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Visitors Comments made during the month of April 2007:

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Aaron Jack from USA

I am new at the Didge but this is by far the best site I have come across.

Alan Bush from USA

It's Great! I love it. I am going to soon be buying a didj from only you guys!!!


This website is great! not only sells Didjes but it also shows to the visitors the aboriginal culture and how the Didjes are made.

Andrea Moriconi from Italy

Absolutely the best

Andrew King from Australia

Love it because everything I need is on the 1 website

Bjorn from Sweden

I like it and I got the address from someone I trust

Carl O'Neill from USA

Without feeling like a broken record after searching I found various sellers on EBAY and in Cal. They all gave me a bad feeling "facts" were vague who made it? How was it made? From what materials?? WHo will get my hard earned cash? Your site is the inverse of all I just stated.


Very involved! Most sites are just there to sell you items and not to educate like yourselves.

Dave Gutkowski from USA

LOVE IT!!! I appreciate VERY MUCH your attention to the spirit behind the instrument the people whose culture developed these instruments and the related education you provide for all visitors to your website. If more vendors put as much into their cultures and values the entire world would be a much better place!

Frederick from Belgium

It's excellent straight from the heart fighting for a good cause...

Greg from USA

Excellent website. Very informative with information that places Didj's not only musically but culturally. It also raises valid concerns that need to be addressed in the production and sale of Didjes ensuring Aboriginal peoples rights and concerns are protected

Greg Seward from USA

Very truthful and upfront. I like your attitude and philosophy about the making and selling of Didjes.

Hadge from United Kingdom

So far it is excellent.

Anonymous from USA

Great very informative. I can tell that your Didjes are unique and am amazed by the craftsmanship I like the fact that they are authentic and support aboriginal peoples. I just ordered my first didj (a healing didj) which I plan to use for my own healing and that of my clients


Very informative I like it quite a bit its definitely the best by far

James from United Kingdom

Interesting Informative Good Forum and Community

John Burke from USA

I'm very impressed with the site and the information I have received. You can be sure that this site is on my favorities List. Super site--Thanks

Jone Victoria from USA

Your site is to be commended for it's vastness of knowledge that you bring to people worldwide. This has been an incredible eye opener for me personally. I very much respect the authentic quality of the healing tools of which I use and want to be connected with Makah (Mother Earth) in all that I undertake. Thank you for this site. Mitakuye Oyasin.

Jordi Barrachina from Spain

Great! I'm interested in Didj and interested in having one after 'trying' to play with my friends Didjes' and your company seems heaven to me!

Jordon from USA

Yours is by the far the most informative from all aspects. from he quality of the sound to the originality and authenticity of didj itself. I feel like you really want people to learn to play and respect what the didj is.

Josh from USA

I am pleased by this website - it's tutorial page was the most helpful of any of the sites that I have visited. I also noticed that the selection of didges is very extensive compared to the other sites that I've seen.

Leah from USA

I think you've done a wonderful job. I love seeing images of the craftspeople creating these beautiful didjeridoos. Also I really appreciate being able to hear each didj that's a wonderful idea. Now we just have to figure out a way to virtually hold the didj too:)

Lee from USA

Professional - good content... kept my interest.

Manuel Asenjo from Spain

Is one of the best website of didgeridoos

Mark from Netherlands

Great site to support the aboriginal people and protect their culture. Just enjoy the culture don't mis use it!

Mark from USA

I like your website it is very informative and allows me insight to the Aboriginal peoples of Australia.

Michael Huston from USA

I like the artwork the photos of instruments you have for sale the log of where your products are owned (I found out there are 4 of them in my home town.) I like the focus on education and the stewardship of the aboriginal peoples and cultures.

Anonymous from USA

I find this website to have a lot of valuable information that other sites do not.

Peter from Belgium

The best

Rodrigo Esponda from Spain

Very personal and warm to be received. in.

Silvio Römhildt from Germany

Your website is great. Very much information and all important respectable. (Not like some other)

Steve from Canada

Haven't fully checked it out yet but really like the explanation of quality of didges and what qualities make a good didge loved that the sound clip show different quality

Thomas Jorgensen from Guam

Actually your site is the first I have found that makes sense and is is very eco-friendly and tell how important the aboriginal culture really is. good job keep it up bros!!

Tim Johnson from USA


Tracey from United Kingdom

I think it accommodates all you could want from a site. It is especially good being able to listen to the didjes and the quality of them!

