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Visitors Comments made during the month of August 2002:

Name and Country  Visitors Comments about
Alan McRae from USA Great idea and I support your efforts to promote this unique instrument.
Name withheld by request This website has many good products and activities and is very easy to use.
Alex Mornhinweg from Germany nice shop but few info-content...minimalistic but functional design
Alicia DeFrancesco from USA I think this is a great website, and it has vastly improved since I first became interested and looked at digeridus some time ago.
Andy Malone from USA Very well organized, very devoted to the art and culture that is dijeridoo
ann carter from USA Great site, full of usefull info
Name withheld by request Very good site, and if I went to your country I would came to your shop for shure
Name withheld by request a good web ,many information ,good fotos
Arthur Carter from Korea Love the pics and sound files. Also like the rating system for sound quality.
Barbara Fuller from USA It is very well organized and presented.
Ben Shelton from USA I feel that the website is very well organized and user friendly. It even has a great "step by step" tutorial on "how to order". Not to mention it has loads of information...which I have yet to read all of. I will probably be one of those people that stays on 12 hours reading:)
Name withheld by request Very good. I hope to purchase a genuine didj from you soon.
Bent Lonrusten from Norway For a first time visitor from a country this far away, you'r great!
bill cultor from Germany well done
Bill Taylor from Australia I was surprised to see the variety you have available.
BODIN ADRIEN from France C'est un site bien adapté a tous les niveaux de pratique, il prend en compte tous les différentes étapes afin d'acquérir un bon niveau et se faire plaisir...
Name withheld by request Wonderful site. I especially like the availability of the soundtracks. Full of useful information and great didges at a very reasonable price.
Bostjan Penko from Slovenia Beside of lack of some more tutorial material on playing the didj (especially for advanced players),it is far the best and the most comprehensive and proffesional site I have ever seen in this area.Congratulations!
Brad Horne from Australia Very well presented website.
Name withheld by request I really like the samples of the didgs, next best thing to being there.
Brent Eno from USA IT is very easy to find a didgeridoo that is sutable for one's needs. I found mine very quickly and easily. There is also a very large selection of first-class, quality didgeridoos.
Name withheld by request The website is easy to navigate and very helpful. It also inspired confidence in you guys as vendors and information providers!
Brian Kerber from USA Very nicely done. No suggestions at this time.
Name withheld by request It is a nice site well done, very informative.
Name withheld by request good
Carlos Ballester from USA I am very gratefull to the aboriginal people of Australia for discovering this very simple, basic and wonderful thing that Ill call the didj(I've recently learned that it can be called several other names other than didgeridoo).Your business and web site seem to pay respect to them as well it should be.This is very important to me.Also it's great that you can hear the didj that you are considering buying.This my first visit to your site and I have already decided to buy a didj from you......thanks
charlene sieffert from Canada I like it overall but the yellow background ummmmmm ewwwwww?
Chris Low from Australia It is the most informative and easyiest way to buy a didj that I have found on the internet. As a prespective buyer of a didj the site has been informative and alowed me to see what is avalible and also hear it wich is so convinient and practicle.
Chris Murphree from USA This is the best and most comprehensive didj site I've ever seen. I find your quality grading system very helpful and easy to understand. I also appreciate the candor regarding the Aboriginal people and your approach to helping them see the value in their culture. Kudos!
Christian Casonato from Italy It's a great way to stay with people I like.I find it very friendly.
Name withheld by request its realy good that you can hear the didjeridos play its important when you seling on line. nice layout but that yellow text???????
Christina Forbes from USA it's really awesome, it's well organized and well priced. Also, it's really convenient that the site provides aussie and us prices
Name withheld by request I like the fact that I can both see and hear the didj. How often do you update the site with new didjes?
Craig Watson from USA This is an excellent site!It gives a great history and information on didj's and has a vast expanse of didjes that can be purchased...This site is truly two thumbs up!
dan jones from USA excellent if anything it's too good, so many things ...
daniel leach from USA I want to sleep on your roof!
darin petersen from USA Great site! I am Native American(Tlingit)/Kanaka Maoli(native Hawaiian), so I am really glad that your site and shop is ran by fellow indigenus/native people. Keep up the good work your shop is maika'i nui(real good). (Our comment: the site is run by non-indigenous people, but all our didj-suppliers are Aboriginal people)
Darrin Krug from USA I am VERY impressed... I have been interested in the didg, but I wasn't considering buying a didj until I visited your site. As a musician, I feel I can be confident in making a good purchase from your company.
David Born from USA It's fantastic - hadn't visited the new version in a bit and was very impressed.
David Herrera from Spain it's really cool to find pages on the net as this one!! IT's such an interesting instrument to learn about and wish we had more places to search for.........david from spain
Name withheld by request This website is very informational and educational. I plan on incorporating this website into my son's homeschooling program. I want to find out how to make those remarkable sounds!
