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Visitors Comments made during the month of November 2006:

Online name


奨太 藤村 from Japan

Please try business hard from now on!

Adiran from Australia

Nothing needs changing here...except maybe some missing sound files for the more expensive didges.


Sorry I don't speak English very well and I don't understand this question

Al Collier from USA

I am enjoying the resource info very much and it is helping me to understand the way the music touches my spirit.

Alan Lucas from Australia

I found it very interesting

Amélie from Canada

Really good site I've learn a lot on traditional didjeridoos (termite-hollowed)

Amy from Puerto Rico

I read this article in a medical journal just before last Christmas about didgeridoos being helpful to people with sleep apnea. I was so curious about this that I did a bunch of internet research on the didj and ended up making a bamboo didj. Maybe now time to try making a second one. The first one was a bit too large in diameter and ended up being difficult to play. It looks really good though. We are fortunate to have some bamboo growing near us.


All good! This is my first visit.

Andrew from USA

It is very well designed and easy to use for those who are first time users of the site. All the information needed about didj's are here also.

Andrew Luke from United Kingdom

Great site easy to find what you are looking for and brilliant to hear all those mp3s of Didjes in action its a nice touch which I haven't seen anywhere else

Anonymous from USA

Great Informative site.


This is an awesome website because they are trying to spread the word about the uniqueness of this instrument

Barry Adams from United Kingdom

So far really impressed with all aspects but still am not sure if you received my order to be delivered to Spain [OUR COMMENT: as you know by now, your order was received and dispatched to Spain]

Bent Julenissen Lonrusten from Norway

Great site to get into didj' ing

Bernie from Australia

I found this site through links looking for relief from 'sleep apnoea' and various links bought me to this site.


I have actually found that this website helped me to better understand didgeridoos

Charles from USA

I like your rating system.

Chris Raymond from USA

Looks great!

Christine from Australia

Its very nice and aboriginal earthy colouring interesting questionnaire lots to look at and interesting sites

Chuck from USA

It's a very nice site with lots of good resources and information. A very inviting website.

Craig Lunceford from USA

Very nice

Daniel Cornwall from Australia

Its greta with helpful links where yo need them

Daniel from Germany

I like it


It gives a lot of valuable info.

Anonymous from France

This is a really good site

Dennis Sigala from USA

A very informative site and shop.


Very good site. Could have more and less pricey agave unpainted


I have given feedback before very positive feedback.

Erik from Germany

Your doin' very well I think especially on the ethic aspect which is forgotten by most of the people. Some more sound files of the "lower-price" category would be fine for beginners this would be a good help.


I like it but there's so much information it's overwhelming. I don't know what to view first. There might be a better way to organize it but I'm not really sure.

Fábio from Portugal

I like the colours very much it as a lot of useful information. Great newsletters! Jeep Going!!

Faith Whitfield from USA

I didn't even know this existed until today and I love it

Francois from Canada

Very informative on didj fabrication

Anonymous from USA

Very good site. Like the sound bytes


I think the web site is very good great content with many interesting links and information and easy to accede the graphics and interface chosen are very good.


I like it easy to use

Greg from USA

Easy to navigate everything was perfect

Hector from USA

Interesting subject easy to view

Anonymous from USA

I have found the site to be nicely organized and very informative.

Jackson from USA

I've found it very interesting and comprehensive I did a workshop at a home schooling conference and referenced your site.

Anonymous from USA

Looks cool:)

James from USA

I have been trying to make one out of bamboo and I was searching for instructions on making the mouthpiece. The instructions and photos are quite clear. I can't wait to buy the wax. Thank you.


Good site. I'd like to have more writing or telling how to learn to play didj [OUR COMMENT: check the forum!]

Jody Bootsma from Canada

Wonderful site loaded with top quality information and merchandise.

Joe Kern from USA

I think its good reliable site. The thing I really like about it is that you can play the didge recording. And it gives you a lot of information about didges so you feel comfortable with your selection and don't second guess it.

Anonymous from Canada

It's a pretty good web site.


Lots of information

Kelsie from USA

I like the large amount of information given and the huge selection. The links are a little confusing to find but once I did everything worked great.

Anonymous from Germany

Congratulations to your great didge-site. I love to search and learn more about didgeridoos.

Lachlan from Australia

This web site is an easy to use one. I can navigate it with ease. Not only this but it appears to cover your entire range of produce making it easy to find what your looking for.


