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Visitors Comments made during the month of February 2009:

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Andres from Spain This is for me the best because my first didgeridoo I bought you here and is very easy to buy
Anonymous from USA This is by far the most thorough site available. After visiting other sites I wouldn't think of ordering a Didj from anywhere else. I'm excited to reference this site more to learn how to play my didj when it arrives.
Andrew Wood from United Kingdom One of the best Must take a lot of work Easy to use
Ashley from Canada Very informative and well laid-out. This site has pretty much all you need to know for beginners and experts. Great tips for learning how to circular breathe as well.
Ava Giglio from USA I LOVE IT.........
Ben from Australia Very well put together I like the way its easy to navigate and there is no BULL SHIT about our culture just the facts
Chris from USA Very thorough and I have book marked it for frequent reference as I become more proficient on my didj.
Christian Robert from France I didn't know where I could buy a didge. I didn't know it was possible to order it on the web because I am used to going and see the craftsmen I want to buy my instruments from. I came across your site by chance and after a short visit I knew I had found the good one. The thing that impressed me were the customers' comments. I don't regret my trusting you. My 2 Didjshop didges are just great! I love visiting the site for new sounds and new things to read.
Anonymous Your survey has loaded questions.
Anonymous from Australia Its sincere and really special...
David from USA The first time I saw this website a few years ago I knew that this is the place where I wanted to order my didj (eventually when I save a little more). I love the actual pictures the sound clips and the story of the individuals that make them. Not to mention the fact that they are genuine termite hollowed. Today at work I had a conversation about didj's and I mentioned your website because I remembered how nice the products were - my co-workers were also impressed.
Anonymous from USA I love the site and the newsletter
Derek Rusinek from USA I enjoy your website. You have good instruments good info and good prices.
Drew Macphee from Canada Fantastic and appears to be authentic in nature and of a higher vibration then others I have seen.
Ed from United Kingdom You guys have an obvious passion and commitment to the instrument and its cultural context. You have inspired me.
Eddy Weeks from USA So far best I have seen
Anonymous I love the clear look and ease of searching.
Francis from USA Excellent. Easy to navigate and easy to purchase. I've bought my favorite and best sounding didgeridoo from you. I always enjoy browsing your web site.
Anonymous from USA Your site is as much a learning experience as it is a sales job.
Frank Lovecchio from USA Excellent site.Very informative and set up well.Very informative about the Aborigines.
Harry from USA Love it
Herb Cohen from USA It is THE website for authentic Aboriginal news and didges.
Hugh from Australia The best -- that's why I am still here.
Irina from Australia WOW!!! you are amassing!!! Thank you very much!!! Irina
Jacopo Bianchini from Italy It is simply great genuine and full of good valour!
Jay from USA I think its awesome and very professional
Jeff from USA Most complete didj website I have visited
Jeff from USA Excellent website
Anonymous Its really great it gives a lot of information to new starters and even experienced players. And u have many helpful guides on didgeridoos such as making your own didj or making bees wax mouthpiece. I'm hoping one day I can afford on buying one of your awesome didgeridoos.
Joakim Sørmo from Norway Simply the best:) The information on this web page is unique. Not only can you get a didj that fits your own playing style but you also get advise history of both aboriginals and of you instrument. A very good web page considering orientation. My first real Didgeridoo is gonna come from this site:)
Keenan from USA Your website is well organized and has a very extensive list of didgeridoos.
Ken from USA It has sparked my interest.
Anonymous It is the most informative and best for authentic Aboriginal didj's that I have found.
Mary from USA The best website out here. No joke!
Anonymous I really enjoy this site. My young son is autistic and is absolutely fascinated with didgeridoo music. He and I visit this site quite frequently to look at the wide variety of different didgeridoos. He finds the sounds of the didgeridoos very soothing and relaxing.
Michael from USA The quality products and information available is excellent. It is very reassuring and trustworthy.
Michael from Canada Great. Lots of info beautiful didges. THe didge forum helped me with my playing.