Name withheld by request Great site.....very informative...like that you can listen to the various sounds.
Name withheld by request I liked the quick responses to my questions via Email. The pictures could be more informative like showing the top of the didj along side a measuring device for comparision
Diego Molina Serrano from Spain The page is quite good, I always had lot of problems to find good stuff about didgeridoo's and this page help me to resolve my doubts.
Douglas Madea from USA very professionally informative
Douglas Woods from USA If you have outlets around the world, it would be nice to have a list. Also, I would love some aboriginal stories, I am a sucker for stories.
Duncan Griffin from Finland Easy to use, full of info. good selection of didges.
Dylan De Mott from USA I love the fact that I may listen to the digeridu before deciding to purchase.
Name withheld by request very very good. I was just browsing for some basic tips and I found it. very informative without assuming too much prior knowledge. I feel I've learnt a lot.. to the extent that I wish I'd found it before buying my didj, which is not as good as quality and to my shame I dont think is aboriginally made. greate site- when I get a job I'll come back and throw money at you!
Edward La Corte from USA You do have quite a nice selection of didges,the only critique I have of the site is the pictures could be clearer.
Eric Fuehrer from USA Best source for high quality didgeridus. I would never spend a dime anywhere else. The staff here is very helpful, insightful and enthusiastic. They listen and help whenever needed. And the selection is unlike any other!!
Ethel Burnham from USA This is an extremely well covered site. The illustrations and sound files are great. It's a plus to have ecards to send. Good job
fernando landa from Spain I think this is the best didjshop I ever visited, cause you talk of a lot of things, and you realy have a lot of diferents kinds of didges
Name withheld by request interesting and well done. nice links to other portions of the website. easy to manipulate
Francis Welch from USA Fascinating
frank mcgee from USA I found the website very interesting and helpful.
gabriel eckert from Argentina write about some thecnics and about aborigins
George Berman from Canada Very well organized and laid out. Lots of information. I especially like your respectful approach to nature and the aboriginal people and culture.
Name withheld by request Interesting. Never heard of the didjeridu until your site.
Graham Jenkins from England The website is very well laid out. The MP3's are a very welcome bonus. From the first time I visited the site it has changed out of all recognition. Keep up the good work chaps...
Name withheld by request Nice site. I was looking for a site to tell me how to build a didj but now that I've seen your site and know the process by which they are made I can't even come close to making an authentic one.
Guilherme Dias from Brazil Good informations
Hans Tandsether from Pakistan Great Site !
Heath Schluter from USA this website has been the best I've found. the selection has got to be the largest I've yet to find and the prices are great. REAL SHOCKER
Holly Coes from Canada It seems to be well laid out.
Idoia Trigueros from Spain GOOD.
Irek Rychlewski from Poland The only one serious diji web site . I've never found any more interesting and truly caring diji sites
Ivona Czuba from USA The website is very comprehensive and it is great how you can get personal help in choosing just the right didj. All my emails were answered really quickly.
Name withheld by request very nice good raw feel to it
Name withheld by request great! it's so simple and easy to use, the categories are really nicely laid out, and it seems that you guys really care about what you're selling. I dont need any other sites, this is the one stop shop of the didj world! and I thank you. keep up the good work!
Name withheld by request That there has been alot of work put in to this wed site.
James Jim from USA I Love this website! I come here as often as I can. I only wish I found it sooner. I am definitley going to be buying myself a didj from you and probaly more than one!!
Name withheld by request Very well done, nice organisation, and content.
Name withheld by request excellent
Jan Dixcey from England Fascinating
Name withheld by request its very very organized and easy to just browse
Jean Baptiste George from France I think that your site is excellent and I'm probably going to buy you a didjeridoo because I really want to have a genuine aboriginal didj...but I don't have enough money to buy it for yhe moment thank you for this part of dream that you give us
Jeff Faircloth from USA By far the most complete didj site I've seen. Love the sound option.
Name withheld by request This is probably the best Didj site.Period....
Name withheld by request I love thr variey of didjs you have. you really care for the quality and history behind each didjs crafted, I will refer your web page to my friends!
Name withheld by request I would love to play these didgeridoos.
Name withheld by request not bookmarked, memorized.
Joe Volz from USA first time here. looks good.
Johannes Becker from Germanny Such a nice Didge shop wich such a geat selectin of Didgeridoos is overwhelming! I will write mor but you see my english is not so good! But it is the best Didjshop in the whole world! Go on!
John Brunette from USA Love it. I have gotten my last Didj from there.
John Holgan from USA I found it very educational and easy to navigate. Enjoyed hearing the different sound qualities.
Name withheld by request Good informitave site. Love the MP3.
