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Visitors Comments made during the month of February 2013:

Online name Feedback
Adam from USA The site is very informative--thank you!
Andrew Sliwkowski from USA Great site as a person who helped bring www.sprds.com to life this competition questionnaire tells me more then I can say in words.
Art Loucks from USA Very navigable and a wealth of information.
Anonymous from USA The music files make the difference.
Carmen from USA I think this website is highly informative and gives people exactly what they are looking for.
Carol from Australia Easy to find items & overseas visitors are well looked after
Carsten from United Kingdom Looks like a very complete resource of information on didgeridoos playing and related things.
Christopher from Australia Love it! Love it! Love it. I am a frequent online visitor and get absolutely lost and transported (as a virtual window shopper) listening to and appreciating these sublime natural instruments.
Anonymous from USA Just discovered the website so I have no opinion yet
Cora from USA Love the website -- easy to move around and find information
Cynthia Chadwick from USA TONS of info........wowie wow wow!! I was searching for care and maintenance of a didj for my son's friend who bought a didj when visiting Australia.
Daniel Thomson from Australia I can't get over how much information there is on your page it is amazing! It is great to see so much detail on every aspect of your didgeridoos
Anonymous Very informative. I enjoy the papers but find them a bit academic. Would like more useful tips on how to make and play inexpensive instruments.
David from Australia Excellent information8-)
David from Australia Don't change anything. I like it just the way it is. It doesn't require any glossy glazing over with Westerner Belief Advertising. I like the forum and how you have spent time displaying each Didj as it really is with a small mp3 file and the relevant detail of quality. Most buyers not musician will just want authenticity alone. I prefer authenticity but with the compromise of sound quality even if its a little hard to play. Its what you put in that you get out and this site has enough information without making it too overwhelming. If people complain that it is too Orange or Yellow - tell them to put on their sunglasses or turn down the gamma on their monitor. We have to maintain the earthy colours of outback Australia and the ochres of Aboriginal heritage come first.
Djeeh Gaulin from Canada Very nice truly fair. Very good intentions.
Anonymous Love it!
Gonzalo Quiroz from Argentina Very good and explained
Jan from Netherlands Leuke en informatieve side met veelmogelijkheden. Erg intressant
Anonymous I like the helpful information on your website about didgeridoo
Jeanette from Australia Very informative love the information
Jeff from USA Looks good
Karen from USA A lot of very good information.
Katie from USA Even though I have just discovered it I feel I have already learned a lot and I am going to continue looking through this until I feel fulfilled with knowledge.
Anonymous Very good full of info
Anonymous from Japan The website is well-done well-organized so easy to use and it is quick to find information and navigate. As well the multi-language support is incredible! However I would appreciate to have some more descriptions pictures of how didgeridoos are made for instance. Same for other products.
Linda from USA Nice!
Marc from Canada Excellent
Marcel from Spain It's an extremely detail website and very useful
Marcelo Roque from Brazil Maravilhoso amei de paixao
Anonymous It's a nice website with lots of info. I particularly like the idea of mediation which I've been trying to join for a long time but always something comes in between.
Anonymous Seems like a great website for didj players.
Michael from USA Very informative and love that you have earth consciousnesses. Keeping it local and not China is a plus!
Michael from USA I like what I see so far will be exploring it more. This is my first visit
Ondrea from USA Bright colorful integrity
Anonymous from USA Seems helpful
Philippe from Switzerland Excellent website very professional
Rick from USA Very through and detailed in all knowledge needed to play a beautiful instrument.
Rune from Denmark Very nice and full of great information. I would probably have chosen another colour scheme but that is a matter of personal taste;-)
Steve Schofield from Australia Brilliant. I am amazed that it actually works. I thought I had to be taking a huge gamble paying all of that money for an instrument that I had not touched or seen. But the detailed reports on each instrument gave me the confidence to commit and I am really pleased with the outcome.
Steven from USA Very colorful and informative.
Teresa from Canada Great website
Anonymous Good easy to find what you are looking for
Anonymous from USA Awesome site...would love to come to your great country.
Anonymous Enjoy
Anonymous from USA Found it very useful
Anonymous from Netherlands I'm very happy I found it and the information it contains.
Yann from France There is a lack of aesthetic I think because I tried to make people go on it but there is no enough pictures or design to attract enough people

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