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Visitors Comments made during the month of April 2005:

Online name


Allen from USA

This is a great site. out of all of the sites I have visited this is by far the most informative and helpful

Barry Wiltshire from United Kingdom

Have received excellent service every time I have purchased something. The didjes are the best I have come across and Svargo is a really helpful and genuine guy.

Ben Thompson from Australia

I am so pleased that finally an Aussie owned and operated Store has extended to the World the beauty and Cultural significance of our Indigenous folk.

Bryan Bolster from USA

Great web site. Easy to navigate. Love the periodic newsletters.

Anonymous from France

Nice web site. all price for all can't find better in paris.

Chas from USA

Great setup great dijis great info couldn't ask for a better site!

Chris Glover from United Kingdom

For a first time visitor I found it very informative and pleasing I would like to get more involved and share the ability to play and offer meditative healing After a stressful day there is nothing I like to do more than play the digj

Christopher from Australia

An excellent source to find out what news is happening with Aboriginal issues and to get the unedited aboriginal perspective.


I liked it. There were a lot of wide variety of colors and sizes of didgeridoos. The prices were also good. When I buy a termite hollowed didgeridoo I will more than likely buy it from here.

Daniele Duquette from Canada

Love to see and hear the didgeridoo.you have a very nice selection and the prices range is good . thank you

Darin from USA

Awesome web site. fellas!

Darren Searle from Australia

Excellent source of information.

Dave from Canada

I love it it's the best.

David Overacre from USA

This is the most in depth and genuinely accurate didj site I've ever been to. The information provided here is bar none not to mention the authenticity with which you strive for in the making and grading of your didjes.

Anonymous from USA

It is very nice. Seems like a family

Derrick from USA

This is by far the best web didj site that I have been to so far I can't believe that the picture is actually the didj that you would purchase. Thank You guys for being so honest and for the sound.

Didier from France

Very relevant. I feel very proud of didjshop behaviour as a human being gathering. I know I did nothing but I just feel proud as another human being.

Donat from Belgium

Getting better all the time...

Duarte Veríssimo from Portugal

Its fantastic !

Gabriel Eckert from Argentina

_its very easy to find the things you want. _it is so nice to have a lot of languages to choose. _the constant new information. _things to do make hear I think really is the best web site. for didjeridoo. congratulations!!

Gert Ledelay from Netherlands

Your web site. looks absolutely good and is one of the best didgeridoo sites in the world. My compliments.

Gianfranco Tedeschi from USA

You people have a lot of cool stuff and it looks like you're also doing a good public service to your community with your news and updates about the problems your indigenous people face every day and what can be done to help

Greg from USA

It has been equally informative as it has been easy to navigate. it has furthered my information and understanding of didgeridoos and their history I am a big fan and I recommend it to any who are interested

Hugo from United Kingdom

Among the best web sites I have ever encountered.

Jack from USA

Your site is the only one I visit simply because it covers all my needs.

Jai Kartar Singh from Chile

I have visited 2 or 3 web sites of didgeridoos and this is the most complete web site of all I can find everything I need to submerge my self in the art of playing this instrument I like it a lot its super complete congratulations.

Jamie from USA

I love this web site. I just wish I had the money to purchase one of the higher end models. I have a bamboo didj but it has almost no backpressure. Well keep up the good work and maybe someday I will a nice authentic didj. [OUR COMMENT: even our first class didjes are way better than almost all bamboo didjes :-) ]

Jeff Wright from USA

Excellent web site.; it's grown up a lot over the years.

Jennifer Larroque from USA

This is the site that really turned my 10 year old onto didjeridus. He even wants this to be the theme for his 11th birthday party. I am ordering him a boomerang today and I'm buying plastic ones for his treat bags.

John from USA

I think it is definitely a wonderful site. I have tremendous respect for the company because of their great respect for the traditions of aboriginal ways. As for the web site I like how it has embodied the spirit of community.

Anonymous from Spain

Is a very good place to find info looking for didge's and more and a place to meet with more people interested about this themes. I like it so much.

Anonymous from Germany

Your site is simply brilliant and easy to use. I always find what I'm looking for. Your quality-check system is really good.

Justin Ducharme from USA

By far the best site as far as I'm concerned. It s large genuine honest and most of all has Mp3 files of each didge.

