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Visitors Comments made during the month of June 2003:

Online name


Anonymous from Spain

It's fantastic


Your enthusiasm really shows

Alex Eastburn from USA

The site is very comprehensive and easy to navigate!!!


Fascinating! I love it;

Andrew Dawson from England

I found the whole site really interesting and informative - I didn't realise how much was involved in the tuning and making of a didj; It is great to have the advice of an expert to help choose a didj otherwise it would be a bit of a lottery; The other sites I looked at did not offer much help;

Ayeshah Munshi from England

Really clear informative and easy to use; I've ordered the video and a didj after enjoying the experience of listening to one on the night and early morning of this year's summer solstice in a stone circle in England! I look forward to learning to play a beautiful instrument made by the only people who should make it;

Beth Shedden from USA

Very nice

Anonymous from Germany

Pretty cool site! I especially like the mp3s of the sounds ! Made me see(hear) the difference; I normally would have gone in a shop to buy one (not that easy here otherwise I would have had bought one already) but now I will put my trust in u and your didges and save a little money to buy me a real didge; Thx for an informative site in the net keep it up!


Great pictures and information

Chad Peterson from USA

This is a great web site for people to shop at; No where else can you look and hear the didjeridu you are interested in; Great Job!

Chris Taylor from USA

The Best Actually; Great Job; Visit ours: [OUR COMMENT: sorry we edit any url's of your personal web sites, you can swap links with us instead]


I really enjoyed the tutorial you have about creating your own didj; I hope to make one very soon and start learning how to play soon!

Colin Lennox from USA

Great site I wouldn't buy an authentic didge from anyone else

Dail Opulskis from Australia

Great site love the Didj Greetings Cards just sent one to my friend in the US!

Daniel Reimers from USA

I enjoy the site; In addition to being able to view many different size and style of didj's; activities such as worldwide didj meditations are encouraged;

David Khan from England

It's got to be the best Didgeridoo shop in the world a lot of places hardly know anything about their products but with the Didjshop you really get an understanding; An secondly and important for me is it takes me a while to get the money to buy didjs and I want to know its not going to some company that exploits the Culture and the People; Its all about upliftment at the Didjshop;


Well laid out I enjoy it

Don Hunkin from Canada

I think it's terrific and I really like that I can hear what a particular didg sounds like - my ear is a lot better at distinguishing qualities now;


I think that didjshop;com is very informative; I have really learned a lot from visiting your site;

Eric Castonguay from USA

This is a very well organized site; I can easily find all that I am looking for because the layout and all the links I can use;

Francisco Pellerano Cardús from Argentina

El sitio nos resultó muy interesante e instructivo

Gaines Simmons from USA

It is very fascinating and informative I will definitely recommend it to my friends;

Geert de Coninck from Belgium

The best site for didj players / buyers

Harry Brockwell from Australia

Excellent selection Prompt service A fantastic source for any level player;


Beautiful products!

Ilse Verbeeck from Bulgaria

Best place to be if you are a didge-lover

Jeff Bronson from USA

Great site plenty of info on what to look for and avoid;

Anonymous from Australia

Extremely user friendly and informative!

Anonymous from Sweden

The didjshop is one of the best didge sites on the net! I can find every kind of didgeridoos I want and everyone have good quality both in sound and artwork;

Johan Segers from Belgium

The site is easy to access you can find a lot of information; I best like the FAQ's


Easy to use very professional good balanced lay-out nice web site


Muy buena pag; para dar a conocer la verdadera importancia del Didgeridoo explorar mas a fondo su historia y en resumen MUY GUENA!!!!


Great site - enjoyable

Anonymous from Australia

I thought it was wonderful and am looking forward to popping in often

Anonymous from USA

I went to the web site to hear the didj was very good but interested in longer clips; Read ww didj meditation -- great event will participate tonite; Thanks very interesting;


It's a great site to look didges and get very useful information (sorry for my english)


I love the idea of real aboriginal didjs!

Anonymous from France

I love this online shop; they have everything I love about the aboriginal culture and the didjes are so nice; you just want to buy them all !!!

Mario Cardinal from Canada

That's a wonderful site I'm pretty happy to have found this site;;; thank you!!!

Mark Rao from USA

I especially appreciate the care use etc; info you make available as well as your advocacy for the Australian aborigine; I will but my next didge from you when I'm ready because I can tell you guys are passionate about didgeridoos and the artisans who make them; Thank you!

