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Visitors Comments made during the month of April 2006:

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Alon from United Kingdom

Out of all the didj web sites I have been on I have always felt that didjshop has always allowed me to look for didjes specifically under a certain field making it much easier to find what I'm looking for eg: plain or healing etc... Didgeridoo buying advice is also really amazing! The only thing that I can think of to improve the site is perhaps give a slightly more detailed description on each didj.

Andreo Soares from Brazil

I found the Didjshop in the Google search and it is the most web site that I've have seen the most complete and offer a very important information of all about Didgeridoos. Observation: My english aren't good I'm brazilian.

Anthony from USA

Very informative and good prices.

Astrid Landsaat from Netherlands

One of my best friends passed away and he was just as passionate as (or maybe even more) about the sound of the didgeridoo as I am. I don't know much about your shop my one and only didge was bought in Australia (Cairns) by another friend. But I am very sure that if "Big Belly Bonzo" the man I am talking about the man who translated your site and put a link to it on his own web site means to me that your shop is absolutely okay.

Blaine from USA

I think the site is one of the more comprehensive sites I have found. I also like how promptly and completely my order has been dealt with.

Bob from USA

It is one of the better web sites that I have ever visited.


One of the best sites on the web for Didj information.

Chad from USA

I've spent a lot of time searching the web for quality web sites about the Didj. This site is by far the best I have found for information Didj care Didj culture and history and shop quality.

Anonymous from Canada

I did not know there were greeting cards till now and the music therapy sounds extremely interesting

Dan Ament from USA

I really like this place. I am trying to get down circular breathing right now and I really want to get it down. The comments by others and forums are really helping me out a lot. I love the energy given off by the people on here and their great ideas.

Dana Doliber from USA

Good site lots of information really like newsletter keep up the good work

David from Canada

Great products great prices great interface and plenty of great people

Dorothy Blue from USA

I enjoy the information and friendliness. The pictures add a nice touch and are very well done.


It's the best way to take to any place in the world the genuine feelings from Aboriginal people and their magic world of dreams-like living

Gary from USA

Thanks - great resource - in two minutes I learned several things about the Didj that I never new. I had no idea about sound healing and didn't really consider the possibility of deep meditation.



Herb Cohen from USA

I think this is the best site I have been to. I think I'll try to make a PVC Didge before I invest in a real one just to see if I'm going to stay with it. If it sounds good maybe I can get others interested.

Hiroyuki from Japan

Good Shop!

J. Omar from Mexico

The best Didj site I have talk about it to all my friends

Jeannine from USA

This site has provided the best information of the half dozen web sites I have visited. Very impressed.

Jef. from Australia

Well presented and very informative. As an Australian I particularly appreciate the way didjshop has become an ambassador for Australian aboriginal culture.

Jeremy from France

I find sincerely that Didjshop.com is the best site about the didgeridoos the part "shopping" is extremely well realized well detailed and I don't say that for the competition I think honestly! We see with the web site that you are professional and that we can trust your work. That's why I want to order a didge from yours I am just afraid by the import duty... If I don't win the competition I will order one and I have hast to play one of your beautiful instrument!

Jim from USA

I am impressed! There seems to be much information here and I have just begun exploring it! I plan to do a lot of looking around this site.

Jon Christensen from USA

It seems to be an excellent resource. Though this is my first time here I guarantee it will not be my last.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Easy to use. Makes you feel confident to buy.

Justin from USA

Great site. Yall seem like good people who care.

Kevin Girling from United Kingdom

An excellent site for the learner...provides lots of excellent information. Is well laid out and easy to use. Thanks!

Koichi from Japan

I am interested by splendid contents very much. It is the site that it wants to often visit.

Anonymous from Ukraine

I like the site

Latoya Mendez from USA

The web site is easy to move through and I love that I can get to the didjes by different attributes - I like window shopping the long didjes rare keys and the big bells. There is always a wonderful concern for the environment and social issues as well as great information on all didj aspects!

Leo Thomas from France

The coolest web site of the world

Lindsey from USA

This is the most unique site I have come across while looking for instructions on how to learn to circular breath. I will visit often. This is the most helpful interesting and useful site I have found.

