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Visitors Comments made during the month of August 2004:

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Adrian Ryan from Australia

You site has a great set up supplying plenty of good information. I really like the emphasis on buying genuine aboriginal didjes, it is important that people realize it is their instrument and we should all respect that. Well Done...

Albert Romeu from Spain

A necessary approach of aboriginal culture into an occidental society so far from respect to himself, to others, to nature, to life. Very complete, trustable and concrete.


I put it to my favourites.

Andy Pardoe from United Kingdom

Didjshop.com was the first truly satisfying didj site that I was able to find, covering as it does so many aspects of didjes and related subjects and items. I also enjoyed the enticing pictures and sound files, but I was really impressed when I got my first didj from you as it arrived so promptly, well packed and undamaged, I was a kid with a new toy!

Ashish Mathur from India

I find didj shop quite informative and well stocked. Kinda one-stop solution for any didj lover.

Barry Lavery from South Africa

Really cool site with beautiful didje's!!!

Anonymous from Australia

I just love the way other countries love and play the muhggool [yidaki,didge] my native muhggool,the spirit of "Bilk Bilk" lives when played.

Carly McCann from Australia

Great web site mate.

Clemens Van Brunschot from Netherlands

I love it. I keep coming back.

Dale Duvall from USA

Very well done, easy to navigate and I am impressed at your connection to and the importance given to Aboriginal concerns and authenticity. I have been thinking of buying a "real" didj and from what I've seen her, I will be buying from you.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I have found this site fantastic so far, I have been on it for hours and still not explored all of it. I also like the fact that you are environmentally aware and have taken the time to explain about Aboriginal culture and history, a lot of other sites don't bother and are only there to make a quick buck. I don't think you can truly understand this instrument until you know some of its history

Anonymous from USA

I really liked the Q&A because I learned from other peoples questions. I want to support the Indigenous Aborigines as well as buy a quality instrument - thanks for grading the instruments that you sell.

Deby Young from Canada

I think it is fabulous and am hoping to come to Australia in the next year or 2. Will be making a purchase before then I hope.

Don Farinacci from USA

I like it, and I think its great. It is most definitely helpful and I love that you can listen to the didj before you buy it. I think its great that you run this contest too. I added it to my favorites and plan on coming at least twice a week to check out the site.

Anonymous from USA

This has helped me open doors for what I can do in the future with my didje

Duane Lee from Australia

I stumbled upon this site by mistake but could not drag myself away. I've found it to be very informative and helpful. Ill definitely be back! Duane...(Average Didge Player)

Elena Correal from Spain


Anonymous from Canada

Wow, what an amazing resource! I could spend hours on this site. thanks for such a huge selection and all the tips

Anonymous from Canada

Great site, interesting information. You got me curious now!!!!

Gabriel Smith from Canada

This site is really amazing. I have found a number of good sites recently but this one is fantastic. Lot's of great info about the didj as well as help deciding what didj is right for you. Not that it's directly a part of the web site but I am very impressed with the fact that you are 100% solar powered. Way to go.

Gary Coates from United Kingdom

Best of all sites I have visited

Harry Moos from Switzerland

The best I ever have seen!

Ian Prior from United Kingdom

Great, will show it to others

Irek Rychlewski from Poland

Best online shop site ever seen, the only place to buy from, great quality didges

Jason Mulcahy from South Africa

Most comprehensive site of all... Easy shipping to international destinations (have bought a didge from you before)

Jay Daniels from Canada

So far, I have not found a better or more in depth site related to didjeridoo's. I want desperately to learn the didjeridoo but cannot afford to buy one, I will definitely pick up some pvc pipe as described on your web site, (thank you for the idea) but I am confident that I will learn quickly and I will need a high quality didj to enjoy and spread love with. I pray that I will win this contest. thank you for providing this opportunity for me.


Your site is very, very informative. I have learned what to look for in a quality didgeridoo, and what caution I should use in making my next purchase.

Jeroen Groeneveld from Netherlands

I think it is the best sites I seen about didges . Even compared with others sites that sell for instants computers . I think The site itself is a pleasure to be . The help I got from Cathy is VERY good , a lot of patients !!!!

Anonymous from Ireland

The Didjshop.com web site is excellent and has a great selection. I plan on buying a didj bag here soon as it is probably the only site on the net with any real selection of didj bags.