Well organized and fun to browse

Les from Canada

Great learning site- very informative and balanced

Anonymous from USA

I think it is a very well designed website. Easy to navigate and find just what you are looking for.

Mariana from Brazil

This web site is very good! It's easy to find information have my language (portuguese... I don't speak english very well). I like very much to came in this web site and travel in the art in didgeridoos and what I think is the greatest thing in this site is that we can hear the sound of didjes and they are very good!

Mark from United Kingdom

Very user friendly website giving a lot of detailed information which will certainly help a lot in my first didj purchase

Mark from Germany

Looks serious

Mary from USA

Very easy to navigate.

Anonymous from USA

Very informative I am impressed with the amount and quality of your info. I also enjoy the photos and sound bites for each didj makes it easier to consider buying a didj.


A great resource for all things related to the Didj


My students enjoy the nice pictures and sound bytes

Mike from USA

This seems like a great site. You've put a great deal of work into it. I especially like the sound bytes.:D


Excellent site

Anonymous from USA

Very informative with a lot of valuable information about what to look for when purchasing a didjeridoo.

Nancy from USA

I'm amazed to have found this online shop that sells didjeridoos! It's great!

Nathan Robson from USA

Needs something like a sound library where all the sounds that can be found elsewhere on the site can be found without searching the site to find them. It would make it much easier to find sound files.

Nefeg Postigo Lara from Spain

I think it's a beautiful experience that we can find a didgeridoo somewhere and why not in you web there it's the most quality shop to buy one.

Anonymous from USA

It is very self navigational and the option to have an individual e-mail the perfect didgeridoo fit for me after I filled out the questionnaire that only took 5 minutes is a very helpful tool.

Nicolas from France

Premiere fois que je viens sur ce site mais certainement pas la derniere car il est tres agreable et relativement complet

Anonymous from Chile

A very good site! With a lot of interesting information Congratulations nothing to change!

Patrick Deblieck from Belgium

A nice place to visit en tot learn more about this subject.

Paul from Australia

Good site


I like the selection and the quality available. The commitment to Aboriginal creators is great. In Arizona we make a lot of didges from agaves or I would probably have more eucies. Any didge that is a great player is fine with me. Sound is number one in any musical instrument. Keep up the great work and hope to order from you one day! Just got my first eucie and I love it!

Quentin Aisbett from Australia

Seems a great site. I am always hesitant about web sites selling didj's because of the authenticity factor but it is good to know that your products are made by indigenous Australians.

Ralph from USA

Fascinating site. Well organized and contains a wealth of information. I keep coming back to learn more.


First time visitor but looks good so far

Rual from Venezuela

Seems to be well constructed easy to move around in and lot of information

Ryan from USA

It is very helpful to me because what I'm looking for are mostly large detailed pictures of didjeridoos for research

Anonymous from USA

Very well put together shop front. Not many shops have good quality picture where you can see what you're buying but I was very pleased with yours. I also love being able to hear sound clips of your didgeridoos and helpful tips on how to care for them.

Soren from Denmark

It is super! Great that each didgeridoo can be viewed and the sound listened to

Steve from Australia

A great site with a wealth of information on this amazing instrument. I'll be coming back again and again

Susan Rae from USA

Very Nice Site

Tamir from Israel

Keep Up the good work but please put some background music...

Thomas from USA

It is very informative and has more emphasis on specific products and their quality than didjes in general which I appreciate very much.

Anonymous from USA

Looks great!

Anonymous from Australia

I'm not a big fan of the link layout on the left. just the bit about how some of them are permanently darker then others.

Vernon Jenewein from USA

I'm very new. Made a Didj about 2 days ago and finally able to make a drone sound other than a loud "Horn" sound like from my conch shell. Site is well laid out. Forum is nice. I wish there were volunteers that were able to be talked to over the phone.



Yves from Canada

I find the site very informative and very well laid out.

Zach from USA

The site is extremely easy to use and very helpful for somewhat beginners like me.

Adam Snow from USA

I love this website! The only problem I have is that all the audio samples are the same thing --- stir it up a little add a couple more tunes or rhythms. [OUR COMMENT: we deliberately record didjes using the same sequences so the didjes can be compared better]

Alan from Philippines

The website is super helpful and simple. I really like that every page loads fast due to its simplicity. It would be great though if there is a sample sound for every didgeridoo instrument in your shopping area. [OUR COMMENT: we do not produce sound files for 2nd and 1st quality didjes to keep their prices down]

Anders from Sweden

Very professional site amazing organisation and beautiful pictures

Andres Hurtado from Spain

Is good one shop of original didgeridoo.......... I like to much


I think this is great I love they way it is linked to the world and that you can send a didge card - I will try this.

