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Visitors Comments made during the month of July 2007:

Online name


Alejandro from Spain

I like your site is clear fast and without many many thing all over the site I means: the heavy photos the non wanted sounds the non wanted publicity etc.

Alex from Russia

Great website with a lots of interesting and helpful information and of course with lots of great didge

Carol from France

It looks like the best to me; for some reason I have confidence and a good feeling about your site

Charles Woolridge Iii from USA

I love the way the website is setup its really easy to use and has really inspired me to play the didgeridoo.

Chris Jemmett from USA

I am very impressed with the fact that you care so much about your craft and want to protect it. Didges are beautiful truly works of art.

Daniel Horne from USA

It is the best one and now the only one I stay in touch with waiting for my cash flow and the right didge to become available at the same time

David from USA

It is very useful It is the most authentic and easy to navigate website to use. THere is so much information here Whatever I'm looking for I can find it. One of my friends actually used this website for a paper he wrote about didgeridoos for one his college classes. I like being able to listen to different keys and look at all the amazing didjes you have here. This truly is the best complete aboriginal site I've seen.

Dominique Brack from Australia

The best site content wise and for buying etc. I recommend you guys whenever I can. But the look is sometimes a bit lengthy.

Don from Japan

I really like it!


I love your website and I will certainly telling my friends about this because I'm sure they are not aware that this is going on. Wishing you lots of success with the website.


The best

Eckhard Kemmerer from Australia

A great resource site on aboriginal culture

Ed from USA

I enjoy reading it and learn very much

Eric from USA

Amazing selection of didj's. Right now I'm using a cheap eBay didj just to hone my skills. I never thought I would play decently so fast. Now I want a nice aboriginal piece to really let my sound ring.

Evelyn from Singapore

I have a good vibe about this site it reminds me of the experiences I had with the passionate Australian people who fight for their cause in whatever they choose to uphold.

Gary Marsh from United Kingdom

1st class

Gene from USA

Clean design incredible content with valuable information friendly.

Harry from Netherlands

Very good site. a part of it is in dutch that's nice. And the most important thing is that this site contains a lot of good information. A consider it as the best didgeridoo site.

Hilde from Belgium

I haven't seen much yet but I think it's very interesting. I have been reading the article about the circular breathing but I can't practice right now because I'm not alone in the room and my children would be laughing at me


Documents very well and goes into great depth and detail which creates a sense of security and honesty from this site

James Wilkinson from USA

I think it's the best one I've seen


I think your website is one of the best especially for highlighting true facts on how Aboriginal people are not receiving proper recognition for their work.

John from USA

You guys clearly have the best site. You know what you are talking about and define standards in the industry. You are the only people that I would ever trust when it comes to the purchase of a genuine didgeridoo. (especially when it comes to sound quality)

Jutta from Germany


Katie Davis from USA

Very well organized and professional.

Kenneth from Malta

It is informative as well as original (example: meditation healing difference in didj sounds)

Kristy from Australia

I like it and I really like this questionnaire. It has certainly exposed my ignorance.

Krisztian from Canada

It appears to me that your site is full of interesting products. Happy to have received this link from a friend who owns several genuine Didjes and he has ordered from your site in past years.

Kyle from Australia

It seems that your organisation is aware of unjust issues related to the aboriginal culture and the western world and products they have used for thousands of years being shared and traded between cultures and being shared and traded justly. I support anyone that supports equal and just trading between our cultures and therefore support your organisation.

Anonymous from USA



I found some incredible info - inspiring on this website plus Its clear and easy to navigate

Lucas Rodriguez from Spain

I like it very much is very useful probably the best website!

Luke from United Kingdom

I find your site very informative and a pleasure to browse. Definitely one of my favourite didge sites.

Marcus from Australia

I'm impressed. I leant things I wasn't aware of and have been prompted to think on issues I hadn't previously considered.

Matthew from USA

I appreciate and respect your sites educational content and the way you pay tribute and thanks to the aboriginals who brought this instrument to life.

Omri from Israel

You have a very beautiful and interesting website.

