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Visitors Comments made during the month of October 2003:

Online name


Aaron Zimmerman from USA

It's an amazing site, wonderful for experienced players as well as beginners

Adam Watson from USA

An amazing resource. I've discovered that the '04 June equinox shindig is within three hours of my home, and plan to attend when the time comes. Hopefully by then I'll be good enough to really get into it.

Anonymous from Macedonia (FYR)

It gets better and better.

Alexandre Boschi from France

The best one for prices ,information and loyalty for the aborigines people

Andrew Croft from United Kingdom

Wonderful place packed with great instruments :) nowhere else on earth like it :)

Bart Devroey from Belgium

very nice site, beautiful didges to buy, next didge that I buy will be here, so I can give something back to the people from which we stole so much. (land, culture, ...)

Brian Fields from USA

Excellent sight. The best one I've been to so far.


It rocks!~


After looking through quite a number of didge web sites, I found yours to be the most well presented and appealing, as well as being very reasonably priced.

Charles Gregory from Australia

Great - good information. I am especially cautious of being taken advantage of and felt your web site was more about the music than the "curio" which is comforting and good

Chris Murphy from Australia

Your site is the best site on the web. I have looked over many sites but have only gone back to yours as it offers every thing that an aspiring didj player could want. keep up the great work

Christine Hamm from USA

I have never seen or heard one but now am intrigued!


It is very good, well presented and top give aways!

Daniel McLaren from Australia

It makes me want to get a nice diji and start to learn how to play properly!!!

Anonymous from Switzerland

I like it, the easy friendly stories and editorials, good links, interesting stuff, and great didjes for sale, it all makes me homesick

Devin Ashley from USA

Your prices are great, actually I came on-line today to buy a bullroarer, I was also comparing prices of click sticks (and of course, you guys have the best), I was wanting to get a new pair.

Anonymous from Italy

It is friendly and detailed in the description of instrument parameters.

Fiorino Fiorini from Italy

Nice site and rich of didj but the most important things full of very interesting news about didj and Tips. I like very much the physics of didjeridoo

Anonymous from USA

The best didg web site going bar none!!!

Gillian Wilson from United Kingdom

I think this is an excellent web site and I think it really shows the level of craftsmanship that's involved in Didj making and how much effort is put into these beautifully crafted instruments.

Helmut Samerski from Australia

I found my didgeridoo in your shop (ae406) and learned all about it. Your shop is an eye opener for me. Excellent is the word which comes to mind and I will recommend it too 3 friends which are of the same learning level than I am.

Hugo Rodrigues from Portugal

It's a very well organized web site. I truly think that it doesn't matter if you're just browsing about, or digging in deep for information, it'll suit you anyway. And yes, last but certainly not least, I think it is of great courtesy and consideration, to make your site available in my native language the Portuguese.

Jamie Vallance from Canada

Great site! Two of my friends just received their didj's from you. Once I get my bonus in April I will consider buying a didj from you.

Jasdev Singh from Malaysia

It's pretty cool . I've tried the didj search where they help you look for a didj of your choice . really helps a lot


Great site! Good selection and I love the ability to hear the didj's. Me and a friend just bought two.

Jason Mchugh from United Kingdom

Fantastic site.some really nice didjis

Jay mckinley from USA

It's great I was very pleased with my purchase and the time it took to get here also love the way that you keep us in touch with all the other stuff going on with the plight of the Australian Aborigine



Joe Pino from USA

You're web site it terrific. The passion and love you have for your merchandise and the traditions surrounding the artists/items leap off the screen. The sound samples are terrific, as are the pictures. I like to window shop here...and I can't say there is another web site I visit just to "look around".

John Yorkey from USA

Great web site! Glad to see you have T-shirts and CD's now. Looks like I'll have to start my Xmas shopping early!!!

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Excellent site, the best I've visited, very informative, great selection of instruments and good links. Thanks!

Jonathan Long from USA

With almost no computer or internet knowledge I was able to navigate around your site with ease. and as a novice I found your site to be extremely educational...thanks

Ken Skelly from Ireland

This site is more interested in Didj/Aboriginal culture, than just selling Didj's. Through Didj's , it spreads Aboriginal culture world wide. Educating Europeans like me, Australians and Aboriginal Australians. The Didj speaks to you.

