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Visitors Comments made during the month of September 2007:

Online name


Adam from USA

User friendly

Alan Goodman from United Kingdom

Excellent informative clearly set out easy to navigate


The best by far.

Bart from USA

The website is very informative regarding both didges and aboriginals' issues. It is well arranged and well presented.

Bill Connon from United Kingdom

Excellent! But.....A few comments on this page if I may. In the above section on Didge sales if only Aboriginal people were allowed to play you would have no sales! Regarding the bit about paying royalties it would be an excellent idea if you could do this but to enforce this would take an "Act of Government". If you want to get tough so to speak then why not push for something like a copyright (too late for a patent) only didges made by Aboriginal people can hold this name anything else on the market must be called a wood instrument similar to.... To keep track of others selling "non" didges would be a nightmare. A plastic tube or two bits of stick with a hole drilled up it ain't your genuine didge!! Cheers to the termites!!! I'm up for the Meditation and this will be my first time.

Brady from USA

It's by far the best didj site.

Brendan from Spain

I am very happy with this website as I receive a news letter nearly every month but what I love about it is that not always the newsletters arrive due to some issues that the writer has getting the news letter up and that for me takes me away from the clockwork environment that I live in here. It really adds the personal touch to the page. I guess it just seems more friendly.

Brett from Australia

Excellent in terms of providing education and information

Bruce Mills from USA

Although this is my first time to this site it seems to be well thought out and easy to navigate. In addition your awareness program of the situation involving the instruments and their origins should at least to some extent help the Aboriginal peoples.

Carlos from Portugal

I enjoy very much the Didjshop shop website. I can see you really care for keeping the aboriginal tradition alive and try to show the aboriginal tradition to the world. Congratulations.

Carlos from Chile

Very nice.

Charles from USA

Probably the best out there

Dale from USA

Very nice lots of information. Nice to see a didge site with a sense of right and wrong!

Daniel from USA

I like the way it is set up. I enjoy the pictures of the natives and think that they prices are reasonable for the didj's

David from Australia

By far the most extensive and informative. I have recommended this site to people I speak to regarding didges and didge related topics


Like it and will buy from you

Ethan Peters from USA

It seems to be genuine and truly care for the Aboriginal people. It explains everything you need to know as well. You can not find a better site

Filip Micoletti from Denmark

Nice site I like that you can hear all the didj


I had been searching for a while trying to find a real didgeridoo site and I believe I have found it.

Anonymous from Canada

I like how you rate the sound quality of the didgeridoos you have for sale. I also enjoy all the cultural information you have on the site as well as the fact that you are one of the few ethic sellers of didgeridoos I have come across.

Hans from South Africa

It is a great site with interesting facts and information. Helps one get a better insight into the Aboriginal people and culture.

Irek from Poland

Once again best place on earth to buy a great stick. Keep on didjing:)

Ivana from Croatia/Hrvatska

I like it very much lot of interesting and exotic stuff

Anonymous from Finland

I find the site really useful and exciting with all the tutorials and the shop. Very good.

Jay Holden from USA

Wonderful site. I enjoy it very much.

Jim Oltersdorf from USA

Nice job! Very professional!

Joey from USA

This looks like the best source for authentic didgeridoos. I'd like to see some pictures of the "staff" that make and paint your didges. [OUR COMMENT: see our 'artists and ethics' page in Info section]

Joshua from USA

I like the whole community thing. I think what you guys are doing is great for the beginning to advanced player. anybody can get on this site and learn the didj find other didj players and get newsletters and stuff. and yall do giveaways and contest I really enjoy this site!

Jouni from Finland

Best I've ever seen

Karl from USA

I just would like to send my respects to you for acknowledging the aboriginal tribe.. and telling me about your didges..

Anonymous from USA

Your website is teaching me more about the Aboriginal culture than either of the others I visited. I like the authenticity of your products. I will definitely be making a purchase.

Lavinia from Australia

THANK YOU!!! I don't claim to know much about Aboriginal culture tradition or arts...but I have an interest and one I admire. Your site has informed enlightened and taught me a great deal. I am NEVER going to be taken for an idiot again when I buy Aboriginal art. Thanks again guys!