Anonymous from Australia

The information on what is important when purchasing a didjeridu stopped me from buying from a supplier that did not explain who or how the instrument was made. It made me realise that the didj is a spiritual instrument that must be played with respect.

Cesar from USA

I have fallen in love with not only the information on the site but the ease of use and all other products that are offered here.

Chante from USA

So far I am enjoying your website very much. I am reading the articles and noticing some things to look for in a new Didj. Now I am making plans for a future purchase because of how well organized your site is and the information that has helped me to better understand the possibilities of the instrument.

Cherie Sommer from Australia

I think it's fantastic. I have printed out the original stories to keep for when my child is old enough for me to read them to him so he learns of his heritage. Keep up the good work didjshop.

Chloë from Belgium

Everything you need to know you can find on the site. History quality price classes... And also easy to use!

Chris from USA

Love it! great info on here

Curtis from USA

I loved being able to hear my didj before I bought it and the ranking on the fife categories really helped.

Dan from USA

I trust the advice printed here and I wish I was wealthy so I could buy one of you didj's

Darin from USA

I love this site. very informative.

David Molik from Slovakia

It is very nice opportunity for those who are really interested in didgeridoo and also Meditation (and it is amazing opportunity to join this 2 parts together!!!): ))))))))

David Veal from USA

Great Resource Great Products

Elaine Mackenzie from Netherlands

It's genuine made by the heart very educative and well taken care of. My compliments for the easy-to-read-and-understand pages yet very professional. It is a wonderful blend of business and loving passion for the instrument.


I found the site really easy to navigate and it contained all the information I needed to be able to purchase my first didgeridoo with confidence.

Frank Fitzpatrick from USA

This is a wonderful resource for music teachers historians healers and those interested in world cultures.

Greg from USA

Great site I could spend weeks here wish I'd found it earlier in my life

Guilherme Rodrigues from United Kingdom

This website is very well developed the constant updates and prizes makes it a very fun place to explore. The historical facts and curiosities are an excellent way to show the world the story behind didgeridoos.

Hugo from France

After all the searches I made on the Internet and after several Didgeridoos and canvas orderings I can say that Didjshop.com is for me THE reference in the world for the purchasing Didgeridoos and other aboriginal articles online. But above that Didjshop is more than just a shop it is an open door to the aboriginal world which can teach us a lot about the relations humans and nature. Didjshop.com keeps us informed about the aboriginal issues in Australia: a fight of an indigene population to dispose of its rights culture and traditions in the land of their ancestors. My feedback about the Didjshop.com shop part is that they have an excellent service. Many Thanks to Cathy and Svargo who do an excellent commercial service above all the ethics they do witch Didjshop. The time I haven't find the didge I was looking for they did me a discount in order for me to look at a higher range of choice. Every time I write to them they answer me quickly and are very kind with me. Really Didjshop do an excellent job!

Ian Gregory from Australia

This website is fantastic. It has everything but most of all I love that each individual Didgeridoo is rated. I must also congratulate you on offering advice such as how to form a beeswax mouth piece etc. Absolutely fantastic work!

Ian from Australia

This is my first visit but it appears to be a very well laid out site with good information have spent quite a bit of time this morning just reading through the forums.

Jackie from USA

I'm still exploring the site but it seems to be very informative and offers a lot of didgeridoo-related services (the forum information on the Worldwide Didgeridoo Meditations etc.) that are not available elsewhere.


I love the forum. It's a really great idea to get so many people together to talk and learn about a common interest. I haven't purchased a didjshop didgeridoo yet but I hope to sometime in the future.

Jesse Craddcok from USA

Wonderful!!!!! easy to find everything!! very informative

Anonymous from Spain

That's a great web. We have to work hard to preserve each one of cultures of this damaged world. That's the essence of life.

Jimi from USA

Seems to be the best site I've seen so far. I have looked at quite a few. I like the emphasis on your products being original and authentic.

John Nemes from USA

You guys rock and I always recommend you.

Anonymous from Ireland

Good selection of Didges I found the grading of didges very informative.

Justin Mayfield from USA

The site is really good. I love it that you have audio samples of your didjes. I also like the honesty and candour of the reviews you include. it makes you seem very reliable. if I was in the position (i.e. had the money) to buy a didj from you guys I would do so in full confidence.

