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Visitors Comments made during the month of April 2010:

Online name


Aaron Ritchie from New Zealand Fantastic didj lovers dream site
Adam from Canada I really like the forum and the way that you present the didj as a whole. There is a deep respect for the aboriginal culture and I think that many sites that sell didgeridoos lose that most important aspect.
Amy from USA After researching numerous items would have been nice to perform a search for the item number and gone back to it directly. [OUR COMMENT: our Search page does allow you to do this]
Andreas from Germany Beautiful products. One could improve the shop from the design level.
Anonymous Great
Anonymous from United Kingdom Looking good lots to see
Anonymous from USA The selection of didgeridoos is awesome and I really like that you are able to hear the different ones before you buy. I also really like all the information you have made available.
Brian from USA Very well laid out and easy to see everything
Carl from USA I love the info on this site
Anonymous Very interesting and well organized
Chris from USA A nice selection of quality handmade didges with extremely interesting history and stories of aboriginal life.
Christopher from Australia The pages detailing the different musical keys and how to make your own didj etc are very useful and I really appreciated them. Well done.
Clayton from USA It is very informational and in-depth for a website.
Anonymous from USA Very easy to navigate.
Dan from USA Great resource for didj players too bad I didn't know about it earlier.
Anonymous Very nice
Anonymous from USA I love being able to hear the didj's play plus reading about the aboriginal information on the site
Debbie from USA It is complete
Dixie from USA I find this website to be very educational and has a lot of reading on the nature and matter of arts and crafts. I stumbled on this site while trying to find out information about the Australian Aborigine people.
Eddie from USA Very well made website. The descriptions of the didjes could be better.
Eddy from Portugal From what I've seen it's one of the most informative sites and I've done quite a bit of surfing for Didjes
Erin from USA Lovely
Evan from USA It is very nicely laid out
Anonymous from Italy Is a good door for aboriginal culture
Anonymous Comprehensive
Frank from United Kingdom Only just found it and not had chance to explore yet.
Anonymous I like it! Especially the ratings of the "abilities" of the didjes which makes it easier to buy a didj without trying it.
Anonymous from Namibia There is a lot of information a lot of which I have not read but will endevour to learn a lot more before buying
James from USA I like it. When I buy a didgeridoo it will be from here.
Anonymous Send me info [OUR COMMENT: all the info is available online, just browse through our website]
Jim from USA You website is so complete and full of info...it is almost intimidating...just so many links down the left side. Amazing. I look forward to slowing going into all of them.
Anonymous It is very informative. I have learned a great deal about this beautiful instrument.
Jiri from Czech Republic Great one
John from Canada Very informative.
Josh Darr from USA Its a pretty good site. Lots of helpful information.
Josh from Australia Great site very easy to navigate best I've seen so far.
Anonymous Interesting
Anonymous I enjoy you website very much and I enjoyed answering these questions. Also very lovely didgeridoo's as well.
Keith from China (pr) It's a very informative and useful site
Kerry from USA Seems sincere
Kris Hill from USA Great format
Anonymous Good
Kylie from Australia Pretty good
Lara from Australia So Deadly!!!!!!! Thank you for promoting Indig. artists and telling the world how it is!!!!!!
Lars from Denmark Best and most informative site I've been around.
Anonymous Good website with tons of information on it
Anonymous from French Polynesia I have no idea the design is cool but could be more "young" maybe?
Anonymous I am so interested in the culture and I think this website is a good source of information
Max Jackson from USA I am very grateful for the mp3s of each didgeridoo. Being a PVC didgeridoo player by experience just seeing & hearing your didgeridoos is teaching me a bit about how they are a much different instrument from the plastic ones I am more used to playing.
Melinda from Australia I really like the in-depth detail given about didj's and the fact that this site supports indigenous Australians!
Mitch from USA Very good
Nicholas Clarke from USA I think it's a very nice site and have book marked it. You specialize in the didge I specialize in the guitar
Paul Bishop from USA Love it
Phoenix from USA It's very orange....
Anonymous Nice useful and perfectly working
Robson Castilho from Brazil Congratulations to didjshop for having so much information from an ancient culture with a lot of knowledge knowledge that they are endowed with a lot of healing for all mankind. can import an authentic and genuine Australian.
Ronny Birk from Norway Very informative website. I will return to it often from know.
Stan from USA It looks like a great web-site I really just started navigating threw it. This is my first visit. I was hoping for a discount on a eucalyptus didj.
Stan from Canada I find this site to be very well organized. There seems to be a lot of thought given to it. I can feel a presence when I go through the site. Almost as if I have a personal guide showing me the way.
Steve Mcdonnell from USA The website seems very informative. I can't wait to explore the rest of it.
Virginia Manning from USA Most enlightening
Walker from USA Good teaching page.
Anonymous Black power

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