Orpheas from Greece

Good job guys!


I really appreciate the energy you give out and your monthly newsletter. I have been receiving it for two years now. Thank you I am far away from home and do not have an environment to play the didge and your site makes me feel at home

Patti Baker from USA

I like it. The site is well organized and very user friendly in my experience.

Pedro Duarte from Poland

From what I've experienced I think it is not only a very good commercial site as also contributes a lot to the aboriginal culture. And since money goes back to them it contributes to the preservation of one of the last untouched and so much threatened cultures on planet earth...

Robin Oberg from Sweden

The best didge-site I've seen.

Ryan from USA

It's my favorite...

Savananh from United Kingdom

It's very good. Better than some other ones I've had to endure.

Simon from United Kingdom

One of the best well laid out easy to navigate fantastic didges I just need more money!

Sophie from Australia

A fantastic site and I feel like I have learned a lot about an instrument I've admired but don't know a lot about.

Stacey from USA

Very informative and simple to navigate. I can't wait for the next meditation!

Steve from United Kingdom

A very good well laid out website. I am currently trying to learn circular breathing from it. Thank you

Stuart Bond from United Kingdom

I strongly support your ethical stance - it is what attracts me most to your website. While you could argue that there are better designs out there now with fancy-pants flash animation and so on I have no problem with the layout and the sound files are quick to load which is important. Keep up the good work! Just one point - on the question above "Non-Aboriginal didgeridoo makers should pay royalties to Aboriginal people or organisations." I think that the fairest way is to ensure a percentage of royalties from all termite-hollowed didj's are collected and used in the most appropriate and sensitive way - regardless of colour or creed. That way we can ensure that the harvesting and production of such didj's is economically environmentally socially and culturally sustainable. [OUR COMMENT: a percentage of each Didjshop didj sold goes towards replanting trees, but that is on top of any royalties/fees to Aboriginal people]

Anonymous from United Kingdom


Sue from Australia


Tim Gillott from United Kingdom

Well organised firm opinions well structured. Good use of online technology to allow people to come as close as possible to actually trying a didge before they buy

Tom from USA

OUTSTANDING!!! However I wish you carried books on the Aboriginal culture. I'd like to learn more!

Tom from Israel

I like it I come for the didj medical information mostly and it's good.

Anonymous from Italy

Excellent really.

William from USA

Great website. Educational

Anonymous from Spain

I think that it's so completely but I don't find one site for buy Didjeridoo CD!


It's very good: it's easy to surf there's lots of info and everything is explained clearly.

Alex from United Kingdom

I like it easy to use and a good choice but I need to save u for a bit longer until I can afford one!

Alistair Farris from Australia

I very much enjoy looking at all those beautiful instruments with the only problem trying to decide which one to buy (when I can afford it!). I particularly enjoy listening to each of the didges.


Real good


I found it very well organized and it was easy to find what I wanted.

Antonio Mara from Italy

Wonderful full of wonderful audio files and image thanks!

Ben Hicks from USA

Very well organized and I feel that it is a very good contribution to the culture.


Interesting and informative

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I love the website. Keep up the great work and spread the word!

Anonymous from Canada

Its a very good site with lots of interesting/useful information. I would like it to include shipping information. I tried but couldn't find shipping costs. I just bought another Didgeridoo but I think I would like to buy from you next time. I am a student with a limited budget though so something that is around 150-175 CDN with shipping is what I would be looking for.


Very interesting and informative.

Cindy from USA

Look good

Anonymous from France

It is a good web site with lots of good didj but I just would like to know more about didge makers and would like to find yidaki.

Colleen from USA

Very good

Dane from USA

Very well organized and clearly navigatable.

Dani Muxi from Spain

Very nice and interesting. I appreciate there is a spanish version!

