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Visitors Comments made during the month of August 2007:

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Amanda from United Kingdom

Fascinating... and made me keen to practice more and do justice to my didge.

Anonymous from Australia

It appears to be quite informative. I will be adding it to my favourites.

Benoit Begin from Canada

This is a great site with good value - A1

Brad from USA

Have not checked it all out but I am impressed that this survey educates people about the lack of fair trade with the Aborigines.

Anonymous from Thailand

Love it would like to see more about what you propose should be done with the royalties/revenue from didge sales etc.

Brett from Australia

Very comprehensive. A large variety of products. Very well put together and easy on the eye.

Bryan from USA

I like the look and feel of your website. I also like the political/social aspect of your site in that you care for the aboriginal people and inform the consumer about authentic versus knock-off didgeridoos.

Carlos from Spain

Perhaps is the best one. You have some articles in different languages (including spanish thanks!) And you really explain well how to make a homemade didgeridoo and the beeswax mouthpiece. I'm going to make and article in my webblog telling about didgeridoo and your web. [OUR COMMENT: sorry, no links allowed in this section, please ask us for a link exchange] Seriously you're fantastic.

Casey from USA

The whole site looks great and I am very impressed at your diligence to maintain it. I was encouraged by your offer of a free entry for reporting any broken links.

Cathy Chadwick Ciccone from USA

Beautiful well thought out easy to navigate. Excellent information in educating people in regards to Indigenous People.

Clayton from USA

Your site is by far the most informative and helpful didj site that I have visited. I am hoping to purchase and learn to play a didj in the future and were it not for your site I think I would have given up on this and not pursued my interest any further.

Cristian Bouniot from Chile

It's a very interesting website. I like it so much.

Daniel from Canada

It's the best. Simply the best.

Daryl from USA

Your website is by far the friendliest and best organized. With the most useful information.

Des Holmes from United Kingdom

More than a didge site! having said that all the didge information etc is extremely well presented and certainly helped me to master circular breathing. I look every month and identify some didges I would love but the money;s already earmarked for boring stuff such as living etc!

Dominick Messina from USA

Wow your site is so packed full of history and information I love it! you PVC didgeridoo section is great also.

Dylan from USA

It is awesome

Erik from Slovakia

Great. I like the idea of a shop combined with forum and information about didgeridoo

Jake Hoyne from USA

I love the variety of didgeridoos offered and the rating and sound files make it very easy to shop online. I am a proud member of the forum and the members played a huge part in my beginning stages of playing.

Jake Richman from USA

I enjoy your website because most others out there approach the subject as a business venture before all. You guys put a little soul into it by providing the history the techniques and a little bit of the science that goes into the instrument which is absolutely fascinating.

James from USA

Any time I google info about didjes the best results always come from didjshop.com

Jef. from Australia

Very genuine and always informative (and passionate). It is the obvious passion and respect of this site that makes it so worthwhile.

João from Portugal

It's great! I'm saving money to buy a didgeridoo! I'll visit this site many times.

Johan Blanckaert from Belgium

Surprised to enter a so professional looking site and price of good didjeridoo's

Josef from New Zealand

Very very good. One of the best sites on the web


It's awesome. Has a lot of information. I've become interested in the healing and meditation aspect but wish I could know more about the vibrations.

Anonymous from USA

I like it very much.

Kathleen from USA

Love your logo. I was just searching for dig sites and yours was the second one I visited. I have seen and heard didges but that is all. I was mostly curious as to what my dogs would think of the sound bites. My Great Pyr puppy was interested; my Bearded Collie was afraid. I admit to clicking on the contest before looking at the rest of the site.

Keith from Italy

Didjshop is by far the best and most informative website about didjes I've found. I enjoy reading about the history and other information pertaining to didjes and the Aboriginal people. You guys rock!

Keith Story from USA

Best website so far

Kyle from Australia

I think your website is EXCELLENT!! Extremely informative touching on many important issues to do with our beautiful country and it's beautiful Indigenous people and culture and their rights that are already under-rated and would get even less recognition if it weren't for people like you! I Believe We all need to work together to fix the injustices that still happen to the Aboriginal People. They were here first and without them we would not be able to enjoy the beautiful things their culture created. Your organisation is making a difference purely in that it is putting these issues out there and supporting equality and justice amongst all that share this beautiful country. So thank you!!


It's the most impressing yet most other's are random guy's sites. And there seems to be info on this site to back up what you're endorsing. A rare find it would seem.

Anonymous from Peru

The most interesting of all (really) lots of info and it seems that you guys are pretty committed with it

Mariano from Argentina

If there is any other site this clearly could be the best.

Marius Monsø from Norway

The nr 1 for me. you are a great site:)

Mark Jones from Australia

Fantastic best of any didj site. I've learned a lot about aboriginal people and their culture as well as about Didjes

Mark from USA

It seems very informative and you seem genuinely interested in getting people the quality of instrument they want and can afford.

