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Online name


Adam from USA

I haven't spent that much time on your sight as of yet but I am currently browsing through your forum and am very pleased with the discussions of technique and recording.

Adam Snow from USA

I love the site. As an American living if far north Texas your site is really my only link to the didjeridu. You have the prettiest instruments on the internet. Keep up the great work. DIDJERIDUS ROCK!!!

Alby from Italy

Until now the best international didj web site I have ever visited where I spend most of my time day-dreaming about the moment when I shall have an concert class didj

André Almeida from Portugal

A very complete web site about didjeridoos - the best I've visited. Really great! And it's really nice that the site comes in Portuguese too.


Oh my god its was so awesome I need a didj so so bad

Anjani from USA

Very nice!

Bob Yellin from USA

Very easy to navigate. Wonderful information. Love it!

Brad from Canada

Personally it's wonderful. This web site is responsible for re-kindling my interest in the didj. You've had so much information I've even based my Grade 12 Physics project on the didj and your site had all the information I could ever want that related to the sound-wave properties of the didj :)

Bria Singer from USA

Love your web site! I'm waiting for your reply which will help me purchase my first didgeridoo. I'm going to keep exploring your site as it has many captivating features is easy to use and is fast! I hope this is the beginning of a long relationship with didjs and the didj community!

Brian Anderson from USA

LOVE IT. this is easily the best place on the internet for information about didjs - I haven't even looked at other sites since this one is so comprehensive.

Bruce Cartwright from USA

Its great and I love the news letters. They are like getting letters from extended family. Its not just sales hype but rather updates on the folks working there. Great Stuff!!

Cedric Boehler from Switzerland

Very good site the best didj I have seen !!

Chris Yerlig from USA

It's very well done. Professional yet has the feeling of a friendship network. It's great to be able to sample the didges. Before I was really familiar with the site I purchased a Didge from Oz from another vendor. Nice didge but think I would have been better informed if I had shopped at Didjshop- maybe would have got a better didge for the money. When I get the dough I'm here.

Anonymous from France

Great site with a lot of information for beginners or advanced players. I really start didj 2 weeks ago and thanks to your site I succeed in circular breathe and base sounds. Thank you (and I apologize for my english)

Chuck from USA

Don't waste your time going anywhere else.

Craig from Australia

Easily the best didge site I've found

Daniela from Germany

Receiving the didgshop newsletter I feel always informed what's going on in the world of didgeridoo. Thank you very much for the extensive information about aboriginal and environmental concerns! It is like keeping in touch with this country at the other side of the earth where I am longing for to live....

Darren Mcintyre from Australia

This is the most comprehensive site and the best place to buy top quality didjs for some one a bit out of town like we are. I have bought two didjs from you before and sold one to a good friend for the princely some of a hand shake.The guy who taught me to play has commented on the sound of both these didjs and I am currently jamming with some work mates on guitars who are enthralled buy the sounds and music we are creating.Love your work guys and keep it up

Dave Schwanke from USA

I am impressed. the didj e-card is cool and you have excellent product

Doron Vardi from Israel

Amazing array of didjes you have for sale and some really useful information about them for buyers. Although I'm a firm believer in choosing an instrument by actually playing it this is the best site I've seen for purchasing one from a distance (which for some of us is a pretty good alternative as access to real high quality didjes would otherwise entail a visit to the southern hemisphere ;)).

Douglas Vroonen from Belgium

I love to surf on your web site and your forum is like a gold mine waiting for us to pick up what we need.


I love the forum which is very helpful and lots of the tips are great.

Eros from Italy

For me Didjshop it's the best place for didgid's on the net........good vibration

Francisco Ramirez from USA

I enjoy the personal help with my search for a new didji.

Gabor from Hungary

One of the most comprehensive web sites on the didgeridoo. it is not merely a didge vendor but provides deep insight into the cultural background of aborigines not to mention the online community established around it.

Gary Standen from USA

This is a wonderful site! I am glad to finally find a didj home now I can stop looking.