Malcolm Pengelley from United Kingdom

The web site is an encyclopedia of the didgeridoo in its own right. I learn something new every time I visit.

María Lourdes Escario Latas from Spain

I find it an easy to use and good-looking site with plenty of interesting information about each didjeridoo more than you'd probably get at most physical shops.

Martin Staines from Australia

This seems to be a great site for people who want to learn about Didjes and want to learn what to look out for when thinking about buying a didj. I am ready to place an order with you guys as soon as I get your feedback on what Didjes fit my needs

Matt from USA

I received prompt and quality service from Cathy Harvey as to an inquiry I made.

Matthew from USA

Since the last time I've been here you've really changed the site. good job its easier to navigate now.

Omar from Pakistan

This is my first visit and I am really impressed by the layout and the option to listen to most of the didgeridoos. I plan to tell my friends about this site as some of them are very keen learners.

Anonymous from Switzerland

I visit this site for the first time. All information you need about a Didgeridoo and Aboriginal Artwork you will find on this page.

Anonymous from USA

I love the breadth of information available on this site. From how to play a didj to how to make a didj....it's all here.

Rene De La Rosa from Mexico

One of the firsts sites I saw. Great very complete and professional I got my firsts acknowledges about didges from you.

Anonymous from France

Great web site long live Didjshop...

Roxy from USA

I love this site. It is a great source of information and the people involved with it are knowledgeable and eager to help with questions.

Roy from Israel

Great site with great information keep up the good work and spread the true essence in the Didgeridoos. didj-day too y'all!;)

Ryan from USA

I love this site I learned how to play here build here and I also learned about the original reasons for the didj. this is a great site. I've recommended it to many future didjers

Sarah Tulloch from Australia

What a great sight with a real peaceful feel to it

Scott from Australia

Its great. I've just started to really research about the didj and what I need to get really into it and your web site has been a great start. I'll be back for sure

Sean Jackson from USA

Glad I've found it. I'm going to refer many people to it when they ask about my didges (I get asked all the time. There aren't many up here in the states).

Anonymous from Canada

I find this web site very easy to follow. It is very informative and helpful to my researching. Its one of my favourite sites to visit when learning about cultural music.

Shelley from Canada

Love it...very easy to navigate. Like the products for sale. You seem like a very sustainable company...Kudos!

Shirl from United Kingdom

Interesting useful am very keen to learn circular breathing and found your site to be the best as it suddenly clicked for me! Am practicing like mad now and am looking forward to recording myself playing the didge and then play my guitar.

Stuart Clyens from Denmark

Your web site was recommended to me by a friend. I knew so little about didjes that I had absolutely no idea of what was important when ordering one. I am ashamed to admit that I did not even know that didjes could be ordered with different tunings. I knew that a real didj was termite bored so I thought you ordered a didj and had to be happy with whatever key it happened to be in. After reading your web site I now know not only about the range of tunings available but also which are good for beginners the importance of backpressure mouthpiece design etc. Thanks for a great web site I have learned a lot - in fact apart from the bit about termites everything else I know about didjes. Regards Stuart Clyens

Amy from USA

It's awesome. I love the mp3's. Since I've never actually played a didgeridoo and I know very little about them the mp3s were very helpful.

Andy from United Kingdom

Extremely useful giving an in depth insight into buying a didj in terms of quality moral issues (ie making sure the Aboriginal folk get something back) playing technique. A nice design for the web site - although I couldn't get the mp3's to play (could be my browser though!!) Cheers folks awesome web site very interesting (but I have to get back to my coursework now!!!)


Great format

Angel from USA

I've been happy to find the site and the didj cards are fun. The interface is user friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Arch Beard from USA

Excellent site. I believe that being able to hear each didjeridu with the MP3 files is an excellent idea.

Anonymous from USA

Very informative lots of good information.


Great site looks a little cluttered though

Blaise from USA

This web site looks real cool. I can't believe I only found it now. ill have to spend some time exploring the site. and getting my learn on.

Blake from USA

Great site - Keep up the good work!

Charles from USA

Great site.

Charlie from USA

Pretty cool

Chris from Australia

Probably the best site that helps you choose the best didj and its good because of the sound clips and all the pics

Chris from Australia

Fantastic site very helpful and informative great selection of didges if I am unlucky with the draw I hope to save up for a didge off this site


It's beautiful so much to explore!

