great! I hope I win! I am really looking forward to expanding my musical horizons. Any chance for a bullroarer?

Erin Yorke from Canada

It's ok so far



Francesco di Giovanni from Italy

Very complete and useful

Francesco Paolo Mucelli from Italy

Credo sia il negozio on-line più professionale con la maggiore scelta e I migliori didj


It's a good site. not too much commercial for a product of a culture and for an extraordinary instrument and object


I love the "Listen to this Didgeridoo" - function!

George Grenke Iii from USA

Your web site is very easy to use, and contains a wealth of useful information. I like being able to not only see the didj's for sale, but hear them as well. Thank you for providing all of the other material to educate myself and others.

Gerardo Mercado from USA

I'm still checking you guys out and looking for a concert didj

Anonymous from Portugal

It is very well organized, very easy to find my way around. It has info about everything related to Didjes.

Isaac Preston from USA

I am very interested in the music of Australia, especially the didj. I bought one when I was in Cairns in 2003 after I was in Iraq. Sydney was our first view of real people in six months and when we visited Cairns, I loved listening to people playing on the beaches. Your site brought back a lot of those great memories, and if I don't win the didj, I think I will buy another one.

James Turner from USA

Cool web site. I am planning on having my 8th grade assisted learning class make didj's as part of a science experiment.

Jeff Ross from USA

Nice to see and listen to

Jerry Krenitsky from USA

Very interesting

Jerry Rask from Finland

Really nice.

Anonymous from USA

Great page.

John Webster from USA

Looks interesting, need to check it out more

Jon Harnum from USA

Can't wait to explore further. The sound clips are very helpful, as are the ratings and pix. Great job with the site!

Jose Tete from Spain

Measures of didjeridoo please I want to make me one

Kaarina Röning from Finland



First visit, looks interesting

Karen Habban from Australia

Looks, interesting, to be honest, I was too eager to submit this form before I looked further!!

Kay Pfahler from USA

Very informative.


It is a very nice web site


Very informative

Leonardo Camacho from Brazil

The site is great. To me the instruments are a little expensive, that's the why I wish to win one. But if I not win, I'm already saving money to buy Congratulations, the www is wonderful


Everything looks great!, never had a didj, but I want one so bad!! I would love to mix this heavenly instrument with some House music of my own. The one you guys are giving away is beautiful!

Malorie Ridgnal from USA

I find your web site. informative and I like the fact that you have sound clips and offer a wide variety of products.

Anonymous from Argentina

Para la economia argentina los precios son demasiado elevados, de verdad creo que lo valen, hay mucha gente aca que quisieran comprar uno, tal vez si harian un precio especial

Anonymous from Canada

Informative for a neophyte like me as I try to come to terms with my first didj (which I bought mainly for artwork).

Matthew Jackson from USA

This is a great site. I think you guys are doing a wonderful job teaching about the didjeridu.

Matthew Wilson from Australia

Well done! this is one huge didj web site.,you guys hav all the info I need. Except,maybe a tutorial on making beeswax mouthpieces would come in handy. Other than that,its a well structured genuine site. I recommend it


Very well designed and informative


This site is pretty cool. lots of information.

Mike Coffey from USA

Great web site, I wished I knew more about didj's

Mike Moore from USA

Very thorough site easy to navigate.


Very informative, please have a used for sale board

Mike Young from USA

Great site , very comprehensive , a great deal of information. And I really like the fact that all your didj's are crafted by Aboriginal people



Myles Noonan from United Kingdom

As a potential buyer for a didje I found it very interesting on how the prices were banded as well as the other items for sale.

Neil Fisher from USA

Great site!

Anonymous from Italy

Some didj music...?

Nigel Bourne from United Kingdom

Great resource.....

Anonymous from Canada

Good web site. I am also interested in the contexts in which the didj is used in traditional australian aboriginal culture, its significance, association with other instruments and its relative "importance" as compared with other instruments in both daily and ceremonial use. I understand that traditionally, the didj is not considered as significant to the traditional music as perhaps the sticks or other instruments.

Pedro Lopes from Portugal

Great, yeah! "BRUTAL" :D I get crazy about the "New Didj Give-away Competition"!! I want 1 to! I hope to win, I think I can be a good player! "HASTA LA PASTA" JAH b with u

Penny Wilson from South Africa

It's a very good site with a lot of information. It's wonderful to listen to each didj for sale plus there are so many different things for sale. It's a pleasure to browse this site

Peter Schoetker from Germany

It's very useful!

Anonymous from Netherlands

I think it is great, you give info and suggestions there were other sites cannot provide that certain info. I will come here more often from now on.

Anonymous from Italy

Good, very good. the site is great! the didje is a good instrument but not so famous yet. didgeridoo.com is a good way to learn about the didje.

Anonymous from Australia

It's good

Anonymous from New Zealand

I am very pleased that this is a comprehensive and well established web site.

S. Bate from United Kingdom

Very good, very informative

Salome Cruz from Portugal

I think the site is great, with good and organised information, and I would love it even more if I win the didgeridoo =)

Scott Scales from USA

It is a great site. I like all the information that you provide with the site. I may be missing it, but one thing that would be helpful is to rate the backpressure on the individual didgeridoo information page. I think my didge has low backpressure, so it is hard to get circular breathing. The next time I buy one, I am going to make sure it has good backpressure.

Anonymous from USA

Clean design.

Shaun Lawson from Canada

Nice web site.


Nice site

Sheree Hennessy from Australia

Its very informative yet laid back. It showcases the skills of our diverse culture in Australia and their exquisite artistry of indigenous australians.


This is a great web site. Very easy to use and understand.


Looks good

Tammy Holt from New Zealand

Great web site., great product

Todd Erdody from USA

Well laid out. Easy to navigate. Like the sound examples.

Tom Gibson from United Kingdom

It looks a pretty nice web site. (very easy to surf and navigate) and contains some fantastic didgeridoos, everything's a bit out of my price range though(I'm a student, so rather poor)

Traecy Berryman from USA

Great and informative site. I bought this for my brother who loves the digi

Anonymous from USA

I hope this web site. will help me to learn to play my new didj better, and help me excel into having a new and unique instrument that I can play for people.

Anonymous from USA

Excellent..brilliant sound recordings I'm very happy with it

Anonymous from Greece

Nice site. Very good pictures


Very well presented site, very informative.

Vic Montieri from Italy

Great site !!! keep it up

Vivienne Lunt from Australia

It is good to have a real aussie site

Willie Kingi from Australia

I often browse your web site and often I would like to purchase some of your concert didges but my wallet is not so full as the sole income earner of my family it makes things a little hard, but all the same I have three didges that aren't bad but, like most didge players we all would like to get our hands on that special didge if I can't have what I like maybe I can like what I have, you have an awesome site it is tumeke and I will continue to check it out that one day I will get that special didge Willie

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