Massimo Maddaloni from Italy

It shows seriousness about business commitment to customers and love for the products

Matthew Coplan from Italy

I find the website easy to navigate plenty of information on your selection of didgeridoos and I especially like the audio files. I also appreciate the amount of time that has gone into the sound grading of each didgeridoo.

Matthias Casagrande from France

I discovered your website some days ago whereas I was searching for a good instrument to play with because I'm feeling more and more to the bounds of my cheap didge. Thanks to your website I learn a lot about the didgeridoo and the aboriginal culture I've been really impressed by all the info I can glean in your folders and in the Forums. It helps me a lot even if I'm not really good at english... Thanks for proposing us such wonderful instruments. Keep up the good work as it is usually said... I'll stay tuned:)

Anonymous from Argentina

I haven't visited other ones but this one looks so pretty. I've never seen Didjes like this before and I'm so amazed.

Michele from Italy


Mikael from Denmark

A very good site with a good overview on what products you have.


I think its cool that you fight for the aboriginals. that's awesome

Mike from Canada

The most thorough library of information of the didgeridoo I have seen yet with respect to its history and related cultural and environmental issues. I would just like to say that with respect to non-aboriginals making didges I think that it is OK as long as it is for the creator's personal use only. Only those made by aboriginals and harvested in a environmentally sound manner should be allowed to be sold.

Monica Mion from Italy

Beautiful and simply to use

Nicolas Fidalgo from Argentina

It is really cool I didn't know that original Didjes were selling on the web and is very important the respect that you gave to the aboriginal people.

Norm from USA

The best without a doubt!

Anonymous from USA

This seems like the most comprehensive an user friendly site

Paul from Australia

Fantastic very informative.

Peter from Ireland

Everything I could want.

Phil from Australia

I love this site its informative and states the facts about aboriginal culture which are not stated enough. This competition questionnaire also is a great way of conveying facts and raising awareness.

Rick from USA

Provides much more information about the Aboriginal people which I find very interesting.


It is very useful on explaining what to look for when buying a didjeridu. I'm glad I know more about the didjeridu before I buy one. Also I understand that I should check if money will be going back to the Aboriginal people before I buy.

Anonymous from USA

I was looking for information on making a didge for my general music class and found exactly what I needed. It seems a lot easier than the other instructions I've come across.

Scot from USA

Very informative and very helpful. I have bookmarked this as my main source for Didgeridoos and other art.

Sergio from Portugal

Wonderful.... it's not everyday I find people which are interested in didgeridoos. I'm going to save up to buy a didgeridoo from this site. in spite the fact that I'm going to win the Grand prize...

Sergio Ruiz from Mexico

Its great very good information very easy to see and I like very much that you are working with them. Thanks and sorry for my english Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho Be the Peace of the Nature of the Cosmos in all and each one

Shaman Smith from USA

One of my favorites. verity of info and the like. contains information not often covered in other didge sites


I think what you guys have got going is great! keep it up!

Shaun from United Kingdom

Easy to navigate as I’m not a great computer body like format for giving individual details on each didge including sound clips and pics. Info about collecting your work with the communities and aboriginal news all fab - keep it up guys!

Stefan Jung from Germany

I really like your site. It's good to hear the sounds. Nice to sea and read about the artists. Very authentic all the information an photos you give us. Always I like to browse to your didge offer. I like the division by price or by type.

Sven from Germany

The best I found (Germany and down under)

Thomas from USA

Your web site is the only good sight on the net. At least as far as instruments and info goes. you all kick ass!

Tyrell from USA

Lover you website very informative and educational.

Anonymous from Belgium

Very attractive a lot of information

Wylliam Noel from Belgium

Your site is the most beautiful and the best I've seen on the web and you're probably the best the explanations about every didjes are well done. And I congratulate your site!!!!

Zain Griffiths from United Kingdom

Very Good. Trustworthy

Adam Vitti from USA

I need to spend more time doing research here.


I really like the set up I love all the information the search options (by price painted or unpainted and by sound quality) it is very easy to navigate.



April from USA

Seems to be a website that cares for and about Aboriginal concerns.

Anonymous from USA

I enjoy your website immensely. I spend time on here reading the newsletters and poking around. I love the didgeridoo and can't wait to learn how to play it. It has been a life long dream of mine to learn to play such an amazing instrument but unfortunately haven't been in the financial position to buy one. I play many other instruments including the saxophone clarinet flute trumpet piano guitar and drums but have ALWAYS wanted to learn to play the didj! I love this website! Thanks for everything!


Like it

Anonymous from USA

I enjoy the layout and the larger selection of didges than the other sites I have been to.

Anonymous from Australia

Very good information need to fix mine up a bit

Brian Phillips from USA

I love your website it is very informative!

Anonymous from USA

Wonderful pieces of work.

