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Visitors Comments made during the month of March 2007:

Online name


Amekia from Australia

I love the site I have it up on my favourites

Barry from Netherlands

When I first visit your web site I was surprised how well it is designed. Also I like the site where I can hear the sound of individual didges. This is one of the best sites I ever visit for didge.

Bernhard from Switzerland

Its the best one. because of the special spirit of original didge

Bruce Fyfe from United Kingdom

Very good so far its gone into my favorites box!

Carlos Cabrera from Sweden

There is no other didj-site as the didjshop. In my opinion rating and quality statements on every single didj are completely reliable. I have four Didjes from didjshop and they are all amazing instruments. I trust the information about the instruments 100%. Other sites don't even have that information or it's even difficult to see all the instruments.

Carlos from USA

Your site is truly a library of cultural and didj knowledge both for novice and experienced player.


Excellent a very informative and fun website.

Cesar Mayoral Figueroa from Mexico

Very interesting and very important in order to know about the aboriginal culture.

Christopher Weber from USA

The best I have seen really!

Clint Holmes from USA

This website is the most informative in all areas including being able to listen to the sounds of individual Didjes that I have visited. This is the first site I have visited that I can listen the didj that I am interested in purchasing.

Cyndi from Australia

I think your site is fantastic and it really aims at getting the facts out there well done!

Anonymous from Canada

Love it!

Daniela from Germany

Great didgeridoos nice and very informative newsletter

Davey from United Kingdom

A brilliant informative website which actually ships worldwide! especially good seeing as information or anything to do with Didgeridoo's or Aboriginal art etc. is hardly plentiful in Eastleigh /Southampton in the south of the UK

Eduardo from United Kingdom

Every time I have a doubt I check out your website and look for answers... so far it has been very useful.

Gustavo from Portugal

Comment? Well I think it's amazing it even has the portuguese language and I can say that I never seen a didge site or any other site on the internet (besides microsoft and things like that) that had the portuguese language option much congratulations on that =)!! You also have a lot of yidakis lots of dvd tutorials help for first time visitors. I can honestly say that your site is very well made any one can navigate on it with no problem there are very fair prices demos of every didge sound... You guys have an excellent site with excellent looks and contents!

Hawk from USA

With regards to the Didge. it is the most comprehensive site on the web. Even if not looking to purchase anything it is filled with knowledge and info about Aboriginal culture that makes regular visits a long and enjoyable journey. Thank You.

Holly from USA

I LOVE it! It is the best site I've found so far...loads of free & helpful information...THANK YOU!!!:)

Ian from USA

I luv it. seriously it is the best for sounds and selection.

Illimar Altosaar from Estonia

Greeting cards with music a wonderful gift to humanity thank you.

Jeff from USA

One of the nicest I've seen easy to navigate and best of all- nice didges

Jesse from USA

I like it its the best and most thorough so far I can tell the creator takes special interest in it

Jim Arrington from USA

Wonderful. In fact it is so good that I never searched for other didj sites.

Jorge Cereceda from Peru

Thank's for got a good information about didgeridoos and for trying to make the people understand the real feeling of play didgeridoo aboriginal culture and the dream time.

Justin from USA

I love your website. beautiful instruments lovely photographs of them and even tons of sound demonstrations. The attention paid to the original culture where these instruments come from is also impressive and appreciated.

Lucas Sayer from Australia

I love it. I love just viewing the didgeridoos but mostly enjoy receiving and reading the news letter.

Malcolm Pengelley from United Kingdom

By far the most comprehensive website. Very informative. A sheer delight to return and browse through.

Marijo from Germany

Very good!!!

Matthew Brewster from South Africa

It is not even worth looking for other sites it would be a waste of time everything one would think of or need is all right here great history stories sounds sales advice pictures and easy to navigate- Didjshop you Rock

Matthew Smith from USA

It is a remarkable resource for everything about these instruments and the culture they come from. Good on didjshop.com for keeping didgeridoo sales within the purview of the Aboriginal people.

Max Rivera from Peru

I feel really comfortable and thanked to this site. I learned and still learning so much with Svargo and his notices in my inbox. This site opens so much doors important doors I feel and it is an invitation for everyone who can access to it an invitation to know to feel to learn and to share.

Anonymous from USA

The Didjshop website is very helpful. So far I have learned pretty much everything about didgeridoos from this website.


I like all of it and congratulate you on your thoroughness of information and participation in bringing a worldwide meditation.

