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Visitors Comments made during the month of October 2010:

Online name


Al from Taiwan Good~ The hope may many some DIDG be possible the audition sound
Alan from USA I love it so far. Now that I'm here I will be exploring it in-depth thank you!
Anonymous Very helpful:)
Anonymous from USA I really enjoy coming to your website but originally if found the layout to be a bit confusing
Anonymous Nice.
Andrew Stibal from USA So far it is simple and direct
Anonymous One of the best in business
Anonymous from Australia Constructively less square shapes more shades and rounded edges. 3Maybe Black/Yellow/White colours.. Overall very accurate info Sounds legit All in my personal opinion.
Charles Buzbee from USA Weird
Anonymous So far so good
Christopher from Australia A very comprehensive website with lots of useful information that is well set out. An excellent resource for the aspiring musician and or music enthusiast.
Conor Jones from USA Very well put together! I like the wide selection.
Daniel from USA Its my first time and I like it.
Daran Wallman from Canada Great informative most importantly it feels very authentic and loving to me
Erik from USA From a design standpoint it could use some work (and most of this is just updating typography and your CSS). From an Information Architecture standpoint (I'm also a webmaster) the navigation on the site could definitely use some work. Personally I'd condense it all into a left-side navigation with flyout menus in Javascript but that's just me. The one thing on the site that needs more work than anything else are the forums. That particular forum system is extremely difficult to navigate and read through. I'd strongly urge a switch to something like phpbb or vbulletin. After all is said and done however content is king and the site can be navigated fairly well once you understand the schema and the content is there; which is what matters most.
Gary from Canada Great site informative and easy to navigate.
Janice from USA Looks interesting
Jeff from USA Excellent sound rating system wide selection of quality instruments
Anonymous from USA Very well organized; has lots of information that I didn't know.
Joe from USA The website is a wonderful accidental find.
Anonymous It works. It is well-designed.
Anonymous Very nice. I would like more info and lessons on playing the didj and traditional performance rhythms etc.
Anonymous from Canada Simple layout I like it. But on a first glance it reminded me of many spam sites maybe because of the 'forum look'.
Anonymous The best Didge site on the web for serious talented didge playing and the exchange of didge info.
Anonymous Very informative
Matt from USA Great website. Very easy to get around and choose an instrument. It is also very informative.
Michelle from USA I'm new to this site but love it already.
Anonymous from USA Your website is visually simple so it doesn't over-stimulate people. The side bar present on every page could stand to be a bit larger that way it would be easier to read.
Paul from USA This is my first time visiting and I'm just now looking around. It's great! I've really enjoyed viewing all the different didjes you have and really appreciate the authenticity.
Richard from USA Very interesting
Scott Estrich from Australia Always a well presented and easy to manage website packed with information and the latest products
Anonymous from Australia Expansive
Anonymous All our family like your Didges and Aboriginal culture and legends.
Steve from USA I like that you only offer real aboriginal instruments
Taylor from USA It's incredibly informative and helpful! I'm looking forward to my personalized response about what kind of didj I might need/want to get.
Tish Peterson from USA N/a
Tomasz from Poland I'm just becoming familiar with it but I already see it contains lots of important and interesting subjects connected with playing the didj.

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