Name withheld by request The website is excellent. I have little musical talent, but I love music. The only reason I have not purchased, is because I have never had the opportunity to try a didj.
john wilkins from England a good site, good information in an easy to access way. some of the pictures of didjs cauld be better quality, its difficult to see all the detail.
Name withheld by request very interesting
Name withheld by request I found the site to be comprehensive, inviting and very easy to navigate. I might actually consider buying a didj. through you. Normally, I only purchase a musical instrument if I can play it myself first.
Juan Pablo Munizaga from Chile Long time ago, searching for didgeridoos on the Internet I put on the yahoo search "buy a didgeridoo" and Wuala!,, there!
Name withheld by request Great site, a relief not to have annoying pop ups and things flashing at me!
Name withheld by request Nice website
Karen Boyd from United States More than I expected
Karen Brantley from United States nice, not too busy or obnoxious like others
Karin Buchanan from Canada The look is "honest". I can't explain it any other way.
Karl Garneau from Canada The best Web site ever for didji's. I'm from Quebec Canada maby far from australia but.. DIDJSHOP.COM make me possible to kwom this wonderfull instrument and australian way... thanks very mutch!!
Name withheld by request don't know much about it , but looks good
Kevin Atkins from USA As a begginer, I found this sight to be just what I was looking for. It was very helpful and informative. Just what I needed to get started.
landon carrier from USA beautifull artwork,and the streams are bonus.
Name withheld by request Easy to navigate and plenty of information.
Name withheld by request Very rich information. Love the sound files. I was reluctant to buy a didj without trying it in person. This site has solved that problem.
Name withheld by request neat site, well done
Name withheld by request nice site with much useful information. The best didj site I know
Mark Keller from USA Cool site- I like it alot.
Name withheld by request Really like the sound files for each instrument. Well designed site.
Martin Allwright from England I have found it very informative, particularly the technical aspects of sound quality and the different suitability of didjs for learners or experts. I am visiting Australia later this year and was planning to buy a genuine didj on this trip, but I am now considering buying in advance from you.
marv thomas from USA its fast loading,and most of all the information I wanted to know was right up front,I didn't have to search forever
Name withheld by request Excellent site and very easy to browse
Name withheld by request I like the good photos of the didjes you have. They are presented nicely.
Max Kendall from Canada It's great
maxence mercier from France Good very very good site
Name withheld by request it's wonderful for us didj players to be able to contact each other and tell our didj experiences
Name withheld by request I'm really only here to enter the comp..if I take into account my ability with the hoover then I guess I could blow into a didjerido thing..although it may not be melodious
Name withheld by request good
Melanie Malone from USA Very Educational
Michael Steenhuus from Canada It's nice to be able to hear samples of the didges. I've still got lots to explore on your website!! It's great.
Name withheld by request beautiful
Name withheld by request Nice Site, good standing on a google or AJ search engin. Loads quickly
Name withheld by request Congrats to DIDJSHOP.COM I have found almost every information I was looking for, well I don't remember right know exactly what I didn't find here, but anyway it's a great site to visit to get introduced into de didje world, I'd recomend it to everybody who wants to get started with this
Mike Handley from USA I like it alot. I am the production manager at the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa Florida USA and we are going to open the Australia IMAX movie next week. we are doing some ancillary exhibits on Australia and I found the site to be quite informative and easy to navigate
Mike Pendley from USA I really like your selection of didjeridoos and have seen some on there that are unlike any other didj I've seen before.
Nathan Birks from USA awesome site!!!! great way to get a didj, I had my siser get one while she was down there, this would be a great alternative
nicholas smith from New Zealand the site is wonderful informative.
Nick Baldwin from USA very informative, educational, friendly layout, quick response time, great sound-easy to hear no bother with technical stuff. I like the idea of a sound with each picture of the for sale items. great idea. good sales idea. All you really need are some more location shots and a few great scenics (beside the watermark or halftone background stuff). Of course you could wait until I come back for these-in case you haven't guessed, I am a photographer.
Name withheld by request I like the layout. the site is very informative and very thurough
Name withheld by request realy good
Norman Pinsky from Canada Interesting
nuno sequeira from Portugal I think its very cool , lots of information that we usually dont have acess for it..
Name withheld by request My friend found this site for me because I bought a didj the other day. We both play instruments and we're trying to start a band because music has always been the end all be all for the both of us. He has been trying out congas and djembes and other percussion, we're both trying to learn how to play other instruments we are interested in so we can be well rounded. He said I might nut myself when I came here. He was right, your sight is a didj players dream.
Name withheld by request Very interesting and informative.
Patrick Galt from USA Its very nice but a little confusing, a little unorganized.
Name withheld by request looks great. well organized. complete
Name withheld by request not sure yet, first time here.