Anonymous from Finland

So far best I've seen. That's why I keep coming back here

Michael Räse from Germany

The best I have ever seen

Michelle from Australia

Absolutely fantastic! You have so much information easy to read and understand. I want my boy to have a didge he will treasure and learn well on and this has given me so much more understanding about what I should look for in a didge. This is a big decision for us his first didge. Thanks for the comprehensive information and excellent advice.

Michelle from Australia

This site is an asset to aboriginals.

Mike from USA

The best by far. I only stayed about a minute per site but keep coming back here. You really seem to care about what you're doing and created a forum. You're book-marked and will be the only place I go.

Mike Griffith from USA

One of the best websites on the net. You're educational as well as entertaining and informative. Did I mention you have one of the best business websites I have ever visited. People should use you website before starting one of their own so they can get an education on how to do it right!

Nicholas Tillinghast-lewman from USA

Very informative and your site had the best selection that I've seen. Fairly easy to navigate. Great website (I bookmarked it!)

Anonymous from USA

I think it's the best. It's important to me that all the didj's on your site are Aboriginal made. I only wish I could see and feel and hear the didj before I buy.

Patrick from Australia

This is the only didje site I need to visit. I have been logging on for years if you've got the best why change.

Philip from USA

Absolutely the best

Rebecca Campbell from Australia

I'll be returning. Its a FLAG for Aboriginal culture and a safe haven for the true musical instrument sacred to the aboriginal tribes of Australia.

Ron from USA

Very informative. I like your accent on technical and cultural issues. I like learning about the culture as much as the instruments. I think it is important to know the foundations of a spiritual instrument and practice.


The only one worth visiting. Outstanding rating system. Excellent detailed descriptions of the products. MP3 files are extremely helpful. An encyclopedia of information including everything from the basis physics of sound production to learning how to play and the care and maintenance of the didges. An extremely valuable resource for everyone from learners to professional didj players.

Anonymous from Australia

It's the best

Santiago from Chile

This was one of the first websites I visited and I liked it from the beginning because you lot's of information related with didges and also many different didgeridoos which you can listen.

Scott Hazen from USA

Yours is the best. I come here for the cultural aspects of the Aborigine People and the Didjes.

Sean from Australia

Your web site is very insightful and very interesting to see what's going on around the world Didjeridoos. You also have some great Didj's which I would love to buy if I could afford them. Not saying your price's are high but I'm skint that's all.


Great helpful... Good that U insist on introducing Aboriginal people as carriers of their own culture. It should be that way...

Steve O'Neill from USA

EXCELLENT and the only true Didj site in my opinion!

Steven from USA

This website is definitely one of the best. It is well put together easy to navigate contains a lot of helpful and useful information and always has a wonderful selection of Didjeridu!

Teemu from Finland

Your site seem very professional and it look s good. the selection of Didjes is amazing and amount of information is very good

Tim from USA

Great website. I have always wanted to learn to play didgeridoo but just feel I can't. I played a few Didgeridoos in a mall store once...they were so bad I couldn't do much with them. I am encouraged about your instructions for making one out of PVC. I think I'll give that a go before buying a didgeridoo.

Tom Maucher from USA

You folks are extremely informative. I learned a lot on my first visit. Of course I visited for about two hours! I believe that you are doing the right thing by giving everyone the opportunity to explore the background and become educated to the entire scene and well set things right.

Vít from Czech Republic

Super and professional!!

William Morton from Canada

Innovative and attractive


Projects the humanity and connection to the Aborigines lots of different sections on various issues very complete sensitive to visitor's inquiries-questions.


Great site

Alan from USA

Always a pleasure to visit

Allen from USA

Very nice. Looking to make link with my site when it is done.

Andres from Spain

Is very good good

Andy from Australia

Its very interesting and informative.

Angela Hatton from United Kingdom


Annette from Germany

It provides a very good variety of all kind of information around the didgeridoo and its inventors.


I like it

Aslan from USA

Could not have an easier layout. Nice sample sounds. Great!

Bart from Belgium

Nice! I'm happy to see that there are people giving us great info!


Very interesting and inspiring will always check it out

Brett from USA

It is very easy to get around on the site. The info on aboriginal peoples and didgeridoos are very interesting.

Anonymous from Belgium

Very good site.. like it... to bad I can't afford any of those good player didges

Brian from USA

Nice page

Bryan from United Kingdom

The best full of info and good to navigate


Great site some awesome didge's

Anonymous from USA

Lots to enjoy.

