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Visitors Comments made during the month of January 2008:

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I love the website. It's the best one I have been to so far. Lots of good and informative info.

Anonymous from Japan

This is a very interesting and informative website. I will be sure to visit it many more times in the future.

Andrew from USA

I like the newsletters and all of the information here.

Blake from USA

I have always loved this website especially how it explains to people around the World the cultural significance of why we should only purchase 100% Aboriginal made didges and artwork.

Bob Yellin from USA

Very professional.

Bradley Barrett from USA

Your site is very well designed and organized. It is easy to use and runs well on my temperamental internet connection. I like how you actually explain a lot about the Aboriginal culture and about how didjes are made. I like learning new things so I can explain it to other people who want to know. I also like how you put sound clips of your didges that are for sale so we can actually decide and hear what we are wanting to buy. Some sites I have been to don't even have different quality ratings and sound clips so you have no idea what you are getting. Also some stores I have been to don't let you play their didges to see what they sound like! Keep it up guys!

Brian from USA

Very good. Much better than that other one.

Chri from Italy

Simple amazing

Chrissy from USA

Love the website for both product offerings and educational information

Anonymous from South Africa

Excellent website

Clinton Russell from Australia

Fantastic site very informative not just a point of sale site I like how it expands on all aspects of the didj people culture and opens up new experiences that you don't get living in the suburbs excellent site

Anonymous from USA

Love it possibly the best art on Didjes I've seen. it just wows me.

Curtis from USA

Definitely one of the best Didgeridoo websites I've been too. very informative and helpful.

Daniel Alfonzo Rivas from Venezuela

It's very good building is very aboriginal with your typical colours is very easy to used or play.is very educational for his content and show all the didgeridoo made. and always responds my questions all the time.

Danny from USA

It's very informative and I love this website. whenever I have a question about a didgeridoo I just log onto here. it's great!

Enrique Garcia from Mexico

It's too much time to read all the information but it covers all the questions.


Very good and professional site the best on the net for sure

Anonymous from USA

I like it just need to visit it more.

Geoff from Canada

Most comprehensive site I've found. wouldn't bother with others anymore

Anonymous from United Kingdom


Guido Cifali from Australia

Remarkable for its versatility honesty and its connectedness with Aboriginal culture

Anonymous from Germany

Very good and informative site; a great option is the possibility to hear every didge before buying; a wide choice of excellent didges; the best site I ever saw

Jacqueline Carpenter from USA

I like it and tell all my friends

Janice from Canada

Fun and informative

Jason from USA

Well designed. Great to be able to hear the didge before buying. I'll be back for another one soon.

Jayne from USA


Jeff from USA

Of all the didj sites I've seen this is my favorite.

Jennifer from Australia

The most comprehensive didj site I visited. I knew I struck gold after reading the first few paragraphs.

John from USA

Love it

Larry from USA

Its very fun and interesting. Lots of great info. I especially like the healing and meditation areas and would love to experiment with these techniques.

Leandro Javier Montesino from Argentina


Luke from USA

You have the largest selection of Didgeridoos I have ever seen with many other great products. I also love the fact that you guarantee the didj's to be harvest and made by aboriginals.

Martin Izzo from Argentina


Anonymous from USA

I really appreciate the time you take in making sure that your customers know exactly what they are buying. the sound bytes are great and your selection is amazing. you have great products at good prices and you put off a good and friendly energy that makes me feel comfortable in trusting you with my money. you did a great job. thank you.

Mike from Canada


Pat from Australia

It is great I love it I look forward in receiving your newsletter.

Patrick Nielander from USA

Excellent website

Paul Murray from Ireland

Very carefully and beautifully set out. has all the information I need and therefore don't require any other.only discovered it last night.

Petri Aitta-aho from Finland

Just great! Love how the didges are portrayed: sounds pictures gradings...Lots of other interesting stuff too: e.g. forum and those global didgeridoo meditations.

Philip from USA

Gorgeous stunning fun!

Rafael Janczak from Poland

Yes one of the best all-round didge and aboriginal websites out there. The layout is very fun and great to navigate and even though it has been in this style since I first visited it still hasn't lost any appeal or become boring in anyway. It's great to see the amount of commitment didjshop gives to aboriginal community and the monthly newsletters are very informing and inspiring.

Anonymous from USA

Very informative!!!!!!!

Rick Roberti from USA

Great site love the forums Didjnet.

Rob from United Kingdom

A fine site and my first port of call if I have a query I can normally find an answer here.

Anonymous from USA

Loaded! Tons of information.



Rodger from USA

Very nice and easy to navigate. I have a link to your site on my site so I hope lots of people check your site out.

Anonymous from Australia

I was only trying to do some basic research about purchasing a didj but this website is great in that it has everything from forums to greeting card links which is perfect is you're just interesting in finding out more about Didjes or if you're a full on enthusiast.

Scott from USA

GREAT!!!! that's a large factor in why I bought from you

Stefano Brutti from Italy

Very good information about didjeridu if someone want buy one there is very good choose!