Kevin Parry from South Africa

Awesome!! It really has got everything !


You guys are the greatest! I love both my Didges that I bought from you and as soon as I master my current Didj, I'll be purchasing another beauty from ya!

Anonymous from Canada

Your web site is very complete and very interesting.

Mahesan Selladurai from Malaysia

I have no complaints at all. Pages load up quite fast, easy to navigate, and well explained. I learned a lot just from navigating through your webpage.The most valuable lesson learned is to experience the true vibration from a didj is to purchase the original termite hollowed didj which I did from your esteemed shop and never stopped loving the sound it produces. I have one comment though ... there is no currency exchange rate for Malaysian Ringgit. I hope that can be added as to benefit fellow Malaysians. Keep up the good work and I will definitely be back. [Our Comment: we have added the Malaysian Ringgit for you - cheers]

Marc Marc from USA

Awesome! I've always loved the sound of the Didgeridoo. Since I am into music and love experimenting, that passion lead me here. I study Jazz as well as all types of music. So this will definitely influence my art. Thanks for such an informative page!

Mariana Ribeiro from Brazil

Wonderful!!!!!!!! It's great to know you exist!!! And even greater that by didjshop people around the world ca know some more about didjes and aboriginal culture!!

Anonymous from USA

I come back here all the time hoping to snag that perfect didge. One of these days I'll have the right amount of timing, luck, and money.

Anonymous from USA

Love the site, great selections.

Martijn Willems from Netherlands

AWESOME!!!!!!! Great site, very good sounds and commentary. Greetings from Holland

Martin [Kipper] wood from United Kingdom

I think the site is brill iam a disabled winging pom so it takes a lot to please me but this site give you every bit of information that you will need to know about didg-and didg playing keep up the good work


This is a great web site with an abundance of pertinent information both about the culture and the products.

Mathieu Dube from Canada

It's just the best site with the best didjes. I have tested over 100 didjes from shops web sites and people I meet and they never compare.

Matt Duffy from Japan

By the way your shirts turned out very good. You have come a long way since I first started receiving the Newsletter 3 years ago. The selling of CDs is a great addition also. Keep it up.

Mike Dalgety from New Zealand

I wished that id known about the didg shop earlier than I did as I would have come to see you guys. I think your web site is awesome and I fell in love with the didg when I was in your country last week. unfortunately I was told a few hours before I flew out by an opposition shop who really sung your praises. consequently I looked you up on the net. go hard guys cause I'm saving up to score a didg from you at the earliest chance I got. I'm practicing my breathing at the moment. regards mike


Very good site

Mike Greenwalt from USA

I think its a real site. not too much fluff, just straight up didj.

Nicolas Vedrenne from France

I was really impressed by Davini and cathy, for their patience, their kindness, and their disponibility !

Anonymous from Canada

Excellent web site! I really appreciate the aborigine perspective and information. Thank you.

Peter Kovačič from Slovenia

Excellent site, nicely laid out, easy to find a didge by char. or price, the best didge shop site I have seen so far. I've spent hours comparing sounds of different didges, and I'm still looking... It's so much fun!

Phil Clark from USA

Very informative site. Before visiting I was not aware of any link between overseas didj sales and deforestation. The site has raised my awareness of Aboriginal issues and didjeridu quality.

Renato Oliveira from Portugal

It's very complete. There is no mistakes when you buy an instrument or art fact. You can have all support that you need to buy something that fits with you, and this is a really complete service. They always have solutions for your requirements.

Rene Perez from USA

I've been searching for the right didge site, I believe this is it. Now I must pick the one I want for Christmas.

Renee Aun from USA

Very, very informative site with lots of wonderful things to buy. I'll be back!


Great site!!!

Rik Boland from United Kingdom

Big gonna try the circular breathing again it has given me excitement to pick up my didg again


Excellent site! well laid out, functional, good customer support, nice products.

Ryan Muff from USA

Very Sweet, thanks for being.

Sarah Pereverziev from USA

It is very nice and well put together. keep up the good work.

Scott Rose from USA

Great site! I have been hooked on Didj's for a couple of years now, and have been diligently saving my pennies for one of your nice didjs.

Anonymous from USA

Great comprehensive site. Keep the articles on didji physics coming.