Chris Bailey from New Zealand

It quite often contains a good read and having the sound files where I am able to listen to the different sounds of different didges is awesome. Good work


It's great. Keep up the good work.


Really excellent! Easy to navigate and lots of good information especially all the sound samples.

Chris from USA

I like it a lot



David from Canada

Very nice website with lots of content and clear interface

David from USA

I think this site is amazing and I will hopefully be making a purchase from it as soon as I can acquire sufficient funds. You guys rock!


The questionnaire is biased but biased towards the truth...I haven't gone too much further than this page yet.

Anonymous from Spain

Is really good! I can understand how to explore the web really good.

Edi from USA

Cool stuff

Elias from Sweden

It's very good. One day I will buy a real didgeridoo or maybe stop by in Australia and buy it there!:)

Els from USA

I think it is wonderful. I think that this way of educating people should be effective. I check that I think non-Aboriginal peoples should be allowed to play the instrument because the sound is healing and I want to have the healing and I cannot afford to hire an Aborigine! LOL Also because I think music is a special field of creativity where sharing promotes growth. Perhaps I am still too uneducated about it. I only got to hear one once. It was fantastic. The guy playing it was not an Aborigine. It was at a show for alternative healing people to show their product. (Like 15 years ago.) I would like to play it. I want my son to play it. I want my husband to play it. I just discovered your site so I have not sent cards yet.

Enoch from USA

Definitely the best for instruments. I think that music selection could be improved extended. I understand that it is primarily an instrument outlet. But listening to the music and new purchase of music is an important way of promoting the instrument.

Eric Holman from New Zealand

It contains a wealth of information on the Didgeridoo. So handy for me as a first time caller. I am looking to get a didj and learn to play it to help with sleep apnea and snoring and this site has helped me in my search. Apparently the circular breathing technique is a big help in strengthening the throat muscles etc.

Gerhard Seidel from Germany

Great keep on

Glen from Australia

Love the site more than just a shop lots of info on all matters look forward to reading more

Greg Goubs from France

The most interesting documented. Sorry for the others!!

Harry from Australia

It looks very good and good colours

Heidi from USA

It has a lot of information I did not know.

Ian Robert from Italy

I like it - it's friendly

Isaac Firesmith from USA

Very good but you could spruce it up a bit. I.E. more pictures in the margins.

Jack from USA

I think it is a wonderful website. It has lots of information on the didgeridoo and it is all helpful. When I was first looking for a didgeridoo I came to this site and it showed me what to look for so I won't get a didgeridoo claiming to be authentic when it is not.


Excellent looking forward to visiting in person.

Jan from Belgium

Very good

Jan from Netherlands

It is very nice and very clear


Very interesting and well done

Jarret from USA

Very informative and great selection.

Jeannette from USA

I'm very excited to learn more

Jeff from USA

Excellent - sound ratings sound clips history etc.


Well laid-out but more importantly you seem to truly care about informing others about the plight of the aboriginal people.


Well done great look very informative

Jocelyn from France

Full of useful information a very good meeting point for the didge community

Anonymous from Australia

Looks great

Jody from USA

I like it a lot! I especially enjoyed listening to the sounds of the different Didjes as well as admiring the many different kinds that there are.

Joe from USA

Good I need to get one for my band have not found the buy page yet but found give away fast so have not looked much

Joel from USA

I like the site though it is hard to figure out where the "store" is. I'd like to see more consistency in th3e completion of the descriptive forms for each instrument such as wood and artist.

John Norris from Canada

Detailed information about didgeridoos (i.e. their making their costs etc) is essential. You give this plus examples.




I like the presentation and layout. good job.

José from Peru

A real website to be well acquainted with the Didjes

Josh Greene from USA

Very good site with useful information.

Juan Diego from Costa Rica

Very nice shop I like he accessories but I think there has to be more variety of different producers

Juan Krespo Diaz from Spain

For me is the site where more information I can find most interested & complete.

Kelly from Australia

Informative site

Kerrie from USA

I am actually browsing (and entering the contest) on behalf of my husband who plays didge. The site is wonderful so many different aspects. There is so much information here that it's a little difficult to navigate but it's not bad at all once you get your bearings. I was impressed by how many different countries were represented in the forums. I hope the word gets out and more events are listed in the states soon.

Lambert H Dilling from Netherlands


Lars from United Kingdom

I like it. its simple to navigate around and all the useful information is right there at hand.