Keesha from USA

When I woke this AM on 4.26.05 I declared this was a day of inspiration. Ironically via an email from a friend I was led to your newsletter. I was so interested in the information I read so curious about this culture I immediately visited the web site. It will be a place I visit often. It has been added to my favorites. I believe there is something I need to know and I believe I will learn about it here. Life is full of mysteries and you never know how or when they will be revealed. The didj sound healings really peaked my attention. Until the next time Peace.


Great site with a good forum. I will be back often

Lee Ann from USA

I love this web site. It's easy to find what I'm looking for and to me it's very important to be able to hear how the didj sounds before I buy. I also appreciate the didjshop ethics regarding Aboriginal culture.

Louis-philippe from Canada

That is one of the most complete web site. I've seen. That is not just a shop nor a simple didg presentation... That is an alive community with a huge amount of informations.

Luke Neill from Australia

Excellent site. Informative to the point. You guys know your stuff and present it in a way everyone can understand. Your site gave me the inspiration to not only want to learn more but to collect as many diverse yidaki as possible. Keep up the great work guys you have many fans out there.


Great web site. ... very informative and super EYE CANDY! Thanks for all of your work!

Anonymous from USA

This is one of the best didj sites I have seen!

Mark Moore from Denmark

Great site... you take it very seriously which I have missed on other sites...

Mary Lindhart from USA

The best I have seen - it is in my favorites now

Michael from USA

It's been a while since I visited but I immediately knew which site to come back to! Didgshop.com is without a doubt the best didgeridoo site on the web. Period.

Michel from Netherlands

I love it! :-)

Nelson Solorzano from USA

I'm glad that you exist :)


Very informative...I dun have to go to any other web sites I guess...all I need is here!

Peter from Australia

Great Site Good Resource- I'll be coming back ! :-)

Anonymous from USA

This IS the best didgeridoo web site.! Very informative and authentic...

Ross from Australia

Didjshop has introduced me to the magical world of the didj! The web site. is easy to find and easy to purchase from

Rudy Martens from Belgium

Exceptional good and very honest information ever found concerning didges.

Sarah from Canada

Its a pretty awesome web site. I have learned a lot about the didjeridoos as I am look into buying one!

Sharon Calvert from USA

I consider it to be very informative intellectually stimulating and reflects the degree and extent of Aboriginal knowledge of those who created and run it. I appreciate the information. As a person who worked @ GARMA 2004 as an international volunteer for YYF I can say that what I read on the web site deepens my resolve to return to Australia to work with Indigenous Australians on justice issues. Cultural preservation and positive outcomes in Aboriginal health and education. Sharon Calvert USA


I think it is a great site. Personal and I feel the integrity of your workmanship and marketing.

Stefan Jung from Germany

Your site is wonderful. I would like that you would offer for each didge a mp3 example. It would be great the listen one or two didge songs in any musical key. [OUR COMMENT: please see http://www.didjshop.com/shop1/didj_musical_keys.php for recordings in different keys]

Stepan Santalov from Russia

Best place for one who interested in subject

Taylor from USA

This is one of the best didgeridoo web sites out there.

Anonymous from Portugal

It's very well made. I haven't found this quality in any other didjeridoo selling pages. In fact I haven't found much of them but definitely yours was the best.

Tom from USA

Great site. I don't know what you can do better.keep up the great work.

Tomi from Finland

Clearly the best site I've visited. A site where you can receive information about didj without a feeling of exploitation of another native instrument by some business-oriented western company.

Tracy Butcher from USA

I think it is a great web site. with lots of great information. Very user friendly. I will highly recommend it.

Anonymous from Russia

Very interesting site. I'm studying it for 2 days. Found a lot of infos and it answered many of my questions. Only one inconvenience. When you search dj through search form click dj to see its detail and then press "Back" browser every time ask to post data. It's annoying. Put parameter using GET method instead of POST. THANK YOU A LOT for Aboriginal Australia arts' info. [OUR COMMENT: if you right-click and open the didjes in new window or new tab, you can keep search results in original window]

Yann from France

The best web site on didj that I've found Perhaps you should give some information on the history of aboriginal people. For people like me who come from France your problem with culture thieving are not known enough.


Great web site. with good products and accurate product descriptions.


Really good!

Anita Matthews from Australia

I think its a very good web site. and I like the pretty colours and sense oif culture


Very easy to navigate interesting background info on artists musicians craftspeople what makes a good didje good audio features

Anonymous from France

I often read some articles about Aboriginal people and look the real Didje on your web site but it's a little expensive for me. I'd like to play better in a real Didge my pvc is not really good.


Very cool.