Leslie from United Kingdom

Of all didge sites I've visited this is the one I keep coming back to as it is the most comprehensive and has the best/easiest/clearest site navigation.

Anonymous from Japan

It is a very good mix of information about aboriginal news and issues and products. An immersion experience!

Luz from Italy

Nice I like it!! good Job.

Marie Halle from Canada

Its awesome!

Mario Di Giulio from Italy

Didjshop is really the best site in the world for buying didjes and also I appreciate their respect for all people not considering colour of the skin culture or religion.


Love it.


Nice to find your site I'm just back from Australia and wondered what to find in Europe about this wooden instrument. so it's the first time I visited your site sorry for that but won't be the last time!!!

Neil from Australia

It as excellent. I found your advice on how to play helpful and the forum likewise. The sections on Aboriginal is excellent and a credit to the makers.

Pat from USA

Very good and informative site one that I feel I can trust

Anonymous from Portugal

It's a very good site that concerns with the culture and not just with the selling. Very good philosophy!

Rob from Netherlands

Nice website and good information about the Didge and his makers. And tips to learn to play. Please let me learn and let me play a original didge. Ill be proud fore that/ Thanks

Roy from Israel

It's amazing. the biggest there is from what I've seen. the website also taught me about kinds of didgeridoo I never knew existed like the fork. and the prices are pretty good too.

Sequoia from Canada

Its nice to see others following their bliss and passions. I like your site and what you are sharing

Stuart Harrison from United Kingdom

Definitely the best website I've used by far.

Tashi James from Australia

I love it have bookmarked it and am looking forward to buying a didge

Ugen Dorji from Bhutan

Financially I am not qualified since I haven't bought anything yet but all the testimonials do lend your establishment credence

Wilfried from Germany

Almost perfect

Zack from USA

I love that this site takes a stand against the production of falsely titled didgeridoos. I strongly believe that the production of these pieces of art should be strictly limited to the Aboriginal people.

Allan from USA

Random problems with the forum. Overall website very good.

Allex from Netherlands

It's quite complete only some links don't always work

Anonymous from Spain

Mark Yidaki and other professional players websites

Anonymous from USA

I like it it's clear and easy to follow and I like the fact that you have sound bites that show the sound quality of each individual didj


It's a serious website and that means a lot to people that are really passionate about Australian Aboriginal culture. It says a lot about your dedication to a good genuine product.

Anonymous from Australia

Good sites


I like being able to hear the instruments and see details of the artwork.

Ben Moule from United Kingdom


Bill from USA

Excellent!....but your selection is getting smaller. [OUR COMMENT: it is actually getting bigger with over 350 didjes available now]


Nice site


We have a tourist site called Kentucky Down Under. This week one of the employees visited WBKO / AM Kentucky ( a television station and program ) and brought a didjeridu. He gave a demonstration. Today I was in a third grade classroom ( I am a teacher ) and I saw two of them in the back of the room. I came back to my room to do a web search and this is how I landed at your web site. I could not remember the name of the instrument but I recognized it immediately when I saw it in print. I did a Google search for Australia sound instruments I really like the site that demonstrates the actual sound. I have forwarded this web site to the third grade teacher. Tomorrow I will show her where to click for the sound. I have learned a lot from this well put together site. Thank you Bonita Elmore Glasgow Kentucky. USA.

Anonymous from Australia

Good thank you


It is well laid out and easy to navigate

Burket from USA

Well done user friendly.

Burt Griswold from USA

Well made. The sound aspect that is so necessary for your product is well covered. It is the real thing.


Nice layout and design! Also thanks for the information on the Aboriginal people. Sound clips ar good too.

Anonymous from USA

Great selection. Lots of information. Well done.

Corey from Canada

I find it easy to move around the site. I find it very helpful. It makes me wish I had the money to buy a nice didge so that I can take playing seriously.

Cory from Canada

There is a lot of useful information. But it is always hard to know if the information you are receiving is ever correct. that is why I do a little shopping around from site to site and I will try to do the best research that I can using this and various other sites.


