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Visitors Comments made during the month of November 2009:

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Aaron from Australia Great site huge. Will take some time to navigate around.
Aaron from USA I really enjoy the didjshop website I find it informative and based towards giving appreciation where it is needed. I find that most websites are geared towards money and fame. I feel that didjshop is geared towards creating didgeridoo players helping them get an understanding of everything involved in didgeridoo. I feel like you guys really give respect for the true people who deserve it and are very humble.
Adam from USA I love the choices and the simplicity of it you have great collection of knowledge that and the forum is great all around great website and job by you guys for contributing back.
Aj from USA A well thought out piece of heart. thank you
Alan from USA Wonderful - thanks for enjoyment and education - I hope to be a customer soon
Anonymous It's an excellent site very well constructed and easy to use.
Andy Duroe from Switzerland Look great one of the best I've seen you guys seam to know the difference between a good didge and a stick with a whole.
Anna from USA Lovely I love how organized it is and that it touches up on history.
Bill Muller from South Africa Wonderful and so full of great information
Brad from USA This seems to be a pretty impressive website based on my first visit. I was just referred here by a review website because I am interested in learning to play. I see myself possibly purchasing instruments and supplies here in the future largely due to the apparent wish to preserve true aboriginal workmanship and pride in these instruments.
Brad from Australia I like this site easy to follow and I have got some good tips
Charlie from USA Your site is very well done and informative. It's easy to lose track of time when browsing through it.
Anonymous from USA Excellent! I am considering buying a didj and this is the best site I have seen.
Connor from USA It is very convenient and it is easy to find didj's you want and the quality you want too.
Anonymous from Australia Very interesting site...I will be back!
Francisco from Portugal It is very well presented the choice is amazing and the descriptions and information regarding the didgeridoo are of the most complete I have found so far. also the guarantees for shipping seem pretty good thanks a lot!
Anonymous from Netherlands Excellent!
James from USA Great website with detailed information.
Janice from United Kingdom Very informative and great help in making a special purchase.
Jason Hilliard from USA I love it! Due to the fact that there are so many fake didj's out there it's great to have 1 site that has it all. Products art history pricing selection etc.
Jason Hilliard from USA I LOVE IT!
Anonymous Outstanding
Anonymous Awesome!
Manuel from Italy Very interesting website giving a great opportunity for everyone to learn about didgeridoo's world and aboriginal culture
Rebecca from USA Best seen so far and very informational.
Anonymous from China (pr) I think the information is very well organized and I like how you honour the origins of the instrument.
Samuel Jean from Canada Am just so glad you fight for aboriginal rights in the way you do it. It has true effects on true persons.
Scot Magnuson from USA Awesome. So good to see obvious stress to protect the Aboriginal art culture and it's authenticity. Quality is many ways. Thank you!
Anonymous IT's excellent
Thomas from USA It is the best Didj web site out there. I have used the site to learn how to play and build my own PVC didgeridoo. I have also learned a lot about the Aboriginal culture and history. I enjoyed reading about some of the dream time stories.
Anonymous So far I am impressed with what I have learned and want to learn more about how to play.
Anonymous I like it. Nice design.
Bruce from USA Most of them don't offer quality Didjes
Anonymous I like it. It's easy to get around and very user friendly t
Carl Martinez from USA New to site
Anonymous Too many words highlighted as links unclear of how to look at Didjes being sold unless carefully reading the small font on the side
Anonymous from Ireland Its very informative and has a large selection of what I assume are quality products
Anonymous Like it
Dallas from USA Clean easy to use colors are easy on the eyes.
Dave from USA Very informative looking forward to extensively going through it.
Della from USA Wonderful selection
Anonymous The quality of the information is great but the presentation is poor (not clear and it's difficult to find what I'm looking for)
Fern from USA You have some of the best looking didgeridoos that I have ever seen not that I've seen THOUSANDS or anything but its a very easy to navigate site and if I ever have the money to place an order with your company I will.
Anonymous from Brazil Its a very good site the languages supported are a lot of help. I just found the site a little bit hard to navigate at first but I think its because its plain HTML and we are used to sites with lots of flash and things like that.
Anonymous Nice.
Jennifer from USA I like the information - difficult to find the products for sale
Anonymous Pretty cool seeing the different options
Joe from USA Cool
Anonymous from USA Very informative. I learned a lot. It also validated what my good friend in Australia told me about where the real didgeridoos come from and that they should be playable musically.
Johnny from USA I love the layout and all the products!
Anonymous from Canada So far it seems legit; however it is less than intuitive to actually browse the Didjes you have for sale
Anonymous Ok!
Katt from USA It is very well put together
Kristie from USA I haven't thoroughly looked through your site but I am impressed with what I have seen so far of your knowledge and craftsmanship of the famous instrument.
Anonymous from USA It looks good!
Anonymous There is a lot of information. its hard to find out where to click. some sites are in german many thanks. I would like to choose didges in german too because of the very special vocabulary is used for the description of characteristics.
Anonymous from USA Nice design.
Michael from USA Your website is informative is easy to navigate uses pleasant color schemes. Very well thought out.
Mike from USA Very well organized - lots of useful links.
Anonymous Easy to navigate very nice
Anonymous It's very simple and easy to use I like it
Misti from USA I like it.
Anonymous Very informative and easy to navigate!
Anonymous from USA I found this website very informational. It catered to my interests in didjes.
Anonymous Cool site
Anonymous It is a very complete web
Renato from Brazil Are Brazilian sites that sell Didjes bamboo was looking for me about the quality of Didjes made in Brazil
Anonymous Very nice
Anonymous I don't speak Ingles
Ronan from United Kingdom Looks good very informative and makes me want to buy and learn the Didjes.
Anonymous Very interesting
Anonymous Lots of information but rather old design
Anonymous from USA Plenty of information and useful resources
Ulrik Ekonen from Argentina Nothing in particular
Walter Simion from Italy Il primo l'originale e soprattutto il più utile

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