Steven Furman from USA

I like it. I am looking to buy a really good Didj. and I stumbled across it the other day. I have been doing a lot of looking and reading (and a little drooling over some of the better instruments you have)

Susan from USA

There is no need to comment on your website. You certainly should know by now that you are the best didj site out there. Your genuine concern for environmental issues and for the Aborigines and their culture sets you apart from all others. I wouldn't even consider buying a didj anywhere else.

Terry Warren from USA

Very informative. I'm already subscribed to your newsletter and have found it not only educational but interesting. I would have never known about the plight of the aboriginal peoples of Australia had it not been for your website.

Thomas from USA

I think it is the best site out there on Didjeridus. Not only do you separate the instruments for sound quality but you also provide sound bites for them. I also like all the information about Aborigines there history culture and there religion. It is very informative.

Thomas Smith from Australia

It is excellent.


I love this website its informative and it has the best priced gear. Keep it Up!

Vittorio Kasten Avery from Brazil

Very easy to use and very beautiful as well the didges seems to be of a great quality and looks like the website is very concerned about the traditional way of manufacture it.

Andrea from Italy

Funny and coloured!

Anonymous from Netherlands

Good site

Anonymous from Switzerland

Absolutely informative up to date lots of news good pictures perfect shop amazing manager (Hi Svargo!) PS: Where is the page I have to comment my own didges I've bought at the didjshop? [OUR COMMENT: at http://www.didjshop.com/testimonials.php]

Bernard from USA

Great website

Bert from Guam

Very informative but I can't seem to access the sound bytes.


Interesting links


Well laid out great service and from my experience high quality products. But I'd like to be able to listen to ALL the didges for sale rather then just the concert quality though.

Chris Murphy from Australia

Good easy to get around and plenty of info

Dam Brick from France

I'm french so english language is quite difficult for me but great website

Dan Vidler from United Kingdom

I like everything about it easy to use and very informative.

Danny from Canada

Love it guys keep up the good work and keep didgeing.:)


Very Informative

Anonymous from USA

I like it

James Mott from USA

A great resource for everything didge and aboriginal culture.

Jammy from USA

Looks like a great site I'm still exploring it:-)



Jen from USA


Jennifer from USA

I am looking forward to learning a lot from your site. Their is so much information - Thank you!

Anonymous from USA

Very nice


Good very informative

Anonymous from USA

Ok - this has way too many questions


Very informative but I think you have way too many links to other information.

Anonymous from USA

It is very informative. I've learned a lot about didges from coming here

Jutta from Germany

Very informative and interesting

Karen from Canada

So far it's looking great. Came across it today by "accident" and will be exploring it more.

Anonymous from USA

It has a very nice layout.

Kathleen from USA

I can't wait to explore


Very informational.

Linda from USA

It's a great site. I love the variety of info.

Anonymous from Argentina

Nice website! the didgeridoos are amazing!! I'm just learning how to play it and I love it!!


Very informative with lots of selections on didgeridoo.

Marc from Ireland

Seems like a trust worthy site who genuinely sell aboriginal didgeridoo


I have dsl... don't know beyond that I will be mentioning this website to my boss's husband on Friday... he is into native drumming and may be into didj too

Mark from New Zealand

I love it it is very interesting for a learner

Markus from Finland

Very nice layout and easy to find the things you are looking for!


Great! The more info the better.

Matthias from Switzerland

This side is really natty I'm new here but will research all features you have installed for us.


I want people to talk more about didge and not other random topics.

Micah from USA

It's very well organized. The sound clips are fun to listen to.

Michael Auerbach from USA

It is excellent; the stories graphics photos and sounds are wonderful

Anonymous from USA

Amazing who knew


Looks little too orange

Anonymous from USA

Very nice layout warm and inviting.


Nice site

Patrick Ray from USA

From what little I have seen I am very impressed. I will contact you in the future with hopes of linking to your site from my up and coming site about energy healing with a strong emphasis on sound healing. I would be proud to link to people that support the culture of the indigenous peoples of the world. I feel it is tremendously important to start recognizing the amazing contributions the various indigenous cultures have to offer the world.

Peter Buckley from Canada

Took a while to get used to - once I was comfortable with navigating your site it provided me with lots of information.


Thanks for making didge info available.

Rainer from Germany

Pretty good

Rawson from USA

Neat site

Rhonda from USA

Beautiful and interesting.

Rhonda from USA

Very much appreciate your approach and the information you offer

Richard Holub from USA

Very Interesting! Way cool...


Beautiful site

Ronaldo from Brazil

We can participate within this issue from our "parents". And change information about native instruments.

Rony from USA

Very comprehensive would like to hear more examples of professional players.

Salvador Gonzalez from Mexico

Its quite good and really authentic!!

Sandra from Germany

Will definitely spend some more time on it!


Cool. it's nice to learn more about didgeridoos.

Sascha Wolsfeld from Luxembourg

Interesting information easy site map nearly perfect for buying

Anonymous from USA


Shaun Wallner from USA

Great site

Tim from USA

Very informative. Very concerned with welfare of the people and culture. a good thing

Travis Morgan from USA

Very thorough


Very good choice of colours

Warren from United Kingdom

User-friendly informative and interesting.

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