Mark Rookes from England

Very good site which has given me more information about a truly remarkable instrument;

Maurice Crenshaw from USA

Best site around for information and links


As someone interested in the art of the didjeridoo and in learning to play your site is simply the best!

Michele Guinsburg from USA

Very interesting; I learned a lot!

Michelle Marcus-Deardon from UK

Good to see the didje family linking up and growing stronger; Drone on;;;zzzzz

Nathan Dockery from USA

Fantastic Site! Informative well laid out attractive; You guys really have your stuff together!

Nathan Jackson from USA

It's great you guy told me everything I needed to know!

Anonymous from Belgium

Vind de info geweldig evenals de geluiden erg duidelijk jullie staan in mijn favorieten


Very interesting


I was introduced to the didj about three weeks ago and have been hooked every since; I've visited several web sites and found didjshop to be the most informative and have a wide variety of didjeridus; I'm looking forward for purchasing my first genuine termite hollowed didjeridu;


Nice site what else can I say

Pierre Chouteau from France

It's very good

Piotr Klimaszyk from Poland


Anonymous from Finland

The site is great and has lots of good information for beginners like me;

Richard Curtis from USA

Thanks for being out there; I am so glad there is history of the Aboriginal people included- there are many of us who are not Aborigine or even from Australia who have been effected deeply by Didg music and want to honor the culture that has brought forth this music and wisdom; WE NEED INFO! The sound files are FAB + the breakdown of the rating system with pro and intermediate players- no need to go anywhere else; Excellent excellent

Richard Grossman from USA

Wonderful site; I learned a lot and will buy one of my next didges from you; I like your attention to quality and detail and your prices seem quite reasonable;


Like the Web site and love the sound; Tried to play one no luck; Someone was interested in a sale not instructions or service; I've ordered the Video item number "vint"; Next step hopefully will be a "concert learner" Digj; We'll see how this order goes; Been playing the bagpipes for about ten years so I have a little bit of lung power; Hope it fits; Thank you;

Robert Schroeder-Einwiller from USA

Looks like a site that I will visit often


This is a good place to learn something;

Samuel Taylor from United States

It's Very Nice a friend recommended it he is an Aussie Aboriginal decent and a Local Shaman wise Man with lots of Friends and Recommendations


Very interesting thanks for offering a chance to win one;

Stephane Beraut from France

It's great to know what are the qualities of didges we see and great to hear them; Besides I know that you 're interest to know what people think about their instrument when they get it


I think it is a very informative site about Aboriginal culture and their music; It is also put together in a fairly understandable and simple way;

Anonymous from England

Very useful and informative site- great diagrams!


I enjoyed your web site it was very informative


It's great!

Taylor Witt from USA

This site shines above many others; a wealth of information for didji players new and experienced; It has a layout that is very user friendly and the didjeridoos shown look to be of 1st class craftsmanship;


First time here; Looks great and easy to navigate;


Very interesting

Troy Eckhardt from USA

Thank you for the great education about Didjes!

Warner Recabaren from USA

I love the new "Didis sold" section- it is coming along nicely; Hope you can get the map interfaced; I can't imagine how many didis there would be if all your sales in the last few years were posted!

William O'Connell from USA

Excellent site Great service; Very informative on the subjects od Diji's and Aboriginal culture

Aaron Delamere from Australia

I think this site is great;It's wonderful to see any native sites of any country on the net;It's also an inspiration to me to learn more about the aboriginal culture

Alan Parratt from Australia

The web site is great Equality is what I practice; Love to see the Aussie's Aboriginal gain more equality; Truth Equality and Unity


I found your web site when searching for instructional materials; There is no-body in my small town in Illinois USA to instruct me;


I haven't seen all of the web site yet but I will be coming back to the site thanks;

Ann Harris from USA

I love it! I'd move the link to Didjshop.com closer to the top though;;;

Anonymous from France

Very good site but more in french please because my english is not very good;


It's very interesting




It's a good web site I like it;

Cheryl Moulton from Australia

I wish that I could speak one on one with your tribe elders and healers I am a white person who is a spiritual healer and I so long to speak with one of our great aboriginal elders and healers; this is my greatest wish

Christophe Communal from France

It's a good idea; but when I buy a didjeridoo I prefer try it; so I don't now can we can do it;

Claudio Uriarte from Chile

Your site is pretty complete; But since I'm a beginner I would really like a better explained "how to start" page


Very interesting and intriguing




Interesting to me

Dick Doyle from USA

Very interested in the instrument; Have a brother-in-law who plays; Great sound;


I haven't seen all the site yet but I think its pretty good


I love the sound bites the didjeridoo is a very alluring instrument to me; I could sit and listen to it for hours; This site is GREAT!!!!

