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Visitors Comments made during the month of September 2008:

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Andrew from USA

You are the last site I found and the only one I will now be visiting. You have amazing pictures products and knowledge.

Anonymous from USA

Its great! Good to educate people.

Boris from Slovenia

It has much potential. I like the useful information like maintenance of didge etc...

Anonymous from USA

Very informative easy on the eyes friendly interface-- very nice!

Chris from Australia

Its just what I need!

Cory from Canada

Your website kicks ass!!!always entertaining and informative so tks for that I rarely visit any other now because of your news letter I receive...keep up the good work!!!! and tks.

David Robertson from Australia

It is the most comprehensive and informative site I have come across

David from Canada

I like it I have found some of the best information about Didgeridoos here.

Anonymous from Finland

Wonderful website just sent my father an e-mail about you guys and told him to take a look at the site. Seems reliable. Beautiful didgeridoos. Will definitely learn more about them after visiting the site.:)

Fernando from Argentina

Interesting a lot of information and links


This is one of a kind keep up the good work and most important of all keep on didjing

Ian from USA

I think it's wonderful! Ever since I bought my first didj I've been bringing it everywhere sharing the love. Keep doin your part and I'll keep doin mine!

Jeremy from Canada

It is the best place for information and services.

John from USA

This is of course a fabulous website. I have not visited in some time but I am on the lookout for a new instrument and my renewed interest in meditation sent me here.

John Van Der Woude from Netherlands

Nice website with good info and a lot great didges.

Josh from USA

Lots of cool facts and easy to navigate.

Ken Bodrug from Canada


Anonymous from Malta

Your site keeps me informed of a culture that I would like to know more about if I manage to visit Australia some day

Lauren from USA

I've bought one didge from you guys and still have yet to find any other website that even compares.

Martijn from Netherlands

Very nice can find everything I wanna know without a lot of searching

Martin Izzo from Argentina


Matias Mazzo from Argentina

It is really complete and interesting.

Michael from USA

Excellent visually lots or information good for 20 minutes or more every time I receive the newsletter.

Miguel from Costa Rica

I have not looked at it much but it seems to be well structure and going toward its beliefs.


Your website is very nice. I enjoyed sending a card to my son that is interested in owning a didgeridoo! The only problem was that I couldn't hear the didgeridoo sound that was supposed to come with the card. (I sent it to myself first to see what it was like.) [OUR COMMENT: the sound is working, you might have to check the volume or your settings]

Robert E. from USA

Very complete and organized. There have been improvements from when I first found it that make it even better.


Lots of information and a good assortment of instruments


Well designed and interesting. thank you for not using obnoxious colors clip-art or hard-to-read fonts!

Steve Barton from United Kingdom

Its great informative I like to listen to the various didge sounds of the didges for sale. The news letter when it arrives in my in box is enjoyable especially when I'm at work which has almost been 7 days a week for the last 20 months

Susan from USA

I like the facts. I like the way it shares the information of fakes and artifacts that are not real or stolen. I really like the connection to the people and how important it is to help the community. I would rather help real people than rich business. I have had a really hard time trying to buy a didge because I don't know who to buy from and don't want to throw money away either. My whole family is interested and I am taking it to the community. I have a small successful Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork practice in my town with many people interested in a circle of didge! They are artists singers survivors and more. Now is the time. Thank you!

Tanguy from France

None it's perfect...

Anonymous from France

It's a very good website! the didj have a great song and there is a large choice!I will buy a low concert didj in your web site! thanks for your website and sorry for the orthography I'm french!

Tyrell from USA

I love you website very much. I like the fact that you are giving the aborigines all the credit.

Zain Griffiths from United Kingdom

Very very good!


Its nicely arranged

Andrea Papaiz from Italy

Very good website wonderful didj but very expansive

Andreas from Germany

Thanks for the audio samples. Good style on the sites easy to read.

Anne from New Zealand

Internet connection speed is 54.0 mbps I am excited to find your website today and to share it with my dad and family.

Bob from Australia

Very good more information than most

Carlos Andres Muñoz Diaz from Chile

Muy buena pagina que explica mucho sobre la cultura australiana y la acerca a todos los puntos inclusos al fin de América como es chile

Catherine from USA

Very detailed and informative website. I like the samples of the sounds that you propose. Some are not proposed though.


It impressed me listening to the didj's and seeing your rating system made it easy to buy... I am looking forward to buying more with personal help from your staff.

Christian from Spain


Anonymous from USA

Looking forward to more information to get started - very informative


A little dense difficult to shop!

Cody from USA

Very nice. I would like to have more hi-res pictures of the beautiful art on your selection of pieces.

Daniel from Canada

So far so good.

Anonymous from USA

I've been here about 15 minutes and I still can't locate your products page. I'm a highly experienced web user and have experience designing pages for non and for-profit orgs. I go to shopping but then...where next? I'll find it eventually I assume. [OUR COMMENT: simply select one of the links at the top of the sidebar on the left]


A lot of info... I'm still going throw it all... So really helpful


I'm learning to build Didjes to put them on my music workshop! thanks for the information!


I really like it. it is simple and easy to use.

Jeff Fozard from USA

Seems very good. I'm just learning about them and they sound interesting.

Jesper from Denmark

Its a tad hard to find your way around at first. The colours blend in with each other.

Anonymous from USA

I enjoy looking at all the didges and especially the information

John Armstrong from USA

Looks pretty good. Still browsing around.

Anonymous from Germany

Very nice site with many interesting information about the didj and their artists and culture


Very interesting


Nice Site I hope I win the contest

Leon from South Africa

Very informative and useful. quite easy to use and clearly set out. The shop part was not a first easy to find my way around.

Mario Rinder from Austria

Didn't find the shop but I'm optimistic [OUR COMMENT: just click 'Shopping' in the top right corner and then select from the many departments in the side menu]

Matt from Canada


Max from New Zealand

Wish I had more money.... awesome didges.

Richard from Netherlands

Its good I like it.. I always can make a comment:>


So far I'm liking it quite well. Very interesting

Anonymous from USA

I enjoy the large quantity of didgeridoos and other products you sell....the mp3 samples are great sounding overall a great website

Shawn from USA

It's a very interesting site.

Steve from USA

I am a web developer. My comments would take a whole page. I prefer fixed width pages. I'd use drop downs on the top nav. MP3's are awesome. Great info. Could use better structure of info.

Anonymous from USA

I like it

Themis from Germany

I love the didjes but they are a little to expansive for me at time


Great site very informative

Willy from Germany

Its a great site its good to see the different sound classes of the didges and backpressure and so on. sadly many of the didges lower in price have no sound sample attached to it.

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