Gottfried from Germany

My first visit but not the last one

Gunter from Belgium

It's a very good and well-ordered site. Straightforward and easy to browse through. Clear links and good explanation about all that is needed to choose your personal didj. I certainly believe in the honesty of all the Didjshop co-workers. I wish you all the strength to keep the Aboriginal culture alive. Keep up the good work !!

Anonymous from USA

This is an awesome site.

Jeremy from USA

The most in depth site with the best quality. I love the awareness and attention to indigenous people and their issues and beliefs.

Jim Bane from USA

I think the web site has a feel that puts me right in the heart of Australia though I've never been there. It has a wealth of information that helped me figure out what didge I wanted to purchase but ultimately lead to the didge being bought as a christmas present. I'd be very interested in purchasing another didge by looking at this web site and seeing how they are made it's great!

Jonny from USA

Awesome! So many didges. I'm in love! =0) Keep up the great work!

Julien from France

The web site is super !

Ken Mason from New Zealand

I was impressed with your obvious desire for the best of quality in construction. I did appreciate the information and background material about their making. I only regret that I'm looking at this late at night and as I work long hours I really want to come back and check out the rest of your web site! Regards Ken Mason. NZ

Kent from USA

Great site mate!

Kev from United Kingdom

It is a wonderful site that makes people aware of the Aboriginal Culture and draws our attention to some of the terrible things the people have to still go through. It is also a fantastic place to purchase some great things. Well done keep up the good work.

Kevin Clay from Denmark

From what I have read and the feeling of what you offer...it feels very genuine...original. Like there is quality and ethics behind what you offer and communicate through the web site. It is practical and well laid out.

Kevin Summers from USA

Excellent site easy to use wonderful pictures and sound bites. Best didge site on the web.

Anonymous from USA

Great web site I really appreciate that you give back to the Aborigines what they deserve both in monetary form and in recognition.

Marcus Holm-Petersen from Germany

It touches and it spreads friendliness..its really inviting

Marguerite Leahy from Australia

Love it that you are sourcing Aboriginal people and that your didj's are authentic.

Marty from USA

The best didge site on the web. My didge shop didge is a terrific player and a real beauty. We have a world music ensemble at our school and my students always gravitate towards it - I have to pull them away so I can play it myself!

Massimo Gambirasio from Italy

Very nice site great quality & variety in didjes and very secure about the buying..well it rocks!!

Matt from USA

Beautiful layout. All of the information really adds another dimension to the web site It's much more than a web site It's a library as well. I also like how you guys have actually taken the time to record most of the didgeridoos being played so that your visitors have a better time deciding which is theirs.

Matthew Brewster from South Africa

This is the best site by far for the beginner to the pro.From info buying advice history to world events it covers it all. I refer everyone to this great site the I see it its the only site


I really like this site I will tell my friends about this site.

Morgan from USA

Awesome layout totally cool that you guys aren't just some crappy sellout and that you use solar power. right on!




Best didj site on the web. Has a great selection of instruments and its well organized. I like the fact that I can sort the instruments by price and sound quality. The links on your site lead to helpful and informative pages.

Oscar from Mexico

Great site with very interesting information specially info. about aborigines and the aboriginal process good work!

Pascal from Belgium

A lovely site I always enjoy coming to this place.

Anonymous from Australia

It rocks

Ravinderjit Singh from Malaysia

Fantastic site very easy to navigate plus it has excellent galleries and the range of didge's to choose from is simply awesome...

Reto from Australia

Very good variety of Didjes. Good explanations.

Richard from USA

I appreciate the variety of info sounds pictures and the fact that you don't charge for simple information e.g. how to play/circular breathe.

Rob Tol from Netherlands

Its so big that I can spend many hours here ha ha Like a little party for myself.

Sam from USA

I feel that it is a very informative site. I would highly recommend it to others

Sean from USA

It the best web site that I have found on Didjeridoo. So much information and has everything you ever wanted to know about one on this web site No need to look anywhere else!

Simon MacCaulay from Australia

AS A first time visitor I am very impressed. I don't usually respond to any of the questionnaires but this site has prompted me to join in. Love the look. I am now on the look out for a didj.


Love you guys and keep up the wonderful Didjeridu site!!!!