Duncan Sidwell from Australia

Very enlightening in that I did not realise that there was such a complexity of didgeridoos and uses of them;

Anonymous from USA

It's very cool; I would recommend this to all my friends!

Emilio Cortes from Spain

I think is very good but you can add more information to the people about how to play didgeridoo do you know any spanish book about how to play didgeridoo?

Anonymous from Australia

It's ok

Anonymous from Argentina

Excellent. I would like to experience the didgeridoo sometime; I really want to

Gabriele Mengoli from Italy

It's a web site of great interest!

Geoffrey Todt from USA

It is pretty comprehensive; good links etc;


Looks interesting; I'll be back after making and trying my own dig;

Giovanni Stunada from Canada

It's great I particularly like the ability to see the didj and hear its sound;


Looks good; Has answers to most of my questions

Jane Penfold from England

Very interesting and informative


Good site


Nice site


Very nice site just got back from down under I have no worries that I will win;

Anonymous from USA

I really enjoy looking through your site;

John Myers from USA

Great weird stuff;;;I shall learn here


The pictures are amazing;




Great site!

Laura McMullen from USA

These are fun instruments!

Leah Caldwell from Australia

It is easy to navigate and has useful information on products

Mark Rosen from USA

I find it aa well constructed site informative and fun to listen to the audio samples;

Michael Jue from USA

I appreciate what you are doing for the Koori people;

Mischa Boogaard from Netherlands

I really love the site and the opportunity that you give to everybody to buy a real original australian didge

Moreno Papi from Italy

I don't know

Nerida Grewal from Australia

Very informative and enjoyable experience;

Anonymous from USA

It's great the mp3s are wonderful and I love how you keep the didges up even after they sell so I can see what's out there;


It's cool


Great Site

Pedro Ramalhete from Portugal

Its very interesting because its the biggest web site of didjes; For it was very good because I'm interested in buying a didje and I wanted to know more about it; A friend of mine is going to visit australia next week and possibly she will bring one to me but I would like to win this fine didj

Per Soegaard from Denmark

Nice shop


It is clear and easy to read; Not too cluttered;

Anonymous from France

need sounds for the "cheap" didge ;;; it s already hard buying a didge without any try on it so soundless it harder and quite impossible ; but so far it a really great web site !

Pieter van den Akker from Netherlands

Big choice nice to have sound files

Anonymous from USA

Very informative I feel I learned a lot on the subject;Will be back;


Good looking Easy to handel a little bit expensive


Very nice photos of the didjs

Robin Oliver from USA

Very enlightening! Thank goodness for folks like you who keep your cultures alive and share them with the world!

Sara Glaser from USA

I asked my parents to bring me back a didg when they went to visit my sister while she was going to school in Australia; I've been searching for a Didg bag off and on ever since; Yours is the only site I've come across that lists a variety of bag sizes; The only suggestion I would make is that there be some way to pick the pattern of the bag; Otherwise THANKS! I can't wait to get my didg out of the bubble wrap that is it's only protection!


Didj;;;;;now I'd like to try it;

Stefan Fässler from Switzerland

It's very good side with a big jus of many things; and it is easily to have the orientation;


Interesting site and great competition


I love the sound of these instruments and think it would be fun to learn to play one;

Anonymous from USA

the layout is alright you might want to try a windowed look with options on the left and content on the right; Also the yellow and gray solid backgrounds against the pink page background make the site vaguely reminiscent of a porno site;

Tobias Grimm from Germany

It's quite well structured but so far I couldn't find any information about how to improve my play; BTW: I will take part at the next World Didj Sound Healing Meditation on June 21st on Formentera (Spanish Island); I'll be in the cave under the watchtower at Cap de Barberia and I'd be glad to meet anyone there!!

Tom Snyder from USA

Wonderful site I hope something can be done about the fake Didjeridoos;

Will Hixson from Canada

This site is pretty good I like looking at the didjeridu's I can't afford

Anonymous from United States

Very interesting site! I am into african art and artifacts but this looks very interesting also;

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