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Visitors Comments made during the month of May 2008:

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Aleksandar from Macedonia (fyr)

Very informative. Honours one of the most interesting musical instruments while at the same time giving insight in the Aboriginal culture thus making it clear from where and why does the didj exists.

Angus from Canada

Your website is very good it gives you info on what you need plus there is such a selection I would give it 10/10

Barney from USA

When I found it I instantly realized that it was the most informative. The prices seemed reasonable to a bit higher than one of the other sites. But the information was better. [OUR COMMENT: our prices seem only higher if you compare with lower quality, we doubt that anyone can beat us on value for money]

Carol Roughgarden from USA

Your website is informative indeed but what I like most is your sincerity in making the native Australian Aboriginal culture known and keeping it alive authentic and appreciated.

Anonymous from Australia

The Didjshop is a fantastic source of unbiased and helpful information relating to aboriginal culture and rights. I have found it great to spend time on this site just reading and learning.

Ed from Netherlands

Informative and fun reading and I think good prices for the things you sell

It's truly amazing.

Giovanni from USA

Simply amazing. Great that there are people who still care about the ethics in life.

Janusz from Poland

The best didgeridoo site ever seen.

Jason Hilliard from USA

Very informative easy to browse. Customer service is wonderful. Great selection and easy to use for a beginner!


Very informative with great detail to the true nature and culture of the didj in relation to the Aboriginal people and how to use the didj in today's everyday life.

João Aguilar from Portugal

I have to say that I'm in love with the DidjShop!!! I bought a didgeridoo I think one year ago and I can't complain about nothing since I bought it! The technical support never failed and always replied to my questions! The Didgeridoo sound was amazing! when I first played it I ran into a corner to test it and I just could stop laughing! it was so harmonic and with such a power that I played all afternoon long until my lips were with the double of the size ehehehe! Until today not even one negative point to this shop!

John Munday from USA

It seems to be well arranged and easy to navigate. The didj selection seems huge. You FAQs were very interesting I read a whole bunch of them.

John Popyk from USA

It was a little tricky my first few visits but I really like your site a lot. It is obvious loads of effort went into it. There is an amazing amount of information here.

Johnny Copley from USA

Your website is amazing! I love the set up and your products are beautiful. Keep up the great work!


I enjoy it a lot you have a lot to choose from also I enjoy the monthly news letters also you guys give great support in every way and you guys are always willing to help out a fellow didjer

Pretty good



Kenny Brooks from USA

This is the most informative website I have ever visited and I am that much more enthused about learning to master this instrument.

Kristin from Canada

I think it's fantastic that you offer such a comprehensive layout and also such an inviting one. it's very easy to navigate. I have been receiving the didjshop.com newsletter and it's amazing the work that goes into it. really very impressive.

Lindsey from Canada

I love it! informative and overall the best site I have found for understanding the didj as a whole

Marco from Italy

It's a really big site full of useful information. It's not simply a shop but it's a place to meet other musicians and didj lovers as well as getting good advice for improve playing

Marko from Slovenia

Great website tons of useful info I'll come back and visit it regularly. fine newsletter and give-away!

Matthew Stoneburner from USA

It is a very cool site. One of the better ones.

Maurice Crenshaw from USA

Best there is!!

Mike from USA

I think that you guys have a very well put together website and have learned a lot about didj's from you guys.

Murray from Australia

I enjoy this website very much and spend hours on it

Anonymous from Netherlands

I love it. I loved it when I found it a year or 2 ago and I still love it. The people and the information and the shop. It's just too bad that I'm a little low on money.

Patrick Franko from USA

It's soothing. I appreciate your kindness towards all creatures and our Mother Earth.

Paul Sedgwick from USA

Nice job! It's so important to have a reputable longstanding representative for the didge online. -Thanks!

Peter Gabor Balazs from Hungary

Amazing truly

Robert from USA

I like the website. I find that it is easy to navigate and full of information as well as terrific items for sale.

Ruben Dewulf from Belgium

It's nice to see such a website where you have so many information about the didge and it's beautiful how many respect that is there for all and everything

Sergio Ruiz Sierra from Mexico

Just Great Thanks

Shannon from USA

It is the best one that I've found. Nice layout and good info.

Stéphane Eduardo Longtin from Canada

I like how easy it is to find what you want every thing is well placed and it's fun the see that other people from my region bought some didges. I like the news part also it's not only for didge sells but to share to the community what's happening in Australia and the other countries.