Susan Noble from USA

I think that your site is excellent! Lots of helpful advice. I was looking for a lot of answers and found them all at your site.

Thomas Ruegamer from USA

I find your site very informative. I enjoy reading about Aborigines and the Didgeridoo. Since the first time I heard the sound of a didgeridoo, I wanted to lean how to play one. Your site has a wealth of information and I enjoy visiting it. I like the way you describe and rate each instrument. I find the MP3 sound files a great plus. When I buy my first didgeridoo, it will be from your site.

Ty Johnson from USA

It's a pretty cool site. and can answer a lot of ?'s for those of us who are uneducated in the field.


So far have read "how to make pvc didg" and started reading "how to buy a didg" -- both are informative and exactly what I was looking for. Haven't yet seen the rest of your web site

Alain Degardin from France

Very well done. It would be better if all the pages could be translated in French but it's rather easy for non-english speaking people to understand what the text means, except for the technical words

Albert Romeu from Spain

I'm not an expert on design, art, or other sciences about web pages, ecc. But I feel and see (and even hear) in your labour, that there is a place for every thing, that every thing it's in its place, that you enjoy your job and in your inner there are a wish of doing things as a continuity of nature energies: minerals make grow vegetal as a tree, tree is hollowed by an animal, the termites, and selected human beings like aborigines and you select the best trees and the bests materials and processes to thank the live with a the sound of the desert, and the nature uses this sounds to grow with more strength, more peace and more life. Thank you for this chance of write my feelings and wish me luck: I WANT ONE. I really know I have a lot to learn with one of these pieces of wood. Bye.



Anonymous from Portugal

It's a very good site. well organized, and more importantly... very, very capable of opening one's "appetite"... not only this, it offers a variety of images and texts that are filled with culture and entertainment... I just hope that I have able to express correctly my thoughts on your site...

Andrew Preston from United Kingdom

Great site!


Very informative. The sound samples are great.


I quite like the way your web site is set out. Everything is easy to find and I think that your audios of your didgies are a very good idea - so people know what the product sounds like before they buy.

Anonymous from France

Very very good web site

Anonymous from USA

I think this is a great web site, the didjes featured are beautiful and the artwork is inspiring

Aurélien Palacios from France

Je pense que c'est le site qui contient le plus grand choix de Didj, qu'ils soit couleur brut ou peint!!!Pouvoir écouter le son de chacuns de ces instruments est très pratique!!!

Bill Murphy from Iran

I think the Didg Web site is easy to navigate, well laid out with excellent links. I also find it very informative especially for an Australian living overseas ( Ireland )


I think is an interesant web where you can learn too much about the Didgeridoo history

Brian Shaw from USA

I've played one real one that a friend got in Australia. I like the vibration and it feels funny when lips go numb. :)

Anonymous from Spain

A serious web.


An excellent resource, easily navigable and comprehensive. I refer to it regularly.

Anonymous from USA



It's super happy to find something interesting about the didjes

Christine Turple from USA

I've never heard a Didjeridu, but it's a fabulous looking instrument and I'd love to win one!


I love the sound of these!

Anonymous from France



It is a very good web site and resource for all information about Didjs. It also provides a very good idea for amateurs for how much real didjs cost.

Craig Shoff from USA

Cool site and very informative, I have recently come to love the sounds that can be made on the Didgeridoo, and am happy about finding this site. Thanks again

Daniel Tan from Singapore

I love your web site! Great info on didgeridoos to start with and more! I'll be back regularly to learn more.


Difficult to find the samples (as a learner), maybe good all on one page. Other than that great site.

David Careless from United Kingdom

I found your site very interesting and will be visiting more regularly. I bought my digj in Dubbo and it was made by Lewis B. or at least it was authenticated by him. I actually met him and he played mine before I bought it. The sound haunts me and due to personal problems I am only just getting to grips with it. Your site has given a much needed confidence boost and hopefully I will begin to learn to play it how it was meant to be played. Not just blown. Dave C




Just spectacular, beautiful didges. My son plays ... I would love to be able to give him one of your classic didges for his 21st.


I thought it was really good


As it's my first time it's too early to make a judgment

Anonymous from USA

Like the site. Love how you can actually listen to the way each Didje sounds before you by. Would like to see some more beginner's stuff. I really like the amount of information on the instruments, how you grade the sound, and the quality of the instruments.