Michael Rainbow from USA I really like it. Your content is great and I really like the energy of it. It's very tasteful and I can tell you folks are a really cool bunch. I look forward to doing business with you. One thing I notice is that I sometimes have difficulty finding things I am looking for and so I will re-enter the url to get back to the home page and then I can get to where I want to go.
Mike from USA This site is at the top of my list for sure. Not only are there a huge selection of numerous different styles of didgeridoos for varying uses but the layout of the pages with the vast collection of info gathered on all the Didjes is very helpful. I can deeply respect that this site gives due credit to the artists and lends a more than helping hand to their customers.
Monique from Canada Love it new to this but I have such a extreme interest in this instrument because of my love for the australian aboriginals and their beautiful land
Nicole from USA Love your website and only buy my didge items from you now except for paintings which I will buy from other places like Aussie galleries.
Peter from Germany Very informative
Philip from Australia Tops!!!
Rhonda from USA It loads fast is easy to read and pleasant on the eyes plus well organized.
Anonymous Impressed with rating system. Very helpful.
Rui from Portugal Well it seems to be a great didj site with a lot information a lot good stuff
Anonymous from USA I feel like your site honors the traditional genuine Aboriginal Didgeridoo.
Tanner Saylor from USA I find your website a very good website I just recently bought my first didgeridoo and my second one I believe will be from didjshop.com
Timur from Germany I like the way you try to wake up the people for aborigines and their life.Your didgeridoos are one of the most beautiful out there.The homepage is very interesting with a lot of news and monthly give-aways.And their is a way to win a great aboriginal didgeridoo every year. I really like this homepage some of my favourites.
Vince from France Extra-complete! Extra-welcoming! Simply Excellent!
Wanda from USA Its fantastic
Wendy from USA I really am impressed by the quality.
Anonymous It's great and I learned a lot.
Alex Wollangk from USA Very functional site very clean and easy to navigate in general. It took me a while to find the actual didjes in the didj shop. Other than that the menu on the left could use some tweaking to make it look more like a part of the site. It could also do with a bit more decoration. Even a few small icons using images in an aboriginal style here used sparingly but consistently would improve the look of the site significantly. About this questionnaire I know very little about Australian aboriginal history and culture but would be interested in learning more.
Ali from USA I looked up how to make a mouthpiece for didge. And it brought me here. Very clear and I hope to get it done later today.
Andrew Hodge from Canada I appreciate the morals and values of this site. I like the the focus is on the culture.
Andrew from USA Very interesting
Angela from USA Web link
Angela from USA I use to read this site quite often but have been busy and neglected it. I have always found it to be very informational and easy to navigate.
Anonymous Nice products colourful and interesting website
Anonymous from USA Colourful
Anonymous Very nice
Anonymous Informative about the background of didgeridoos
Anonymous from USA Very nice some of the Didjes don't have sounds though. a bit disappointed.
Ariella from Italy Very well done easy to visit full of news
Anonymous from Netherlands Great. Would not know how you can improve.
Anonymous from United Kingdom Really helpful and easy to get around.
Anonymous from USA OK
Anonymous Very easy to use
Chris from USA I like your site it is easy to navigate and the photo's and sounds are excellent. The information that you provide is interesting and educational.
Christian Hens from Germany Very good site! You get many information about aboriginals!
Christopher from USA I like the history and wealth of other information here and I appreciate especially the support for the artists. You folks seem to be a blessing to the Aboriginal people.
Clint from USA Looks good
Cristian Bouniot from Chile This is a great site and very complete. Very interesting and a good source of information.
Anonymous from USA Very nice
David from USA Very informative
Debra from Canada Very informative
Anonymous Haven't looked much at it yet.
Anonymous It's nice
Anonymous I think it's a great concept.
Anonymous Nice
Douglas from USA I really like the focus on genuine craftsmanship and aboriginal authenticity.
Drew from USA I like this web site and will continue to visit more often.
Duran from Australia 1 stop shop
Anonymous from Ireland Gift! Helpful links
Erik from USA I like it a lot. Seems Aboriginal to me.
Anonymous Nice website and very communicative
Anonymous Great
Geoffrey from Australia I really like it...
Anonymous I like this page because it was the one that's open the new world of this instrument.