Ben from Australia

Great shop

Ben Van Rijswijk from Netherlands

A very good site with lots of information and in many languages

Bob from USA

Excellent very informative and well designed.


Very informative as I am planning to purchase a didj and and in the process of educating myself.

Ceri from United Kingdom

Pretty good site plenty of useful info and easy to use.

Anonymous from USA

Very good interesting site


Its just brilliant everything didj!

Clark from USA

Very informative and educational. Site is dedicated to teaching about aborigine history its instruments and music and the mistreatment of it's peoples.

Claude Beaucaire from Canada

Very nice web site full of interesting stuff.


Easy to use

Damian from USA

I love the web site and admire the didjes as much as possible. When I get bored I come back for more and to just look at what is new in the shop. eventually I will save up to get me a didj that is good quality but I always end up getting something that I would not enjoy and have to start saving all over again. All I can say is KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!

Dan from USA

No worries a great site. Easy to use and surf

Daniela Cerati from Japan



Cool site

David from USA

Cool site

David Naftalin from USA

I really enjoy your lay out. perhaps a few more pictures or some sort of visuals would be more appealing. Whatever you guys do you rock...

Anonymous from Canada


David from Canada

Very well structured but I think it could use some aboriginal art

Dennis from Australia

Excellent web site. love being able to hear the didges for sale online. Has a ton of additional useful information.

Anonymous from USA

Very easy to navigate and find what your looking for

Anonymous from Australia

I think its great what you guys are doing and hope too see more of it in the future.


Its cool

Dominique from Germany

It's a great page with very interesting stuff. besides that it is very nice that you respect the aborigine culture and that you tell us stuff about it

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Great place 2 look for info on didges

Dustin from Canada

Not Bad.

Dzarul Emran from Malaysia

I really hope that there are didj shop have here in malaysia bcoz there are no agave yucca n eucalyptus grown here. we're just do our didj from bamboo n some other woods n also from pvc.I also hope u guys can give a souvenir or free gift..hehe.. my address is B-2378 lorong sekilau 15 bukit sekilau 25200 kuantan pahang MALAYSIA. tq.. p/s:I and my frens have just organised the 1st reunion of didjeridoo's player in malaysia last weekend..hope we can meet u guys someday..

Edson from India

I just made my first PVC didj yesterday because the real thing is just too expansive for me.. I came across this site while searching on tutorials on how to play a didj. This site has everything about a didj- beginners to professionals & that's awesome. I have no intentions of not visiting this site again if I don't win the awesome didj. Right now I just want to learn to play the didj. that's more important to me than winning the didj.

Emily from USA

Glad to see you support aboriginal artists and folkways

Estela from Brazil

Here you can have all the information about didgeridoos it's a good web site. I recommend.

Anonymous from Australia

Very helpful. I read all about building a didj and all the keys it comes in. I am very interested in them. I also really like the rating system for quality of didjes. my didj is probably a 2 or a 1 according to it very helpful.

Gabriella from Italy



It's a very good site with very cool explication



Gregor from Germany

A great site with awesome didjes(a plus:the listening examples)and other information round about Australia!

Ian from USA

This site is nicely organized. everything is "findable". and once found much information can be read about the item of interest. Nicely Done!

Jake from USA

Its cool


I have been up since 3:30 am and so are too tired at this time to explore.


Nice site! clear and informative.

Jean-Baptiste from France

I like it and the description of didgeridoos is very easy to understand

Jérémie Terral from France

When I go on didjshop.com I say to me: I want absolutely a termite-hollowed didje but no money :( Then I make a "sandwich" didgeridoo to not be sad. If I managed to sold 4 or 5 "sandwich" didgeridoo I think I would buy one on Didjshop.com.


Love it!

Anonymous from USA

Works well on my powermac OS 9.6 - old machine that's been in the family for 10 years. Links work content easy to find and up to date - great material for a beginner. Good job!

Joakim Nilsson from Sweden

A lot of good info but you could work on the design.

Jocelyn from France

Very interesting complete and a lot of teachings. I'm a fan.


I'd like to see some links to bore boomerangs and bull roars on the main page. plus possibly a simplified version of didj searching to where if I am looking for a certain quality then I could see all the didgeridoos there are of that quality. same with price and tone. [OUR COMMENT: you can see all didjes in one quality by simply selecting just that sound quality and then clicking search]

John from Australia

Really interesting

John Cristiani from USA

It is very organized informative and most of all friendly...but it could use a renovation to look more modern like maybe more interaction (ie. more audio and video)

Jon from USA

I love it especially the historical value

Juan Krespo from Spain

It s very interesting informative & your sound is perfecto.