Paul Wilson from England Really helpful....has made me want a didj even more !!
Per Hultquist from USA Haven't perused it yet but I'm about to.
Peter from Canada Great website...very informative, and full of tantalizing and tempting didjes to drool over.
Peter Van Loock from Belgium Very nice and comprehansive site. Nice overview about different aspects. Give you the feeling to be in Australia.
Name withheld by request I really liked the site, it was worth the look.
Raymond Veillet from Canada Fantastic!
rita csurgo from USA very impressive
Robert Keller from USA Very helpful information
Name withheld by request great site very informitive
Ron Miller from USA Very informative site. It gave me basic information I needed without making me feel like an idiot.
Name withheld by request its a well layed out site with quality merchandice. very helpful too, with lots of info!
Ryan Horton from USA Seems to be very high quality merchandise. Very competitive prices. Putting it simply, I'll b back again
sam david from USA Its the best website Iv ever seen
Sara Johnson from USA Your site is incredible! It's the most informative didj site I have found, and offers the widest range of didjes from the prices to the styles. The sound files are the biggest bouns for sure!
Scott Cronin from Canada The amount of information to be found here is amazing! Well done!
Name withheld by request I like it alot
sean riley from USA the best website I have come across, very informative and helpful. I have read through the whole thing!
Sebastian Weigmann from Germany very good design -- phantastic possibility to estimate the didges!
Name withheld by request great design,eazy to find what you need,all the information you need.
Name withheld by request Easy to use, great fun with sound file and I'm glad I found you - thanks! I wish to own a didj and have been sourcing info as well as booking into a couple of local workshops to learn.
stefan blau from switzerland 3363 oberönz very very good!!! its the best didj site!
Stefan muller from France excellent
Stephane Steph from Canada Cool information but without offense, there's a lack on the design quality from my point of view
Stephen Ordet from United States wonderful
Steve Le Brocq from Australia Excellent informational resource
Steve Rew from England First impression, very good. I'm looking to get a better didj than the bamboo tube I have at precsent so may well be pestering you for advice!!
Steven Desmet from Belgium The website is just wonderfull! Easy interface and very interesting... ps: this is my new competition because the other one was fill in when I played not a lot but now I'm a freak ;-). Can you delete my previous competition? Regards
Stoo Kay from England Great site where I can get anything I want or need. Thanx.
Susan Acker from USA The rich collection of expert content is a great bonus - I will have to come back many times to enjoy it all and of course to admire and "play" your fine selection.
Taunna Jarvimaki from USA Incredibly infomative. I had returned to college and came accross Didjshop.com as I was doing a paper on the inpact of didj playing and the Aboriginal culture. I was blown away by the information on how to play the didj and it's own unique story and the fantastic links that were available on the site. Thanks!
Name withheld by request interesting, but a little confusing to negotiate
Tim Ross from USA Great site. The MP3 files are a real bonus. Had no problem listening to them on AOL. Suggestion: Put some .WAV files on the website, so people can download them and use them as start-up, etc. sounds on their computers (maybe you've already done this and I just haven't found them yet...may also be possible to just record the MP3 sounds coming out of the speakers with the Windows Sound recorder - haven't tried that yet...)
Name withheld by request very informative, especially to someone who has seen and heard didj's in action, but never actually tried one
Tracy Lee Carroll from USA Very cool! I found you from the "dummiesdaily" newsletter. I almost never go to the sites they mention, heck I hardly ever read their emails...but the Didj topic caught my attention. I LOVE them!
veronica gunn from Australia I belive this is a wonderful site, I will be telling my friends about it.
Victoria Reid from USA Extremely informative and comprehensive site.
Name withheld by request very interessting but a little bit confusing
Walter Rau from Canada I like to come and visit and check out every aspect of the web page as possible.Love it and love coming here.
warner recabaren from USA your sound files are the deciding factor in making a purchase. I would like to see a sort on all digis by price,sound q, etc from the main menu. P.S. - great job on the database- you have done an exceptional job!
wayne tupper from Canada Verry well done and most informatitive
William (Bill) Lina from USA Communicated with Davini twice during the about the purchase of my first didj from the DIDJSHOP. (just prior to sending this info.) She was most helpful and certainly seems to demostrate the attributes I quickly described that were "important to me when buying a didj! In addition. the images, sounds (Soundscapes), provided information, and design of the site are outstanding and second to none!
Name withheld by request Impressive. But very complicated. I htink you could simplify it and make easier to navigate.
Xavier Lafont from Canada Amazingly well organized. It's the first time I see a site where every aspect of a theme or business is answered. Easy to use and getting infos. Now I've to check the reliability when purchasing or ordering stuff!!! teasing, I'm sure it's fine
Name withheld by request very clear, lots of info, easy to navigate. good on ya!

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