Gregg from USA I think it's great that you try to support the Aboriginal community by buying their products.
Gregory from USA COOL
Anonymous Easy to use.
Hugh Deal from USA Wonderfully informative and well laid out site. site. Would love to own several didges and other aboriginal items for my den.
Jack from USA The look of the website is a little bland and outdated but it is what a helpful website would look like; one that does not have its main goal of making money from selling didgeridoos.
Jacob Brafford from USA Give you all the information and teaching u could ever want bravo
James from USA Has very good info
Jennifer from USA I think that they info you are gathering is pretty neat
Jerome Przybylski from USA It is really cool.
Anonymous I like it
Anonymous I like the sounds
Anonymous GOOD
Joe from USA It's refreshing to see a site dedicated to such wonderful art forms and the people who make them.
Anonymous from USA I like the content but the color hurts my eyes.
John from USA I like it
Anonymous from USA It seems straightforward and helpful.
Anonymous Complete and informative compromised with traditions good!
Joshua from USA Well organized
Anonymous from USA Its a great site for what it is used for
Anonymous Its nice
Karl from USA Well it's nice of you to offer this musical instrument. I haven't yet looked at your website
Anonymous Interesting will check out more often
Kim from USA I Like it - very helpful
Anonymous Interesting.
Anonymous Def my fav
Linda from USA Love your site. I think the instruments are fascinating but I can't afford one yet.
Lorie from USA Its great...keep it up!
Anonymous It seems nice enough but the survey was pretty extensive.
Anonymous from USA Interesting
Anonymous This is new to me-I appreciate the info-
Anonymous from Australia Great with excellent research on physics of didj sound and lots of options but I think overall expansive shop...sorry guys!
Marshall R from USA Nice site
Anonymous Very good and you have a lot of information here which is good.
Anonymous CUTE
Anonymous Very interesting.
Max from USA Can't say much because I went to just one before I clicked on you. I like the flexibility and specificity of the search and the didges look awesome
Meho from USA OK except for doing specific searches that I want to modify in subtle ways. I have to re-enter all of the info each time I try to make a single adjustment to my criteria.
Anonymous from USA I Love looking at this site
Anonymous from USA Interesting
Anonymous Interesting
Michelle Simons from USA I would love to learn to play.
Miles from USA I have not explored it greatly. I am interested in what you have to offer. I haven't made it past the home page with the 'You could win an awesome didgeridoo' promotion.
Mitch from USA Nice clean site
Anonymous Very thorough
Anonymous It is fine
Oren from Israel Very good keep the spirit
Anonymous Too many questions!
Anonymous from USA Everything looks good. If I had some money to buy a didgeridoo I would definitely buy from you.
Anonymous Very nice
Anonymous Good one
Anonymous Neat!
Anonymous I appreciate your tonal commitment to sound quality.
Ramon from Australia It's great! Easy to navigate. PLenty of useful and interesting information.
Raymond from USA Very nice
Regina from USA Like it
Anonymous Pretty neat site
Anonymous from USA Nice
Anonymous from USA I look forward to learning more through your website.
Roger Keeney from USA It is great.
Anonymous from Finland Great site for didj information. I just wish you would clarify what it means to play slow or fast.
Sarah from USA I've learned something new...very interesting should get a piece about the site on the Travel Channel
Shane from USA I was just looking for the history of the instrument. the sites were informative
Anonymous from USA I think it is interesting. I have a friend in Australia whose husband is part Aboriginal so I'm interested in this sweepstakes. Also my son is very interested in different types of horns.
Anonymous from Canada Very nice interesting
Stefano from Italy Extremely interesting
Sten from Canada It's an easy enough site to navigate and you can tell the people behind it have passion for their people and products.
Anonymous I really like it
Stephen from USA Awesome intriguing.
Anonymous So far so good.
Anonymous Very informative
Anonymous Good colour scheme. Stands out.
Anonymous Great info loved the design
Anonymous from USA It is nice but this questionnaire is too long.
Val from USA Very interesting
Anonymous Great prizes love the sound.
Anonymous from USA Love it.
Wilder Betancourth from Colombia Very interesting

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