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Visitors Comments made during the month of January 2011:

Online name Feedback
Adam from USA Love it
Adrian from Australia Awesome.
Anonymous You have a very nice website.
Alex from Australia I like the website its easy to use the colours remind me of Uluru or Northern Territory there could probably be some minor tweaks done to the navigation and overall structure of the website to make it a little bit more user friendly but its really not that big of a deal as its easy enough to navigate around as it is.
Alex from USA I think it is a very well put together site. Of course to compete with other sites a little more Java or Flash could be used. But that's merely aesthetics. The site is very informative and designed to be quite navigate-able.
Anonymous from USA Testimonials are very helpful and there is a lot of information I found useful.
Anonymous from USA The surveys at least based on this one are way way too long.
Andrew from United Kingdom The website is very good though it would be preferable to have sound recordings for all your didgeridoos especially given the comments made in your tips on buying about listening to one being played on the telephone.
Andrew Hodge from Canada I really admire the focus on Aboriginal rights. It helps keep the many cultures and beliefs of indigenous people alive. As far as the didj aspect I love your didj selection!!!
Anne Bussell from USA What a great website I love this contest I learned a lot answering the questions I really love didj music. I hope I win because I would love to be able to play one.
Ata from USA Very nice format
Bill from USA I like the setup and the information. I don't personally know anyone else who plays so I have had to learn everything through videos and information provided on websites like yours.
Brian Mazurski from USA I am learning about something I am unfamiliar with!
Brian from USA Looks good.
Carlos Gandara from USA Bring awareness of Aboriginals issues educate people
Chagry Akoglu from Turkey Website is very helpful to improve my didge skills.
Christian from Germany Your website is very interesting for me.
Christopher from USA Outstanding! I really like the newsletters very much. I visit the site frequently and learn a great deal from it. Please please keep it up.
Anonymous Interesting
Anonymous Nice
Anonymous Good
Anonymous Very nicely laid out website!
David Pau from Argentina It is very educational and graphics. I have much information from it.
Debra Derrick from USA Very comprehensive.
Derek from Ireland Informative. There are not many didge resources out there so it is a welcome addition to the web.
Don from USA It's very interesting.
Doug from USA It seems that it will be a great resource when I start learning to play the didgeridoo
Doug from USA Its cool! Love it
Douglas from USA Lots of questions. I would hope to win a nice didj.
Elad from Israel Interesting website:)
Anonymous from USA Pretty cool I wanna win one
Elzo from Netherlands Most of all it brings honesty to the screen. And that convinces people who are really interested in an excellent didge to get it on didgshop.com
Eric from USA Just found it
Erik from Sweden Convenient (don't know the right english word... everything is easy to find) good info great products (looks like it didn't try any yet) not so exciting design though
Anonymous Nice
Anonymous from Brazil It seems very wide to what information is concerned. I am still surfing throughout the website but from what I checked it's really good!
Fred Ashplant from USA You have far and away the best website for the purchasing of didges and Australian native art. You make it easy to do business and my experience with you and your staff has always been a great pleasure.
Grant from Australia Very helpful especially when it comes to advice on PVC didj construction
Anonymous I like the website cause it is filled with all info needed to get better acquainted with the australian musical tools via instruments I like the others also but the didj just sounds soooo cool plus its cool to hold the didj almost like handling a authentic sword so powerful
Holden from USA Too much color
Howard Dempsey from Australia Has very helpful info I've been looking for
Anonymous Honest informative and interesting...
James from USA I recently found your website. its very user friendly and personalized.
James from United Kingdom From what I have seen so far I am very impressed with the amount of info on it about all aspects of didge playing.
Jaroslav Novak from Czech Republic I like it time to time I visit your web. I'm getting closer to Australia again
Anonymous Very interesting
Anonymous It seems very user-friendly
Anonymous It is good but it is to long and I don't want to sit there and read all that small print.
Anonymous I is great
Anonymous from USA Fine.