Lionel from France

I find very well fact is very clear in spite of the number of texts and of articles. I do not have great reproach has to make if it is not that it does not have translation in French


Extremely informative and have learnt quite a few facts that I had no idea about

Lori from USA

A very well planned-out website. Easy to follow and nice-looking.

Louis Block from USA

As I beginner (baby) I will lay here and be taught before I talk.


It's nice.

Anonymous from USA

A very informative website. Gained insight and information I've never considered before.

Anonymous from USA

It is very nice. It is very easy to get around and clearly states what I want to look at.


I found it very interesting and informative.

Mark Strauss from USA

Very informative

Marty Fisher from Australia

I consider this site to be the

Matteo from Italy

It is well done easy but functional

Anonymous from USA

I like it. It provides a lot of good information about didjes.


Very informative

Michael Manning from Australia

I've always wanted to learn but didn't know where to start. Thought your site was a great help Cheers!

Anonymous from Japan

Very kind and useful! but my English is not enough so please translate all page English to Japanese

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I personally think instead of giving away such an expensive instrument you should give away one WORTH $1000 for 1st price and one WORTH $500 for second prize in the didgeridoo competition. And to have more on lessons about circular breathing and a chat room for people to talk to teachers or other players.

Patrick from USA

It is informative and is very helpful in giving advice on how to care for my didge.

Paul from Canada

Best I have seen very honest and detailed

Paul from USA

Good site


Just found it.

Phillip Seaton from USA

Pretty darned good!

Pierre Cooper from New Zealand

I like the website very much and I have also read and taken in a lot of the comments written by Bob D. on his site. I understand the many cultural significance to the northern aboriginal peoples regarding the didj and respect them greatly-for my own part as a european-born kiwi fella I just love the sound and feel of this wonderful instrument and although I do agree with Bob that the instrument is perhaps misinterpreted by non-aboriginals and perhaps even has been played out of context sometimes in respect of its true functions within the aboriginal communities the fact that so many people worldwide want to learn and play this fascinating and ancient instrument can surely only ultimately bring good vibes to the aboriginal peoples and I think the key to maximising this significance is to promote the versatility and wonder of the didj without compromising the cultural integrity of the true keepers of the heritage of the didj i.e the aboriginal peoples of arnhem land [OUR COMMENT: Some FNQ Aboriginal people would be offended by your statement that Arnhemland Aboriginal people are the "true keepers" of the didj. They would argue that this now fairly well spread is a result of American marketing which ignores FNQ Aboriginal people]

Rachel from Australia

Easy to read and very informative. Great job!

Rachel from United Kingdom

Cool site very informative and enjoyable. Easy to navigate around the site.

Randy Ledingham from USA





I think your website its very informative but a didj transmit to us peace harmony and a magic sound and your site could be more harmonious and happy..

Robert from USA

Very thorough and complete

Anonymous from USA

Very nice site!

Sam from USA

I first became interested in the Didgeridoo after I read an article about the possibility of Didgeridoo reducing the affects of Sleep Apnea. I have not taken the time to review your site yet but I like what I have seen so far.

Sam from Australia

I thought it is very helpful for beginners to advanced in its layout. I learnt to circular breath from it and different details about the didgeridoo. I found it to be very professional especially like the sound clips for each instrument

Sean Malone from USA

I love the fact that I can see AND hear the very same one I'm buying

Sheri from USA

It seems original truthful and patient. I don't know much at all about this as I am just starting to be interested

Stano Beták from Slovakia

I haven't visited it for a long time so I have to have a look first read something. there is lot of info. it's not so easy read it all at once:)

Anonymous from USA

Fine. Perhaps the opinions behind the content managers is a little extreme for my taste.

Steve from USA

I've enjoyed it and got good ideas. I'm going to try and make one out of pvc pipe first before I purchase the real thing.


So far so good

Thor from Australia

One of the best


Good looking website


It has been organized quite well. It is easy to navigate and find things.

Anonymous from France

It is complete for a beginner and if you wont to buy a didj you can really hearing what you want

Tom from USA

The most in-depth site on the internet. A little to expensive for me to afford though.

Tony from Canada

Very good

Anonymous from United Kingdom

It was one of the first I came across and was impressed by your vision of help the aboriginal communities..plus a very good layout on your site


Very good

Valerio from Italy

I'm about to visit it right now. I love the didjeridoo sound and ethnic music from around the world...


Great website with a lots of useful information. It help me a lot to learn about the Didge's. Thank you and continue the good work!!!

Xander Van Stenus from Netherlands

The website is nicely done except that I would change the background colour


Easy to navigate

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