Judy from Australia

I think it's great


Looks easy to navigate and well presented.

Kenneth from USA

My sons best friend had a didj given to him as a present and is learning how to play it. My son would also like to learn. The two of them get along great and if I can help him learn more about the didj and its uses the two could perform vary well together. He is 11 plays the trumpet and understands well what music is and how it affect life.

Kevin from USA

I liked going through the web site.

Kevin Monteiro from Australia

Great site. very informative

Lance from USA

Much love and respect! the site is beautiful looks to me like you guys are doin some really great things! I look forward to watching the vibez grow and Jah willing get around to burn a paycheck or so on your shop! Jah live! peace like a didjer zion

Les from Australia

Informative and easily navigable. Sound files are a nice touch.

Anonymous from Australia

I loved the site(well set out easy to use) and I also hope that I did well in the questionnaire.


That's really nice that we can ear the didgeridoos before to buy them ! That awesome commercial argument !

Marcus from United Kingdom

Awesome clear site.

Mario Peters from Netherlands

Good site clear navigation. Great combination of shop and information. I first visited this shop because of the available information.

Mark Harvey from Australia

For some one looking to get started and looking to buy a didj this is a grate site

Michel from France

The very first place on the web to find and listen a good Didj'

Mike Parker from USA

I love this site it is very informative and useful in my learning of the didj. Although I have yet to purchase a didje from this site I plan to soon. I would like to see a section dedicated to the eucalyptus didje. [OUR COMMENT: all of our didjes and most info on them is for eucalyptus didjes]

Nick from New Zealand

It's cool - improved since I first visited (years ago). was reminded to revisit by hearing a didj/bagpipe duo at a party... crazy stuff!

Pat Litke from USA

This web site. is full of very good information for the beginning player as well as tips tricks and techniques used when playing the Didj. Not only does this site contain a wealth of information but it also explains how the Didj came to be and what it was/is used for. If there is anything that I can suggest it would be to include an in depth history of the Didj as well as what it is used for now etc. Maybe an 'official' tutorial on how to play both advanced and beginning?! Just a few thoughts.


Good site!


Wish I could hear what one sound like

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Interesting source of information and potential product purchases


It's great I have learnt quite a lot of interesting information about the aboriginal music.

Anonymous from Portugal

Its a good site because u have the possibility to order onde genuine didgeridoo and other features!!

Rick from Australia

Have enjoyed browsing the site and am interested in sending a Didjshop card in the very near future. Found if very informative regarding the different didje types and sound qualities.

Roman from Austria

Really greats site

Ryan from USA

It could look more professional but there is good info.

Shane Mackaness from Australia

The first time I visited the online store there were many more didjeridoos for sale. I was a little disappointed at the small amount this time. It is fantastic that you can listen to a sample of each being played.....great.

Siebe from Belgium

I have none.

Terry from Canada

Well at the moment I haven't done the tour but as of now it seems complete...I'll give back some feed back after my tour!

Terry from United Kingdom

This is my first time after Google search and just returning from Holiday in Australia with a Didj! an excellent site many future hours of reading! Thank you

Anonymous from France

Its a great web site with a lot of very good instruments. We can heard each didgeridoo and we can see a appreciation his own qualities. It's really the best online didgeridoo store I have seen on internet. But some time your records add reverb to the sound of the didgeridoo [OUR COMMENT: we do never add reverb or any other effect to our sound files]

Thomas from France

Je n'ai pas vraiment eu le temps pour le moment de fouiller tout le site mais il me semble très complet autant pour les débutants qui veulent apprendre que des joueurs plus expérimentés. les sons MP3 sont à la mode sur beaucoup de site de vente de didge et c'est un plus pour ceux qui ne connaîtraient pas ou voudraient acheter. Bravo à tous. Bye

Thomas from USA

The site is very helpful and teaching about the instrument and how to find the right one.

Tommaso Pilla from Italy

I think it's really well done many images information and very nice didjes...I would like a bit more sounds

Tony from Australia

Great looking quality products

Vincent from France

Cool site and lot and lot of didges

Wil Sewalt from Netherlands

It is a nice and learning site. I've been trying on a Didj of my brother. Been to Australia a few weeks ago and I'm now reading more fact's about Didjeridoo playing. It's interested my a lot.

Yoni Kaidanov from Israel

The site id nicely designed and looks like has aa nice variety of items and services to offer

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