Dan Soreanu from Israel

It a great web site a professional one and vary nice and easy to navigate

Dane from USA

You seem to take pride in your heritage and that is a rare find these days. Please keep up the good work

Daniel Martins Silva from Portugal

I think that it is very important to pay attention to the aborigines culture and to other cultures because if we don't do it who else will???

Daniel Thrasher from USA

Maybe a little more user-friendly on the info side such as how to apply the beeswax mouthpiece etc.

Daniel from USA

Easy to find what I am looking for. No frustration!

Anonymous from USA

Very nice site and was originally interested in the aborigine tale of the barramundi.

Denny from USA

Easier to navigate than some sites. I like the mp3 files for the Didjes as each didj is very unique when played.


Great web site


I would like more sound bites in the 200 to 299 section

Dyonne from Netherlands

The amount of information is huge and wonderful however sometimes you cannot see the forest through the trees. For instance entering the didjshop; there is so many reading to do and explaining before you actually enter the field with the buyable didges. sometimes that keeps me from browsing through the pipes...

Elisabeth from Australia

Looks great easy to move around in great colours

Anonymous from Italy



This web site is very nice and easy for surf


Now that I know its here I'll spread the word its great

Gareth Kirk from United Kingdom

Really informative and easy to navigate. It's also aesthetically pleasing.

Anonymous from USA

Good web site that has changed over the years I have noticed.

Anonymous from Australia

You have some great info I have not see the whole site yet so I can't give much input but I like it so far


Very interesting.

Greg from Australia

I have a lot of friends overseas and think you have great ideas

Greg from United Kingdom

Found it very welcoming and easy to navigate. Get the feeling that you guys know what your talking about.

Hanne from New Zealand

This looks a very interesting and informative site

Herb Cohen from USA

Great site/ helpful response to inquiry

Hiero Hiero from Brazil

Very nice place to visit


Good fun will come again

Isaac from Japan

The: "What are the most important considerations for you when buying a didgeridoo?" section of this questionnaire (just ab3ove) was confusing. The same results kept popping up under each priority level. They should disappear as I choose them. ie. Number 10 should just have 1 item left.

Anonymous from Netherlands

Handsome site

Anonymous from Australia

Nice site beautiful pics

Jaime from Spain

I would like that there was more content in spanish

James from Canada

The site looks great very informative and easy to navigate

Jared from USA

Nice web site...maintains feel associated with didgeridoo...earthen colors no flashing obnoxious banners. At first it was a little tough to navigate; I didn't know where links led and where specific information would be found.


It's very clear and simple (in positive way)

Jason Shaw from United Kingdom

Brilliant - just what I was looking for - information/place to buy stuff etc....

Anonymous from USA

I found the site easy to navigate and I especially liked the way the didjeridoos are shown the evaluation and the ability to listen to them.

Anonymous from USA

I like it you guys have a lot of information and such

Joel from USA

It seems like a great tool and site

Joel Silvennoinen from Finland

Great site good information. of course it would be off the hook for beginners like me to have short free tutorial video.

Joelene from Australia

No feedback great site

John from USA

Great web site

Anonymous from New Zealand

Great site very informative


Very interesting. Will browse regularly

John from Australia

Haven't seen the site yet but I will have a look after this entry

John from USA

Overall an excellent site. If I had any concern at all it would be that it is a little difficult getting past the front page to the place where you can actually look at the different didgeridoos. (It's a little tricky getting to the place where the menu changes on the left side of the screen.) Other than that though the site is incredibly informative and the single best source for didge info that I know of.

Anonymous from Australia



I like the style and attitude

Jorge Alberto Cruz Valencia from Mexico

It has a lot of things that I have been interested.

Anonymous from Chile

Really nice site... I hope it will be soon in spanish -although I can understand-

Joseph Booth from United Kingdom

Brilliant site nice mixture of advice and information as well as retail.

Kate from Australia

Easy to follow... thanks.


Easy to navigate

Kris from Australia

Good to see a well presented web site that is easy to use

Kristen from USA

Haven't shopped yet but looking forward to it!

L. G. from USA

It is a good site that doesn't take long to peruse nor to answer the survey.