I am impressed by your site and have narrowed it down to one I would consider buying from.

Donna from USA


Doug from USA

I have not visited every link but it appears to be comparable to other didgeridoo websites. Truth be told almost all Didge sites appear to have been created in the late '90s and have not been updated since. [OUR COMMENT: our website is updated at least every week and has grown to thousands of pages]

Douglas Michon from USA

It is awesome.

Douglas from USA

Very interesting site. I look forward to exploring more after entering. I love new and exotic instruments.

Elias Mena from Spain

Aboriginal art

Elizabeth from USA

I found your website very informational and although I do not play this instrument I would like to try.

Eric from USA

I like the layout and will be purchasing a new didj in the near future.

Ernesto from Italy

Its very nice!


It's a good and original website different than the others.

Gary from Australia


Gary from Canada

Clear and enjoyable to visit. I like the combination of aural and visual. I respect your Ethics!!

Gregg from France

It is very complete informative and easy to use. to be able to listen to the sound of every didge is brilliant

Herb from USA

You appear to be 'the real thing.'

Igor Cvilak from Slovenia


Jason Eddy from USA

I really like it I'll be back.

Anonymous from USA

I love the fact that you can not only see them but you can here them

Jo from USA

Great. Very informative and after reading chose your site from which to purchase a didj as a gift without even checking out any other.

Joel Snodgrass from USA

Seems to be well put together and pretty informative though dancing bears and midgets might help.



John Rogers from Australia

Finding my way

Justin from United Kingdom

Very good authentic site spec like your repair section

Justin Gifford from USA

I love the amount of information available. I have tinkered with didgeridoos for a while now but have never really gotten good at it. Just reading the material on the website is really informative.


Nicely laid out and informative

Anonymous from USA

It's gorgeous! I'd love to buy a didge from you!

Kerrick from USA

This is a great site for info and help

Kirsty from Australia

It is very comprehensive. You could make the shop more easily accessible though (e.g. big link titled "shop" in top left corner) to users like me who entered via a "middle" page through a search engine.

Anonymous from USA

Seems nice

Luke Toms from United Kingdom

Seems a great resource for everything didj!

Madonna Gauding from USA

It seems very informative and I will visit again.

Marek from Poland

Very good website very informative one. Prices for didgeridoos are somewhat depressing but the sound of presented instruments seems excellent.

Mark Galvin from USA

I like your website in general but find navigation a little obtuse...maybe because I am on the other side of the pond and our drains run backwards from yours.

Marty from Australia

Fantastic. Comprehensive and easy to navigate for a non tech-head like me.

Mike Harges from USA

Quite well informative and defensive of the Aboriginal rights

Anonymous from USA

Its easy to use and very clear. I like it.

Olivier from France

It is well done plenty of information about didj's and I think no place for doubt better than the others sites I visited

Paul from United Kingdom

Simple informative Good selection easy to buy

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Very impressed!

Anonymous from Belgium

It's a very clear up-to-date site Well done!!!

Petra from USA

Nice. Not overly complex but full of information

Rob Boyd from Australia

Very easy website to navigate.

Robert Knott from United Kingdom

The site is easy to move around & find exactly what you think your looking for. This often turns into a long visit listening to different Mpegs which always leaves feeling that I should play more regularly myself. I enjoy the fact that you connect with Aboriginal peoples & keep us up to date with news regarding the continued struggle these folk have with the invaders of their lands. Although I guess I visit Didjshop about once a month & have not yet brought anything from you I still appreciate the work you do & accessibility of the website. Best wishes Rob

Anonymous from USA

Great site - love it!


Very informative. Thank you.

Anonymous from USA



Good job!


Very easy to navigate.

Tiffany from USA

I like the website so far although I have only just entered it. It is also the first didj website I have entered.

Anonymous from USA

Great site very informative

Tim from USA

I like it.

Tommy from New Zealand

I think your website is awesome it is very easy to use and has all the info I need to know.


Its really great.

Vincenzo Barletta from Italy

Simple and with important news without other not important things

Anonymous from USA

Difficult to find a shopping area.

Anonymous from USA

I like it


Interesting and informative.

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