Triantafillos Gerukis from Greece

Rich much informative and well designed

Vicky from United Kingdom

I like the information you give also standing for what is right appeals to me although I have not fully looked at your complete site yet I did not know about the meditation I do know though

Zann from Australia

I like the search by type for didges as well as all the information about the artists and advice etc. I also like the MP3s and I'm glad I have today learnt what the Worldwide Didgeridoo Meditation is


Perhaps your situated one is one of the best ones ch has found best. I the prices me seems high regarding as they are in Australia but me it seems guaranteed that you do not sell didjeridoo manufactured from impostori.


Everything was well laid out. More sound clips would be nice. And on the About Us section Didgeridoo was spelled wrong in the first few paragraphs.

Anonymous from USA

It's great and seems to be very informative! I want to make a PVC didjeridoo.


Very interesting and informative



Barry Robinson from Australia

Good have logged it in my favorites Re question above I can circular breath can play and starting to develop extended techniques

Anonymous from Australia

Very helpful and shows you everything you need to know about the didgeridoo. Ill be coming back for sure.

Brandon Cullen from USA

I really like the fact that your educating people by offering a free didge that's pretty smart

Byron from USA

I bookmarked your site because of the MP3sound and how well your site is organized. Hearing the didj is important

Chris from USA

Good info and MP3's on stock.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Very interesting indeed

Anonymous from USA

A significant amount of good quality content

Dana from USA

This website is very enjoyable. The only thing I wish is that it was possible to listen to the sound of more Didjes on sale instead of just a few. But otherwise great work. *smiles*

Debi from USA

It is very professional.

Dennis from USA

Very nice I like your information variety of products and the didges that you present. However I think that your survey answers choices are often too black & white. Like is full of gray and hue of colors.


Very well organized

Dudley Hamby from USA

It's a great site.

Eoghan Sheridan from Ireland

Good site well laid out easy to get about. colour is easy on the eyes. being able to hear the instruments is a class idea other sites should do it.

Erik from USA

Very informative It will be a good resource for future purchases. I must meet the person who makes my first Didge so I will wait to buy from you.

Fabian Kuiper from Netherlands

Very nice site everything very neat and understandable.


[URL deleted]

Frank Gallagher from Australia

First Class congratulations.


I think it is a very good place.

Henrik Pettersson from Sweden

Very good.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Well laid out. Most important to me is the sound ratings and sound clips.

Ian from United Kingdom

Excellent and informative

Anonymous from USA

Great authentic site. Easy navigation and amazing selection. I really appreciate the detailed descriptions and sounds.


Very Nice

John Di Filippo from Italy

Informative easy to navigate and culturally responsible.

John from United Kingdom

Very good!


Didjshop.com seems like an honest and professional didgeridoo seller interested in not only profit making but satisfying the needs of people who are looking for a genuine didgeridoo-experience. I have to admit though that also this site has a tendency to put others down and generalize other sellers being not-that-good (at least a bit skeptical towards others)!;)

Anonymous from Canada

It's clean well organized and good didges.

Karin from USA

I enjoyed searching through different sections and really liked the aboriginal section.

Kym Day from Australia

Haven't had a good look at it yet


Web design is a little on the bland side


It describes all particulars it gives a lot of explanations and I find it very interesting and useful. I'm searching a gift for my boyfriend who has just learned to play didj and he loves it! This site is a great help to understand what a didj is and how find good Didjes! I find only a problem:it's hard to understand the pages of the shop because are only in english and it's hard for me an italian taking a decision about what didj buy! (ps:sorry for my horrible english expression!)


Looks authentic

Mark from Australia

Very informative website. I haven't found them so if they are not here some demonstrations/sound clips of basic through to advanced didj rhythms for people to practice and gain ideas from would be great.

Matti from Finland

It is the best.

Michael from France

The website is basic but very well presented a lot of nice didges... defaults are that there hasn't been any Mark Atkins didges for a while and that there is not much new sticks... No yidaki either!!!


I think that's great that you care so much about aboriginal people

Ori from Israel

So far so good. Very nice.

Richard from Australia

I think it is very informative and easy to follow

Rick from USA

Glad to have found this site. I enjoy learning more about the didgeridoo & Aboriginal people.

Robin from United Kingdom

Very good & easy to use

Anonymous from Netherlands

I believe it's quite informative (especially the "purchase guide")

Stephanie from USA

I like it.

Susan from USA

I like the website it is very informative and easy to navigate.

Tiffany Kelly from USA

Very original

Walker from USA

Your site is very thorough and helpful -- likely one of the better sources online.

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