Joel Malady from Australia

Well set out and has been the most user friendly didge site I have used. I am trying to purchase a quiver of concert didges and this site has definitely made the task easier. Most Importantly it is support for Indigenous Culture.

Joseph Buonantony from USA

Good place to get your first didgeridoo. Would highly recommend going to Didjshop.com first.

Julien Augustin from France

Nice web site well designed and very serious. I appreciated the ethics regarding the fabrication of didjeridoos. Its a pleasure to be able to listen to the sounds of all types of didjeridoo. The web site helped me learn more about this object and the differences between them (not many didj players in french countryside!! )

Kat Woods from USA

Best I have seen yet :)

Keith Gordon from USA

Excellent site, easily navigated. The information is well written, easy to find and easy to follow. Your willingness to share valuable information has me convinced that you have a true love of the instrument, the Aboriginal peoples and their arts. I WILL buy my next instrument only from your company.

Kevin Dugmore from United Kingdom

Informative. The information about the didjes on sale is very detailed and good.

Anonymous from USA

Very nice site. Well organized, easy to find what you are looking for. First visit, will come again. Intend to buy things here!!

Ludovic Gauthier from France

Great choices and the sound are very useful for didge choice ! I like it and I often tell my friends about it !

Anonymous from Australia

I find it most enjoyable. I will visit it consistently now and look forward to receiving the newsletters.

Mads Vilms Phillip from Denmark

I find it to be more and more interesting every time I visit, I have just made a purchase which I hope will go smooth. The user interface is very simple and easy to navigate in. The ease of the navigation and the very good professional information and userfriendliness contributed to my final decision on buying one of your products.

Anonymous from USA

A very comprehensive site, excellent!

Maria Hankins from USA

I love the site and would like to see more photos and comments on the site from people all over the world that have purchased from your shop. [Our Comment: we are planning to do a customer section like that]

Matthieu Leroux from France

It's a great web site,all the didg are fantastic it's the paradise for the players

Mick Lloyd-owen from USA

I like your site; it is intuitive and easy to navigate. I get a positive vibe about your mode of business, and will most likely buy from you when I am ready to make a serious purchase. (Currently learning on PVC.) Preserving the cultural identity of the instrument, as well as the cultural integrity of the industry, is important, and I can see that you take it seriously. Your prices look quite competitive, for quality instruments.

Mikah Marx from France

Nice settings, I just regret there is no link on aboriginal tales :(( But that's me personal desire!!!!! [Our Comment: see http://www.didjshop.com/stories/index.php]

Mike Collier from USA

This is one of the coolest sites for authentic instruments that I have ever been to. I first saw someone playing a didje in one of our local parks one day and sat for an hour and watched him. He showed me a couple of things about playing and have wanted a didje of my own for a long time. I really appreciate your concern with the preservation of the Aboriginal culture as well as the tradition of the didje.Keep up the good work and hopefully you will be getting my order soon.

Mike Jedlicka from USA

Your rating scales are very helpful to trust what is bought. it was easy to surf your site, and your $ converters made things very easy too. Pics of what you buy are essential, and yours were clear. I also liked the sample audio of each didj. I can't wait to get my didj in the mail! Thank you ...

Nathan Fuller from USA

I find the web site to be very informative and containing very little fluff about the didjeridu. It is very good for beginning players to learn about the background of an amazing instrument and equally nice for more advanced players in that we can hear the instrument before we purchase.


It is very informative. It's good to see people that care about the traditions etc and not just about making a profit.

Nigel Jones from United Kingdom

Excellent web site Clear informative layout and extremely easy to navigate. I'm particularly impressed with the help given with regards to choosing 'the right' didge.

Anonymous from Italy

I didn't think was possible to find a site as complete as the yours. It is full of information about didje and it was very useful to me choosing an didjeridu from your (-huge-) list, especially the pages about technical information. lot of compliments.

Paul Sparrow from Canada

I luv it and it really teaches u bout nature and didjis

Anonymous from Australia

Very refreshing to find a site dedicated to more than just selling their products. I filled out a help sheet for some advice on what sort of didj to buy and found the help very un-pressured.This gave me a great vibe about who you guys are and what you stand for. I've just ordered my first didj after using pvc pipe for the last 6 months so I can't wait to finally have the real thing.