Anonymous from USA

I love the web site It is great to be able to see and hear the different didj's. I wish I had more time to browse and extra money to get another didj.

Thomas Roll from USA

My grandchildren and I love your site. Through it and your many links I was able to learn much and make didjes and bull roarers with my grandchildren. They love them as I did when I was a child and still do. We intend on learning to circular breath and play our didjes around our campfires and play for others to draw their interest. As the kids say too Ka..ka..ka..kool!

Tina Leaman from Australia

I found it very easy to navigate very informative and was particularly interested in the physics of the the didj and the sound healing and meditation. I have a friend who is a Doctor of medicine who is interested in sound healing work whom I'm sure will be equally interested.

Tomas Martins from Portugal

It's a great web site with lots of info and cool stuff! It's great being translated in so many languages.. although I'm completely familiar with english it's better in my mother language! It also has a great forum! Keep up the good work guys and keep on didjing!

Tony Teele from USA

I love this web site compared to others because you give statistics about the Didgeridoos and not just a price like many other web sites

Trent from USA

Didjshop.com web site is the best!! I have seen a lot of sites and none equal the Didjshop.com web site.

Vincent Lizotte from Canada

Really very good actually. The sound files are fantastic the layout is fairly clean with a fair bit of neutral space (awesome!) color scheme feels natural and understated. Well done eh!

Wendy from Australia

I think it's great! The didjeridoo is uniquely Australian and part of our heritage. It should be celebrated. The site is doing that brilliantly!

William from USA

Excellent. Pictures and FAQ are great

Yaron Ouzana from Israel

Great site love the logo nice to know there are more people in the world with love to the didj.


Really good although id like to be able to hear more of the beginner didges.

Alessandro from Italy

Nice site keep up the good job

Alex from USA

It is good and very helpful

Alex from USA

I love it and I'm off to search it more now!!

Alexandre from Canada

Excellent web site nicely put together I plan to buy one here

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Great site very easy to use and full of information.


Needs more color

Andreas from Cyprus

Pretty good web site I would have liked some more close-up pictures of people playing and some more sound files

Andrew Avery from United Kingdom

Its cool full of useful info and nice didges

Andrew from USA

I am very pleased with the newsletter. Does every didj for sale have a sound clip? If not they should. [OUR COMMENT: our 1st and 2nd sound quality didjes have no sound clip so they are more competitively priced]

Angela from USA

It's very informative. I like what it has to offer.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

The site is great and has helped me understand the history and how to play the didgeridoo.

Barry Pendleton from United Kingdom

Easy to use and the mp3 facility is excellent

Bart Vrancken from Netherlands

It's a very nice looking site although at some times hard to navigate. A clearer menu would be a good addition to the site

Anonymous from USA

I like it. I has a good vibe.

Ben from United Kingdom

Nice web site with wide range of didjes from cheap ones to very expensive ones. Listen to the sounds of didjes is very cool and the data sheet of each is very useful for comparison. News and information about aboriginal culture is very interesting. Would it be possible to make database of original worldwide didjes sounds for the community?

Anonymous from USA

Very informative look forward to exploring the site and its resources

Benjamin from USA

I very much appreciate the well-roundedness of the site... many valuable pages and links... I wish I could share more intelligently than this however I consider myself a novice and a beginner to the combined worlds of ethnic sounds and their cyber counter-parts... I am returning regularly to the site so keep it coming!!!

Bent Lønrusten from Norway

It nice to get a pro site made by some who know about didj's

Bettyann from USA

Please continue the good work I have spent a lot of time on your site and found it be a valuable resource as I learn and experience more and more about the didjeridoo.

Bill Van Dusen from USA

So far I like it just fine

Boaz Gilad from Israel

Big site with everything in it! Good work!


Its really great. I'm impressed not only by the range and quality of didges but also by all the other stuff - really interesting info about aboriginal art culture and history. It's worth a regular visit...

Bourton from Canada

The sight is pretty sweet...I've got some good tips on how to play/how to take care of my didj

Braden from USA

I like the setup and the claims to credibility. If I ever find enough $ in the couch to drop on a didj this will be the first place I shop.