Justin Purvis from Australia

Its a real easy to use website I've found I would seriously contemplate buying a didj here

Justin Smith from USA

I think this site is great!!

Karen from Belgium

Really very interesting I'll come back often.

Katerina from Czech Republic

I'm surprised at the quality of instruments you offer and lot of useful information. Great!


Excellent site and good advice

Kurt from USA

Its excellent...great resource.

Leandro Pinto from Brazil

Look! This is the best site about didjeridu that I know in the world. I live in Brazil and here you need to do your didj. Always when I have been visiting this site I learn more about Didjes and aboriginal culture.


Excellent. I love the newsletters. Please keep sending them

Lionel from France

Simply but very good to understand and learn about didges! congratulations

Marcus from United Kingdom

I have visited many times but have only just made my self a member a few days ago...its a confidence thing!!! Already I feel part of the community here as I have had several forum "chats" (feedback) from other members. I log in every day now and have found my questions answered with kindness and friendship that so far in my experience seems to be how the didge playing community works. I'm glad to be part of it.

Mario Sergio from Bolivia

Is the first place that I can find information about Didjes and I found a lot of that

Martin from Canada

Thumbs up for your site... I will come back U can Bet On It!! Healing Vibes!!!

Michael Eastlake from USA

It's very informative. I am learning and being able to hear the didj's being played seems quite important to me. There is so much to learn on your site that anyone who is interested in the didj and it's sound will be helped by visiting your site. Thanks by the way.

Michel from France

Very well made (beautiful pictures) interesting on many subjects not only on didj with a good mentality

Mike from USA

Its a great website informative and I love listening to the didjes and your front page is correct about being addictive and I don't even own one yet!


I enjoy the online newsletter

Nancy from USA

Incredibly helpful honest supportive of Aboriginal people helping to preserve this most beautiful artifact and soulful instrument. Always joyous to be here.

Paul White from United Kingdom

Brilliant site very well laid out excellent photographs and descriptions being able to hear the didges is a great help. the whole thing is very professional and would give me confidence to buy a didge off your company. very easy to navigate in fact I found this to be the most user friendly informative site I have accessed.

Peter from New Zealand

Fantastic info & site. Great resource for info on Aboriginal culture.

Rachael Saywell from Australia

This is a very informative website which is genuine with its products which is a big bonus today with so many people trying to imitate the real thing just to make a quick buck. Very easy to follow the links to where you want to go.

Anonymous from Canada

Your website is very useful considering all the tips and varieties that are displayed. Everything I know about didgeridoos I learned on this site. Looking forwards to purchasing my first didj Rémi


Its pretty cool so far have not finished going through it all yet but so far so good! I think the questions and answers is a brilliant page and hoping to hear back form you soon on that one! the great thing bout this site is that its easy to use..... because I'm rubbish with computers! I think the friendly approach the whole of the web site is great! obviously this competition is good too!

Rodolfo Fogagnolo from Italy

It is OK we must live more consciousness of other peoples in the world.

Samuel from USA

This website has been very useful in making my own PVC didge which I am currently using to learn to play. I plan to buy a didge from this site after I have learned circular breathing.

Anonymous from USA

I came across this site while searching the internet. I love that your site has so much information not just on playing the didj but also on it's history and use in meditation etc.

Sergio from Colombia

Very nice site tons of info and the coolest sound grading system.


I think your website is excellent. It's well organized and very very informative -- perfect for a beginner such as myself and my husband.


Awesome site it has been soo help fun.

Stuart Kirkpatrick from Bermuda

The great selection...I am spoilt for choices whether it be different didjes CD's advice or information. The newsletter is always informative and reminds me that I need to get another didj!

Symon Justice from USA

I find your site to be the best on the web no other is more informative or helpful. The products you have to offer are the best to be found on the web or in a store and I will for sure be purchasing my next one from you all.


Basically its a nice site its quiet hard for the idea of buying a didj on the net but I'm considering it trying to find real people that I know that bought from you guys and hear what they have to say I think its important to feel the didj in your mouth before buying but I'm not 100% sure about that I am looking at buying a concert player.

Tina from Australia

Excellent site

Velsha from United Kingdom

A fabulous site I enjoy visiting. As a complete beginner I've appreciated the information (including technical and cultural). I also took advantage of completing the customer application so you could recommend which didgeridoo may suit my needs. I now need to find a quality teacher within the UK to get me started. Many thanks. V

Wade from Australia

This is the best didge website on the net heaps of information and good links!!

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