Daniel Bass from USA

I like it I can't wait to learn to play


Is good

Anonymous from USA

I found the sight most informative. I am looking for someone who might be able to help my son also in getting his didj repaired here in the US. It has a couple of cracks in it due to another child handling it & banging it on the ground. My son is devastated! If you could help even if I don't win a didj could you please email me & let me know if there is someone in Southern California who might be able to help. [OUR COMMENT: try our Didjnet in the community section]

Ed from Australia

Its well noted and setup in an easy to navigate manner. Very informative also.


Its pretty chiller

Eric from USA

I haven't seen enough to comment as I came straight to the "win a very nice didj" page.

Fred Morgan from USA

Easy format and very informative

Anonymous from USA

Very informative & clean.


Very knowledgeable

Genia from USA

Nice site with lots of information. Good resource for all types of players.

Greg Thorn from United Kingdom

Very easy to navigate information is clearly stated.

Jérôme Ruiz from France

Je cherchais de la musique à la base et suis tombé sur le site. Je suis curieux donc j'ai regardé. Je ne sais pas si vous avez essayé de donner des couleurs spécifiques mais j'aurais (moi qui considère ne pas bien connaitre la culture) vu plus de couleurs vives et du miel.


Very interesting

Anonymous from USA

Nice plain easy to navigate

John from Australia

Shopping structure could be easier

Josh from USA

Your website has been most informative. Thanks. Josh - WA

Kimberley from Australia

I think the site is great it's very informative.


I like it very much

Laura from USA

Still checking it out

Anonymous from Australia

So far so good

Margaret Thompson from USA

Great website and information.

Mark from Australia

Very useful with good selection and information

Mark from Australia

Very good website.


Very good information

Martyn from USA

Full of good stuff but could use a professional makeover in terms of intuitive navigation etc.

Michael from USA

I like the display style and ease of navigation

Mikolaj from USA

Really nice site... like to visit it.

Monica from USA

Very well designed and easy to navigate - lots of wonderful information for someone like myself who is still trying to decide on what sort of didj to purchase


It is good

Paolo from Italy

Very well done and complete. Sound samples were very important on take the decision to buy

Anonymous from Canada

Helpful info

Paul from United Kingdom

Great very informative.

Anonymous from Portugal

A great site with a lot of information. Great job! Sorry for my poor english! lol

Pedro from Portugal

It's quite good it has every thing about the Didgeridoos but it doesn't has portuguese language=D kidding

Anonymous from Australia

Easy to navigate extremely informative and educational.

Ramon from Spain

It's a great site! You can be informed learn buy and more... and the most important in this site you know about the problem with the aboriginal art and culture and you defend it!

Ramon Deus from United Kingdom

It is a very easy site to navigate. It is interesting and informative. I enjoy listening to the didjes on the site.


Very informative...I like it.

Richard from USA

I don't know I just found it.

Rino Serafino from Germany

I like your website very much. It's giving good and important allround-informations. I heartily invite you to visit my own website: [OUR COMMENT: URL deleted - please do not use this section for advertising, apply for a link exchange instead]

Roderick Van Der Veen from Netherlands

I like the amount of information you have here. it's clear and honest. I've used a lot of information from your site so I knew what to look for when buying a didge

Rodney from USA

Well organized

Romain from France

Best of long live to you guys

Ronald Brady from USA

It has been very satisfying so far. Nice choices and I appreciate your concern for the native peoples of Australia.

Sara from Portugal

This site is very good..he's very choses about didj..I love didj.

Scott from USA


Shawn from USA

Great knowledge filled sight!

Anonymous from USA

It is great

Sherree from USA

Very informative! Really answers questions I have.


Excelente. No se encuentra otro semejante! Gran variedad de Digeridos en venta y de excelente calidad. Los felicito!

Steve Bailey from United Kingdom

Excellent source of all things Aboriginal. With excellent info on Didge sales

Anonymous from Spain

Es fantá¡stica


Very nice site

Tarah Mccombes from Australia

I found it very interesting particually the facts about didjeridoo makeing.


Very nice site

Tim from USA

Very informative

Anonymous from Australia

Great job guys and thanks for telling us some home truths.


Pretty good site

Zoe from Australia

It is very informative easy to find the information you are after and has lots of selection.

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