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Visitors Comments made during the month of April 2011:

Online name Feedback
Annette from Chile A los of information sometimes not easy to find what I wanted... but finally I got all the information...
Anonymous from Australia A greta source for everything didj
David Morgan from USA It would be great if the didges were a bit easier to find - seems like you have to go hunting for them.
Don from USA Lots of info still to go.
Anonymous Lot of useful info
Erik from USA Awesome! please keep it up. I enjoy your approach.
Gerald Osborne from USA Interesting so far
Jacob from Australia You guys seem pretty switched on in regards to sound quality. Really found the audio with Dennis and Trevor playing the same Didjes very useful
Jenessa Sneva from USA Very clear traditional and networked. well done
Jeremy from USA This website appears to be the most trustworthy authority on good quality instrument didgeridoos. There is a lot of really helpful content. I wish that I could see good quality videos of the didgeridoos being played like the ones on LA Outback. I don't trust them as a company though and don't think their instruments are held to the same standards as yours.
Anonymous I think it is great
Anonymous Very informative I liked the audio examples very much.
Anonymous Its well organized
Anonymous from Us Minor Outlying Islands Good variety of Didjes. Sound clips are always nice. Forum is nice.
Luke Poteete from USA I love the fact that you guys not only sell original didgeridoos but also include a vast amount of information on them and the aboriginal people [both tough subjects to find good reliable information on.]
Anonymous from USA Very informative and helpful.
Margot from USA I wasn't aware of the website until today and
Anonymous from USA Great place. Just getting started. Having trouble finding friends that play or want to play
Matthew from USA You provide a lot of details about didgeridoos and the aboriginal culture. Your web page is easy to navigate. Your Didgeridoo descriptions craftsmanship and art work are amazing and inspiring.
Nick from USA I admire the detailed descriptions recordings and availability of information pertaining to the didjes I am looking at
Anonymous Nicely put together.
Opal Hawkins from USA It strongly suggests the need of respect for the Didgeridoo and to learn of the cultural background of playing the instrument.
Ori from Israel Seems friendly and helpful.
Perry from Canada It's well constructed. I appreciate the MP3s of the different didges. I've played played the MP3s to my students when we did the ethnomusicology strand in our music class. The ones featuring the different keys was very useful in helping the students understand.
Rick from USA Great site lots of info
Steve Mccarthy from USA The actual didj for purchase page was difficult to find
Anonymous Good website. Much to look at and learn from.
Thomas from Germany No other website has so much information about this issue. In the last few weeks I often come to your website to inform me about didjes. And today I bought my first didj the main reason to bought a didj on your site is that the aborigine
Anonymous from USA Very nice.
Ville from Finland It's great!:)
Anonymous I found it today and find it very interesting I will be baking purchases

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