Donna McIntyre from USA

I think they sound interesting. I have used drumming for healing purposes, but I would like to try these. I will have to tell my metaphysical shop about these, I am always interested in chakra and healing.


Awesome site, well constructed and easy to navigate intuitively. Your selection of items is also tremendous. Unfortunately, my town doesn't have anything like didge circles anymore--we used to, but the person moved out of town to a more culturally aware location. :(


The DidjShop is a great site for those who are interested in the didgeridoo.

Anonymous from Netherlands

Looks very nice. Still have to find out about all the information on it - a lot to read and try!

Eran Heller from Israel

Hi, Currently I live in Melbourne. I would like to know where I can learn to play on a Didj, and how can I find a didj circle. Thanks, Eran

Evan Starr from USA

A very insightful web site with great information for my enhancement!

Evan Steele from USA

its great!! might be nice to have a navigation bar on the right or left side of the screen...

Anonymous from Portugal

Excellent site. It's really good you can ear didjs before you buy. The F.A.Q. is very useful. Only one suggestion: You should also group didjs by musical keys to ease up the search for the right didj.

Flemming Schuldt from Denmark

Excellent site, lots of info/photos etc.

Frederica Rosa from Portugal

It's great, this year I would like to buy the calendar which you offered me last year with my didj

Anonymous from Germany

First time visitor. Your site is very helpful

George V Lopez from USA

I think it's very informative and helpful especially for someone who is fairly new to didji

Gijs Jan van Heusden from Netherlands

Excellent source for me as a beginner.

Anonymous from New Zealand

Is very interesting

Anonymous from Argentina

I like it, because my instrument is the Quena and the Tarka, Bolivians instruments ancient, also aborigines... I'm not Bolivian or Peruvian, I am Argentinean

Hue Ayala from USA

How interesting...I've heard tapes of didjeridus but never saw one. I did a study of Australian arts with my 5th grade students and they thoroughly enjoyed learning of aborigine arts and music. I'd love to have a REAL didjeridu to share with ALL kids I teach!


Very informative

Ian Stork from United Kingdom

Enjoyed looking round your site, many didgeridoos never seen so many on one site will keep calling back to see new ones that have been added I've got my fingers and my legs crossed in the hope of wining that wonderful didg as never won any thin gin my life

Ivan Labi from USA

It's quiet amazing (your site that is), I really enjoyed the sound clips. They make picking a good instrument not nearly such a task.

Anonymous from Reunion Island

I'm French so don't laugh about my english speaking! your web site is very interesting and full of information that mean you are good professional and you just want to deal the aborigine culture around the world. I enjoyed all details of each didje and the ability to hear many of them, but I'm afraid to let my credit card number on the net, I live in france so I think I wont be able to do anything if I meet a problem during the transaction if I decide to buy one of your great didje.

Anonymous from USA

Good site, well organised and easy to navigate.


Very nice, well organized, easy access to stuff. Very well done.

Jared Magill from USA

This web site is very informative, and has a vast selection of authentic didgeridoos.


I think you have a great site. It is very informative, and well put together. I will continue to visit your site.

Jeff Phillips from USA

Great site; love it , especially the sound files. I'd really enjoy learning how to make the great animal sounds though I'm not sure who to ask.

Anonymous from Australia

It is very colourful and the picture resolution is great.



Jessica Harris from New Zealand

First time I've seen a didgeridu lol very lovely web site!!


Pretty nice sight! Never knew there was so much info on didjeridus.

Joey Clear-Water from USA

I am an indigenous (female) musical and instrument lover who has befriended an Australian family. I asked them about the musical instruments of Australia. I've gone to web sites to hear the didgeridoo for the first time and love the unique and individual sounds of them.

John Hossack from Canada

I was searching for Didj sound. I am an amateur musician and play most instruments by ear. I needed to hear a Didj to develop a sound. Have not been able to find much..even on your site. I am aware of circular breathing and am practicing. What can I say?

John Mainprize from USA

Very good web site. Easy to navigate and rich in color, culture and history.