John Kelley from USA Best didgeridoo website I have been to yet
Jose from USA Its the only website I've found that not only informed me but also inspired me to buy my first didj not through salesman tactics but purely through sharing information.
Joseph Carringer from USA Love it!!
Karen from USA It is well organized and very informative. I learned a lot by just completing this survey and it made me think about issues I probably would have ignored.
Karl from USA So far so good
Kemal from Turkey Sorry I've nothing to write here...
Kenneth from USA I found your website about an hour ago. It is quite interesting and I will completely check it out.
Kevin from USA Love the set-up and information. Beautiful pictures as well.
Krystal from Canada I have never owned a didj and was looking for some information about them. I found out heaps so thanks a lot for all the knowledge you're sharing:)
Anonymous from Canada The website is fantastic. The news letters are jam packed with very interesting articles on culture issues music etc all of which are things I really enjoy reading.
Anonymous ???
Anonymous from USA Something new to me and now I've gained certain interest and respect for the didj.
Anonymous from USA This is a great website; was fantastic help in my learning how to play. The sounds and vocals were very beneficial in my learning the different drones and vocals. I really have enjoyed learning a great deal on this website.
Marcus Jones from United Kingdom Website has a lot of information and I plan to keep coming back and use the forums. I love the didge so learning more about the didge nature is fantastic. Great site
Mark from USA Quite informative.
Anonymous Has some very good information
Mary Alford from USA Your website has lots and lots of useful information and you share it very freely. Thank you for promoting the use of the didgeridoo. I believe you are doing a good thing in the world.
Anonymous Nice layout
Anonymous I read an article on your website regarding the sentencing remarks of a Magistrate in Adelaide. Interested I have read further into the site and believe it is a wonderful way to promote Aboriginal culture in particular the didgeridoo in Australia and to the world.
Mike from USA The site seems fairly well laid out colours are good really enjoying the photographs of the various instruments.
Mirko from Germany It's great.
Morgan from USA I feel the website is excellent. It has plenty of resources and the forums have helped me improve.
Naymond from USA I truly enjoyed your website. It has more information about the aboriginal culture in one spot than I have been able to find anywhere. Easy to use (although can get lost in the info).
Anonymous It is nicely organized and has a plethora of interesting information
Nick from USA It looks nice and is up front.
Ossian from Australia Overall really good. Lots of information and well presented
Anonymous from Canada I have yet to look around much but looks to be informative
Anonymous from United Kingdom Nice easy to navigate and find all the information I need
Peter from Australia I have enjoyed my visit to your web site and have booked marked it I will be a regular visitor
Piergiorgio Fiorucci from Italy Good site...I would hear all the sound of the Didjes
Anonymous It seems a bit behind in that things are still a bit tricky to find.
Richard from USA I love the giveaway
Richard Wallace from USA I bought a didj through your website about ten years ago and I will only buy from your site. I think it's great how I hear them by mp3.
Robin Pearson from Australia Fantastic didge shop
Rudy Hidding from USA Very nice
Sam from USA I'm new to it and need to read more of it first before I can comment
Sascha from Luxembourg There are a lot of information. The guide for buying a didj is great and helps to find the adequate didj.
Anonymous Its laid out well but needs some more up to date fonts
Anonymous Excellent and interesting
Susan Stephenson from USA Your website is great!
Terry from USA Delighted to find you!
Terry Freeman from USA I've harvested useful information from past posts but it seems to have slowed down. I should post if I want more activity which is something I want to correct this year.
Thatcher from USA Very helpful and much more than I expected it would be. I only found it today and expect to spend some time on it right away. I would like to add the didge to my list of instruments that I play and possibly add it to songs that I play with my band.
Anonymous from USA Cool
Anonymous I am very impressed with this site. I did not know to much about Didj's until this web site
Anonymous ???
Trevor Van Bosch from South Africa Not bad and I'm usually very critical
Tyler from USA Good source of info concerning the aboriginal people and their history
Anonymous from Spain Friendly
Anonymous Tres bien
Warren from New Zealand Seems good look forward to browsing it more

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