Anonymous from France

It is a very good web site it could be better with a complete translate in french and german

Maria Oakes from USA

I was good to find this web site to find people of like mindedness. Thank You!

Mark Galvin from USA

Haven't made it there yet I'm filling out this form.


I like the web site but its a little hard to find the didgeridoos for sale. It would be better if more noticeable on the main page. you could put Buy a DIdge now button or something like that to draw attention

Mary from USA

I would like to see more samples of sounds to make on a didj(mp3)

Anonymous from Australia

It seems like a wonderful place which I will be certain to return to - great products

Anonymous from USA

I love the sound clips. Not sure I buy one if it didn't have a sound clip. I wish some of the cheaper priced didjes had sound clips.


Very helpful any easy to work with resource. I was and am able to navigate the site with ease and it gives me the info I want easily


The colour scheme makes it look a little old but apart from that it's easy to navigate

Neil from Canada

Mmmmm sooo tempting!

Norman from USA



First visit intending to buy a didj and learn to play it

Anonymous from New Zealand

Looks good. Would like a link to teachers around the world. [OUR COMMENT: you can do so through our didjnet]

Phillip Seaton from USA

Very informative. Seems like a good place to get a didj made by Aboriginal artists. I like the idea of supporting the Aboriginal craftsmen. I also play Agave didjes made in Arizona USA as well as bamboo Didjes made by a friend of mine in California USA. Having never been to Australia I rely upon places like didjshop.com or [name deleted] in San Francisco California to authentic Didjes.

Rick from Australia

It a very good source of didge info

Rogério Martins from Brazil

Congratulations for this web site It's very clear and beautiful.


Great site the real stuff; very reliable impression

Sam from Australia

I think that being able to look at the didges available for sale and being able to hear that particular didge is fantastic. I'm sure it helps your site sell many more didges that what it would otherwise. Many sites just provide a picture and I believe this is useless. The sound is the most important aspect of the didge....who cares if it doesn't look pretty.....although it is great if it does.


I like it.

Sandy from Australia

Love looking at the art work and different styles

Satish Alagasingar from India

First time here I am impressed and seems to be browser friendly site.easy to nav.

Scott from USA

Good site. Interesting info

Scott Moss from USA

Awesome web site very informative I've learned a lot about didjes


Very good!


It was very helpful. I learned a lot about the didjeridu.

Sheila from Brazil

It 's a interesting site. I'd like to know it better.


I only regret that only a few pages are translated in French!


A very informative and Authentic web site and I've leaned a great deal from this site on Didgeridoo

Stephan from USA

Thorough informative well organized. multi-sensory. Personal monthly newsletter. Represents the values and quality one would want.

Anonymous from France

Didjshop is the best shop on the net for buying "real" didjeridu. But will you succeed in finding one in this Ali baba cave there are too many beautiful didj with incredible sound! lol

Stephen from USA

It's informative simple easy to navigate and I like that your encourage reports of broken links...I'll keep an eye out!

Steven Williams from USA

I really am impressed with the web site have not made any purchases thru the shop but have been utilizing the forums to help me to further my appreciation and playing skills of the didjeridu.


Great sound feature.

Thom Van Dusen from USA

Great Site! Very informative and it seems you have good integrity. I admire your well developed Grading system and the MP3 files of the actual instrument. I recently bought your recommended Concert High for $590.00 US as Quality of Instrument Sound and ease of play were high on my list


Need more sound clips for the pieces. Decent layout.. confusing about the shipping though.

Tom from USA

Very good site. On my list of favorites.

Tony from Australia

It is a very informative web site I enjoy the breadth of information available and feel that you are building a community of like minded people. The site is easy to navigate and I appreciate the significance of your co;our scheme. Thanks Tony

Tony Romano from United Kingdom

Honest accurate descriptions of top quality instruments


Overall a very good web site The only thing I can come to think of is more information for beginners. F.ex: circular breathing different tones etc plus which one to get (what to look for).


Very informative. thanks!

Winnie from USA

Appears to be the best place for finding quality instruments. The web site is simply amazing.

Zack Lessley from USA

The site's a bit confusing to get around in things are kinda haphazardly organized took me a while to find my way around.

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