I love the layout. It's user friendly and gives excellent description of all products. I would like to have more "hear it played" on the Didjes but I understand that it takes a good deal of time for the few you have.

Brian from USA

I like the site very much especially the music downloads...

Anonymous from USA

Pretty straight forward gets to the point needs more pictures right away


Haven't surfed the site yet went right to the contest link. Will go and check it out now!

Burton from Canada

Its an awesome site! its my favorite didj site! if I'm looking for help on how to play I always come here for information

Anonymous from Canada

This is a great web site I have used it for reference a few times including the section on how to make and keep a mouthpiece in good shape. As well I have done some browsing on some general Didgeridoo related stuff.

Carol from USA

Interesting and informative

Charley from USA

Great sound files and comparison of quality examples. good photos. Hard to just find your didges for sale.

Chris from New Zealand

Very useful. easy to make my way around. Also very informative.

Chris from South Africa

Its well planned. it looks good. I really like it. very informative.

Chris Murphy from Australia

Its comprehensive enough to get all the info anyone could want. its a one stop shop.



Anonymous from USA



Very organized and well informed web site

Cor from Netherlands

Good site

Crystal from USA

Its well informed and nice


Thank you for your information.

Dan Martin from Canada

I like it and will be back

Darryl from Australia

I did a search on didge physics and was most happy with the articles and links you've provided

David from United Kingdom

Very informative


Helpful site.

Anonymous from USA

An inspirational web sight. This sight allows me to listen to what I am trying to play. Although I have only been playing for two day's. Thank you for the help

Deborah from Canada

Very informative site ....will be referring my son to it!

Denis Barry from USA

The didjshop.com is a good web site. Still do not know what wood these are made from. [OUR COMMENT: all our didjes are made from different eucalypt species]

Denis Burns from United Kingdom

Good navigation facilities friendly and warm site

Denis Richard from France

I send a lot of times looking the shop pages it's great but a little bit expensive. It's the best place to keep the contact with didgeridoo origins. And the newsletter is interesting because you write what you live. And the must is this funny and great way of worldwide meditation. Best regards. Denis

Derek from Ireland

It looks pretty good easy to use and comprehensive. I'm away now to have a look at the forums I am looking for some sort of a didge scene in Ireland.

Dian from Canada

I find the articles about the problems of the aboriginals extremely interesting. They are matching a lot of same crisis that we are having in Canada eg: fuel sniffing.

Dimitri from Italy

Very good simply to understand and complete!


Great web site. Lots of stuff.

Don from USA

Great! learned a lot about didjeridoos from it. Really appreciate being able to listen to samples of the didjes and appreciate the ratings.

Dottie from USA

Will recommend site to son who plays

Eddy from Australia

Help full hints in playing offers sound advise like sound testing of didges for sale good selection of didges hoping to purchase a didge one day but wishing to win the didge being offered

Edward from USA


Fabien from Switzerland

Very complete and interesting

Fernan Rodriguez from Costa Rica

I think its great! keep on didjin'!!!

Anonymous from Portugal

A very extensive and complete site about didjeridoing

Fred from United Kingdom

I like to listen to the didjes being played on there and would love to be able to afford one of your genuine termite hollowed didjes one day

Gene from USA

Nice Site I enjoy the sample sound clips

Anonymous from Australia

I discovered it while doing research for my daughter she's doing Year 12 Aboriginal Studies course. I found it interesting and educational as well as a source of other helpful links.

Gia from USA

I think it is great for those looking to start playing didj

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Web site runs smoothly and is easy to use


Well laid out

Gregory from USA

Cool site

Harry from Netherlands

Great clear site for a person who just stated to play and learn de didge

Anonymous from Australia

As a travel consultant it's fantastic to see a site I can recommend to overseas clients.

Herman from USA

Nice site.



Jacques from Canada


James from USA

Being able to listen to the didgeridoos is a great feature. But finding that some of them are not available to listen to is a major downer. All in all great site.

James from USA

A little clunky in spots but it works well. Pleased to see it works properly with Mozilla Firefox.

