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Visitors Comments made during the month of August 2008:

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I love it and will be back! Though I haven't sent anyone to your site and haven't sent any didj sound greeting cards (as asked below) I certainly will!

Baptiste from France

Looks pretty loaded with useful information made me aware of the non-aboriginal made didj issue

Bart from USA

I am a subscriber to the newsletter and enjoy the aboriginal news and navigating around the site and looking over and listening to the didges.

Chris from USA

This website was the first one I have visited probably 4 years ago or so it has been the most educational as far as its direct history and instructional information

Colm O Nuanain from Ireland

Very helpful very informative. I have wanted to buy a genuine didjeridu for a long time but I want to be absolutely sure that I'm picking the most suitable instrument. With the key given sound grading and sound samples I'm very close to making decision on a concert level instrument that will be in tune with my fellow musicians

Anonymous from France

I haven't visited it yet but you have good prices for original didgeridoos

Eddy from Australia

Probably the best site regarding information and didgeridoos offered for sale.

Ezequiel Klauser from Argentina

I think was great because apart to buying a Didgeridoo you con inform about this and knowing different styles and I recommend really.

Flemming from Denmark

What can I say: this is the place to hang out if you are into didgeridoo's or just want to learn. No need to look any further on the internet.

Anonymous from France

It is complete and informative and makes you want to know more about aboriginal culture and Didjes


Excellent site

Jim Griffiths from United Kingdom


John from USA

This is a very interesting site and I love visiting it. I also love my new didj.

Jon from USA

I love the site. Rarely do I receive newsletters from sites but I always look forward to the one I get from this site. I am saving up to buy a new didj from this site as it is by far the best one I have seen.

Kellie from USA

Awesome and informative!!

Kris from Belgium

Very complete site. I would never buy a didge by internet....until now I found your site!

Anonymous from USA

I like it and I think I will be visiting a lot more.

Mark Bailie from Australia

Easy to navigate love the logo!

Anonymous from USA

I think that this website is the BEST didgeridoo site ever. I really like how all the science is explained.

Michael from Australia

Its great....lots of info....real info! its a genuine site....not commercialised which pays respect to a sacred instrument....thank you

Patrick from USA

It is a great website littered with very helpful tips and facts on the didj. I find the method of searching for a didj here quite pleasing and easy.

Paul Arguijo from USA

Didjshop is most certainly the most informative site on the web. I would not trust any other site.


Terrific thanks for everything!

Peter from USA

Your website is certainly informative and offers a great deal to musicians wishing to know more about the Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo inspire musicians to be purist or seek contemporary blending of its timbre into their lives and provides a wonderful bridge into doing so. I've not had a chance to explore your website any further yet but have enjoyed your approach to the didj facet of what you stand for in these early years of this millennium.

Ricardo from Chile

The best website about didj because have lots of information very honest and complete

Rick from USA

Great website. Thanks for the newsletters also. I especially like the sound bites you have of more advanced playing styles and techniques. But in all it is very educational and informative in its approach and presentation.

Ryan Anderson from Australia

Great design easy navigation nice earthy colour scheme and well moderated forums. My favourite didj website!

Scott Watkins from USA

Wow! Lots of stuff to read and dream about. Beautiful Didjes and the sound files are great to listen to. Great links and detailed information about everything I think I would need to know about Didjes. I am going to frequent this website many more times. I have a question: Does Didgshop.com sell Didjes to the USA and if so how expensive is the shipping and is Visa or Master Card accepted? [OUR COMMENT: Yes, we sell to US - see 'Sold Didjes' in 'Shopping' section and yes, Visa and Master are accepted]

Steven Laplante from USA

Very informative I bought some clap sticks and other items-very quick service

Susanna Reichling from USA

Best source of info I've seen -- very educational very current

Terrence Holmes from Netherlands

Well presented & the prices are very reasonable - wide range of products available.

Tyler from USA

Of all the didj sites I have visited didgshop.com is head and shoulders above the rest. It is very organized and easy to navigate. Keep up the good work!

Tyler from USA

Extremely helpful full of true knowledge and wealth. Very easy to use

Anonymous from Portugal

Very very nice =)

Yvonne from Australia

This is a good website to find out information for my classes as I teach Aboriginal Studies in our local TAFE Campus




Great site - easy to navigate

Adriane from Australia

It is very professional and I am hoping to visit the shop in the rocks after doing some research.

Amy from USA

I love this site I like hearing the instrument before I purchase it and the examples give me ideas for making up my own music.

Andre from Germany

Is very interesting and have a lot of god information

Andrea Valentini from Italy

Very well done I really appreciate the italian localization. full of good info

Anonymous from USA

Very informative

Aury from Brazil

Conheci atravéz de um amigo aqui no Brazil este site

Anonymous from Australia

Well designed and easy to navigate. Searching could be better

Brian from USA

Great site.

Chad from Canada

It's great!


It looks great!

Chris Bittner from USA

Excellent I like the way it is set up very extensive.

Dennis from United Kingdom

Great caring site


It gave me even more will to keep on going my way...

Eric from USA

Organized but at the same time can be hard to navigate. No shortage of facts and information though

Fernando from Portugal

...well done...;)

Anonymous from USA

Pretty easy to manoeuvre.


I do not particularly like the colour scheme

Jason Steinman from USA

It is put together well. Tabs make navigating very easy. I would like to see the inexpensive didges graded and be able to hear them. [OUR COMMENT: that would increase their costs, so we choose to not do this]



Jeff from USA

I love it. I have been looking at the Didjes and listening to the sounds to try to pick one to buy. I had contacted your department for help in selecting a didj but could not afford one yet. Listening to the sound bytes has helped me understand how to use the didj quite a lot better.

Keith from USA

LOVE IT! and looking. So much here and to find. It's like a Didj Xmas party on the web.

Ken Hrycyk from Canada

Very informative for any question that I had on instruments and options.

Kevin from United Kingdom


Kevin from USA

I think it is very informative and easy to navigate.


Very informative


It's very nice informative and easy to work with but could be designed a little bit better.

Mark from United Kingdom

Very easy to navigate and use

Mignon Haslar from New Zealand


Nikita from Russia

I don't like pink colour but I have no complaints about navigation and pictures quality.

Pat from USA

Good website. Very inquisitive in this survey. Interesting


I like it its well set up and easy to find stuff


Very informational and provides a wide variety.

Robert from USA

They ask a lot of pesky questions but I suppose it is to find a deserving home for a valuable instrument.

Russell from USA

I like the layout and the fact that you can hear the didj you're going to buy before you make your final decision. That feature is a standout for sure!

Serena from USA

Fabulous website! I appreciate all the information you have about the didj and Aboriginal Australian culture.


They are not so complete as this web site No son tan completos como este sitio

Stephen from USA

It is a great site that provides tons of information.

Anonymous from USA

So far so good although I am looking to buy one for my wife and am having trouble finging the store.

Anonymous from United Kingdom


Tyler Little from USA

Very well laid out and knowledgeable.

Anonymous from USA

I think it's great!


Good site

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