John Watts from USA

A very well put together site,very well informed, awesome pics,even the sound clips are good quality!! Don't change a thing!


good site, easy to follow and use. I came to the site to look for a new didji.

Josh Stevens from USA

I've only just recently discovered the Didgeridoo at a show called Blast, all the Didje players were Tuba players as well. I played the Tuba for 10 years and thought it would be fun to try the Didge.

Anonymous from USA



It a good site

Justus tokich from USA

looks great, especially if I win this sweet didge


Great source of information and help

Anonymous from USA

Beautiful site!

Kippy Jones from USA

Great site, although I have no others to compare it too.

Anonymous from USA

I think it's put together very nicely. Easy to navigate and you have some wonderful didjs.

Anonymous from USA

A very interesting site.


It's a good web site



Mark Downing from USA

Wonderful - as a longtime enthusiast and 1 time visitor to Australia, I was thrilled to find the site, and quickly emailed a card to my brother.

Anonymous from Uruguay

Well done and interesting.

Mathieu Chabbert from France

It's a very good idea especially for the mp3

Mervin Racette Jr. from Canada

I like the fact that you can hear the Didjes before purchasing one.

Michał Graf from Poland

Good site for such a beginner like me.. many good infos..english language:)and smile on my face whet I saw a didgeridoo:)


It's very good. But some didjes have less information given about them and don't have sound files. It would be good if they all had them.


It seems great

Miguel Olivares from USA

Good site, very complete. I would like to see something on what to do with a cracked didge.

Mike Hargis from USA

An exceptional web site, well established and easy to navigate.


Lots of good info. I was looking at info for getting a digj for my brother. Thanks.

Nathan Michalski from USA

I like what I see on your site. very nice didjs and I plan to order some when I can


Looks like a nice site.

Noe Guzman from USA

Very cool and informative. I had no idea.

Norbert Auer from Italy

It's ok - I search someone to learn to play didgeridoo and to buy one

Pamela Hansen from USA

Very interesting I am eager to learn more

Anonymous from Germany

Great site!


Very informative to a person deciding whether to buy a didge


You have a really good site that is easy to navigate. I was reading the 'Didj info' and was wondering, is it known in the Aboriginal culture that females cannot play the Didgeridoo as they will become infertile? I think the sound of this instrument is very beautiful, calming and hypnotic.

Perla Luisa Almagro from Argentina

No entiendo mucho el idioma pero he visitado y visito casi diariamente,la página y todos lo sitios que puedo de acuerdo al tiempo del que dispungo ya que soy educadora de nivel y de música


Ok, couldn't ask for more on this subject


Very nice!! A couple of my best friends play the didg...that's who I'd like to win one for! Good site

Richard Breuil from Canada

Simple web site its more easy when your have a 56K connection. Thanks for our.


Neat!! Always tried to rangle an assignment or trip "down unda" while I was active duty - now that I'm retired and the kids almost grown - I'm going to make the trip if it takes a month long trip to the store for milk.




Pretty good site, loved the sound samples!

Ron Jeka from USA

Love the Aboriginal artwork and Australia! You have a great country that more people should know about especially the Aboriginal artwork it great! I did not know about the information about Didjeridus and glad to have visited. Hope to return 2004 to Melbourne and would be happy to stay as long as I could. Thanks, Ron Jeka



Anonymous from Netherlands

It looks nice, very much respect to the original inhabitants of Australia.


Everything seems easy to find, keep up the good work!


Great site

Stacey Bishop from USA

I learned something new today! I never heard of your didji before but I'll be looking into it. Thanks!

Stephan Broecker from Germany

Great: Tons of information; Not so great: Clumsy navigation...

Stephen Kitchen from United Kingdom

A very informative and friendly web site

Sylvain Dargent from France

I'm not so used of internet... so I cannot express any reasonable comments


Great site. I love how in depth the descriptions are about the didjis. the mp3s give even better impression of the instrument.


My husband is learning to play the didj and I just purchased a how to video from your site for him for Christmas. That's how I came to learn of your drawing and I wanted to enter in the hopes of winning your beautiful didj for him.

Tiit Rasta from Estonia

A nice site with lots of useful information and stuff...




So far I have found it informative, but I've only looked at a few pages

Anonymous from Austria

I think its great


This is the first time I have looked at it, because I am just getting interested in Didjes.

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