Anonymous from Spain

This web is very important for me because I love Australia and I spend all my money for travel to Australia and I want start in the world of the didjeridoos but I haven't money for buy it because I spend all for visiting in november Australia that I is my dream.

Connie from USA

I find it very helpful and informative.

Dan from Australia

It was ebay and I'm not sure if the didgeridoo is made by aboriginal people

Darin from USA

Very well organized


The web site of David is very good.

David from United Kingdom

I find the website informative helpful and fun

Fabian from Portugal

I think that your website is pretty good it has a good and simple design and it explains many stuff about aboriginal culture and digdes.also the didges you have for sale are really beautiful specially the unusual shape didges

Florent from France

Looks very professional

Frank from USA

A lot of information

Gail from USA

Very informative and helpful.

Gary Lister from United Kingdom

Sorry can't comment at this time I haven't browsed it yet but I am about too now.

Gary Ross from USA

It seems pretty down to earth.

Geert Roelants from Belgium

Very well structured gives a very good insight into the technical aspect of the didgeridoo an his playing as in the historical and social context of this instrument as well.


Its the most informative page

Gregory White from Canada

Nice site issue with security (privacy) of buyers as I reported in last email. [OUR COMMENT: thanks for reporting that, Greg, we have resolved it]


Nicely done easy to navigate

Jan from Netherlands

Its a great site and easy to use. good sound samples. Clear pictures. Good info.

Jason from USA

Very nice and seemingly professional


For the moment I just can dream when I visit your site the prices are too high for me. But you have a nice website

Anonymous from USA

Very nice; great photos and info


Easy to use lots of useful info

Anonymous from Portugal

I think its a great website with great infos about didgeridoos and didgeridoos stuff but I think u should try to do a website more simple and easier.


I like that you point out that the didjeridu comes from aboriginal people and we all have a lot to learn from them. it's important to remember the original dreamers and their culture. this is my first time here so I still have a lot to check out!

Juli from Australia

Access website for study purposes

Kelley Smith from USA

I enjoyed it and thought that it was very informative.

Ken Broeckel from USA

Authentic and colorful. I also appreciate the education.

Kermit Crissey from USA

Great place a lot of interesting stuff.

Kirsty from Australia

I really like it it is really informative


I like being able to actually hear the instrument available for sale.

Lasse from Denmark

It is very good a lot of interesting information and many beautiful didjes

Lori from USA

Your website is well thought out easy to navigate and very informative. Thank you!!!

Manuel García Fernández from Spain

I find this website kinda interesting. I never thought that the didjeridoo could have this background and the more I read the more interested I am in the didjeridoo culture. I heard the didjeridoo sounds in many ambient songs like the "Desert Triptych" album from Tom Heasley and I find that sound interesting and dreamy.

Manuel Verducci from Italy

Pretty and interesting


Very nice website and informative well done guys!!!!

Marjory from USA

So far so good

Mark from USA

Very nice and informative

Matt from USA

The website is very informative about the instrument and it's culture and the information is valuable even if someone isn't looking to buy an instrument.

Matt from USA

Very informative

Michael from United Kingdom


Michael from Canada

Very Interesting

Michael Rivoire from France

It is a full website the layout is clear and solid. I have seen that you ask people to report broken links it is a very good way to have a clean and reliable website. Continue like this I also know only one good didj website (charly-didjeridoo) you are among the best!!

Mike Mcgeehan from USA

I like it and am interested.

Mike Nielsen from USA

Love the pictures and audio files!

Anonymous from Italy



Informative organized well.


Impressive choice and nice service (mp3s...)


Very informative.

Pat from Australia

It is easy to access simple to navigate very conveniently organised especially for a beginner like myself. It is also very justly concerned with issues such as the manufacturing of false didgeridoos which is to be commended.

Paul from USA

I think is beautifully designed easy to navigate and inspiring to see.


Its ok

Anonymous from Australia

Nice site


It's very educational and helpful

Rod from USA

A little hard to find the actual shopping area.

Russell Toohey from Australia

Very good information and navigable

Ryan from Canada

Great site love the work and instruction as well as being able to hear the different Didj's

Sean Cavanaugh from USA

It is a very easy website to manouever around in.

Simha Bode from USA

Original Root Mother Authentic Beauty informative connected active linked blessed

Steven Mckone from USA

I really like it and I like that you care so much about who started making them

Stuart Kirkpatrick from Bermuda

Current easy to use and informative. I have been disappointed of late when you open the newsletter with the pre-amble "Another short newsletter"!!! [OUR COMMENT: we hope our extensive August newsletter made somewhat up for that]


Your website is interesting.

Anonymous from Israel

Pretty nice

Tamir Gilad from Israel

Very nice

Anonymous from United Kingdom

First impressions are good

Ugur Koçak from Turkey

Really nice site but I would like to see or hear musicians on your site

Anonymous from USA

I like it because it includes a lot of information teaching and facts.

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