Pieter from Belgium

The web site is very nice. and you can buy some very fine didgeridoos (not only didges) here. My favourite part are all the links listed on the web site with very nice explications of what you can you find on the page. Helped me a lot. Thanks :)


Simply the best :)

Anonymous from USA

I have been visiting your site for a long time and have never been disappointed with your offerings.

Rick Roberti from USA

Excellent! Very informative. There are a wide range of instruments and price ranges to work with. Never noticed the greeting cards before, you can bet I'll be sending a few out. My choice for purchasing a new didj.

Rob Bowes from Canada

The web site is great and extremely informative. A very useful resource.


I think it is very informative, helpful and especially for someone inquiring about the instruments for the first time. I would recommend your site to anyone interested.

Russell Meehan from Australia

Love the site been on it for 2 hrs fist visit

Ryan Gray from USA

Cool web site The most comprehensive didj web site I've ever seen.

Sandra Moreau from USA


Scott Marko from USA

The greatest site on Earth! and since this is the World Wide Web, that statement is hard to refute. Being able to hear them is such a great advantage for selecting. The site is easy to use and well organized. I truly figured I would need to venture a trip to Australia to get a good authentic didj but now I can visit your store everyday I get home. Your shop is now a primary target place to see when I some day take my desired vacation to your beautiful land.


Very easy to use, and very enlightening.


Easy to manouver Very good graphics. Nicely laid out. Pleasant experience.

Sergio Crosby from USA

I have heard this web site is second to no other web site on the World Wide Web. I do not doubt that one bit! Thank you Didjshop.com

Simon Craigie from New Zealand

Excellent, very informative, well rounded

Stefano Oneglio from Italy

You own (and sell) the largest collection of beautiful (great) didj I've ever seen!! Until today I was proud of mine, now I have to change the way I look to my instrument (well I still like it, but yours...)!

Stephanie Kramer from Switzerland

It's a great shop - I think it is really a good thing. Super!

Anonymous from USA

Like the quality comparisons, but fear the insufficiency of my current didj. However, I am unsure what key mine is for comparison.

Thor Hammaraxx from Australia

Didjshop.com is a great web site it is easy to navigate and the colour scheme not only matches the subject of the web site it is also very pleasing to the eye.


Very impressed don't know who is in charge of thinking outside the box? but the take I get is someone who knows a lot about answering questions and has a genuine love the subject matter had a large hand in developing this sight.And because you wrote *Please here goes: I would like to see a on line index area that would link to the specific subject matter (like at the back of a book)IE:the artwork on the artifacts what do the individual animals mean? look up" seaturtle" and get a possible link to the history and stories that pertain to the individual animal? I have one on my bamboo and was wondering about it. Don't mean to be a pain but you asked!

Tim Garlinge from United Kingdom

Best site on the web for authentic termite eaten Euc's. I have bought all my termite Euc's from you in the past (3 to be exact) and the quality of the didj and the service have always been perfect

Timothy Berglund from USA

You guys have a really great site! Interesting, unique and beautiful! Thanks!

Anonymous from USA

COOL. You have a consistent rating system!!!


I think this is one of the most organised web sites I have ever seen. In my work I do a lot of research and visit many web sites. This one is commendable.

Wesley Rick from USA

Very good site with good information. I always suggest your site when someone asks where they can buy a didj.

Anonymous from USA

Awesome site!!...thanks for the cool contest!

Anonymous from Bulgaria

Hi there:) I think that you guys are great! your site is very accurate, professional and comprehensive!in my opinion this site is the best source for info and deals on didjes. Thanx

Anonymous from USA

I think the site is nicely laid out and has a lot of good information. I appreciate the sound files and descriptions of the instruments.

Anonymous from Australia

Nice to see Aboriginals running their own business and making a stand in today's world. [Our Comment: Didjshop.com is not owned or run by Aboriginal people, but our suppliers are Aboriginal people and some of our staff]

Alberto Alberzas from Spain


Anonymous from Australia

Bloody awesome, answers a lot of questions about didges that I never knew before - the more info the better!!! I love how you can listen to the didg's and view larger photos of them too, very helpful in picking out a didg to buy!

Alexandre Giraud from Japan

Good site. All the didges for sale exposed with the sound.

Anonymous from Belgium

Great site

Anthony Williams from Spain

I thought it is excellent ,there is no room for improvement.

