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Visitors Comments made during the month of September 2011:

Online name Feedback
Anonymous from Australia I stumbled upon this site while researching for the construction of my pvc didj and I have visited it quite a few times since. I found it very helpful on that particular occasion and I love the article about meditation with the didj. also I love kuranda:)
Aaron from New Zealand Fantastic
Anonymous from USA Very well put together very organized and easy to look around in packed with helpful and useful information.
Alex from USA I love it it is very informative and great lessons
Alex Fraser from Canada It is awesome. And very informative.
Anonymous from USA There is a lot of useful information. It answered many of my questions.
Amanda Hall from Australia Awesome need to get onto facebook now.... [OUR COMMENT: you can find us on facebook now:-)]
Andreas from Sweden Still well ordered and easily navigated for me
Anonymous from USA My son saw it and challenged to learn a bit more
Anonymous Nicely done. Make some of the questions clearer.
Ashley from USA This is an awesome website! There is so much to learn about everything involving this instrument and the culture surrounding it (which was easier to spell than actually writing them out).
Bradley from Australia I love that this website is spreading the word about and amazing instrument that allows you to create your own musical sounds and rhythms.
Anonymous from USA Nice site with plenty of helpful info and some of the coolest looking didjes I've seen.
Brent from USA I like the layout. Tons of information
Brian James from United Kingdom This is the only website that I bother with for didges anymore it has the right approach and respect for the Aboriginal people and this wonderful instrument
Brooke from USA I really like your website. It is very informative.
Brooks from USA I think its pretty cool
Anonymous from USA Just found it
Anonymous Looking forward to learning more
Dana from USA It is a useful site for all performers whether they are first starting out or have been playing for years.
Daran Wallman from Canada Very informative. fantastic web site excellent honest grading system. totally top rate. in a class of its own as are your didjes
David Aldridge from USA Expected more boomerangs more expensive boomerangs.
Debra from USA Great site--full of useful info
Donna from USA Looks cool
Doug Bischoff from USA Slightly behind the times in terms of modern design and functionality but quite effective.
Drayton from Australia It's cool I've spent about six hours on it today first time here.
Dustin from USA It is a very good website with good information
Edward from USA Gigantic! Useful.
Elizabeth from USA Very informative and I like looking and hearing the sounds of the various didgeridoos you have for sale.
Fabien Ridon from France That good made I believe in the world can be change and the world should changing.
Forest Weston from USA Wonderful information. I used it as my main source of knowledge after discovering the didj about 2 years ago.
Forrest Johnson from USA Very informative.
Anonymous from United Kingdom Only just found it
Anonymous Would love to win this
Gordon Matheson from Australia Its the best resource of Didge information I've used.
Ian from New Zealand Easy to navigate
Anonymous Very informative user friendly.
Anonymous from USA I'm very stoked that there is a very traditional up to date and authentic entity on the web that I know I can always turn to or refer people to.
Jason from USA Very very informative and user friendly
Anonymous from USA Easy to move around
Jim Miller from USA It is appealing & inviting.
Jon Brady from USA Your website has the information I was looking for. Since I have only minimal knowledge of the Didgeridoo I found it to be very comprehensive. I have not covered the whole site but it has the information that I thought I was looking for with further information that I didn't know that I needed or wanted to know.
Joshua from USA I loved it. Very easy to use.
Joshua from USA Good info.. sweet didjes
Joy from USA Informational
Anonymous Very interesting
Anonymous Don't Know Yet
Anonymous It has a wealth of information on everything about the didj and playing it plus the best selection of authentic aboriginal didj.
Anonymous I liked it very much and the variety of boomerangs was awesome
Kib from Canada Easy to navigate lot of useable info.
Kimberly from USA Looks great. I have only just found you about 10 minutes ago and through a link from a friend telling about the world meditation. She listed your link and I am so happy she did. Thank you both.:)
Kristina from Canada Very helpful and informative. caught my attention hands down over many other sites I saw. the choice is clear. look no further.
Anonymous from USA Nice website!
Anonymous from USA Wish you made instructional cd's [OUR COMMENT: we do have a teaching DVD]
Anonymous from Italy Very nice and full of info
Anonymous from Australia Interesting - like the indigenous palette of colours.
Marian from USA Love browsing through the pictures of your didgeridoos and dreaming about having one!
Mario Rago from Italy Good to find more information about aboriginal culture the best site to find Didjes and a useful interface to make musical friends
Anonymous Its so fun
Anonymous Very informative
Anonymous Very interesting
Michael Spring from USA Great graphically (very "branded") easy to navigate- I specifically navigate to play samples from most Didjes on sale
Michael from USA You have a great web site I was able to narrow it down to a concert learner / healing didgeridoo and I used your site to really narrow down what I wanted.
Anonymous It looks like a great wealth of cultural and musical information and I will definitely be visiting it more often now that I've checked it out a couple times.
Michele from Italy Great for information very serious and important to spread and share this wonderful culture and all what it's connected...also all the injustice of white behaviour.
Mike from Canada Useful information thank you:)
Milan from Germany You're my favourite Shop for didjes. I haven't bought one of yours yet but I also haven't bought any expensive didj via the internet elsewhere. I'd recommend you to anyone asking me where to buy didjes on the internet because I have the impression you have the most well selected didjes and you are the most responsible shop there is.
Anonymous from Israel Its very nice and simple... the colours on the site remind me of the colours we have here in the israeli nature:)
Paul White from United Kingdom Great very informative
Pedro from Brazil The website provides not only support for new didge players and information on didgeridoo but also provides a lot of information about aboriginal australians and everything related to this beautiful culture and instrument playing technique. it really is the most complete website I know about didgeridoo
Philip from Australia Found the audio files on making sounds great for my early development
Philippe Groleau from Canada Lots of information very interesting. Compared to others you tell a story you educate people instead of just selling didge.
Anonymous from Canada From what I saw so far - looks good. Very informative and educational
Rhys from New Zealand Shit hot
Ron from USA I Like it!
Ross Courville from USA One hell of a ride. info techniques shopping its all here in one little bad ass package!
Anonymous Not bad
Samuel Sheats from USA Perfect balance between instruments techniques and Aboriginal culture issues.
Sharon from USA Really interesting!
Shelly from USA I enjoyed visiting!
Anonymous Love the site will definitely check back often!
Stan from USA It is very informative.
Anonymous from Germany Like it
Steve from USA Great site well done!
Tammy from USA Very organized and helpful. This questionnaire makes me want to play and learn more.
Teresa from Canada One of the best I have seen
Anonymous Well setup and easy to navigate.
Anonymous Very informative
Ugo Grasso from Italy I love it find it real and your didjes I like.
Vic Cherikoff from Australia Can't say I like the colour scheme. You do cover lots of issues and that's great.
Waylon from USA At first glance seems to be the center of the didj universe will be back as I continue my didj journey
Anonymous It is a good site very helpful on finding a good didge

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