James Daley from Australia

Good site bit hard to purchase items though.

James Walker from Australia

Great site the sound samples are a fantastic idea for selecting a didj. Heaps of great information as well.

Anonymous from USA

Had a problem getting your site to accept my email address so I am trying again today.

Anonymous from USA

It was informational.

Anonymous from Spain

I thing that you can improve your web site putting sounds of all didgeridoos an putting the note name for other languages (in spain Do Re mi fa ....)

Jay from USA

Awesome site I'm constantly looking for didj info and trying to learn more about tit and all it has to offer LOTS to learn thanks for providing a site where newbies ( and pros) can get quality instruments and learn!

Anonymous from Canada

Great site! lot of information! one of the best site for musicians.

Jean-paul Massie from Canada

You really have the better or nice web site. I like the concept and hope to go to Australia one day to see the folks there and learn and play with other didge players.

Jeff from USA

Cool but maybe too many different colors?

Jerald from USA

Good site

Joao from Portugal

I haven't been around much but my first impression is that it is quite complete regarding info and didj's story

Anonymous from USA

I like the layout and the didjis you offer

Joel Sjöbom from Sweden

It seems like a interesting site but it's a bit too expensive for me at the moment...

John Abernatha from USA

Very informative

John Judish from USA

Phenomenal selection for didge players of all levels


VERY COOL I think that I wan to buy one in the future .

Anonymous from Canada

Looks mighty fine. it would be nice to see prices. [OUR COMMENT: each didj has a price displayed and you can see it in any currency you like]

Jonathan from Canada

I found it both informative and professional.


It is nice because we can see and hear the did's and it as nice information for a beginner like me

Josh from Canada

-looks great lot of info an dpics and sound of many didges. The quality rating scale of the didges is a bit confusing though.

Josh Olczak from USA

Very nice Didj's can't wait to learn to play!

Karen from Germany

I find it very interesting and will surely visit your web site again. In the near future I will start to work with a didj-player who gives seminars and does therapeutic work with the didj. So I am very concerned about the whole theme.

Karla Johnson from USA

Thank you great sight

Keith from USA

Love the site. Lots of great information which is important to me since I am just beginning to learn how to play the didj

Ken from USA

Informative so far and I've just started looking.

Ken Hicks from Canada

I really like the selection of Didjes you have... so long as the shipping isn't to crazy I am thinking of getting a Didj from you... you have several of the tone I am looking for...


Very well thought out and organized I real like the sound clips on your didjes that is a good feature before buying.

Kenn Parkin from USA

Have not fully explored

Kenneth Towns from Australia

I think it's a very interesting web site & I love the aboriginal people & there music & art work it is a credit to them all. cheers Ken.

Kim from Sweden

I like the setup of your web site Been looking thru several pages in the last days. I have a presentation in school and I decided to have it about didjeridoos.


Very good


Nice. Easy to navigate.

Lori from USA

I liked your site. Thanks!


Nice site good work probably I'll shop anytime


Excellent and interesting


Great site! I really like it that every didj can be heard on the web site

Mark from USA

Great web site guys! Keep it up!

Mark Rodgerson from United Kingdom

Great site something different to look at and experience.


I consider this page very useful to me because I started to play my didgeridoo a few months ago so I have been looking for information and Didjshop.com gave it to me. Very nice work and keep it doing for a long time!!!


Awesome I enjoyed checking out all the beautiful didges hopefully looking forward to winning and playing 'Good' Didge.

Anonymous from Netherlands

Nice web site I love the shop! Site could be a bit "cleaner" (Less color).

Max from USA

Comprehensive well laid out

Melissa from USA

Very helpful though I must say I just found it and haven't surfed much

Michael from Australia

I was born in aus grew up in Canada. Moved back to Aus as adult. In I Aus I want learn to play the didj. I feel it will help me find work as an actor.

Michele from USA

Love to listen and feel the resonance through my body


The web site is very informative and easily navigated. I enjoy reading the question and answer section with its great tips and ideas.

Anonymous from Spain

It's a really good didjes shop


Great site great info for school projects

Miriam from USA

Looks like a great site with everything I could want or want to know about didgeridoos.