Bastien Bouchonneau from France


Benjamin Allen from USA

A very nice virtual shopping experience. The samples are great and gave me a great idea of the different sounds I need. Now if I only had enough money to buy everything I wanted.

Anonymous from USA

I will search it more and come back!


The site looks very nice, I think you should throw in some black aboriginal art along the edges

Brian Hewitt from United Kingdom

A nice range of instruments and accessories.


Love the site. nice design and colours.

Carlos Diaz from Spain

I found this web looking for some music instruments shops in the net. I was surprised I could buy a didj in internet, but as I can't learn how to play one on my own I didn't buy one the first time. Anyway I'm really interested in this instrument and its sound... it's amazing.

Carol Drury from USA

Nice site

Carol Petherick from United Kingdom

I'm so glad I found this web site,my son wants to learn to play a didjeridu,and you have so much information on here thanks.

Cato Skaar from Norway

Hi. Your site is very informative. It is easy to find what you want, easy to navigate through. All in all a cool site.

Chantal Heffels from Netherlands

I find it a very useful shop and it makes me feel welcome


I think your web site is a good web site to come to,to learn about musical instruments

Anonymous from USA

I think that it is a really great web site with very good format.

Chris Holmes from Australia

I was impressed with what I saw. I've ordered a couple of items ( the how to play the didj video & a T shirt ).. I will be back...

Chris Shad from USA

It's good, I hope I win the didgi!

Clifton Lowrey from USA

When I played the sound sampled it freaked out my dog


Its very good

Anonymous from USA

Very interesting. I teach 2nd grade and will be teaching about Australia and am looking for more ideas. Thank you.


I love the Web site, but I would like to see more modern day didjes I say that only because a lot of my didj friends can't afford an authentic termite hollowed one.

Danny Moss from USA

Its great, hopefully you can set something up with local craftsmen so they can ship their products to their localities through your site

David Fischer from Austria

You're doing a good job here. can't think of any improvements or the like...some of the recordings are a bit distorted but that's about all I can think of. the rest is all good. pics, stories, a.s.o. keep up the good work!!!

Anonymous from Czech Republic

I visited your web site in case to know what can be bought and to do a small "research" for myself.

Anonymous from USA

Well done, useful information

Dekel Peretz from Germany

Great informative


Keep it up

Anonymous from USA

On some of my visits I thought the text was too long and drawn out

Anonymous from USA

I was doing a Google search for didgeridoo music ... that's how stumbled across your web site. I have a business associate in Australia, and had asked him to find me a didgeridoo ... he said he had no idea where to get one ... I'm so glad I found your site!!!

Anonymous from USA

I like to be able to listen to the sounds of each didj



Anonymous from Italy

Very large choice selection. very useful information

Felicia Culverwell from USA

I think this is a very cool site.

Frances Puplett Puplett from United Kingdom

I found it to be very extensive and informative

Anonymous from Italy

Great site, most useful for beginner and advanced, I think :)

Anonymous from USA

Your site has opened up a whole new world for me.

Anonymous from USA

It's cool! very well laid out and informative. I'm going to recommend to my friends.

Germán González Damonte from Spain

I like all the options you have on this web site.

Gregory O'neill from USA

It is quite helpful. The Didjshop is easy to navigate, and has an amazing array of didjeridoos.

Guillaume Fenolio from France

Amazing web site , lot of MP3 Didje available make buying so long , can't leave the site before testing all of them ... I love it ! 2 minor fail : -You guys should try some other materials like Agave or Yukka didge for sell , they are awesome. -I know you can't make work termites faster but to many didge are sold since a long time and still online, its a bit frustrating to see all the sweet didge I missed :) Thx for this awesome work and keep going on.Good luck and long life to Didjshop.com :)

Héctor Adrián Peralta from Argentina


Ian Taylor from United Kingdom

Like the site gave me more information didjs and circular breathing. which I can do in a glass but not on the digj

Ilkka Kari from Finland

Very good pages

Anonymous from Canada

I am just starting.


I have a problem with English, but only seeing and listening it's a good help for me. I'll come back


I love the pictures. I had no idea that some didjeridus were so ornate.


Its informative, everything one needs to know about the didge can be found here

Joachim Van De Velde from Belgium

Very very good

Anonymous from USA

Great and easy to navigate. I support your ethic.

Jürgen Reithofer from Austria

It's very easy to find , what you search! Many Background information! Very COOL web side!