Anonymous from USA

Very informative but I wish I had read it before I bought my bamboo didj.

The website is very well put together and quite helpful. I really found the buying guide helpful as I used it in purchasing my last two didgeridoos. I also enjoy the mp3's that are included alongside the pictures and descriptions of the didgeridoo's. This is one of the most massive didgeridoo sites that I regularly visit.

Allen from USA

Informative. Beautifully laid out.

Andrew from USA

Blessed Site full of insight and Way of Life


Simple but very good

Ashley from USA

I like the look of the site and I like that it is easy to figure out

Brian from USA

Amazing website! I love the ethics behind your business as well:-) I really like the fact that all your didj's are individually catalogued and you can see them online. I also like the ability to listen to the exact same didj your looking at in the picture. Great job and keep it up!

Anonymous from Switzerland

Very comprehensive but I wish you would describe the wood used for each dig. [OUR COMMENT: we do for all plain didjes. For painted didjes it is often not possible]

Chris from Canada

I think its great because there is a lot of valuable information about the aboriginal peoples of Australia


Stylish and informing

Anonymous from USA

A little dated but effective and easy to navigate.


I am interested in learning to play and teaching children


I have to say the colour scheme is rather dreary and dated looking

Dustin from USA

I love that I can browse through so many sticks and the search thing you guys have is awesome!! only thing is the shipping (I live in the USA) but other than that I like it just fine.


Very informative. I particularly like the feature of being able to listen to the didj before buying. Extremely helpful for ordering!


GREAT site I appreciate the different ways to narrow the search but had a hard time finding more info on sound qualities


Very good


I love the site. Very user friendly.

Hans from Belgium

Keep up the good work

Hector from Spain

I like it but the shopping section is a bit confusing. I don't know where have I go to see the products I only can see the introduction. In part of that I like the design because it's very intuitive and easy to follow. As a suggestion I would put some "How to start playing the didj" in the web; a simple introduction to make the basic drone or a complete course to play the didgeridoo basically. It's very difficult to find this kind of material. [OUR COMMENT: check out the how to play pages in our Community section]

Henry from USA

I enjoy the information you post on didges the instruments and the sound quality of the instruments you're selling. Also enjoy the stories of the artists that paint and craft the didges.

Howard from USA

Very nice very informative and I enjoy the newsletter

Ines Villegas from USA

It's great! It has a variety of information on the instruments.

Istvan from Hungary

Lots of info both on didjes and aboriginal culture.

Anonymous from USA

Love it

Judy Echols from USA

I love your site.


Love it


Easy to use and very informative.

Kurt Bendl from USA

It's nice. I'd like to be able to do searches by sound class. The UI/navigation is a little klunky... getting around is not quite a obvious as it could be ya know (I don't want to bruise any attached egos.) But overall it's pretty nice. [OUR COMMENT: you can do searches by sound quality and no worries about bruising, just let us know how to improve navigation nd we will consider it]

Lisa Hallam from Canada

Very informative!


Somewhat tough to shop online

Marzia from Italy

Beautifull...and interesting

Anonymous from Australia

Very informative helpful and easy to use.


It's very helpful for someone (like me) completely inexperienced with didges and appears to be great for anyone that knows a lot

Nikhil from India

Its a bit cluttered.

Nikki from USA

The site runs very smoothly and is fun to navigate.

Otto from Finland

Very good. Simple and fast easy to navigate.

Robert from USA

Your website has a good color scheme. I am not a big fan of two navigation zones (Top bar and left hand bar) It gets kind of confusing when you want to go between the history and shopping.

Ron from USA

Great site. I like the commentaries and the history of the didj and the Aboriginal People.

Ryan Holbrook from USA

I love the mp3 links and the artwork

Salvatore Augeri from France

So good and pleasant

Anonymous from Russia

The website looks great. Easy to find information

Sheila Cash from USA

Looks great

Anonymous from Canada

It's great. There should be more didge websites.

Anonymous from USA

There are some good points such as the depth of information but link descriptions could be easier to follow ie: commerce history and lesson info could be separated better. I LOVE the ability to hear a Dig play before considering buying.

Stew from USA

I like your website

Zachary from USA

Your website is very big with a lot of information but it is sometimes hard to figure out exactly what to click on to get where you want to go.

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