Very informative. Would recommend it to anyone interested.

Nuno Ovidio from Portugal

I like it got a lot of info. The part that I liked more was the one that teaches how to make a didj. (first reason that make me found this site)

Olivier Onnainty from France

Very nice and complete!


Informative good layout and presentation

Pat from USA

Well done can't wait to view some of the tutorial vids! Thanks!

Patti from USA

You have a great site great information and easy to navigate

Paul from USA

It is very informative one can learn a bunch about the didj and its history!

Anonymous from USA

Good selection interesting information

Paul Thodiyil from USA

Very detailed and informative. I learnt more about aboriginal instruments from this site than any other single source. This questionnaire needs updating as the most recent year is only 2004. For example - I first heard the didj in 2005 but no such option. There are several such questions where 2004 needs updating. COULD I GET AN EXTRA ENTRY TO THE COMPETITION FOR EACH QUESTION CORRECTED?

Anonymous from Belgium

Very informative


It seems to be a very informative quality site with lots of useful information and good shopping (if I only had more money).

Peter from Sweden

Amazing great I'm lucky new knowledge inspiring!!!

Que from Canada

A great selection of links would like to see a didj players and fans around the world photo gallery

Radek Świrko from Poland

I fink its very good web page all is so professional and the yidaki are looking like a very good instruments. respect aborigines


I feel that this is the most informational web page I have visited yet about the didj.

Anonymous from France

Very complete and interesting site but it wouldn't be worse with more mp3 samples etc...

Richard from Australia

Not been looking long yet (mainly looking at the didjes cause wanted one for ages and finally doing something about it) but so far pretty good.

Ricky from New Zealand

I think there should be more sound clips there amazing maybe more in mp3 format

Anonymous from Canada

Great shop from what I've seen. I still haven't been all through your sight but I do intend to do so. I especially appreciate the section on aboriginal culture.


Complete and interesting

Anonymous from India

Very informative makes me want to learn more!

Ron from United Kingdom

I think it is a well thought out web site that covered all the areas on the subject of didges I wished to learn. even including sound files genius.


I thought it was very informative

Rose Williams from USA

I like your site: lots of info seems to communicate importance of ethical considerations also.


The shop is quite accessible and easy to navigate excellent show...

Ryan Mussatto from USA

I really like the web site design and I'm thrilled to find out that there are web sites out there which are focused entirely about didgeridoos especially ones that are nicely laid out and easy to use such as this one.

Sandy from USA

Interesting clear easy to use...


Great site




Its OK not spectacular in looks but informative

Simon from Canada

Your site is pretty cool. We can find information about everything. It's my first visit but I'll come back!

Stéphane from France

I think the address of the real shop should be easier to find even if most visitors come from all over the world. Then I think it would be better to be able to access the forum without registering. Eventually the web site is really complete and we can get what we need... so.. bravo et bonne continuation à toute l'équipe en espérant vous voir un jour...

Suzanne from South Africa

Really easy to navigate and informative

Sylvain from France

Great shop I always wanted to buy a good didj with good sound and you have so much kinds thank you the day I have enough money I'm gonna.....


Keep up with the good work.


Good and complete web site

Thomas from Germany

Its a very good site. I'm every time very happy when I saw beautiful Didgeridoos.

Tiago Meira from Portugal

Well...its a very complete site with a lot of things for didge lovers! Its my first time here but I promise to come here again very often! Keep on the good work! Didges rules! :D


Its great keep up the good work

Tony from USA

I'm still new and exploring the site. Looking good so far :D

Trevor Markham from Canada

Found it very useful and informative.

Tushar Mehta from India

At least I have a amazing site about my favourite instrument where I have everything about it. keep it up

Tyler from USA

It is a good site and comparable to other didj sites I've visited

Tyler from USA

Very cool

W. Wilval from USA

We like it.

William Bode from USA

Beautiful site very functional informative and blessing

Wolf Friedhoff from USA

Very informative

Wolfgang Ott from Austria

Wonderful site for finding out more about Didgeridoos. I will surely come again.

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