Kari Rosenthal from USA

I enjoy learning from the web site and the beautiful art work. I don't see didjs like the ones you display. Today I use the sound feature, and I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you, Kari

Kenny Hansen from USA

I think your web site is great and I will be visiting your site a great deal I think I haven't played a didj but I want to very bad and I am going to make one with pvc pipe I know this probably wont sound very good but it is the best I can do for now.


Looks like a very serious devoted site! I actually "stole" one sound sample to use as ring signal on my cellphone ;) *sorry*


A lot of information, from beginners info up to experienced info!

Lion Créps from France

Votre site est pas mal, très bien structuré et facile d'accès quand on le parcours mais il représente le coté "marketing aborigène" que je trouve un peu prononcé dans ce genre de 'shop'.


Its cool...informative since I am still learning

Ludovic Michel from France

It s a good site on which people can hear these fantastic sounds

Anonymous from Canada

More info on making music

Maggie Ball from Australia

Very nicely set up - has changed the way I view Didgeridoos.

Marcel Poortvliet from Netherlands

Incredible site, especially for beginners a lot of information. Wish I had seen it before I bought my didgeridoo last week. But I do have a good one for my present purpose. Will visit the site many more times.

Mark Archambault from USA

I Like it. :)

Martin Kapel from Poland

It is a very good web site about dido.the most important thing to me is that you can listen to the sound of instrument.




Nice pictures and I liked how you explained the history and all the information about the Didgeridu.

Michel Fontaine from France

It looks really professional

Mike Fornasiero from USA

Great and informative web site. Now if only I wasn't a student and could afford to purchase one. I hope to get one in the fall.

Mike Griffith from USA

Nice site. Layout is pretty good, much good information.

Misty Newhouse-muscat from USA

I love this site and would like to order a didj. I can't wait to hear back from you!

Pascal Aerts from Belgium

I'm glad to have found another 'shop' where the focus is on the aboriginal culture and not on the money. Also glad that proceeds go to the people who deserve to get them.

Patricia Leonardo from Portugal

Its a very good web site with very different subjects...that show and explain very good the different doubts that the people can have. good luck for the future. peace*

Paul Kenny from Australia

Excellent site with a HUGE amount of information.. well done!! Paul J. Kenny

Pete Densmore from USA

I find it very helpful, especially with its tips for buying a new didjeridu as I have little to no experience with them and hope to have much more in the future.




I think that it is the best web page about didgeridoo that I've ever been in. But I will like you to make a complete spanish version of this web page. Thank you all of you I love you.


Excellent information for someone who wants to learn about this incredible instrument.




Good information, well presented.

Anonymous from USA

So far, great site.

Ron Parrott from USA

Interesting and informative web site


A very interesting site!

Ruben Seoane from Spain

I think it's a great web page, and very useful for people like me, who is learning how to play, because has lots of interesting information.


Very nice site

Anonymous from Belgium

I like that we can listen to the mp3 before buying the didje. And you had a very good idea to provide two different player's music : it wasn't like this last time I came to visit your site.

Anonymous from Finland


Set Moklint from Sweden

I love the rage of didgeridoos but the web site could us a new layout. The site gives a very serious impression.


Great site. Visiting Aussie next year and enjoy learning about the culture. Thanks for including that information. I also like the sound files fro every didj

Simon Giordano from France

Can you translate it in french

Simon Simon Edwards from United Kingdom

Very nice site. Lots of info and stunning didges. It's nice to hear the didges different sounds.

Stephane Tessier from France

The great point is it is very complete, very well organized... but maybe a little expensive for me... so I still play the didje with my pvc tube :( but keep on !


It is my first time here and still haven't looked at it all. If I had known there was going to be this question I would have been better prepared .I'm keen to learn more, so hopefully the site will feed that desire. The price of this contests prize is out of my range, so it's nice to have a chance at it.

Stewart Abbott from USA

Very interesting site, good information on didjeridu.


I like this site. It has many great things to purchase and I like how you can see them - however the pages are very slow to load

Anonymous from USA


Tony(Geo) Powers from USA

I haven't really spent a whole lot of time on your web site yet, the didj that this contest is for grabbed me by the boo and I had to sign up for it. The only ones I have are handmade of pvc, which plays alright, but I feel I'm cheating on mother earth.

Wendy Reay from Australia

Very Australian

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